Family of Children Pinned Under Vehicle Thanks Good Samaritans, Hospital and Emergency Personnel

“The Pashkus family expresses their heartfelt appreciation for the support and care they have received in the wake of the accident involving their children, Suri and Ben, who are in stable condition at Jersey Shore University Medical Center”, an official at Jersey Shore Medical CenterĀ told TLS on behalf of the family. “They are especially thankful to passerby Aron Weichbrod and the unidentified “Good Samaritan”, who ultimately saved their lives.”

The family also extended their deepest gratitude to the trauma team at Jersey Shore, First Aid responders, Hatzolah and EMS personnel who responded to the terrifying scene.

During this difficult time, the Pashkus family kindly requests privacy so they can focus on healing and caring for their children. TLS.

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  1. To #1: Any updates??? Can’t you read??? The family requests privacy. Respect it & look elsewhere if you just want to gossip. If you really care open up a Tehillim and pray for them. There are other websites made for you out there, I don’t think the Scoop is for you. Thank you Scoop for your professionalism and sensitivity once again!

  2. To #4 It is admirable that you dont want to gossip about the family, but your comment to #1 was demeaning and unneccessary. It just sounds like #1 is wondering if the children are alright. No need to reprimand anyone.

  3. To anonymous #4 – take it easy. #1 didn’t ask for a detailed synopsis of their medical chart…they, like everyone, are concerned and are hoping to hear positive news. The question I have for #1, however, is did you read the entire article? Because it says they’re in stable condition.

  4. obviously #1 was not just inquiring if the kids were okay, as you suggest, but was looking for a detailed synopsis. because the article says they are stable. so your initial assumption is obviously wrong and #4 is correct.

  5. Though I hope all will b”eh be well, stable does not mean ok. I don’t think anyone was asking for details but we are all so concerned that we just want to hear that they will fine.

  6. I can understand #7’s rebuttal to #6 about #1’s comment and his opinion that #4 is correct but I can understand #6’s thought process on #4 jumping the gun to attack #1 but I think #2 and #3 had a nice comment and no need for #10 #11 and #12 to say anything about them.

  7. To “OK”:
    Thanks for the laugh!
    (BTW – I believe it was #2’s thought process that made #11 consider the way #5 responded to #7’s response)

  8. To #10: get over yourself. It’s 2013; you live in the USA. In this country, good samaritan is a good thing. So, thanks to the two good samaritans for saving these beautiful children. Best to their family.

  9. Hey # 10 ,, if you knew the origin of the term good samaratin then you would see there is nothing wrong with the term:

    “a traveller (who may or may not be Jewish[1]) is beaten, robbed, and left half dead along the road. First a priest and then a Levite come by, but both avoid the man. Finally, a Samaritan comes by. Samaritans and Jews generally despised each other, but the Samaritan helps the injured man. “

  10. These guys are correct. The Samaritans were people that tried to destroy our Torah. There actually are a few hundred of them living in Israel today. They only marry each other, so many of their children are abnormal.
    so Samaritan is not appropriate here. How bout hero

  11. First of all I want to say that both kids should have a speedy recovery and a refuah shalemah. I try to have them in mind in shemoneh esray. Not always do I remember the name but I say for two kids. Another thing is not that I want to knock or anything and its a terrible thing but what happen with the driver that hit the kids. IS the person okay and hopefuly a lesson should be learnt to everyone to be very careful. Yes more lights should be put up in lakewood. It used to be like this in Boro park until they realised more lights were needed and it took 15 years.Hopefuly it will be faster in lakewood.

  12. The Route 9 corridor in Lakewood is too crowded to drive in a comfortable manner. Vigilance at all times is the only sensibile approach. The many children and families who make up the foot traffic along the road make it one more reason I seek alternate access roads to and from the town. More traffic lights would certainly help — so would adequate sidewalks and even barriers like those near Carasaljo and Route 9.

  13. If you look up the meaning go “good Samaritan” , it simply means a person who helps a stranger. So, get over yourself. This issues not about you, our complaints, your feelings or anything regarding you. The issue is the children and their family. Think before you say something.

  14. definition:
    a person who voluntarily offers help or sympathy in times of trouble.

    i hope all you anti good samaritans never need the good samaritan hospital, ch”v.

  15. Firstly I hope for a speedy recovery and feel terrible But I’m so so saddened that I don’t hear anything about the driver . It was an accident it could have happened to any of us. I’m sure no one could b massig the pain he or she is going through. It was an accident! There are no faults .

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