Updated: EXCLUSIVE: Over 200 Brookhill Boys To Stand In Solidarity With One Of Their Own [Featured Story]

Boy in the Field_wm(UPDATE in extended article) TLS EXCLUSIVE: The Lakewood Scoop has received word of a meeting which took place yesterday between members of the Brookhill neighborhood and prominent Rabbonim to discuss the outrageous situation of one primary aged boy caught in a battle between all the Chassidish mosdos in our town. This one child remains out of school for over two weeks while each of the school owners points to the others and shrugs his shoulders.  At this meeting, a decision was reached that if there is no change in the status of this child’s acceptance to a local mosad before Rosh Hashanah, a plan will be rolled out to keep back all boys from the Brookhill neighborhood from attending school after Yom Tov.  To prevent Bitul Torah, a full learning program will be in place in the three Botei Midrash in Brookhill.  There has been an enthusiastic response from many parents in the neighborhood as they join in this show of support to create awareness of an unacceptable situation.  We spoke to one of the organizers and he said, “When there are ten kids out of schools, they close the schools.  When it’s just one, nobody cares.  If we keep 200 children out of school, they’ll definitely have to care.”  He says, ” We understand that there is a problem with the overcrowding in the classes but there cannot be a situation where there is a child not allowed to attend a Yeshiva.”

The Lakewood Scoop will keep you posted as the events unfold.

U/D Motzei Yom Tov 10:11 p.m.TLS has received word of a meeting being held tonight between Rabbanim and Askanim to find an alternate solution to this problem.  They are trying to prevent the need to keep all these children home from school at this time while finding a quick placement for the child.  TLS has also verified that this child was not accepted to any school at any point.  No reason has been given, other than the lack of space.

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  1. Wouldnt it be more productive for the parents of these boys to have meetings and work on establishing new schoos ? The organizer is quoted as being understanding of the overcrowding in classes . Why doent he organize something that will alleviate thjis overcrowding ?

  2. The poor child (and his parents). I am a parent in Brook Hill and I’m proud to join in this plan. How can these schools stand by and watch an innocent child and his family suffer?!

  3. Yes There is a reason . All the schools are very overcrowded and its always the last coule of kids who fall through the ceacks . If there were more schools this would not happen

  4. This comment has no direct connection to the post, but belongs here anyways.
    If anyone has money they want to give to tzedaka, it is a great chesed to pay a struggling friend/relative/neighbor tuition. Many people are struggling and would appreciate this form of ‘matan bsaisar’ . The school admin informs them that the tuition for this month has been paid by an un named donor.I know a yid who does that. Ashrei chelko.

  5. I’m from brook hill and I was called late last night about the plan. I will join if they get everyone else to join. It seems that they have 30 parents so far (as of last night). they said there’s gonna be a public meeting after yom-tov if still needed.

  6. I sympathize with the parents, but perhaps they should be more flexible and consider some of the other dozens of mosdos in town. No mosad could feasibly accept every child whose parents insists that they belong there. It may be easy to complain about, but a lot harder to achieve.

    And no, I’m not involved in the running of any mosad, and my daughter has actually been rejected by a few mosdos before BH being accepted somewhere.

  7. It really interesting . When statements are made that parents need to organize and call meetings to open up new schools ,the answer always is that most parents are not capable of organizing anything etc ertc .

    Yet when it comes to something like this ,all of a sudden the parents are very capable of calling meetings ,organizing .

    While I certainly synpathize with this one child , the energy would be better spent in organizing meetings to solve the lack of enugh school crisis ,so that this problem wont reoccur

  8. mit seichel says:
    “…perhaps they should be more flexible and consider some of the other dozens of mosdos in town.”

    They are willing to go to any Mossad. Though I’m sure you understand that you can’t expect a chasiddishe family to sent their kid to YTT or the like.


    There are more then enough boys schools in town. In fact there are probably to many. If some of them would consolidate and share services it would probably eliminate some of the financial crunch being felt by our mosdos. There should really only be a need for 3 to 4 mosdos that cater to the different styles out there and the rest should be consolidated and where the need presents itself a new class should be added.

    Unfortunately, most these new schools are opened to feed someone’s ego or because a current rosh hamosod has to big of an ego and will refuse to let others in, therefore requiring someone to open up a new mosod. If the schools were run as communal organizations and not like private enterprises, most these problems would never exist.

  10. YTT or the like. I hope you mean “litveshe” schools All Litveshe schools in town pretty much learn the same amount. Some pressure kids more some less. The better kids from all yshivos get into the best mesivtas so letvishe yeshivas in town have what to be proud of. The chasidishe to just I am clarifying your point about “YTT or the like..

  11. This is rubbish. How dare you! I live in brook hill, I never heard of any of this and this is how you act erev Rosh Hashana? You are not keeping my kids out of school. As for the mosdos that won’t let the kid in – We should find the mosad that the kid belongs in and then force the issue as a unified neghborhood and all at once. but not at the expense of all the other children. And what does real DAAS TOIRAH say on this matter?

  12. To R G:

    if you do live in brook hill, why have you not done anything until now? and if you’ll say that you didn’t know of the situation, that’s exactly the point of what they’re trying to do – get you and everyone involved. I don’t know who these rabonim are, but I’m sure they tried everything else. and on erev rosh hashanah you should be careful doubting a rav’s opinion.

  13. Block Organizer:

    There are two ways to get your way. SPEND money or REMOVE money. The cheapest method to achieve results is REMOVE existing funds until the mosad follows the darchei noam. It is the best method to use especially with this economy.

  14. Do as you always preach and that is follow the derech of your great grand parents . They had one or two schools in thier city at most and everyone went there , be it litvish chassidish or mod ortho. PERIOD . enough with this bikkery .

  15. No one will do a thing until some goyishe media outlet will find out about this. then everyone is going to scream: “chilul hashem!!!!!”. until then everyone will just busy with their own and not care about devastated parents and a very sad kid at home. oh!… and there are those who will just criticize what others are doing.

    BTW, what happened to the vaad, r’ menashe frankel, r’ yossi atlas?

  16. Baruch HaShem people care about their brother in need and stand up to do something about it.

    Baruch HaShem we have this selfless zechus before Rosh HaShana.

    May we all be zocheh to start thinking and caring about each other.

    הצר עין לא יצלח והרחב לב פועל ישועות

  17. Someone from brookhill was forced to move out of lakewood because they couldn’t find a school to send their child to,who are the leaders in this town? Why isn’t someone forcing the mosdos to comply? What is the solution? Should people stop having kids? Enough is enough

  18. Heshy . No people shouldnt stop having kids . They should just take responsibility for their kids by organizing into a community and creATING COMMUNITY BASED SCHOOLS . If there were no peditricians in town ,we wouldnt stop having kids . We would organize together to do whatever it takes to psay somebody to be the community doctor . and if there were only 2 doctors who were overloade and couldnt see more patients . We wouldnt curse them . We would organize as a community and bring more .

    But somehow with schooling for our kids ,we decided that it is the responsibiliy of some phantom Vaad to make schools for us and also curse the guys that at least are responsible for educating most of our kids .

    Crazy world

  19. I called and called and finally got the whole story ??????? He is a real mench he would not hurt a fly (like abama did) he is a aidel yugerman and i really caint belive this story i know his parents wounderfull people he give lots lots of tzdokah SOME ONE WILL HAVE TO GIVE A DIVREI CHESBAN (father mother and son keep strong and we all will daven for you) i am shocked !!!!!!!!!!! i thing that all kids from lakewood not just from brookhill should stay home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a nice persen i caint believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hashem yerachem we are in golus

  20. There are unfortunately a number if kids not in school yet both elementary and high school. They are all people that are not happy with the schools they were accepted to and choose to sit it out until they get in som$ewhere else. In some cases they were actually accepted to some of the hardest to get into schools but for whatever reason are not happy there.

  21. Every neighborhood should pool all of their recourses $$ & the moisdos get their share when all of their children were placed.
    Or they should form more local schools in their neighborhoods, & the out of town moisdos will have to be supported in their own communities.

  22. its very sad the father is in the hospital for rosh hashanah & his poor wife has to deal with all this extra stress.I HOPE THESE PEOPLE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ENJOYED THEIR MINUTE STEAK ON ROSH HOSHONA…

  23. we went thru this pain with so we can relate..it is rea;y a shame that these schools lost sight & think they control the community by us standing united it is a wake up call for their ego 7 a reminder that with out the community they wont have customers,look for example in ny flatbush all the schools were big shots now they are begging for applicants..go brookhill go..by showing achdus just as the high school parent body does by not sending their children..that is truely llaches bedracha showing eimoy anoichi betzorah..may we all have a gemar chasima tova..let this not be a kitrag upon us all & bezrat hasher it should be resoved by tomorow…

  24. the father is in the hospital for the whole rosh hashona & was still not released yet..who knows if this pain & agmas nefesh is the cause that aggravaited his health? his poor wife had to be home herself the whole yom tov & hear her childs pain without any emotional support.i hope the people who are the cause of this enjoyed their salmon & minute steak on rosh hashona..ISINT THAT THE PURPOSE OF ROSH HASHONA ANYWAY? oooooo hurting someone naaa this is all one big game dont you get it??????

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