Dozens Of Breslover Chasidim From Lakewood To Head To Uman For Rosh Hashana

Dozens of Lakewood residents will be among thousands to head to Uman for Rosh Hashana, Breslover Chasidim tell TLS. Each year on Rosh Hashana, thousands of Breslover Chasidim from all over the world flock to Uman to be at the Kever of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

People from all walks of life Daven at the Kever in the small town in the Ukraine, for a healthy and prosperous new year.

Among the thousands in Uman last year, says a local Breslover Chasid, there was over 100 Lakewood residents in Uman.

Most will be leaving for Uman on Sunday, while many will be leaving today and Thursday

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  1. Wish you can be there? just clear it with your wife (make the Yom Tov arrangements for her)
    contact the Breslover headquters in NY and you reservation will be made on the spot. And off to uman you go.

  2. if this brings one closer to hashem and perhaps makes his davening that much greater it is a priceless investment for life as opposed to those of you out there who would spend money on a designer label clothes and vacation to exotic places with no spiritual connection. And btw the prices are not even close to $2k – if you decide to buy a non stop ticket right now it may cost you close to $1K… but for the most part for those that plan ahead they could have got tickets for close to $500 few months ago. And no I am not a breslover nor do I advocate for them – just let each person do his thing and this is one jewish way. And also it costs more to go to israel yet everyone seems to go for every little thing – I have yet to meet a sem girl that was educated in israel that is any better than those educated elsewhere – and goodness that costs… why don’t you complain about that.. I can go on and on – it’s simply a matter of priority.

  3. #4
    By everyone stating their well thought thru opinion is letting people do what they want! as you state in your comment! Oh it only works one way Do what you want & nobody can comment on it? What are we all that foolish? hmmmm

  4. I think its crazy to leave ur wife for yom tov!!!! the whole point of yom tov is to be with ur family, not to run away from ur family. (moderated)

  5. @ sechelhayoshor (#1)

    Why do I always see people going out to eat? Couldn’t they use that money to feed the poor?

    Why are people going on Chol Hamoed trips? Can’t they use that money to feed the poor?

    Why are people going to Yeshiva to learn while they pay a babysitter to watch their babies? Can’t they learn at home, and use the babysitter money to feed the poor?

  6. Shoprite is opening a branch in Uman so they can feed the poor. U can obtain airline tickets by buying them in advance but use them fast before the scam is realized to be fradulent. But no big deal cuz then you can get a job at the most recent ponzi scheme. Then Chavareim and LCSW will come to the rescue when the pyramid falls! Hatzolah will tend to the injured with their new CEO while Bikur Cholim sends danishes from a newly opened bakery downtown that recently had a ribbon cutting ceremony that Akerman wasn’t invited to!
    There, I think we covered the news for the entire week!

  7. #8
    Going to a Rebba or a place like Uman or Crown Heights for R”H is nothing wrong all chassidim always went for R”H some stayed till after succos as far back as 500 years going on buisness to china for 2 weaks leaving your wife is ok? but going for some ruchnius is not?????
    in your “Litvish world” R’ Elchonon Wasserman used to go to Radin from rosh chodesh Ellul till after Yom Kippur so there you go R”H is a time to attain ruchnius not be busy with family look in all sifrei chassidus starting from the Baal Shem tov The Maggid the Alte Rebba and all other Rebbeim

  8. # 8, RH is a time to be with family!? I have heard this statment from many upstanding yiddishe people.In my humble opinion they have all missed the point of this holiday. Perhaps the guy who goes to shul on RH is neglecting his family? How dare he leave his house.
    The family we are to connect with on RH is our totty in heaven. If one does that by going to Uman, Givalt its wonderful.

  9. #1 your right !

    let me know if they are all paying full tuition and are all up to date if they arent i have no idea why they are going anywhere ?
    maybe they are fundraising for thier schools there ???????

  10. if their davening is better there then let them go gezunte hait. All this negativity soo close to yom tov is not good. We want to be an aguda achas not one of litvish vs chassidish.

  11. #21

    So why don’t you also go to daven at the Meoros H’Machpali for RH. I don’t disagree about davining at the Kevurim of Tzadikim. The question is if all the expense, being away from family etc. to go to Uman is justified.If someone comes from a Bresolover family which had a Mesorah to daven in Uman it is not my place to question.(Although this Mesorah can’t be too old…)But for someone who doesn’t is it really correct to take this on despite the downsides?

  12. Rosh Hashana is the King’s coronation, when we crown Hashem as our King. People ask me why we leave our holy Land of Israel to go to the Ukraine on Rosh Hashana. The reason is simple: Rebbe Nachman himself told us before he left this world, Ish bal ye’ader – No one shall be missing, in other words, we Breslevers have a directive from our holy Rebbe of blessed memory to spend Rosh Hashana in Uman. This tradition was continued by Rebbe Natan zatza’l and by all subsequent generations of Rebbe Nachman’s disciples.

    Intrinsically, the main coronation of The King takes place in the Kloiz, the cental prayer hall near Rebbe Nachman’s holy gravesite in Uman, which was the site of one of the greatest sanctifications of Hashem’s name in history. During the Cossack pogroms of 1728, 33,000 Jews were brutally slaughtered after they refused to give up their ancient faith. Uman is the biggest teshuva and emuna factory in the world. Amazingly enough, last year there were 33,000 Jews praying together in Uman. This year, many more are expected.

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