EXCLUSIVE: R’ Lazer (Louis) Scheiner leads initiative to Triple Kollel checks for Lakewood Yungerleit

An initiative lead by R’ Lazer (Louis) Scheiner has been launched to triple Kollel checks for Yungerleit in Lakewood, TLS has exclusively learned.

Currently, Yungerleit in BMG eligible for Kollel checks receive approximately $350 monthly, for a total of approximately $4,200 annually.

Seeing the amount the Yungerleit were receiving, R’ Lazer Scheiner made the commitment to bring up the numbers and provide Yungerleit with larger paychecks.

R’ Scheiner immediately got to work and put together a group of Baalei Batim to join him in the initiative, aiming to pay Yungerleit $1,000 monthly, plus an additional $750 check for Sukkos, and $750 for Pesach, for a total of $13,500 annually.

Sources tell TLS this initiative would cost approximately $50,000,000 annually, and millions of dollars have already been raised – with a large sum donated by R’ Lazer himself, along with multiple other Baalei Batim from Lakewood and beyond.

The first such checks are expected to be distributed as early as this Zman.


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  1. He personifies tzidkus. My husband left Kollel 26 years ago, and somehow these yungeleit are still paid the same as my husband did!!! This support of so much Torah is enviable.

  2. Beautiful!! Wow!
    However.. how in the world is BMG going to maintain a 50 million dollar Kollel budget?? I assume This is besides the millions it costs to run the Yeshivas? But bea

  3. Beautiful!!!!!!!
    However, how is BMG going to maintain this astronomical kollel Budget? This is besides the millions it cost to run the actual Yeshiva I assume?! But very nice!!

  4. Reb Scheiner

    I have tears in my eyes, this is so beautiful.

    Thank You Thank you

    Thank you for standing up for our precious yungeleit, Hashem should bensch you with so much good.

  5. This is great! Hashem should repay him and all donors many times over.

    I worry about the side effect it will have on smaller kollelim around town and near Lakewood. Most didn’t pay this much….


  6. Wow wow these Bali Batim that toke off from there time to make this happen and donate these astronomical amounts of money. For yungeleit who just give up their whole lives for a blat Gemara is the biggest רוממות for כתר התורה I’ve ever seen. Wow wow אשרי העם שככה לו

  7. that’s amazing, i wonder what with all the kolilem that sprung up all over the south Lakewood to do the traffic that made in impossible for yungerleit to travel to BMG, will they be able to stay open if they dont match the stipends?

  8. we made a decent size kollel south of the lake after us yungerleit found our self spending over a hour a day, traveling back and forth to BMG, we will have to raise our salaries of our kollels as well i guess. or we may lose everyone

  9. This is considered parsonage. On another note bmg gets a lot of government funding for the students and they hardly pass it a long to the students.,,

  10. @penny hopper

    I would imagine that has something to do with the fact that married students do not pay tuition and thus the school incurs a deficit

  11. It is possible that for this zechus alone, Reb Lazer – Louis was zocheh to become the greatest “mezakeh es horabim” in our entire generation. We stand in awe of his tremendous Gadlus! Ken yirbeh kamohu beYisroel! I wish I could get a bracha from him!

  12. It is possible that for this zechus alone, Reb Lazer – Louis was zocheh to become the greatest “mezakeh es horabim” in our entire generation. We stand in awe of his tremendous Gadlus! Ken yirbeh kamohu beYisroel! Anyone who is able should try to get a bracha from him!

  13. On one hand I’m very impressed by these balei battim that they are giving money for Torah. What a zechus. However, coming from the perspective of a psot kollel bal habos. I am a classic middle income family that has no extra expenses, am trying to put put money aside for house, I am not on any programs, etc. Because of the stimilus checks, the kollel families with large families, cashed out pretty nicely. Not sure why now specifically was the time to up their checks, when many people out of kollel were struggling with parnassah.

    • What does one thing have to do with another? Nobody took your money away.
      Why can’t you fargin someone else, just because it isn’t going well for you?

  14. If they don’t set this up correctly, Yungeleit will lose between 30% & 55% (of course every situation is different). Looking at it form $ standpoint. – According to the article the amounts will total 50 Million, so around 17,000,000 – 28,000,000 million will be lost.

  15. they are still below the government poverty line so that is not effected, to those worried that other kollelim will suffer they too will be able to get donors the same Has=em who split the sea can make a few others gain as well. where is your Emunah folks?


  17. This is all very nice, wonderful and long overdue.
    Take a look at this week’s Yated P. 46 in an interview with Rabbi Moshe Heinemann he was asked how much was the kollel check in his days- his answer $40 a week! On P. 44 he says that he came to Yeshiva in 1954.
    Go google how much $40 in 1954 is worth today, it says about $404.01!
    Using that formula that HoRav Hagaon Moreinu Rav Aharon established a yungerman should be getting $400 a week or $1,600 a month! today……

  18. Reply to Laura- we are not getting any government programs because we are above the limit. Not everyone in kollel gets assistance. My husband was considering leaving, but this stipend would enable him to learn for another year at least before looking for a job. He is currently writing a sefer, and getting a job now would probably take away too much time for him to finish the sefer. Thank you R’ Scheiner, this great zechus will be there for you always!

    For those who comment on the large kollel families- you can also have a large family even if you aren’t in kollel. And if you are lower middle class and struggling as you say, you should still be able to receive the monthly child credit. Also, children obviously cost a lot more than you get back in credits, so doesn’t mean large kollel families are raking it in.

  19. bmg makes around 20000k a year from almost every yungerman from fafsa for 5 year and the amount of cares act money they made over corona they still payin kollol checks from that money

  20. Tremendous Zechus.

    This shows us one thing. That BH there is a Tremendous shefa by klal Yisroel today and that mosdos that are important to the klal will get supported . So if we don’t have enough of any types of schools ,it’s simply a matter of that type of school not being important enough to the tzibur at large .

  21. I don’t plan on taking the extra raise coming from tzedaka. I will loose 33% to hud same % to snap and will also have to pay taxes on it. Can’t see how it’s worth taking 13.5k from tzedaka for the small portion I will keep. There are many better options that will save this issue and still be done fully legit.

  22. This is the first comment I ever posted anywhere online- I just couldn’t control my excitment1

    WOW! WOW! This is true haczokas hatorah! It will also boost the confidence of the yungerleight as they are now “providing” that much more…
    ASHRECHA- Louei!!!!!

  23. It’s really hard to fathom the stupidity of many of the comments on this story. 350 a month?
    Are u kidding?
    I was getting that 15 years ago and it barely helped.
    This is a wonderful initiative and the few more pennies won’t make a difference for anyone’s taxes or benefits . Biden Whisper ( and if it does they don’t have to accept it)

  24. This is a massive kiddish Hashem! This is chessed to a new level. On a side note, I think it’s also about time we pour some funds into establishing new mosdos for our overwhelming amount of new families. We must gather together and make more room in our system for the literally over 190 kids that are still not in schools/high school/chadarim. We could scream all we want at the existing roshei mosdos but the fact is they are maxed out entirely. Please what can we do to help this urgent matter.

  25. It would make sense to limit the increased amount to people who have been in BMG Kollel for x number of years.

    Maybe 5 years but depends what % of people this includes..

    Otherwise many people who were thinking of moving on or are currently learning elsewhere will suddenly join up here and the budget will become impossible..

    Or BMG will just say no new people for next x amount of years which is also not good for the yeshiva. much better is to limit to people who have been in BMG already for x amount of years but new people can still join on lower amounts…

    would prefer everyone could get new amount – but not realistic. just a thought to be try and be practical and maintain the increased amounts in a realistic way.

    Please only respond wit positive comments 🙂

  26. To Lakewood Parent

    We all agree that this a choshuve thing . As far as Mosdos, if a similar amount of money would be given to existing Mosdos, or even to parents so that they could pay higher tuitions ,then I am sure we would have enough classroom space for the high school girls that are without a school. It is very expensive to add classes and hire more teachers ,so without big similar funding there will always be a shortage of space. But gevirim are entitled to give their tzedokoh where they want to ,and obviously supporting a Kollel is considered important and supporting girls schools is not considered so important .

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