FIRST REPORT: 11 Measles cases now confirmed in Lakewood, others pending [UPDATED]

There are now 11 confirmed Measles cases in Lakewood, Ocean County Health Department officials confirmed to TLS.

The following is a summary with new and ongoing information with respect to the measles outbreak from the Ocean County Health Department.

  • There are now 11 confirmed measles cases.
  • There are also seven potential cases under investigation.
  • Vaccination is encouraged and those children involved with exposure to a confirmed case may be subject to an order of exclusion, if unvaccinated.
  • The Ocean County Health Department continues to support and highly encourage the exclusion of non-vaccinated children from schools, preschools and daycares in the outbreak area. These entities have the authority to make that decision when an outbreak has been declared by the New Jersey Department of Health.
  • People are reminded to check their immunization records and if there is any sign of symptoms to contact your healthcare provider prior to showing up at that provider’s office so that appropriate arrangements can be made for examination or treatment.
  • The potential for spreading infection exists four days prior and four days after a measles rash onset.
  • People can become ill from measles from 5 to 21 days after being exposed to the virus.
  • Measles-like symptoms include fever, rash, runny nose, cough, loss of appetite and pink eye.
  • Measles can spread through coughing and sneezing and can live on surfaces and in the air for up to two hours.
  • 30% of measles cases involve additional serious health complications.

UPDATE: Anyone who visited the office of Dr. Eli Eilenberg, 150 James St, Lakewood, NJ 08701, on November 1 between 12:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., may have been exposed to Measles.

The State Health Department also added the following information:

The Department urges residents to remain vigilant for any symptoms of measles. Measles symptoms include rash, high fever, cough, runny nose and red, watery eyes. It can cause serious complications such as pneumonia and encephalitis (swelling of the brain). Measles infection in a pregnant woman can lead to miscarriage, premature birth or a low-birth-weight baby. Measles is easily spread through the air when someone coughs or sneezes. People can also get sick when they come in contact with mucus or saliva from an infected person.

The Department recommends that anyone who visited any of the locations listed above during the specified dates/times should contact a health provider immediately to discuss potential exposure and risk of developing the illness. If you have been exposed, you are at risk if you have not been vaccinated or have not had measles. Individuals potentially exposed, if infected, could develop symptoms as late as November 22.

Anyone who suspects an exposure is urged to call a health care provider before going to a medical office or emergency department. Special arrangements can be made for evaluation while also protecting other patients and medical staff from possible infection.

Anyone who has not been vaccinated or has not had measles is at risk if they are exposed. “Two doses of measles vaccine are about 97 percent effective in preventing measles,” said Dr. Christina Tan, state epidemiologist.

“We urge everyone to check to make sure they and their family members are up-to-date on measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine and all other age-appropriate immunizations. Getting vaccinated not only protects you, it protects others around you who are too young to get the vaccine or can’t receive it for medical reasons. If you’re planning an international trip, the World Health Organization recommends that adults or adolescents unsure of their immune status get a dose of measles vaccine before traveling,” Dr. Tan added.

Before international travel:

  • Infants 6 through 11 months of age should receive one dose of MMR vaccine. Infants who get one dose of MMR vaccine before their first birthday should get two more doses (one dose at 12 through 15 months of age and another dose separated by at least 28 days).
  • Children 1 year and older should receive two doses of MMR vaccine, separated by at least 28 days.
  • Teenagers and adults who do not have evidence of immunity against measles should get two doses of MMR vaccine separated by at least 28 days.


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  1. Anyone with an immune-compromised person in their household who sends their children to school during a disease outbreak is a rodef, because even the vaccinated are only 90-97% protected and can walk around the school symptom free spreading disease for 3 or 4 days. Close the schools. Stay home and do teshuva, fast, and daven. Don’t fight with your fellow Yid.

  2. could everyone relax about this measles issue? everyone has thier own opinion on shots, and no is changing their mind! how serious is measles anyways that everyone is going crazy from it? who ever does not have the vaccine is doing it on purpose, and whoever has the vaccine is immune – so why do they care so much. live and let live!

    • Mindy, I am willing to bet not your real name since your comment is beyond stupid. Infants and people with low immune systems can get it b/c of you anti-vaxxer idiots. They can even possibly die!! Why is this so hard for you morons to understand this. This has been written a thousand times already.

    • Mindy Green said “whoever has the vaccine is immune.” This is incorrect. The vaccine is not 100% effective, and we all rely on “herd immunity.” This means that when enough people are protected it’s difficult for the disease to spread because there are so few susceptible people left to infect. When immunization rates fall, herd immunity breaks down and leads to new cases of infection. We all need to vaccinate.

  3. This is really getting to the breaking point (if it hasnt already) It is time to get the authorities involved!!!!!! If that means investigations and arrests at 5 AM then so be it!! If these people see fit to put others in danger then let them do it in the jails.
    Unlike Dr Roberts I do NOT pledge to refrain from speaking to the authorities. The only question at this moment is which authorities and how to do it but it must and WILL be done quickly.

    • Who are you arresting and for what? There is no law that anti-vaxxers are breaking! They should be quarantined as per
      the health department, but that’s all that can be done.

  4. This shows that despite Lakewood being an Ihr Hatorah, with great many tremendous talmidei chachomim, it also has its share of ignorant fools, selfish ones, at that.

  5. This issue is causing terrible anti-semitism. It has gone a lot further than just a little decision that some parent is making. It truly is affecting the whole entire community in our town and in the country in general. This is not an exaggeration. Just see what happened in other places when anti-semitism takes hold , it spreads like wildfire. We must be smart and we must be vigilant watching the health of our children of our friends children and all our fellow Jews.

  6. To Mindy Green. Are you serious??

    30% of measles cases involve additional serious health complications such as pneumonia and swelling of the brain (irreversible deafness). It also causes 1% death R”L.

    No – the Gedolim and the health professionals aren’t simply sounding a false alarm.

  7. Authorities.. hmm.. u mean to checkout all the legalities. Like pools, playgroups, school lunchrooms etc. That’s how it was back in Russia . U tell on me I’ll probably tell on u. Not a great idea.

  8. Im not sure why is this a crisis,if this is a danger only to people that have compromised immune systems so why not require everyone to get the flu shot which has a higher fatality rate,or is this just an opertune time to pile on ?

    • The death rate of measles is 100x that of the flu. flu shots, even in a good year, only have a 60% efficacy rate, whereas measles efficacy rate is 97% once the 2nd shot is given. Once measles immunization has reached an optimum level worldwide, the disease can be completely eradicated, like smallpox, something that is impossible with the flu.

  9. immuno compromised children are truly unfortunate but any virus/bacteria would be a problem for them. so on any given day the school nurses should be standing at doors and swabbing kids for strep and taking temperature to make sure everyone is healthy. why isn’t this done if we are so concerned?
    Clearly this is not about immuno compromised kids? so what is going on here?

    • By your logic, anyone with a compromised immunity should be dead. There are levels of compromise. People who are on heavy doses of chemo and radiation are much more susceptible than someone with severe asthma or COPD. If there was a way to eradicate Strep or the common cold it would behoove us to do so.

      I think a being more knowledgeable about how the immune system works and epidemiology would be beneficial to help you understand the risks involved. If this is to much to ask of you, trust the recommendations of healthcare providers that have gone to school to learn about these subjects.

  10. The comments here are mind boggling. If you don’t know what you are talking about, why not just listen to those who do? Mindy Green, this is not about pro or anti vaccinations. This is about a breakout of a horrible, potentially deathly disease and no one is above listening to Daas Torah that clearly came out that everyone should get the mmr and if not, stay home.

  11. ‘Enough of this’- again, what does getting along have to do with anything? Everyone is missing the boat! It’s not about respecting people’s decision and everyone having a right to their own opinion. It’s about specifically this situation where there is and outbreak. And anyone who is saying why is everyone so worried if they are vaccinated also has no idea what they are talking about. Do you have any idea how a vaccine works?? Clearly not. Either get educated or keep quiet and do what you are told

  12. I’m no nov but chochom udif…..
    This is a form of Tzaraas and we know why Tzaraas comes from !!!!
    This is having the polar opposite effect from what it’s supposed to accomplish!!!

  13. If this agenda would be about the potential desease outbreak then many others would needs same
    1. All the school workers would be ruiquired the same
    2. All the teachers
    3. All bus drivers
    4. All cashiers
    5. All ckeaning help
    Let’s be truth to ourself is this really about outbreak? Or perhaps we can’t forgin someone doing different then us ? If you really afraid of catching it why all of the above people are not screened and required to show their vaccines records ?

    • Wow, you hit the nail on the head. I don’t want non-immunized children at my childs school because I can’t “fargin” anyone doing anything different than me. I don’t like when people drive different cars than I do, or have different shoes than my childrens shoes.

      You hit a nail on a head alright, it was your own.

    • Most countries in the world vaccinate for MMR. It’s mainly the enlightened USA that allows people without medical training the right to act against conventional wisdom. The same country that allows people to arbitrarily decide if they are a male or female. The same logic applies to both. Let’s ignore common sense and facts that every normal person accepts as truth and attempt to turn the world upside down.

  14. Maybe Lakewood needs to look into a quarantine of the town for the next month. Even the ones being vaccinated now are shedding the measles. The surrounding towns do not need this epidemic coming their way. Lakewood needs no more bad press.

  15. Common people
    Kick them out or we all gonna die
    We only 97% protected and need 2nd shot
    People please make sure to double shield yourself get another shot
    My neighbor got 4 shots , kudos to her !
    Venishmartem MEOD lenafshoseichem!

  16. People just stay in your Lakewood homes and don’t come out with the rest of us uneffected humans, Reptillians, Grays, Nartics, Blue Avians, and our beautiful mother Gia ????????????

  17. Why isn’t the Scoop reporting on the disease that is causing Polio-like symptoms & death to children in 27 states now??

    Sounds like a much bigger story than Measles.

    See Washington Post: Experts Chase Cause of Paralyzing Childhood Disease Spiking this Year

    CNN: Parent Fear AFM Polio-Like deaths Underreported

    ABC – What to Know about the mysterious Polio-Like Virus Called AFM

  18. To commenter with the really long name at 7:38 pm
    All those people are vaccinated!! As are most other people in the entire world! It’s only a few crackpots that are not vaccinated…they vaccinate in every country in the world…you can safely assume that unless someone is part of the anti Vaxxer cult then they are vaccinated..

  19. LPD
    just google measles outbreak in .. fill in the rest
    Any of these countries in Latin American having outbreak this year just like us and not screening workers but kicking out kids is not responsible and makes people think it’s a political not medical debate

  20. I have a question… how many of these confirmed cases of measles have been vaccinated against the measles? The vaccine that is supposed to be 97% effective? ????
    I would like those statistics please.
    Also, if you are vaccinated and you believe you are immune to the disease… why would you care if an unvaccinated child is around you? You are “protected”? Doesn’t make any sense. I also believe that ALL children and adults in the school should get a measles Titer blood test to see if their bodies are actually producing antibodies against measles, bc chances are… teachers so-called immunity has probably worn off over the years so they would also be considered “un-vaxxed”?! Seems like common sense to me. ????????‍♀️

    • Well said!! There is a reason they have not said how many are vaccinated!! They always release when they are NOT! I want the actual true statistics on this so called “out break!”

  21. To by me: let’s not forget about the amount of people that used to die every year do to polio and alot of other ailments ,even if you can back up a study that vaccines cause different ailments your alot better off getting it.

  22. To April and Shell67

    What is the difference if the people catching the measles were vaccinated or not. The vaccine is 97% protective. Everyone has a 3% chance of catching it. People who are not vaccinated have a 90% chance of catching it if they were exposed. If everyone were to be vaccinated then there would be a 3% chance that the 1st person would catch it and a 3% chance he could spread it to another person.

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