EXCLUSIVE: Lakewood Emergency Responder contracts Covid 2 months after being vaccinated

A Lakewood emergency responder who had fever and began losing his taste didn’t think it was Covid – because he had received the vaccine two months prior.

Documents he sent us show he received the Moderna Covid vaccines in December and January.

But last week, the resident tells TLS he had fever, a cough, lost his smell and just felt weak, so he went to get himself tested. He tested positive for Covid.

Interestly, the emergency responder says he’s been responding to calls since the start of Covid, but never contracted it.

“I held out for a year,” he says. “I’ve been on so many calls, been exposed many times, and never got it.” Yet, two months after receiving the vaccine he did get it.

“It’s two weeks and I’m still weak and have shortness of breath,” he said.


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  1. This is not unheard of. Even though the vaccine greatly reduces the risk of catching covid, its not 100% guaranteed to prevent it. Looking at Israel, you can see that the small amount of people who caught covid after receiving the vaccine had much milder symptoms compared to the ppl who never received the vaccine. Iyh I cannot wait to receive the vaccine next week! ????

    • Or maybe he got it from the shot himself.
      If Covid is relatively harmless to people under 65, and to over 65 easily treated with HCQ-zinc etc, Zelenko had virtually no deaths in treating 3,000 high risk patients like this, and the shot has never been proven safe — even on animals, if so, why and how are they giving it?!?!
      Every person who gets it is an experiment. r,ember Nazis did that…

      • How interesting.
        The Zelenko protocol has no peer-reviewed evidence, a tiny sample of patients, and mixed results. KJ had four times the amount of deaths in its elderly population as NYS, even though he is KJ’s doctor. Yet people believe in his protocol as gospel truth.

        Yet, this vaccine, which has had millions and millions of people taking it, and many peer-reviewed studies testifying to its efficacy of 90+%, is still suspect in people’s eyes.

        None is blind as he who refuses to see.

        • The Zelenko protocol has no peer reviewed evidence??? And the vaccine does have long term safety track record??? How do you believe the vaccine manufacturers as gospel truth?

          None is blind as he who refuses to see.

    • I have heard of so many cases of positive PCR tests or actual cases of illness shortly after vaccination. People defend the vaccine, claiming that it could not possibly cause Covid because it does not contain the virus. This claim goes against common sense because all a virus is or ever was is a sequence of DNA or RNA.

      The most plausible reason that people are getting sick after the vaccine is that they got sick from the vaccine. The vaccine contains MRNA, is intended to cause a proliferation of RNA in the body and then people test positive for the same RNA sequence. You don’t need to be a molecular biologist to connect these dots.

      We are all familiar with this exact phenomenon from the flu vaccine: people get sick with a flu within days of receiving the vaccine and are told that the vaccine hasn’t taken effect yet! They caught the flu in the intervening time. This is pure rubbish.

      Furthermore, there is absolutely no way to make a claim about the effectiveness of this vaccine. It takes years to get an accurate assessment of a vaccine’s ability to prevent disease. The numbers should be viewed with extreme suspicion by anyone who understands how vaccination and scientific studies work.

      • Thank you Mrs. Tusk for your comment. Can you open a Chinese medicine practice in Lakewood, like the one you have in Israel? You obviously have much more knowledge than Western medicine practitioners – all it takes is “common sense”, as you so eloquently stated. Who need scientists, when there’s alternative medicine based on “common sense”?

    • gravely misguided – a third of those in hospital and dying in feb from covid were vaxed and many others died of heart problems and became gravely ill in neurological problems and strokes. Wake up.If you go to Arutz 7 you can find several articles explaining that Misrad HaBriut have hidden information and misrepresented what was happening over the vaccine. There is also an article by a private organization trying to publish the truth led by doctors and lawyers and others that are collecting the information misrad habriut is trying to ignore.

  2. We all know they said It’s 95% effective ! So why is this a big story? Actually in Israel the gov claims it’s 99% effective but still have 1/100 getting cases . However only 1 of them 10,000 were seriously sick and 1/100,000 died.

    • And are the statistics of Covid itself are any different? Experts are saying that the death rate is similar to that of flu — from which tens of thousands die each year in the US alone. Even Fauci openly admitted to this.
      You don’t give a new experimental medication when people are easily treated with a 65 year-old safe medication like HCQ-zinc.

      • There are no real experts who say that corona has a similar death rate to the flu. And even without bringing in “experts” you can see this easily from he fact that there was never a time in LKWD where 70+ people died from the Flu in one year. That did happen with Corona.

        • I believe that you have to focus on RATE — much more people got Covid than flu, so the proportion of the deaths from the total cases is similar to the death rate of flu. As far as I understand, RATE is the gold standard of measuring anything – raw numbers, while they help to tell the story, don’t really give you a clear picture of what is going on.
          Fauci admitted to this rate already last year in April (2020) – I remember seeing from a big expert

  3. for some reason whoever i know that took the vaccine, they get the Moderna
    where is Pfizer?

    i heard that Israel is giving Pfizer to Israelis and Moderna to the west bank

    does this all mean anything, or is this my conspiracy???

    • In NY all state administering sites are giving pfizer some are also giving johnson and johnson. Most of pharmacies are giving pfizer as well.

      • my grandmother lives in bp and got moderna
        same for my inlaws
        same for my toronto siblings
        all got from different urgent cares in bp

  4. Of course we wish all Emergency responders the very best and thank them for their service. However, numbers are numbers and 95% efficacy means just that. 5 out of every 100 might contract Covid. But basically everyone will have a much more mild version. Baruch HaShem for the vaccine. You’re still a lot safer WITH the vaccine. So unless you’re one of the members of the anti vax weirdos spreading false rumors and false science, you should be getting the vaccine asap. Wishing everyone the best of health….

    • There’s a difference between being nervous about taking this vaccine as opposed to taking the others. Being nervous to take something that was barely tested does not make someone an “anti vax weirdo.” There are plenty of people who take all the vaccines but are nervous about this specific one.

      • There are even doctors who have stated openly that they are very pro vaccine (which doesn’t make sense, read dissolving illusion dot com etc.) and yet, they said they would definitely not give this untested, unproven vaccine – not tested or proven for safety or ANY efficacy. What they tell you is just to make money, and there is 0% liability in the US — to any manufacturer or doctor. Certain countries that didn’t want to give the manufactures this indemnity weren’t getting it because the manufactures said they have to put up collateral — including government buildings and army bases — for the lawsuits which they know will be coming.
        It’s all for the money and Bill gates YMCHS”M. he also holds to depoulate the world – against pru urevu. one of the world’s current most deranged figures. A Democratic Nazi
        Yemach shemo.

        • Please watch your language. and don’t be kofee tov to politicians. And more so to the scientific community. Most of them are good people doing their tafkid.

          • Untested – except the hundreds of tests that have been conducted so far.
            Unproven – except the radical reduction in cases in the vaccinated population.

            If Bill Gates wanted to depopulate the world, he can just support republicans for government, and push for some more Dick Cheney wars. There are better ways to do so.

            Sadly, people believe all kinds of nonsense, yet demand more and more ‘proof’ for anything the actual experts have studied.

          • You don’t seem to understand about Bill Gates and his agenda of depopulation. He has gotten up on a stage and said this clearly, several times — it’s recorded and out publicly. I’m not sure if you just didn’t know this, but it is public.
            Now, how he plans to accomplish this is another discussion, but it is clear — from his own words, said very clearly, that he feels there are too many people in the world, and it must be minimized and the growth rate kept low. He also says that right now there are ten thousand excess people in the world, however he gets that number.
            He’s a Yemach Shemo — has heavy investments in Big Junk Food, Big Pharma, Big News and Walmart (all major multi-billion-dollar, worldwide corporations). Remember, Wal-Mart was open the ENTIRE time during the so-called shutdown, as was every big store. THEY are ESSENTIAL AND SAFE, but the small stores — UNESSENTIAL and UNSAFE.
            Why Gates doesn’t take his own life to prove his point, and practice what he preaches, is a good question. But the simple reason is because it’s not really about vaccines or depopulation (although there is a lot of kefira mixed in, no doubt), but it’s mainly about making money. He wants that everyone should eat junk food and then need lots of medical. It’s about earning money — at anyone’s expense.
            Bill gates doubled his wealth from $50B to $100B in ten years — from 2005 to 2015 — by investing in vaccines, and he says it’s his best investment!
            He sends vaccines to India and Africa for free (or cheap), but they have come to realize that he using them as lab rats to test out new vaccines, but his vaccines have injured, maimed, sterilized and killed many, and they are moving away from him.
            We respect any normal person who goes about is life in a normal way – even if he doesn’t eat only certified organic food. But when it becomes obvious that he is a deranged Nazi (or worse than Nazis – in the scope of damage they can do and their outright insane agendas), and cloaked in Democratic form, we must say on him Yemach Shemo – may God erase his name. Unless, perhaps, if he repents, but I don’t think he can do so anymore, as he is likely very guilty of serious heinous crimes — which he knowingly and purposely did.

  5. The comments by Baruch and Yaakov are correct.

    It’s likely that he has been infected by the UK strain which would explain why he avoided infection previously (Wuhan strain) but not now. The UK strain is much more infectious than the original strain and it’s aggressively infecting young adults and children too. The data from Israel shows that vaccination reduces the rate of infection by about 92% and causes the infections that do occur to be more mild so that there are no hospitalizations or deaths.

    The only possible bad news here is if he is infected by the NY strain, or the South African strain, which MIGHT be able to infect people regardless of their immunity to the Wuhan strain. If this possibility is true then we’re in for a difficult year. We should have the answer soon.

    Best wishes,
    Rich Roberts

    • can you share the data that you cite? all i’ve seen is science by press release without any actual data sets.

      and what about Dr Geert Van Der Bossche the vaccine expert who said this is a great vaccine but mass vaccination during a pandemic is what is causing the mutations that are making the more recent strains more aggressive?

  6. “They said”, “They lied,” “Sounds like”, “Not unheard of”. Listen to all the experts here. Do some serious research before all the vaccine facts get taken down. I wish this hero a refuah shelaima b’karov.

  7. Chill. This is not a news story and no we won’t be in for a long year. Big pharma controls the narrative so it’s in their $nterest to make sure we don’t move past covid.

    I just find it amusing (sic) that in a world of billions, with infection rates in the millions somehow its always in Lakewood that these stories happen.

    Let’s get real. Put away the mask, stop the insanity and realize that the vaccine helps but natural antibodies are even better. No you won’t lose your antibodies and yes you will be fine. The fact that nobody wants to recognize natural antibodies is your biggest proof that b$g pharma is in charge.

    Whatever happens going forward is statistically insignificant and literally impossible that these things happen nowhere else but in Lakewood.

  8. I took the Johnson and Johnson and got 2 doses (they gave 2 as part of their extended study (ensemble 2). I was unblinded today. Does this protect from all strains?

  9. DR Roberts… for those who had the virus more than 90 days ago do you suggest getting the vaccine or still hold off as mentioned in your video (and if yes one dose or two and any difference in which brand)?

    • Why dont you just check your antibody levels? My husband had the virus more than a year ago and still has antibodies, he just recently took the test before pesach.

  10. I have heard also-again my first cousin contracted the virus a few weeks after taking the pizer one in Israel. Again his dorm mates had covid, he was exposed plenty of times before and never got it. My aunt’s theory, is that the vaccine does work but somehow it lowers the body’s natural immune system to be susceptible to the real covid for a few weeks after. Being extra careful for the three months after taking the vaccine may be a good idea….

    • Your aunt’s theory? How nice! Does she have a recipe for chremzalach for Pesach? I would love to have a new one. Also, how does she get pettel stains out of a cotton t-shirt? I am never successful at that.

      • Maybe you’re right – maybe it’s not the sophisticated theory that it lowers the immune system – maybe it just gives you Covid straight out, instead of protecting from it. So don’t take it and be well, and eat chremzlach, and you won’t have to wash physical stains out of the body!

      • Actually, his aunt sounds pretty smart, because in the vaccine trials, lymphocyte levels (that’s the cellular immunity) decreased after vaccination.

  11. The most important information is missing.
    How are is symptoms. Is he over it already officially after vaccine meant to be no symptoms.
    Please advise

  12. !) It’s 95% effective against getting it. Which means the chances of getting the virus after being vaccinated is 1/20th of it would have been otherwise.
    2) Once vaccinated, people vaccinated are much less careful thus increasing the chance of being part of that 5%.
    3) It’s almost 99% effective against getting a serious case and close to 100% effective against dying from the virus. In this case he probably was more careless, didn’t have to go to the hospital and didn’t die.
    Worked as advertised!

  13. What is very interesting is that everyone is quoting that the vaccine is 95% effective – did anyone read Pfizer’s (or Moderna’s) actual clinical trial that was done – because I did.
    The way they got to the number 95% was by a statistical calculation from the number .4% which was the actual number of people that did got milder symptoms of corona than the placebo study. And the study was not conducted accurately – meaning they did not expose all the participants in the study to the corona virus to see if the people with the placebo versus the people with the vaccine actually got sicker which would have been the right way to conduct a study. Additionally, as all virologists know, viruses always only infect under 10% of the people who are exposed to it, and that percentage can get sick from whatever virus/bacteria they are exposed to because they generally are not living healthy lifestyle and have weakened immunity. And no one in any of their comments addressed the fact that the increase in radiation and 5G cell towers lowers immunity.
    Back to the discussion, there really is no way to know the vaccines true efficacy or long term side effects because there are so many variables involved and our immune system is so complex.

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