MVC Customers Furious After Being Denied Entry To MVC Office An Hour Before Closing Time

dmv 2PHOTOS: MVC Customers today are furious after they got to the Motor Vehicles Commission office an hour before closing time only to be blocked from entering. One of the customers waiting on the line outside says he got to the Airport Road office at about 5:00 PM – a half hour before official closing time – only to find himself standing on a line outside the office with about 10 others.

“There was a security guard by the door not allowing anyone to go inside”, a customer tells TLS. “He said due to the long line inside they aren’t allowing any more people in”.

dmv 1But there was no line inside, the customer says, and sent TLS a photo of the empty seats inside.

“After looking in the window, I was shocked to see a few people sitting on chairs and not even one person on line”, the man says. “I asked some of the people standing outside how long they were waiting, they said they got there around 4:30PM”.

The man tells TLS he then asked to speak to the manager, but she was no help.

“A few minutes later a woman came out and said that they close 5:30 PM, and being that they don’t get paid overtime, they don’t want to stay late, so they aren’t allowing anyone in”, he says. “She told us to come back a different day”.

But despite the people on line explaining that due to their jobs there was no way for them to get there earlier on a different day, there was nothing to do about it and nobody else to talk to.

“After explaining to her that some of the people waiting don’t get out of work before 5:00PM and it won’t help to come back, she said sorry there isn’t anything she can do”. “This is insane”.

The customers left, but this one customer says he plans to file a complaint against the office. TLS.

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  1. I hope the complaint goes through, and that the manager gets fired and replaced with someone more responsible. I can’t believe they did that! The DMV here is so unhelpful, and now they decide to close early so that they can sit around and get paid for doing absolutely nothing! How ridiculous!!

  2. Normally I never comment but since I think I can be some help I’ll explain,I’m @ the DMV every day since I work for a dealership and I’m the lucky one who gets to do the motor vehicle work,the way it works is the people who work @ the DMV don’t get paid past 5:30 or whatever time the close that day,not only that they can’t leave until every customer is out and all the paperwork is done and filed,after you receive your papers they still have to sort it and prepare it to go to Trenton,it’s a whole big process!
    This past year alone this particular branch lost 12 employees since the governor layed off thousands of employees throughout the state,so they are shorthanded even more then before,that’s actually why a lot of them have attitudes and don’t give you a chance to answer back before they call next on line,some of the employees told me that on a day they end at 4:30 sometimes they are not out of there before 7-8:00 and they are not getting paid for it.
    The reason why bill the security guard was not allowing anyone and why the place looked empty and why the supervisor said it was too crowded was because they do their best to have everything done by closing time so that within a half hour after closing they could go home to their families at a reasonable time,the only way to make sure that happens is if there are only two ladies doing title work and one lady doing registration and one doing licenses they figure that they could service 10 more customers by closing time then they stop allowing people in,if they finish earlier then expected then they slowly let more customers come in,I learned not to come past 2.30 on a day they close at 4.30,if I can’t go until 4 or 5 then I give it a shot otherwise I go to the 1 in toms river on hooper ave,they are usually open later,they never close their doors early and the wait times are much shorter and they have more staff working then the lkwd branch,and it’s only 10 min away from the lkwd branch.
    I hope I was able to clarify any questions or complaints anybody may have had,and to the gentleman who wants to file a complaint I with you the best of luck because from my experience dealing with the DMV for the last 8 years a complaint won’t do much considering the times we are in.

  3. It’s not the union’s fault, blame Governor Tubby.
    People voted for lower taxes and leaner government well here’s a taste of it.
    Either go early or when they are open evenings.
    Do any of you work past quitting time for free?

  4. I forgot to add one thing,another reason why the complaint won’t go through is because the employees told me the manager is the one who decides when to close the doors on Christies orders,what I mean by that is,the old manager who was there for a few years was a hardcore democrat who never had the doors shut early,he and a couple of other managers of different locations that were also democrats were all laid off by Christie and they were all replaced by republicians who live for the purpouse of doing Christies bidding.

  5. A government-run office has no incentive, no initiative, and no desire to try to do anything in a more efficient, organized way. They are not interested in pleasing their customers, and they’re not worried that they will lose their union jobs if they don’t perform well. You can be sure that if this was a successful, private company they would find a way to make the experience more pleasant for everyone.
    It is true that cutting government is not the answer, unless they are cutting the bureaucracy, waste and inefficiency of the government. This is not so easily done.

  6. Some of you make valid points that’s already understood. 1 issue is, if your gonna close early then change your hours. To have an old couple standing outside for 55min because you tell them that chances are they will get in before 5:30 then at 5:20 you tell them sorry.. That’s not right. Besides I am not blaming the managers or the people working there. The issue is with the system. This is a government run office, there is something wrong with the system if the sign says 5:30 and they don’t let you come in after 4:30 because of not being paid overtime. If there is a problem with the paying then fix the hours to something that will work. If I closed my store every day whenever I wanted I would be out of business. There is no accountability..

  7. So call 4:30 the official closing time and finish your paperwork until 5:30. Or call it “lobby Hours” until 4:30. But don’t keep people waiting outside and then turn them away if they arrive before the published closing time!

  8. who is in charge of that office? send your concerns directly to that person. maybe he or she has the answers to our questions. i can’t believe this is a political appointment.

  9. i was there today, i got there ata round 3:30 and i left at about 5 when the security guard was standing outside. and there was a long line contrary to the picture, when i left they were up to number 92 and there were at least 12 people after that. i do feel bad for you if u were denied entery today as they are officially open till 5:30, however, i do understand that the people who work there do not do volunteer work and hey nobody wants to work for free!!!

  10. Yea I’m sure it’s all of us union workers, because the police department shuts down whenever they feel like it. Get off of your high horse. Sounds to me like you’re jealous. No one said you couldnt apply for a public job, maybe you were just too low to make the cut.

  11. why not advertise that this is your policy
    supposedly they also deny entrance midday as well
    I did call governors office and am still waiting for a return call

  12. The problem is not our governor but all the union dealmaking over the past years that are killing the system. Public unions are the worst thing or this country and must stop! Everything is going down the tubes because of the great deals that politicinas (Maionly democrat) have cut with public unions. Detroit, Postal service, FAA, All are having major problems because of the great pensions and benefits that emplyess recieve. It must stop!

  13. Thank you Mike for explaining. I fully sympathize with the DMV workers who don’t get paid overtime. But, I also think it is wrong to post closing hours that are unrealistic, so that people waste their time and gas going there and then waiting outside (without seats or A/C) only to be sent away. If the workers want to get off by 5:30, then maybe the hours posted should state that anyone arriving after 4:30 (or whatever time is appropriate for the workers to leave on time) will not be allowed in. Also the workers should get paid more if they have to work past 5:30.

  14. it happend to me like two weeks ago so its going on for a couple of weeks and no one said anything lets start a jew party ( tea party) and open dmv on our own like they have in boro park

  15. Oh please #21 stop drinking the tea bagger Koolaid.
    People took lower paying jobs because of the promise of a good pension when they retired. Gov Whitman, a republican, and the democratic ones that followed her robbed the country’s best funded pension system to keep your taxes artificially low and to pay out vote buying homestead rebates. Not only did they not pay that money back but they didn’t contribute the funds they they were supposed to. And to compound the problem, they allowed municipalities to do the same thing.
    And now that the bill is due, Gov Tubby and the rest of the tea baggers want everyone to believe that the mess was caused by the public workers they robbed. And people angry at the state of the economy bought it. Meanwhile the public workers have made every payment to the pension system they were supposed to. I read that every NJ tax payer owes the pension system $3000.00 in “benefits” that were given them in lower taxes and rebates over the years. So #21 and all you other complainers, pony up your share then you can comment on public workers!!

  16. When I went for my marriage license..years ago..we got there 10 minutes before one was online..the clerk told me it takes 15 minutes from begining to end, and ” I am a Union worker, I don’t get paid overtime..when the clock strikes 4 (or 5), I am out of here”. I was very upset, I asked to speak to his manager, who said the same thing.

  17. I went with my brother to get his license after he pased his drivers test. We got there 4:15 on friday and the guard wouldn’t let us in.

  18. I lived in canada for a few years and this is exactly what the emergency rooms look like-and where obamacare will take us. Sorry, were out of beds, mayb in a few hours.
    It is understandable that the mvc workers wish to leave on time (that they leave at 8 is a rediculously untrue statement), but after waiting on line for over an hour the way customers are rudely treated at this office specifically is horrendous by any standard. Everybody deserves respectful and curteous service. An excuse for rudeness simply does not exist. Not if your tired, frustrated, or had a long day. That is why the manager or whomever else is to blame for this deserves to be fired.

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