FIRST REPORT: One of Lakewood’s largest schools to allow back non-vaccinated children

One of the largest schools in Lakewood will allow non-vaccinated children to return to school today, a school administrator told TLS.

The administrator says he believes since the last confirmed case was in Passaic and not in Lakewood, but added that they are just taking orders from the school owner. The school had five children from three families who were not vaccinated.

TLS spoke with another school director who says he will still not be allowing back the approximately six non-vaccinated families to his school until December 19, which according to Dr. Shanik is 21 days since the last confirmed case.

There were a total of 18 confirmed Measles cases during the Ocean County outbreak, and still a few pending.

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  1. Why would you post which school? Did they inform all the parents how do I know it’s not my kids school. Maybe me and other parents don’t want these children here.

  2. @sanity please @A
    do you think they are carrying disease in their back pocket? I don’t get the logic??
    @flipflop what’s the confusion 21 days and it’s over. What would be the point in barring these children from school?

  3. I find it astonishing, that people are still concerned about having these children back in school! Did you ever stop and think that the chance your child will catch a disease from the healthy children is so minute! What have we come to- letting young Jewish children suffer because we are in a disagreement! BTW I vaccinate my kids.

  4. to all those asking which school, What exactly bothers you about the fact that they are letting the kids back in???
    is it the fact that they are “getting away with not vaccinating and its not fair”?
    is it the fact that you think they are carrying germs?
    are you jealous that they don’t vaccinate?? (i am)
    are thinking that by letting them back in it gives legitimacy to their case and you are very afraid that they might be right?
    Please explain yourself
    thank you

  5. @a

    Maybe the parents of the non vaccinated children don’t want your kids in the school.

    It doesn’t matter. If you have a problem with the way your school is being operated then perhaps you can take your kid out and maybe even open your own schoo. but don’t impose your views on others.

  6. I really don’t understand the panic if these kids were exposed they would have gotten it by now. These kids are not walking diseases. If you feel that vaccinating is your hishtadlus then do that & leave the rest up to hashem. There is absolutely no reason to instill hate in our children towards the unvaccinated population. They suffered enough that they were out the past couple of weeks. Now should be happily accepted back!

  7. To all those who are concerned about letting these non vaccinated children back into school, I highly suggest looking into a plastic bubble you can put your children into so that you can protect them from all the hundreds of millions of germs that are out there in the world. Listen, its not only school, if you allow your children to play in a park, go to a restaurant, grocery store, shul, library, chol hamoed outting etc. there is no guarantee who they will come into contact with. So really, a plastic bubble is the way to go. Good Luck!

  8. Please let us know what school it is. I am expecting and my blood work came back that I am no longer immune to measles and I can’t get the mmr again now. I work in a big local girls school and it can be dangerous for my unborn child if I am directly exposed to the measles. I would definitely not want those kids around me

    • @Sora – if you work at a school, why don’t you just ask your boss if these horrible little disease carrying monsters are being let back into your school…

    • You should be the poster girl for vaccination in our town. Tell everyone your dilemma. THIS IS WHY THEY SHOULD NOT BE LET IN TO OUR SCHOOLS!

      • How is she the poster girl for vaccination??? Her vaccine didn’t work!!!
        She is actually a poster girl for NOT vaccinating logically speaking.
        The vaccine she got as a kid either never gave her the immunity or wore off, and she’s not that old, she’s expecting so between the ages of apx 20 to 40 right? So the vaccines appear to wear off after 20-40 years. So we have thousands of “unvaccinated” people walking around town now and working in our schools…
        Just saying… if we’re kicking out kids, lets also kick out the adults no? Otherwise whats the point? Bacteria doesn’t differentiate between those not vaccinated on purpose or by accident right?

        • I don’t know Sora’s situation, but there are many reasons that she may not have adequate immunity at this point, which could be quite dangerous in her situation. She may have been vaccinated prior to the additional booster requirement (which is why {older} school staff need to be checked for immunity). She may have had a condition or treatment over the years that reduced her immunity.
          It does not mean the “proof” you are so desperately looking for to disprove vaccinations!

  9. It’s sad to see how a small minority group can be so easily picked on and bullied. Are you all aware that the first case of measles in Lakewood was in a fully vaccinated person? Vaccinated people can also catch and spread illness. If your kid is vaccinated, and you believe in vaccines so much, then who cares what others are doing? Where is your emunah and bitachon? You did your hishtadlus by vaccinating and now you can leave the rest up to Hashem. If we ask the government to interfere with our religious freedoms, it will not end with vaccines. They are already enforcing more hours of secular education in New York. You can’t have it both ways. Either we stand together and fight for our religious freedom or we will find ourselves without any religious rights.

  10. So let me get this straight…Rabonim,gedolim, poskim, made a halachik decree in our yishuv. You have people disobeying said rabbinic decrees. What’s the difference if they disobeyed rabbinic decrees regarding TV, Internet, or any other b’farhessiah? You would want them back in your kids’ school? No they are now outlaws. Get your kids immunized if you want to be part of our kehilla. Sakanas nefashos. Not a light thing btw

  11. @lakewoodnurse
    Vaccine injury is not a light thing. Ever had to hold your baby as they go into a grand mal seizure? Ever watch your perfectly healthy toddler stop talking and walking? Have you ever witnessed your precious child suddenly go into anaphylactic shock from eating peanut butter right after their vaccinations? Parents are reporting all these injuries and more. These are the exact adverse reactions that are listed on the manufacturer’s package insert. If you are a nurse, then please read the package insert!! The information is all there for those who want to see the truth. The first oath medical students make is “first do no harm”.

  12. You always need to know WHY they are not vaccinated.. If its a legitimate excuse such as a genetic reaction to vaccines then its acceptable, but to not vaccinate bec its your own meshugas then its something else.

  13. How much % do we need for heard immunity anyway ? Is it 95-97% ?
    I think we have it in Lakewood and after our yishtadlus we can rely on Hashem ? Let’s not blame poor kids of parents who think it’s dangerous for them and be done lekaf zechus , and for keeping Shalom we all will be protected !
    Also is it true last exposure in lkwd was nov 12??

  14. To one looking for source
    Does Hashem come into picture at all ? Are we all kofrim here ? You want to say after 1 shot its 93% protected and after 2nd is 97% ? It’s all yishtadlus and point is that even after 95% people brought it here and it’s avioysly msg to us from above , it’s not shots that protect us !!!! Hashem is the one protecting us , do your yishtadlus and trust in Hashem!

  15. i heard many of those that don’t vaccinate are simply uneducated /ill-informed because they don’t have access to the web where they would see the truth, and they have been grabbed by the claws of the anti vaxer propagandists, but it seems from these comments that many anti vaxers have full access to the web

  16. Dear Sora
    I spoke to big Rebbetsin last week who assured me that even her daughter had measles pregnant and she is totally fine . In past measles was like flu these days , are you nervous about the flu ? If you are I think you should stay home but kids belong in school , remember not vaccinating doesn’t mean they are sick . Don’t over do it

    • The Rebbetsin’s daughter might have been fine, but that doesn’t minimize the fact that Sora will be at an increased risk of miscarriage or premature labor if she contracts the measles. (Just as she is at increased risk of complications if she contracts the flu.) Whether or not she may actually contract the measles in this situation is whole different story.

  17. Do we have any information about the consequences of those cases of measles? Did anyone need to go to the hospital? Did anyone die? We were told that one in four would have serious consequences. Now that the outbreak is over, we should be able to find out the truth about serious consequences of the measles. Please post updates. This is the real information that we need to know. .

  18. Seriously, we are a community gone mad! Live and let live! There is an Eibeshter who actually controls every aspect of this world. Everyone has definitely done their fair share of Hishtadlus no matter what side of the Machlokes they found themselves on. I personally have always vaccinated because that is what I was told to do. However I am sick and tired of hearing about this issue. Let’s just all move on and find something else more interesting to debate.and BE”H the Eibeshter will continue to watch over all of us as he always does.

  19. Here we go again. Now all the anti vaxxers will try to masquerade as vaxxers and say we should be nice to them and respect their decision. Curious, is Lev Tahor on board to the anti vax religion?

  20. Sora,
    Just like you afraid to get hurt , so too other parents afraid of side effects that’s on the mmr vaccine incert
    You are negligent of not taking mmr shot earlier , now you are in same boat with them , you both afraid to get hurt , let kids go to school and pregnant mother stay home
    My take

  21. To pregnant mom you pose the same risk as the unvaccinated since you are no longer immune just like them LOL.
    & yes first case was A fully vaccinated individual who recieved all his booster shots

  22. @big deal thanks for an amazing comment! It’s obvious all the sinas Chinam has caused this in NY.
    A school that will kick out children against rabbanim doesn’t deserve to remain open

  23. To retype my mistake . Chas veshalom obviously it’s better that majority of kids stay learning . Better most than none . But this is definitely a wake up call. Scary stuff

  24. I have a question, maybe someone can answer for me please.
    Were the unvaccinated kids kicked out of schools as a precaution or as a punishment?
    If the former, then shouldn’t the above secretary be sent home as well? for all intents and purposes she is unvaccinated, though through no fault of her own.
    If the latter, than makes sense she should stay… but what does that say about us as a community?

  25. I’m curious why Lakewood Scoop starts censoring when I start quoting peer review published studies? Are we not allowed to have a real discussion that brings logic and truth? This is why no one knows the truth about vaccines. We are being censured on every mainstream media site.

  26. You should all keep your kid home until you confirm its not your childs school. why take the chance its very dangerous, i personally know a few people that got it from others and died, please everyone keep your kids home. this is our kinderlach were talking about. we need to listen yo our Dr they know whats best for us.

  27. To Emes-

    I’m not sure what a nut allergy has to do with vaccine. My best friend’s daughter was tested for all kinds of nuts in Hackensack hospital, and they were negative. She bought the girl a walnut brownie on the way out and she went into instant anaphylactic shock (no vaccines). Another friend in Brick had a similar issue. No reaction the first time, so they gave her a peanut butter sandwich, and she was rushed to the ER.

    Kids don’t have a reaction on their first exposure to an allergen. It’s the second time when their body has already registered it as a danger. Perhaps that family offered peanuts for the second time after the vaccine.

  28. I think that everyone who has an opinion should just keep it within. Why does there need to be so much civil internal hate in the largest torah community in the world?

  29. @emes I believe any links are automatically not posted, it’s not you. If you want to post links post the journal number and tell people where to look it up without posting an actual link

  30. To all those wonderful ppl that jump to conclusions! Yes I actually did get the mmr as a child right on time but only found out now that my immunity wore off so keep all your stupid and insensitive remarks to yourself and imagine what u would feel like in this situation! This is just an extra worry for me to have this pregnancy. If u don’t think it’s such a big deal then I hope u go thru the same situation and see for yourself how it feels

  31. Dear Sora,
    Nobody wishes you bad , but to ask children to stay out of school because you are expecting and want to support your husband in Kolel it’s a bit much . Let him go to work , stay home & kids go to learn . What are you going to do if you get a flu , it’s also same dangerous for you, correct ? Should everyone with out flu shot be sent out for you to feel safe ??
    Either you rely on Hashem that you will be fine or stay home . & What if schools cleaning crew will bring it in or cashier in grocery store ?
    Remember kids with out vaccine doesn’t mean already carrying the desease , it’s just they don’t have immunity .
    Btw if you would actually get measles when you were little , you would have life immunity and not having this fear of getting it now .
    You should be gezunt
    Beshoa Toiva

  32. @Sora
    I understand that being pregnant can be stressful and with these extra fears you can feel overwhelmed, but wishing on someone else to go through what you’re going through is not acceptable especially if you work in chinuch.
    May you have an easy healthy pregnancy and baby at the right time.

  33. Sora-
    Look at CDC or other online resources. (Or maybe even, gasp, ask a doctor other than Dr. Shanik) and you will see that there is no measels danger to expectant mothers regarding their unborn fetus.

  34. What’s so silly is that these kids are shopping with us. In the waiting rooms with us and wherever else we may go there are children around that are not vaccinated so what difference does it make if they are in school or next to you at another location. Bottomline, you’ll never know anyways so why ask which school. Its not going to protect you from every other place that you go.

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