Documents: School Superintendent’s Resignation Letter

[FULL LETTER] Attached is the Superintendent’s full resignation letter, submitted to the School Board this past weekend and obtained by TLS. Ms. Lydia Silva, who will have completed a one three-year term, will be resigning from the position effective June 30th, 2012.

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  1. Why would the State dismiss the ethic charges and clear the board member/s who allegadly did/said all this things, if the Superintendent has email/s which show this happened.
    Something doesn’t smell right here. The State doesn’t just dismiss the charges, especially as serious as she is making in her letter.
    If they found her charges false why should we believe her.

  2. Why is this letter being published? I dont think everything has to be made public. Let Ms. Silva have some sort of dignity.

  3. Not one word about the fact that she leaves behind six failing schools out of Lakewood’s total of six schools, according to federal rating standards. Quite a legacy.

  4. Im curious why my comment was not published . Any reader can see that there are numerous serious grammatical errors in this letter . How can something like this occur ?

  5. [To moderator:
    Please do not delete this comment. I do not know the SI and am not attempting to make fun of her. She is a political figure involved in a very contentious political issue, and much like President Obama, or Governor Christie, is an acceptable target for criticism as part of the political discourse.]

    As a teacher, 80% of me is thinking that this letter is a fake – I find it truly hard to believe that the person responsible for supervising the principals, who in turn supervise the teachers, who are supposed to be teaching basic writing skills . . . could produce a letter so full of grammatical errors, punctuation errors, garbled syntax, etc. as this letter is.

    “We utilized the funds saved to open the first Lakewood Early Childhood Center was board approved” . . . Huh?!!

    “Next year there is a plan have to increase the number of laptops…” What??!!

    I am not making these quotes up – they are right there in the letter! Don’t take my word for it – the letter is right here for all to see! Nor am I being picky – the letter is FULL of many, many more such errors.

    I am well aware that an educated person can fall prey to the occasional writing mistake. This letter is not an example of such a phenomenon. This letter appears to be the handiwork of a person who either has unresolved reading/writing (dyslexia) issues, or who never successfully gained proficiency in English language arts.

    Again, without exaggeration, if this was a writing sample for an achievement test to see if a student could pass out of junior high school and into high school, I would be forced to recommend repeating a grade.

    I say this not to make fun. I am making a legitimate political point: Either 1) the board members are unqualified to recognize the difference between an educated person vs. one who is not ready for such a high-level position; or 2) someone got paid off to hire this woman.

    Either way, I must rebuke those who gave this woman a position for which she did not have the requisite abilities.

    Board Members – I call upon you: DO BETTER NEXT TIME!

  6. I see that there is more to the story than meets the eye.

    All I can say is, THANK YOU to the LAC-supported candidates:

    Yoni Jonathan Silver
    Chezky Zeitler
    Carl Fink
    Isaac Zlatkin

    YOU ARE MAKING A HUGE DIFFERENCE for the struggling taxpayer/ voter of Lakewood, and you are definitely working very hard to improve the Lakewood School District.

    THANK YOU!!!

  7. To the teacher,
    I thought it was only me that had a hard time with the construction of those sentences. I figured someone invented a new style in grammar I was not familiar with. I’ve graduated a few decades ago, so you never know. Thanks for making me feel better!

  8. They are making a huge difference to the struggling taxpayer/voters of Lakewood?! They are supposed to be making a huge difference to the STUDENTS of Lakewood! I dont see that being done by the individuals mentioned above!

  9. “Autistic children” is not a respectful term rather the SI should have written “students with autism” Person first, then the disability.

  10. all this and the bottom line is a 37% graduation rate , in the end thats all that counts, just as in a race whether it be cars ,horses,bikes, people when you reach the finish line thats all that counts everything else is just ~ well just means NOTHING ~~~
    the finish line is graduation, 3 7 % !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Graduation rate is based on 9th grade enrollment which is tracked over a 4 year period. Example the current 9th grade class may have 250 students. By the time that same class of 9th graders become 12th grader how many will be lost and why???

  12. The proper term to use is “children affected with ASD ” ( Autism Spectrum Disorder )

    The reason why she misused the terms is because the Lakewood district does not have anything effective for children with ASD so she knows nothing about dealing with children with ASD . Buying them Ipads is a farce to cover up the lack of a proper program

  13. CRAZY? #15 must have just moved to Lakewood recently. This has been a “growing” problem for the last decade! The BOE is NOT there to make the educational standards of our public students better! They are elected to take better care of the private students AND still make the taxpayers rates lower! Well guess what!….THAT is impossible. You cannot keep taking money from one to pay for another without a negative impact on education in the public sector. It is that simple . Most of the readers of the Scoop seem to enjoy seeing/hearing the negative results of the public school. A poor public school system that discourages learning and in return keeps people who believe in public education from moving into our town. OOps…and lets not forget…… “lowering your taxes”! I am sure this will not get posted! Freedom of speech is not always granted in this part of America!

  14. to 16 Anonymous says:
    I could not have said it better !!!
    So I ask where is the State ?? everyone has their heads burried in the ground . when the whole system collapses there will be some who say “how did that happen”

  15. The pervasive grammatical, syntactical and spelling errors are not the most troubling aspect of this self-serving letter. Far more problematic is her preposterous, incongruent claim to take credit for future SI’s success, while brazenly blaming others for her own record of failure.

  16. Last year they stopped providing classrooms with ink for their printers. Staff was told that it costs too much money to provide each classroom with ink. That’s like taking pencils away!

  17. Agree with #19 how could she be blameless? High Tech? really 1 old computer in a classroom is certainly not high tech!
    The next SI will need to do what the board wants, when he/she doesn’t another letter will be posted.

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