ELECTION DAY: Polls Open Between 6 AM – 8 PM: Polls Close – Watch Results Live

elections 2013 lkwd tls 2UPDATE: 9:20 PM: All local incumbents projected winners. Mastronardy projected winner for Sheriff.

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  1. It says in “Pirkei Avos” (the Mishnah) stay away from elected government officials, they will come to you as a friend only when they need something from you ( a contribution, a vote etc.) but if you will ever need something from them they will not even look at you.
    Look at President Obama whom got millions of Jewish votes but will he ever pardon Rubashkin? Never.
    Maybe Senator Corey Booker can do something.

  2. Can someone please help me figure out who i should be voting for? I’m getting so many different messages through lakewood publications, home phone recordings…. some say to vote for specific candidates and then one message said don’t vote at all? I’m seriously confused!!!

  3. Good Luck Governor Christie and Mayor Ackerman – two unique individuals who deserve our vote. We wish them both well on their re-election and success for the years ahead.

  4. the guy who said don’t vote at all did not give his name for good reason – he is a very bitter anti-everything person and should at the least be ignored

  5. I’m OK with Christie but I can not in good conscience vote for a guy who signed a bill to prohibit therapy in certain cases.

    It was such an evil thing to do, I really lost all respect for him. However, his Lieutenant Governor Kim is a very dedicated politician.

    So I think I will just skip him, since I certainly wouldn’t give my vote to a Democrat.

    May the One Above watch over all of us.

  6. I’m unable to go to the polls so I vote by mail. I mailed it on Friday. I wish the Vaad would make it known whom they endorse a bit earlier for all the vote by mail people. Do they not know who they’re endorsing until election day?

  7. To#8…You have got to be kidding or on drugs!.Look around, the infrastructure is GONE. Too many people here, too many schools, not enough services. Keep coming and Lakewood will make Detroit look good!!!

  8. I had to go outside around 3:00 AM

    I noticed that someone placed a flyer on every car slamming the current [brave] school board. While advocating voting for the 3 Vaad School board candidates.

    The sentiments expressed could have been written by the “occupy Movement” or One of Obama’s Mentors.

    Bottom Line, If the school levy is not as low as should be, We can only shudder to think, how much more it would have been with these socialists.

    The age old notion “the Government is going to pay for it” does NOT hold water.

    Speak to any Grocery in town. You will learn that most [Learning AND WORKING] families are suffering financially.

    Speak to any Rav in town, you will hear of all the Sholom bayis Issues that are being brought upon because of MONEY STRESSES.

    How dare anyone [Re Comment #5] Go around claiming Fund This & Fund That.

    Will you go steal $10 K [or more] From your neighbors House to Fund your Need ?

    If the Rabbanim decide in unison, Obligating Every one to give money [they don’t have] to fund a specific Tz’dakah, Is OK.

    But to let the Township tax collectors loose on our brethren. Sucking their lifeblood out of them. Is Inefficient at best, and probably bordering Mesirah.

    Please keep in mind, that “necessary” expenditure’s for the Board of Ed, Include items that private schools can only Drool at.

    Let us not get suckered in to “Falshe Rachmunes” on the Blood sweat & tears of all our un assuming Tzibbur, that has gotten to the braking point.

  9. Please write in Chezky Seitler.
    He was the first, and only one, to ever take on the runaway spending and corruption that was automatic in Lakewood.
    Just the mere fact that he isn’t running has already caused the BOE to raise their budget by millions.
    Homeowners: prepare for 10% tax hikes every single year!
    Renters: prepare for 10% rent hikes every single year!
    Please use your Seichel and write in Chezky Seitler!

  10. Taxes keep rising because the population is rising at a very fast level, and it is not being filled with enough tax payers to make up for the extra costs.
    If you don’t want higher taxes, fight for less tax exempt properties and for landlords that house multiple families in small houses and apartments to be fined.
    The less tax base the more each of you are going to have to pay.

  11. To 6 and 8 and anyone wondering why taxes are going up… Are you Joking?!?! You can’t ask for and accept handouts and not expect to pay for them. How are we paying for buses, schools, cops, roads, extra holiday recycling, town infrastructure, etc.? Take a look at the percentage of the town that pays no or partial taxes vs. the rest of the state. Few paying = limited tax revenue = higher taxes for the minority paying.

  12. To #1: No offense but your interpretation is incorrect: Be careful with the government, for they befriend a person only for their own needs. They appear to be friends when it is beneficial to them, but they do not stand by a person at the time of his distress.

  13. It’s not only the school taxes that have gone up!’ If there weren’t so many tax exempt property’s in Lakewood taxes wouldn’t be going up Lived in Lakewood for many years and taxes were lower when we had business in the industry park not exempt schools.

  14. How do I STOP!!!!!!! the robo calls, these people should get fined. why do I need to be bothered 20 times a day and at night telling me who I should or should not vote for!!!!!

  15. Even w/ the tax-exempt properties, there is so much new construction going up around town. The houses start at $400,000. The new tax rate is 2.469%. So each house pays about $10,000 in taxes. And we cant cover ? They still have to raise taxes every few years ? Its nutso. And we all know it.

  16. Taxes go up because the bulk of the money goes to the public school system majority of which are not tax payers either because they’re illegal or tenants. The payers/homeowners all go to private school and all they get out of the school budget is bussing. This is a reality that has to stop at some point. Its an impossible situation one that is due to collapse at any time regardless of who you vote for.

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