Fiancee Of Slain Officer Chris Matlosz Testifies Against N.J. Police Layoffs

matlosz 317The fiancee of a Lakewood police officer killed in the line of duty has told lawmakers in the New Jersey Senate that the thought of police layoffs makes her sick. Kelly Walsifer said her fiancee, patrolman Chris Matlosz, was looking over her shoulder as she testified today. The Senate Law and Public Safety Committee invited speakers to discuss how the state’s ongoing financial crisis is affecting the ability of cities and towns to maintain public safety.

Municipalities around the state have laid off police officers and firefighters to help balance their budgets. AP.

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  1. pay cut? which in turn will cut the police force because noone will want to do that job for any less. How about you do their job for a day…and not an easy day where nothing happens, how about a day where one of their colleague’s gets shot and killed or maybe when theres a car accident and babys are dead…then let me know if you think police officers make too much money.

  2. #1- how much would you expect to be paid to be on the LPD? We’re not talking about mayberry, and these cops aren’t laughing all the way to the bank either. Walk a mile in their shoes, then you can speak.

  3. I am proud of this woman who had hardest time in her life to lose a closest person who she about to get marry.. She really show that layoff would make thing even worst after all. I stand by her words and she should be proud of that man who is really special to the commuinty we stand by your support.

  4. What people don’t get is nobody is laying off cops because they don’t like cops they are doing it because there is no money to pay for them . If you don’t want cops to be laid off then give a solution , we all know already that we need cops and crime will continue to rise without them but please answer the simple one issue problem how will we pay for them

  5. I did not want to bring this up before but now that its up for discussion let our. Dear committee people lead by example why are part time employees. Getting benefits and salaries that are unheard of to MARK take those benefits and give it to full timers. We also had quiet a few officers that just retired I did not hear anything about hiring new officers to replace them last but not. Least we should hire ten new officers for every officer Blown away time to take our streets back

  6. This whole no money thing has a life of its own. Once the economy goes bad, everything can be blamed on no money even if there is. Not saying that there is money, but stop it. Stop the whole cant afford hock fest. Just cut it out. Scrap together the dough to pay for security like you would for anything else.

    There are plenty of dumb programs out there like Obama’s free phone (what a stupid bunch of shyster lawyers and hocks made up that one) which are a drain on a whole bunch of money, yet when important things like Cops are on the table, politicians (Christie comes to mind) need to make “tough decisions”. Christie, the toughest decision you should make is to step down!

  7. thank you so much kelly walsifer for testifying. we need more police officers protecting our town. we all must be strong and act together to keep the safety of our residents alive

  8. Hey Mark, first off you should research you facts.

    Number one: the reason that there is no money is because Gov. Christine Whitmann’s administration borrowed millions of dollars from the police and fire pension fund to invest to help balance a failing budget. Then, lost all the money when the market crashed and never paid it back.

    Number two: The State has allowed municipalities to defer pension payments for the past ten years (that means they have not put in their part of the pension, in case you are having trouble following along) and the state has also deferred these payments for the past ten years as well. While the fire and police officers have continued to contribute their portions.

    Now, Gov. Christie wants the money back and towns can not afford to make the payments causing them to declare, they have no money to pay and saying, “We have to lay-off Officers” to make those payments.

    Number Three: You have people that get jobs as let’s say; judges, politicians, etc. That never paid a dime into the pension system at all and get a job that pays them a six figure salary for three years. Now they are ready to retire and guess what? That makes them entitled to a pension for the rest of their lives after only paying into the pension system for three years…this sounds fare doesn’t it?

    When private employers steal from a private pension system, get caught and never repay the money, they go to jail…when the government does it, they blame the cops and fireman for getting paid to much…keep laying off cops and see who shows up to your door when you call 911…no one!

    Why,because there won’t be enough cops on the street and because they will be to busy going to Mark’s house because he just had a problem with his child that he couldn’t handle himself so he decided the police can raise his kid!!!

    To Mark and everyone else that want to point a finger at police and fire for not doing enough to help the failing system…get some of your facts before you speak your mind!!!

    Ps. Mark, the next time your car gets broken into or your house is on fire, try calling Gov. Christie to catch the bad guy or put the fire out!!!

  9. newark and camden also have more officers than lakewood per ratio and they are still the highest crime ridden city obviosly its not just the amount of officers no saying that the cops arent doin their job just that every city is different demographics etc….

  10. How many Suburbans are in Gov. Christies Motorcade and how many State Troopers are in his detail? Would he even contemplate the thought of laying off some or changing those expensive SUV’s (besides the gas cost) to cheaper cars? Of course not!! Because he must be kept safe. Now why are we any different?? Is our blood not red?

  11. In reality, I’m not sure more money or more officers would have helper -or will in the future. The vile creature that shot LPD 317 had been taken into custody just two or three weeks earlier on a weapons charge – and was released! It’s sentencing structure that could have helped prevent this loss.

  12. #2 #3 why should LPD get paid more then the rest of tha country? is the crime here worse then Detroit or washington d.c or new york or camden etc… not at all they get paid more here bec they just think its bec they can ,if they people on the force dont want to take pay cuts am sure we can find people to take there place THE PEOPLE OF LAKEWOOD DONT HAVE THE MONEY ANYMORE TO KEEP PAYING THERE HIGH PAY CHECKS nobody is forcing them to stay let them get a job in a diffrent city

  13. This message is for Kelly… Chris would be so proud of you. Seeing you speak to the officals regarding the safety Of Police Officers must have been so difficult. You are a brave and strong woman. I see the pain in your eyes… We see the love you have for Chris… We are praying for you and your family… May G-d continue to give you courage and strength and someday give you Peace in your broken heart…
    We will never foget Officer Matlosz…

  14. I am not sure what the answer is but it is time that the police departments all over take back the streets and towns altogether. The laws need to be changes to protect the people and not the criminals.
    The justice system is not just.

  15. why is lpd give out more promotions that just cost us money and does not add officers to the street do not promote them and use the money to hire more officers

  16. They are promoting to fill leadership positions that were empty due to retirements. They need to fill the supervisor positions- someone has to run the place. Hopefully they will be able to get more officers out on the road too- there are not enough to cover this town!

  17. There is so much love for LPD. Why would not those lovers collect donations to support LPD? I and many others just don’t have anymore money to pay in taxes. Please donate yourseves.

  18. I say to mark #5 maybe we need to stop paying all those supervisior and commandos in high ranking offices at the post office which is in trouble now and we could and would have enough to pay our police officer in this town to maintain their job, how do u say who gets all the gravy and who only gets a teaspoon on their plate. then u want to shut down this and tht.

  19. #15 is a (moderated) And the first one to cry like a little girl when he’s getting robbed, or beat up. Let’s cut the amount of cops we have in this town and watch the crime rate rise out of control. U people make me sick!!!!

  20. hey morons for all you who think pay cuts is the answer is not. They dont get paid enough. Doctors make wayyy more than and police chief and all they do is say whether your sick or not or do surgery they are not out strapped with a gun protecting YOU! So the 100k or so they make is really NOT alot in todays world. All of you are jealous and if you were a cop you would not want a cut. So if you wanna cry about how much they make why dont you take the civil service test, go through the academy and become a cop then say they make too much….cause they dont!

  21. GOD BLESS YOU KELLY! My heart goes out to you and breaks for you….. No, I do not know what you are going through, I can’t even imagine and don’t want to. You are stronger than you realize, to be able to do what you have done. Keep it up, all that you are fighting for and maybe someone will hear you. We are hearing you, so hopefully they are to. The bottom line is we need more POLICE OFFICERS. Stop paying all these BOE employees 6 figures, when they are not worth it. We don’t need an asisstant to the assistant principle, how rediculous is that? And make these people retire at a certain age and make room for the next generation, that way you can start them off at a lower annual salary. This for sure would definitely add some revenue.

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