Fire Rips Through Raintree Home

VIDEO & PHOTOS: [UPDATED 1:22 AM] Multiple Fire Department companies are currently battling a large structure fire which ripped through a Raintree area. The fire, which reportedly started from a dryer, engulfed the home with flames at about 12:15 AM.

A general alarm was hit out and dozens of firefighters from multiple stations responded to the scene.

Lakewood EMS and Lakewood First Aid also responded to the scene.

The home’s occupants managed to escape without injury.

The fire was brought under control about 30 minutes later, with the assistance of the Brick Fire Departments.

The Fire Marshals Office is responding to the scene. TLS.

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  1. just got home from hours 17 18 and 19 or my work day and happy to to be able to help out our community.

    Now it is your turn. Get out and vote saturday and help us help you in your time of need.

    Vote yes on the budget and yes to vince & juan.

  2. Linda, while I, too, have anathema to invstors, what are you implying – that only investors homes go up in flames during the night due to faulty driers?

  3. Please remember the swift and professional response by our volunteers in the middle of the night to help ALL residents of Lakewood. Please vote yes for the budget and yes for Vince and Juan on Saturday. Please don’t try to fix something that isn’t broke!!

  4. Please remember the swift and professional response by our volunteers, WHO DON’T GET PAID, and then remember that the Fire Commissioners refuse to allow more volunteer firefighters from the community, but would rather pay the secretary in the office $100,000 salary plus benefits, when the taxpayers who pay for this can barely pay for the food to feed their own kids.

    VOTE NO ON THE BUDGET, and Vote for Larry and Juan

  5. I almost had a serious fire. We were home and near the dryer when it caught fire, B’H. An anti-static cling sheet got under the dryer and caught fire but it didn’t spread. Advice? Make sure those things do not get under the dryer; check after each load, and try not to put the dryer on when you are not going to be there to monitor the running appliance.

  6. If it isnt broken? dont fix what?
    excellent job firemen for put the flames out like your suppose to do.
    But my question is why are you all afraid of losing to the budget? What do you need with so much surplus money? It is time for less spending on fancy firehouses and lushish grass and fancy parties to focusing on responsible finances. We need true representation on the bored to show that we care about our communitys future. There is enough funding now to pay for the best equiptment on the market as the comishiners stated already so its safe to say that we will not put our brave firemen in jepordy and yet still pay for a lavish salary to the manager and pay the salerys of 6 full time employees and pay the comishioners a yearly bonus and pay the firemen a yrly retirement fund they get after 20 yrs service. All that on the budget now. So my question is why vote in more money? for raises? for nicer firehouses for lawns that no one needs other then to say how pretty? the municipal building doesnt have lawn dpw maintains their own grounds so is it true that they spend alittle off the back for partys and quiet trips funded by the comishiners? I can not understand why our community leaders allow this to stay as it is. The township has over seen the entire Lakewood public enterprises with wonderful achievements and has not yet taken control of the fire departments bisness. I understand that the fire departmnts manager has kept the budget balanced with a surplus. Makes good sense since there is an over abundance of funds to do this. Does not take a geneious to understand this. If I had 5 million income anually I too can budget sucessfuly. Its time for community representation on the bored or let the towns management take control of it

  7. To Just saying says:
    you have a big problem ,instead of praising the fire fighters for doing a great job ,you make a slanderous statement here to push your own adgenda PURE NONSENSE

  8. Really, Just saying. Whose mouthpiece are you?
    The fire department welcomes anyone who passes a background check, firefighter one and maintains a high interest in serving the community.
    Got your application in?
    As far as that secretary she is the BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR with degrees to prove it and she does the work of two people. Show me one township administrator or school administrator that doesn’t have at least one assistant collecting a salary and benefits. There isn’t any.

  9. By saying that we don’t allow any more members from my community you are

    1. miss informed and allowing the lies that (moderated)

    2. insulting my other brothers and sisters.

    3. trying to make machlokes and possibly. in dangering the lives of my fellow frum firefighters.

    just remeber while you were tucked away under your blanket nice and cozy and warm, we (all the members of the lakewood fire department) were out in the cold soaking wet battling a fire untill 2:30 in the morning. some of us were not home since very early wed. morning.

    so before you start bashing the LFD in which I am proud to serve come join (and yes we except everyone who meet STATE REQUERMENTS ie hs diploma, drivers lic. passing a drug test…).

    Untill than, just remember that we are there for YOU 24/7/365 day or night. sun or rain. snow or heat.

    Be well and be safe

  10. To Just Saying:
    You do NOT know what you are talking about. All you are doing is spreading LIES! By the way when did you put in your application in to join? I will bet that you didn’t even try to join, you just sit in your nice warm home on the computer spreading LIES.

  11. To #11 Fire Commissioners DO NOT REFUSE anybody. The only time someone gets denied is because of a criminal background investigation done by the police dept. We would love more involvement from the community, our doors are always open. Why don’t you submit an application and go throught 180+ hours of fireschool, take days off from your job, and help your community!!

  12. What did lary say about poor membership there were 35 firefighters from Lakewood that showed up at 1 am. Brick did not assist in putting out the fire they responded as a RIT team (rapid intervention teem) teem that is there just in case god forbid a firefighter would be trapped and. Mayday would be called they just stand there and save all there energy to devote to a mayday should there ever be one. Most towns as well as Lakewood do not have there own rit team as it is allot of training that is required to be skilled to forum a rit team so we call brick for a rit team. As one of the 1st due members I as that everyone come out and support us on saturday by voting yes on the budget and by voting for Juan Ortiz and Vincent Lombelo.

    Thank You
    A dedicated Voluteer Firefighter

  13. I doubt very much that the fire Department isn’t letting people join. Many people might think the secretary’s salary is excessive, but in her defense it is a job that entails more than just shuffling papers. She must make sure fire department is compliant with federal standards. What should be added to the budget is more money for training. Fire Department can lower fire tax by having a good fire inspection division. That can raise a lot of money and help off set the fire tax.
    Even though I’m not a lakewood resident I know how lakewood operates.

  14. Last night I stayed up until 3:30 am, waiting for my husband (who’s a volunteer firefighter) and his brothers to come home safe from the fire while you slept comfortably in your warm bed. Then after 2 hours of sleep my husband got up at 6 am and went to work, as did the other volunteers. They are all taxpayers just like the rest of people in Lakewood and have financial struggles just like everyone else YET they are not complaining about paying taxes, so WHY SHOULD YOU?? So with all due respect sir, YOU ARE A (moderated)!!! Fire commissioners have nothing to do with an application process and Megan is NOT A SECRETARY!!! She’s business MANAGER and deserve every penny she’s getting.
    LET’S KEEP OUR DEVOTED FIREFIGHTERS SAFE!!! Vote VINCE and JUAN and YES for the budget. Thank you to all the Lakewooders for their support!!!

  15. I have been a Member of the Lakewood Volunteer Fire Dept. For a over a year now. The Dept. has treated me with the upmost respect and dignity regarding my religious beliefs. I can not be more proud to serve next to such a fine group of men. They are my Family. It is a lie that the Dept. is turning down applicants based on religion.

  16. Dear lakewood community,
    Let me introduce myself, my name is yosef mutterperl. I am a proud member of JR hose co #3 Station 66 here in Lakewood. I have been a member for over 3 yrs now.

    There has been a lot of debating going back and forth about the fire department and lately about the commissioners. As the election is this coming Motzai Shabbos (Saturday Night) I would like to dispel some of those notions.

    First I would like to say that I support the incumbent commissioners Juan Ortiz & Vincent Lebello for the upcoming elections. Being a fire fighter is not a simple job. Being a VOLUNTEER fire fighter is even harder. Most if not all have families, jobs, in school, and other responsibilities besides dropping everything when you call and need our help.

    Now I know that anyone may run for the commissioners position, but to have someone run just because the community want someone Jewish in the position is wrong. I listened to the interview with one of the candidates and all it seemed to me was that he wants to cut taxes, disband the commissioner’s office, close fire houses, say that the fire department don’t want any more volunteers and in general make it harder and more dangerous for volunteers to fight fires.
    Would you want someone non Jewish to be a Rosh Hayashiva in bmg, or someone with no medical knowledge to be a head of a hospital or a general of the army with no military background. The answer is no. The same is here. The commissioners that are running have over 50 years of FIRE FIGHTING experience and know what is needed to safely fight a fire and to protect the fire fighters so that they may go home to their wife’s, husbands, children, parents…

    Another fact that was brought up was that people that want to join are given a hard time or that they are not wanted. The only way for me to answer this is to say that is not true. When I joined I was the only Jewish member in my company and I was welcomed with open arms and so were the other 3 frum Jews that are in station 66 and the other 3 frum Jews that are in other companies. There is a process, like anything else. If anyone has any questions about this process please feel free to come visit me at my store (SSSS, sorry had to get that plug in) and I will explain the process.

    Now the budget. On average those who pay taxes, pay approximately $130 to $150 a year (not per month, per year). That comes to about $12.50 per month (less than a few of my sandwiches that I sell at SSSS, yes there is that plug again). I know you have heard this before but I will state it again. The insurance companies use a stat called ISO. They use this to rate, how well the fire department is so that they could judge how fast we respond to save the house that they have to insure. LFD ISO is, close to or 100%. This saves you money. If our rating is low it could cost you hundreds of dollars more (more than what you are currently paying in the fire budget). By voting down the budget you might only save $1.00 a month, but you could be increasing your insurance by much much more.

    To end with, if anyone has any questions, like I said before, feel free to come visit me at my store SSSS (plug again) or come to a commissioner meeting.

    Yosef Mutterperl
    Lakewood Volunteer Firefighter
    JR Hose Co. #3, Station 66

  17. Well said Yehuda and Joe. We (Fire Dept) would be so much better with more people like the both of you. I am proud to fight fires alongside both of you and the other firemen and women of Lakewood. I am not a Jewish but am a firefighter. I am a Firefighter first. I see all my peers in the Dept as Firefighters First. Until you have put your life on the line for others you would not understand the brotherhood that develops among firefighters. I leave now with a Quote that sums up all that has been said about the great Lakewood Fire Dept.

    “I think it takes a particular(moderated) to criticize procedures that you don’t understand; particularly when they apply to places that you don’t have the bravery to go”

    Battalion Chief John Sullivan, FDNY

  18. 20, i spoke with one of the commissioners last night and asked him to explain this iso to me. he told me that lakewood has the highest iso rating you can have with a volunter FD. you can only get higher rating if you have a full time paid dept.
    yosef, thank you and to all the other members of LFD for keeping us safe even at 2:00am

  19. Joe, Thanks for having the guts to take a stand against the ongoing flow of lies and half-truths being thrown against the fire department . But again, it takes someone special to do this job.
    And his sandwiches are good! (another shameless plug!)

  20. Thank you for your service to the community i had 2 questions 1 – where can i get a list of the times and locations of the meetings 2 – can a guy with a beard join the department Thanx again to u and all of you buddies stay safe !

  21. Why do the firefighters care who will be the commissioner? They are all great!

    This has nothing to do with religion. It is only the firefighters who are making this about religion, which says alot. The taxpayers of Lakewood could not care less which religion is a commissioner, all they want is that the commissioners should stop wasting taxpayer dollars.

    Larry is the right man to do that.

    The secretary is getting over $100,000 for a regular job. I know plenty of capable people in Lakewood who would do the job for much less.

    But the point isn’t $1 here or $2 there. The point is that there is an environment in the Fire Commissioner’s office of not being careful with taxpayer money, and hiding stuff from the taxpayers, as can be seen in the minutes of the meetings that were publicized.

    So now the truth is coming out, and suddenly the firefighters are all coming out to support the incumbents. Which tells me that the firefighters were threatened, or feel threatened.

    Which tells me there is something very rotten at the Fire Dept.

    I respect and appreciate all that the firefighters do for us. I promise you that. But stay out of politics and elections, which will not affect the volunteer firefighters.

    Does anyone else realize what is going here on TLS? asically, all the volunteer firefighters are threatening us that if the elections turn out not the way they want, they will make this an issue of “us vs them”, and Mutterperl therefore had to go out and try to save the day. THEY ARE BEING THREATENED BY THE HIGHER-UPS IN THE FIRE DEPT.

    Something very rotten is happening at the Fire Commissioner level.

  22. 37, as a volunterr fire fighter for over 3 yrs here in lakewood I gain from the experiance and knowledge that vince and juan bring to the table.

    If we have to purchase new equipment who wold you want to go to marion wi, to get a new truck, a layer who knows NOTHING about fire matics or someone with more experiance about these trucks.

    If equipment or codes have to brought up to date or gear need to be replaced do I want someone penny pinching or do you think my wife, my kids my parents, my brother & sister would want the BEST that is out there so that I should come home after a fire. We are talking about MY LIFE here.

    What do I have to gain. 2 words

    MY LIFE.

    Be well and be safe, and just remember we are there for you 24/7/365

    Get out and vote motzai shabbos.

    help me help you in your time of need.

    Good Shabbos

  23. Really, Chutzpah, “continue to do your job and that’s it”!!!??
    Volunteer-noun-one who offers self for some duty or purpose forgoing pay.
    Be careful of ticking off enough people giving their time free or you may kill off that golden goose.

  24. 39, I just read you comment and was thinking if i should respond to your false staments, but since you know what I am doing or saying and what all the members are saying because we are being THREATENED, I guess I have nothing to say.

    Just remember we are here for you 24/7/365 THREATENED OR NOT.

  25. 38,

    You can call the comissioners office, i would wait untill next week, for time and dates of open meetings. as per the beard look up

    posha 29cfr 1910 for regulation

    Good Shabbos

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