VIDEO: Donald Trump on whether he’ll accept election results: ‘I’ll keep you in suspense’ [Full Video Replay]


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  1. Much ado about nothing. What’s he gonna do about the election results?? Probably just some more whining that’s all. Hard to imagine he’ll have any kind of evidence to take to court.

  2. That answer really bothered me.
    When Trump said
    “I’ll keep you in suspense”

    IMHO, He basically said that he doesn’t care what will happen to this great country as result of actions.

    What a terribly flawed candidate Trump is. Shame on him!!

    I voted for President George W Bush twice, but in 2001 I gave a lot of credit to former VP Al Gore.
    Al Gore too could’ve made a tzimes about the election. But he didn’t.

    Because, for the good of the country he let it go. And that is a credit to him.

    Trump too, should have responded that for the good of the country, whoever wins, is the next President.
    Had he said that, many people on the fence might have supported him.

    But no, Trump is, IMO, so narcissistic, he can’t see past his own ego. Trumps answer to Chris Wallace was very telling. He doesnt mind if his actions cause a ruckus if the election doesn’t go his way.
    This country is so divided now, it is a tinderbox. We don’t need a candidate saying that he won’t support the voters choice.

    May G-d help us all.

  3. Either a terrible mistake or a calculated risk to scare off potential voter fraud by forcing a national dialogue on the subject. It would seem the former is more likely. It most definitely distracts from an otherwise steong performance from Trump

  4. Trump has no chance of winning. If he is a man that really cares about the coubtry not falling into the hands of that resahte he should switch with Mike Pence whp can beat Clinton and that will go down in the history as bravery…but I am just day dreaming I guess….

  5. Not only this but trump invited president Obama’s estranged half brother to the debate. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that he is a hamas supporter and has met with and taken photos with hamas leaders

  6. There is no denying that the media is grossly biased against Trump. The Federal Election Commission isn’t rigging the election but the media definitely is. When Matt Lauer asked Hillary some tough questions there was an outcry like we have never seen before.

  7. Clinton and her cronies have always cheated and lied whenever they could. We can be sure that she will have her minions commit voter fraud and don’t care if they get caught, because she will scare everyone off from prosecuting her. She cheated in the primaries against Bernie sanders. She has almost the whole mainstream media trying to cover up her scandals, and probably distorting the polls in her favor. Trump is right in fighting for what’s right if he feels that she wins by cheating.
    She shouldn’t have even been allowed to run. She put our country at risk with her private email server because she’s selfish and wanted control over that information. She committed perjury by lying to the FBI and congress and got the whole justice department to look away because sge probably threatened them. Nixon was forced to resign for a lot less.
    Al gore list the election. He tried fighting the results and appealing the election. But, his appeal was denied.

  8. Just for the record al gore took it to Courts and it went all the way to the supreme Court where it was decide.this is who trump is he will say what he thinks not like a typical politician, say one thing and do another

  9. Hey flash back to year 2000, Al Gore did not concede the election results for 32 days. He went to the Supreme Court to get a ruling. The Clintons would not allow George Bush into the White House until the Court ruled.
    It is amazing how the Democrats have such short memories, they have done it in the past and nothing was made of it.
    This is the main stream media making something out of NOTHING!!!!!

  10. All of this faux outrage about absolutely nothing.Trump was asked the exact question in the previous debate and he said he would accept it.

    This was never asked in an election before, and Trump was asked this twice. so the 2nd time around, he answered a ridiculous question by saying “I will leave you in suspense”

    The media is blowing up this nothing statement as if Trump committed Treason, while ignoring the fact that Hillary Clinton actually committed treason.

    the real question is why the media is letting Hillary off the hook when she accuses Trump of working with Putin, when it is Hillary that took millions from Putin, in order for him to get the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia approved.

  11. In 2002 Hillary said “bush wasn’t elected but selected” (Drudge report has the article) so for those that think trump was the one who came up with this

  12. לב מלכים ושרים ביד ה׳
    Just keep that in mind ! What he did and said means nothing. Have emunah and all Iyh will be the way it should be !

  13. To all those that are drinking talkshow koolaid from the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh, it’s time to wake up and think for yourself. There is absolutely no valid comparison between this and gore in 2000. Gore had a recount that was required by the state law of Florida. The election results weren’t confirmed until the decision of the Supreme Court on December 12th. On December 13 Gore gave his concession speech.
    Gore accepted the election the moment it was confirmed. Trump isn’t willing to say he will accept the democratic process. One more sign of the man being unhinged.

  14. Hey, I’ve always wondered how in the world a Meshugeneh like Trump got this far. Now I know! The primaries must have been rigged! Why didn’t I think of that before? There’s no other explanation for this totally off the wall human being getting so close to the highest office in the greatest democracy in the world.

  15. I don’t understand why this thing blew up like it did, it’s very obvious that it’s all the media doing whatever is in their power to stop Trump from becoming president
    Really what he should have said and meant to say he will accept the outcome if it will be done legally
    He’s not a polished politician and doesn’t speak that language

  16. If someone really cared about the constitution of this country, they would be scared about Hillay’s opposition to the Supreme Court Heller decision, no it was not about babies, it was about a police officer who carried a gun at work, that according to D.C. law at the time, was not allowed to bring his gun home.

    The Supreme Court ruled that this was a complete violation of the 2nd amendment. But Hillary lied at the debate, and made up some story about babies.

    It amazes me that people believe anything she says anymore.

  17. Do you seriously want this person to become president? Dont you have daugthers, wifes sisters? I cant believe this!!! If hate is more powerful than common sense I guess we are all doom!

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