Early Voting Underway: Who Will You Be Voting For?

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    • School bus funding
      Hatzalah permits -that without him we would not have Hatzalah
      School funding
      Allowed us t be open during Covid and last year we all had camps and schools with no issues while rest of nj functions very very different.
      Helpful with rabbi eisenman
      He really does a lot for Lakewood. I honestly am not sure why it’s not publicized.

      • As far as I know, we had Hatzolah well before Murphy was elected.
        Allowed us to stay open? No Republican would have closed us down! And just wait for his new vax mandates & passports to kick in. It’ll be great for our businesses.
        School bussing?? thats no way to solve the funding formula.
        And he was terrible on Eismann!

        We need someone who will lower taxes (sales, payroll, gas & property) so it can be affordable to live here.

        We need someone who shares our values & someone who will stop the covid madness that hurts our businesses & threatens our schools.

        I’m not saying Jack is perfect, but he’s waaaay better than Murphy.

  1. How does early voting work??
    I got a letter in the mail saying to come on Election day and the address where to go.
    How can I vote this week??
    Gut Voch to everyone

  2. All those saying they’ll vote for
    jack, make sure you actually get out and vote! Your vote can and will make a difference and your wallet will be happier.

  3. I heard alot of people talk about daas torah and vaad etc. Simple question: We all want the best for BMG but what is BMG? 617 6th St. or the yungerleit that learn there??? In other words, let’s say Murphy helps with some program and BMG gains one million dollar but simultaneously raises our taxes and we collectively pay ten million. Should we all pay ten million for BMG to make one million?!?!?! This is a question that I wish the the Vaad, and Aaron Kotler would answer. What would you instruct us in such a scenerio? Their answer will be very instructive that we are essentially being asked to dig our own grave….and that is exactly why I will NEVER listen to their advice. They are saying what’s good for 617 6th st. (and their own interests) and I am worried about the yungerleit (which is my interest!).

  4. I don’t personally know any members of the vaad. I cannot and will not speak badley of them. I do know that Murphy is the favorite to win and the vaad would need to cover themselves in case that happens cv’s. However, we as collective individuals can make a difference and every one of us must realize that a frum yid can never vote for a Democrate. Even if Murphy was best for our pocketbook (which he is most certainly not), the values he, as a Democrat, is promoting and the immoral society he is encouraging need to be stopped for the sake of our kedusha and our children. And yes, this effects you even if you send your kids to private school. I don’t need to go on but any thinking person can understand the terrible ramifications of his actions. (Hakaras hatov, for those who cite that as a reason to vote for Murphy, although I’m not sure for what, only goes so far – you don’t destroy your children’s future for a little Hakaras hatov.) Please, every one of us together can make a difference. The race is getting closer and closer. Go out and vote for Jack!

  5. America stood for freedom. Let’s get our freedom back. Americans must vote REPUBLICAN. Anyone who votes for the other is destroying our country and should learn why republicans are better. Educate yourself.

  6. How any Ben Torah can vote for a democrat is beyond comprehension. Look at what they stand for and what they are doing to this country and world rl’

  7. Murphy stood up publicly many times and defended lakewood when ppl were bashing us. Look at the difference between NY leadership caving to anti-semetism and Murphy taking the unpopular route and strongly defending and working with lakewood over and over. My opinion is that we are in galus and most government leaders don’t have the same standards as us. Both Republicans and Democrats. We generally vote for whoever is good to the yidden. Murphy has shown to a friend of the yidden. I’m very unsupportive of Democrats and have a hard time saying this but I think it’s the truth.

  8. Murphy must pardon Rav Eisaman now! And then and only then will he get our vote.
    With the legalization of marijuana he has caused so much damage to the youth in our community. We must not forget this!

  9. For those of you who claim Murphy is better for programs or Hakaras hatov, what are you smoking (marijuana?). You will not loose hud or snap or any of the programs you are on now with a republican governer – you will simply not have to pay for critcal race theory education overhaul, city college and all other ridiculous liberal ideas – and yes, even you, who pays no income tax, etc will have to pay through higher gas tax, sales tax, and the price of all items that you purchase, which will need to be raised by business owners who are being crushed. As far as Hakaras hatov, yes Murphy was ok (by some standard) and he’s honestly not a bad guy but that’s not a reason to throw yourself and your kids under the bus.

  10. Murphy is imposing vaccine passports to go into any store, he is imposing caccine mandates for all employees and employees of ones subcontracters in order to contract with the government, he signed a law mandating the teaching of how great toevah people are because they are toevah people, he signed a law to ban plastic bags, he has raised taxes and will raise them more, he has recently said NJ is not for people who want to pay less and make more, it is for people who support the democrats radical agenda on abortion, toevah marriage, illegal aliens, cops, guns, and men in womens bathrooms, has anyone actually told the roshei yeshiva what the guy stands for and what he has actually done? Stand up for what is right and vote Murphy out of office. If they want to show him hakaras hatov for something, give him a plaque, just like they do for donors.

  11. Uh, Muffy – Hatzolah Permits ??
    What on earth are you talking about ?
    Hatzolah has been around over 30 years b4 Murphy stepped into office !!
    The only point, pro-Murphy, I agree with you is that he let the Lkwd schools and day camps stay open during Covid. Which was takeh a beautiful thing.
    Sadly, however, the fact that he has Obama stumping for him today shows, to me, his true colors. And that’s somehting I can’t vote for.

  12. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER vote for a socialist democrat. The party is completely to the left. It’s not worth whatever favors they have given you to buy your vote!

  13. Oh wait just wait till you need a vaacine passport to go into the gym, restaurants etc. That’s Murphys plan. You’ll regret it just like many ppl that voted or so they said do.

  14. I am voting for Murphy just so I can tell everyone that I voted for him and sit back and watch people yell and scream how about how terrible he is and see their faces go red and their blood pressure go through the roof all because I said I voted for Murphy. One of life’s last little pleasures.

  15. Is Jack going to roll back the bag ban? The Hatzalah permits I assume when monoc discontinued there were some permits required.. and the couple of other so called accomplishments of Murphy I don’t believe we would not have gotten with a different republican governor. What we did get from this democrat A BAG BAN, also he threw a ton of money at CHS causing daycare to become unaffordable for those that aren’t eligible for CHS. Giving tax dollars to illegals whether funding their lawyers or giving them education, what Special thing did Murphy do that another governor would not have done??

    • i dont appreciate you calling human beings “illegals” they are human and have red blood like you and I, if you need to label them it should be undocumented immigrants.

  16. Than you very much. I did and I did. Nobody told other people to flip out and lose their minds. If people could be calm and rational and discuss things like sane people- but alas I dream. All it takes is someone to say “I voted for Murphy” and the amount of venom and hostility and anger that is unleashed is really quite remarkable. I can still remember 30 years ago when people used to be able to discuss politics without yelling and screaming. Maybe after 30 minutes things would warm up. Now all it takes is one sentence like “I voted for Murphy” and a tirade of vitriol and anger is hurled at you like you murdered 6 million people. It truly is something to behold.

  17. It has just been exposed by Project Veritas, who had hidden a camera inside Phil Murphy’s campaign office, that he is just waiting for after the election to impose VACCINE MANDATES all across the state. Please, be forewarned! I cannot for the life of me understand how the Vaad can in good conscience endorse him. Then we will have to be on our hands & knees begging him to exempt the private schools etc… what do we need this for!! Vote with your brains! Be a ‘Ro’eh es ha’nolad’.

  18. If you care about anyone, your family, your neighbor, or even yourself, you would vote REPUBLICAN. No vaccine mandate. Stop the Hypocritical lying Democrats. Enough is enough already. For those stupid enough to vote for a Democrat, please educate yourself and know the facts first. You’re just lying to yourself. Look what happen with this wicked president. I wonder how many people feel bad that they voted for him. Don’t repeat, and learn from mistakes.

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