FIRST REPORT: Vicious pit bull attack in Lakewood lands young girl in surgery (PHOTO)

A vicious pit bull attack on two children in Lakewood left one victim with multiple injuries and in surgery, TLS has learned.

The attack occurred yesterday evening when a pit bull broke through a fence and attacked children playing in a nearby yard, police say.

The mother of one of the victims says the dog had the 12-year-old girl on the ground, and when she heard the screaming, she ran to her daughter, but by that time the dog was already pulled off the girl by a passerby who jumped from his car and saved her from further injury. The other child was not injured.

The attack left the 12-year-old with multiple puncture wounds, a broken wrist and a broken arm, police told TLS.  The attached picture shows some of the girl’s more minor injuries.

EMS transported the victim to MMCSC, and then to Monmouth Medical Center North for further surgery, police said.

The dog was quarantined, and an investigation is underway.

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    • For the safety of all involved that part should be kept out. It is a active investigation, and the police don’t need vigilante residents taking the law into their own hands. That is why it was omitted.

  1. Why are these dogs even legal to own, all we hear is horror stories about them. I don’t ever hear anything negative about any other breed.

  2. Why dont you make sure it was a pit before saying it was? Most people assume which is what leads to misinformation, most calls are NOT pits but a variety of different breeds, often being small things like shitzus. The breed is not the issue, its the people.

    • What you are saying is ridiculous. Of course there are breeds that are more dangerous and violent than others. And Pit Bulls are right up there with Bull Dogs and Dobermans as tending to be more vicious.
      What type of misinformation are attempting to spread? Whats your motive? and don’t give me squat about it being the owners who are the problem. Owners MAY BE a problem when it comes to shitzus attacking people, though i’ve never heard of such an occurrence. But Pitts can be dangerous on their own accord even with a normal owner.

  3. The parents should contact a personal injury attorney and file a lawsuit against the owner of the dog. Besides for paying for her medical bills and pain and suffering, it will serve as a deterrent. All pit bull owners will realize that they will be sued for such instances and that by owning a public hazard they will pay.

  4. It’s not the dog….It’s the owner. Pitbulls are actually very intelligent, easily trained, child friendly, family loving dogs. These attacks only happen (quiet infrequently actually) when irresponsible humans purchase the dog and fail to train it; Or in this case, fail to contain and supervise the dog (along with the aforementioned training/socializing). A properly trained and socialized dog, including these “terrifying” pit bulls, make great additions to any home. I’ve Either owner or trained Pitbulls, Dobermans, two beautiful German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Cane Corso’s, amongst other breeds, and have only been bit (twice actually) by a Golden Retriever…thats right, America’s most popular dog. It’s never “just the breed”, I am sure there were underlying reasons this terrible thing occurred; Lets not blame the dog only.

    • As you yourself point out, these dogs, while perhaps being capable of being trained properly, are sometimes, and even once is too many, not. Therefore they are a hazard, as it can obviously be very difficult for any random person to tell wgich ones are safe and which arent. Furthermore, it is clear that based on a dogs breed, the “domestication” has to be more or less intense. Lets face it the breeds you mentioned are generally from the more vicious types, they’ve BEEN BRED TO BE LIKE THAT!
      So while it is true that a responsible owner would take the proper care, unfortunately we cant always count on that no?

  5. This is sad because, as a breed, pit bulls are from the nicest dogs you can ever meet. But many of them are trained, by their owners, to be ruthless fighters. THAT should be illegal. What happebned here is a terrible tragedy, the owner should be locked up. Hope this girl has a speedy recovery.

  6. NJ is a strict liability state meaning that the owner does not have to be warned. (Every dog is a kalev mu’ad)

    NJSA 4:19-22 The municipal court shall declare the dog as vicious if it finds by clear and convincing evidence that the dog caused. . . serious bodily injury (disfigurement, prolonged loss of bodily member) . . .the dog shall be destroyed in a humane and expedient manner. . .

  7. Cut the nonsense
    54 people we’re murdered by pits since the beginning of 2020 . some of them very nice trained pits that suddenly went into a red zone
    This beasts don’t belong in our community
    Do some re4

  8. All dogs are bad? Pit bulls are bad. really now that’s ignorance. Are you all going to try to ban dogs in Lakewood? Would not put it past the insane minds that run this town. I do hope she heals quickly but don’t make it the animals fault. Would you do the same if it was a wild animal? they live around here also. Teach your kids not to approach animals they don’t know. Dogs will protect their territory. No robberies at my house.

  9. All owners of untrained pitbulls should be forced to replace their dogs with cats. Cats never hurt anybody. Let’s hear it for cats! #teamcat

  10. To ray ray
    No body is saying ban dogs
    We want a pitbull ban
    Straight on the point the pitbull broke through a fence to bite the girl on her property
    Never heard of a German shepherd going into someone else’s property to bite him

    Pitbulls are a awful vicious breed .Ban Pitbulls

    • Look up what breed has the most attacks. It is not the pit bull. Try Chihuahuas and Labrador Retrievers yes that’s right a little tiny dog and has another replier said the best family dog ever so we think. Do a little research. Now why did the dog break through the fence. I cant speak dog, but I have owned many. If they are provoked and feel threatened and yes that can be caused by kids teasing a dog, some will react and go on the defense. My dogs are my pets but they are also there to defend my home. If provoked that is exactly what they will do. Like I said, no robberies at my house.

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