EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Dr. Roberts relays powerful positions from Gedolei Yisroel on Vaccinations

In this exclusive video, Dr. Rich Roberts relays the positions of two Gedolim regarding vaccinations.

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  1. ..and I know, first hand, many mainstream gedolim and poskim that are anti-vaccine. Of course, it doesn’t help to mention their names because the pro-vaxxers like to say that we don’t listen to gedolim when it comes to vaccines – except when they are pro-vaccine, then it’s ok to quote gedolim. My point is, that until there is an open and honest face to face debate neither side will do much convincing and all this “awareness” is only highlighting a very ugly chapter in an otherwise unified community. What good does it serve to close your ears to the other side and call each other names and worse? No argument was ever won that way. For every article, video, quote from gedolim that Dr Roberts will mention there is an equally qualified counter answer from the anti-vaccine group. No matter how loud and forceful the pro-vaccine group will insist on vilifying the anti-vaccine group they will still have their own experts and gedolim they follow. What’s the point?

    • no one is trying to win an argument with you, our side is solid as a rock we are just trying to save unknowing poor souls from getting sucked in by your anti vax cult

      • It is brought down that close to the days of Moshiach there will be a lot of big things happening. I wonder if this debate is part of that picture.

    • I take issue with this framing of two sides to an argument. There are no two sides, and nobody is debating you. There is no Pro-Vaxxer movement. There is the entire world, the entire medical community, and a few people who know better than everyone else, and are willing to risk the lives of their children and the lives of MY children to prove their case.

    • Interesting how Dr. Roberts has clearly identified the rabbonim he spoke with, but “it doesn’t help” you to identify the rabbonim that are anti-vaccination

  2. From this video, it seems obvious that there is only one way to go – and that is to be vaccinated!!
    I’m not sure I understand the other side of this “controversy”.
    If the gedolie hador say something who are we to argue?

  3. Dr. Roberts, I think you left out one point.
    What was Reb Malkiel’s response when you told him that Rabbi Tatz quotes from Rav Elyashiv and Rav Kanievsky?

  4. Speak up don’t be a coward! Can anyone please name one Gadol Hador equal to Rav Elyashiv and Reb Chaim who are anti vaccine? I don’t think so!!!

  5. Once again JBW proved the point that Dr. Roberts said in his very first video
    The ״anti Normalcy״ cult is very afraid to use real names . Always hiding behind “Anonymous “

  6. To the 1st Poster – Seriously want to know, sincerely, have you heard from a gadol that a person should not vaccinate? To me that would be the definition of anti-vax. I’ve never actually heard anyone quote a posek that way. The most I’ve heard so far is far vaguer than that, an anonymous psak that you don’t have to if its dangerous, but that’s not really a psak because the very issue is if vaccines can be called dangerous.

    Please post an answer

  7. I am totally pro vaccinations but I am baffled by the fact that people say r’ shmuel kaminetzky is anti vaccines. Does anyone know if this is true?

  8. Name one… Rav Shmuel Kamenetzky.. yes, first hand knowledge, not a vague psak. Shall I name more? Let’s first see if you’ll accept this or if I’ll be accused of misunderstanding, that it’s not true because someone heard the opposite, or any number of other excuses. So we can mention gedolim but will you accept it?

    • Did R’ Shmuel actually pasken that one should NOT vaccinate, or did he just say that one should decide on his/her own? Big difference!

  9. I’m not sure if this post will get posted, but the HPV vaccine has some very serious side effects as per the research I’ve done – more than any other vaccine. I would love to hear a professional take on it!I spoke to a non-Jewish doctor in Lakewood that works for a Jewish practice. I initially told her I didn’t think it was necessary for my daughters to take this shot as I’m frum. She told me, Dr. ____ says to give it to the girls because they don’t know who their chosson will be! Well, being that there is miyut hadoros, I decided that I’ll give it as per doctor’s instructions. My daughter has a huge lump on her arm as a result that never went away even a year later! I went back to the doctor and she had no explanation. I spoke to some friends whose daughters are also complaining of a painful lump for a long time! I never gave the rest of the series. My daughter will just have to marry an ehrliche Yid that did not stray from the path of Hashem!
    My kids are fully vaccinated with all the other vaccines.

  10. Having nearly lost my son to meningitis, and dealing with the residual brain damage realities (the strain of meningitis he contracted wasn’t yet included in the vaccine, but BH is today) I cant wrap my head around the anti-vaccine concept. But even more so, I wonder if they realize that they can only pull it off because we vaccinate our children which is protecting “hamon am” for most of the time. Anyways , shomer psaim Hashem. May all of klal yisroel remain healthy!

  11. All the speeches will help nothing. These people are cuckoo. Kudos to dr. Roberts. Same people all believe in alternative medicine. And when the patient dies they blame it on the conventional medications. They printed books of 500 pages or more with very little scientific backup. For years Rabbi Belsky has been warning about all these weirdos. Bottom line is, got to be normal. Do what most of the world does.

  12. One point to emphasize is that even if there may have been some bad side effects from vaccines (& I don’t know if that’s true), the good that vaccines do far far outweigh any potential or perceived risks

  13. Just saying I am very very pro vaccines but yes there are unhealthy components that are added that are either meant to preserve the life time or for other reasons …there is something to the argument but I wouldn’t not give it.

  14. The anti vaxxers are mute for no other reason then there is too much heat on them in numbers and in strength from the other side that it’s in their wisest interest just to be quite. Should they speak up and their is alot they have to say should many of them start to speak, the environment the enviorment would be very hazerdous for them so they will wait for this to pass, and you probably won’t be exposed to their world very much, exempt what your being fed by the pro team about the anti’s. It’s a shame it is this way but I think everyone understands what I’m saying.
    (I vaccinated my children but I have studied their side, and consider it greatly, and my own desicions was what was wise for me and my family but they have strong reason too.)

  15. I called all the anti-vaccine people “piggy back riders” – How could they just come along for the ride??? I always feel bad subjecting my babies to the shots, and the slight risks. However, I think of my grandmother who lost 3 infant siblings to various diseases, and I’m so grateful to the One above for giving us the protection of the vaccines!!! Thank you Dr. Roberts for all you do for the community! ( I couldn’t watch the video since vimeo is not open on my computer, but I could only imagine what he said!!)

  16. This is not a matter of just pressuring people to vaccinate their infants.

    I wish the doctor would address the icker, and try to influence Big Pharm.

    Vaccines contain formaldehyde, ammonia, aluminum, MSG, anti- bodies, etc. It does not take rocket science to know injecting these materials into a pure baby’s bloodstream is not truly desireable, even in the minds of those who vaccinate.

    Further, there are studies that correlate these chemicals to, chas v’shalom, damage.

    We can send a rocket to Mars, but can’t find a cost effective way to put antigens in a healthy solution?

    Dr. Roberts, please help effect change in this area. If results show significant reduction in acquired developmental problems in vaccinated babies; what a wonderful thing that would be, BH!

    • Yes, we can send a rocket to Mars, we can make airplanes fly in sky. And you’re willing to board an airplane and risk your life based on the science that tells you planes will fly. That same science tells you to vaccinate, but you’re instead willing to risk MY life on your unfounded denial of established science.

      • The science of risking your life flying in a plane shows less of a chance of that happening than a side effect from the current flu vaccine. Those are hard numbers any way you look at it. There are many vaccines that are helpful and life-saving, only YOUR doctor who knows YOU and YOUR children can advise you one way or the other.

  17. As noted previously, this issue should not be allowed to falsely be portrayed as a halachic issue.It is a science issue. Any Psak by any Gadol, that is based on incomplete or falsified science is inherently flawed.There is ample evidence in the scientific literature to support the anti vaccination camp.This is why anti vaccine activists and scientists have openly challenged mainstream pro vaccine advocates like Dr Paul Offit and Dr Richard Pan to debate both the science and the public policy surrounding this issue. The refusal by the pro vaccine advocates to participate in such a debate speaks volumes and demonstrates their fear of transparency and having their positions proven wrong.

  18. I intend to address the issue of additives in a future video. You are mistaken on the facts but that will have to wait a little bit. I can’t do everything at one time.

  19. Dr. Roberts, Thank You! Maybe your sincerity will somehow influence the indifferent individuals. The primary concern is really to make sure that people of influence, those heading education institutions, aren’t persuaded by those emotionally unhealthy individuals.
    Btw. It is actually disturbing to read some of the comments; this topic is anything but a joke. How could any parent, concerned about the health of their precious children, not take this issue very serious.

  20. To flatbushantivaxxer,

    Your points about debates and medical experts were soundly refuted in replies to your similar comment to a recent article in TLS in this series. Maybe you should go back and read them again. Hatzlochah

  21. Really?? Rav Shmuel Kaminetzky issued a Psak not to vaccinate? Do his talmidim know about this – because most of the ones I know are not anti-vaxers. Can a talmid of Rav Shmuel please confirm?

    • That’s probably just because of government requirements, but you can get a ‘religious exemption’. The simple reason is that —no one— will take responsibility for the effects of vaccinations, because it is too serious!!! (This includes the government, doctors and manufacturers of the shots – big business!!!) So schools etc. claim you are required, but there are ways to get out – each state has it’s own way – you have to get the right forms etc.

  22. Lkwd mom
    Check your cleaning lady for vaccine records first before you Send child out of school . For some reason when it hits home nobody requires vaccines anymore . Just do the right thing & don’t fool yourselves

  23. In Baltimore the pro vaxers took the school to Bais Din and won. Now no school will accept any child whose not vaxinated. Try that in Lakewood.

  24. My pediatrician and our rav (who is a considered one of the Gedolim in America) both support our educated decision not to vaccinate. I think that as frum jews we should understand more than anyone else that there can be two correct decisions and that perhaps, just maybe, a minority can be right. I will not write our Rav’s name because unfortunately, I don’t think it will help people understand those who choose not to vaccinate; I wouldn’t want to be the cause of someone c”v thinking less of a Godol.

  25. Dr. Roberts why is this video only for certain people. I tried watching it, it forced me to log in which I did bit then it told me that I don’t have permission to watch it

    • The video is also blocked by some filters (i don’t know who calls the shots on that – ‘er no pun intended!), perhaps a transcript can be posted.

  26. David Lichtenstein has a segment on his program (7-1-16) Where he brings Rabbi DR Glatt who brings clear proof and a very strong Halachik argument that every parent would have a Torah obligation to Vaccinate their children. I think David should have DR Roberts and someone of the other opinion come on to his show and debate the issue, as well as a highly qualified Posek to give a Psak Halacha to the Parents of Klal Yisrael. Being that it does affect the entire Rabim

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