SHOCKING: Disgraced Toms River Doc Attacks Orthodox on Facebook – will RWJ Barnabas Health Act? [UPDATED]

“No hats, beards or minivans.”

“They lie and cheat…”

“The Orthodox are killing the town.”Comments such as these might be expected if posted anonymously on a hate linked message board. They are all the more shocking, given that they were proudly posted on Facebook by an individual who claims to hold a respectable position as Physician Adviser at RWJ Barnabas Health, a major New Jersey healthcare network that operates over 170 medical related facilities, including hospitals such as Monmouth Medical Center – Southern Campus in Lakewood, Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch and Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center in East Brunswick.

The author of these comments is Dr. Frank Machiaverna, a Toms River resident. His LinkedIn profile lists his current occupation as a “Physician Advisor at Barnabas Health.” Public records suggest that Frank is a trained surgeon who had to surrender his license to practice medicine in 2011 due to allegedly filling fraudulent prescriptions to support his substance abuse problem.  Apparently he has his license back and practicing again, and an online check shows him listed as doing surgeries at both Community Medical Center in Toms River and Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus in Lakewood, while spewing his hatred. Frank is also listed online as a Lakewood Surgeon, which is generated much concern in Lakewood.

Concerned residents from Lakewood and Toms River have reached out to TLS, wondering how an individual who openly promotes hate and innuendo against the region’s Orthodox residents could possibly hold such as sensitive position. “Hate is unacceptable in any profession,” notes one resident, “but the notion of a healthcare professional – whose work affects vulnerable men, women and children of all ethnicities – spewing hate is especially frightening.”

TLS will update with a response from RWJ Barnabas when available.

UPDATE: It appears Machiaverna has now deleted his posts. Here they are:

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  1. You think he’s the only one? The other ones just keep it quieter, Things have been overheard in doctors’ offices when the staff thought nobody was listening…

  2. Thank you for this info. I will inform all my senior friends to stay away from these hospitals, as the chance of having surgery performed by such a low-life is scary.To comment # 1 – if he can come out in the open and post it on his facebook page, that is an indication that his hate is really deep. A lot deeper than some doctors that make negative comments in the coffee room re: any race or religion – although that is also not appropriate.

  3. It’s not so simple. Toms River is VERY different from what it was and old time residents’ resentment can be understood. But to post it publicly and call them cheaters and liers is unacceptable. The situation is getting worrisome.

  4. This is worrisome. We need to stop and think what makes an otherwise respectable person look at us as liars and cheaters. What have we done to deserve this?!?

  5. Very important to always do a kiddush Hashem in all our actions, and to teach our children to do the same thing. Remember we are being watched – and not only by those around us but by Hashem as well.

  6. Ironic – lost his license for cheating then calls people he hates cheaters.

    Let him clean toilets, being a surgeon requires integrity, this doctor has know.

    A medical facility that employs such people SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED!

  7. report him on linkedin as violating terms of use

    boycott both of those hospitals

    On a side note a relative of mine was in kimball for dehydration, also had a migraine. when patient requested medicine for the excruciating migraine was told by the nurse “YOU’RE IN DYING ZONE WE ARE NOT GIVING YOU ANYTHING” (bec of slightly low blood pressure which is normal for this patient)

    a while layer thankfully a resident Dr came around and gave the patient med for migraine and patient was all better!! this is after being there for 36 hours just on IV

  8. May be besides the point…but don’t we put in far more taxes than we get back? It is a formula issue based on us going to private school… but realistically speaking… we actually pay far more in taxes to the state than the state returns to us… so it is not his money and we are not taking without contributing. Again, though, it is really besides the point in this issue. I would shudder to think of someone being under his knife when he does not have the discipline to control himself.

  9. I’m not shocked at all. As soon as I read he has a substance abuse issue, all questions are answered. This man is not well. He’s not well enough to carry himself with integrity and he’s certainly not well enough to be a physician adviser.

  10. I would discourage anyone from receiving any type of treatment from this PA.

    Although the system somehow regurgitated him back into practice – and the errors/gaps in the system for allowing cheaters back for another chance have been all too well documented – but his openly disgusting biases are likely to impact whatever “compassionate care” he might perpetrate against a patient who has the unlucky chance to encounter his services.

    Pray tell, how on earth does an institution like RWJ permit an openly prejudiced individual like this onto their professionals roster to treat an entire vulnerable population in need of medical assistance – including those he openly despises?

    Who on earth is running the human services department in that place?? Talk about tarnishing an institutional image.. this is incredibly bad!

  11. #7 hit the point. What are people doing that is causing people to think that way of our people? Not driving with respect, decency, and caution? Pushing ahead in lines at banks, stores, etc? Not saying Good morning to neighbors, not saying excuse me or I am sorry?
    Yes – we are being watched all the time – and we owe it to Hashem and Klal Yisroel to be “menshen” at all times.

  12. This whole part of NJ is teeming with intolerant racists and anti-Semites. I experience the hate at least once a week. These narrow minded haters cannot possibly get along with people who dress differently than them. They blame Jews for all of their insecurities and problems. It’s getting old and quite frankly people aren’t impressed anymore with your silly anti-Semitic – blame the Jews- diatribes on Facebook. Go do something productive and leave people alone. Live and let live and we can all get along

  13. As a non-jew (not that that matters), I find this discussing. Just like the lawyer who went on a rant in a store about Spanish speaking customers . These two men (if that’s what you want to call them) hold high positions and are paid well for it. Maybe they should keep their opinions to themselves. Wow! Again, I just don’t deal well with with nonsense.

  14. Azoiy there are def things that ppl are doing that can cause hate but that doesn’t mean tbats the case here. He’s an anti Semite and no matter what you’ll do he’ll hate you.

  15. I know many here do not listen to Jj news on the radio or online blogs, but there way to many people who spread lies about Lakewood . We do not have a real PR operation and the truth about us never gets out. All they hear is about arrests, BOE lack of money and of course our driving. They blame us and enjoy it as it brings them together in a shared ambition. Just the world we live In

  16. Along the lines of #19, very important to teach our children (and remember ourselves) to say, “May I please have a…..” instead of “I want a ….”
    And to teach our children (and remember ourselves) to say, “Thank you,” when appropriate. If we teach these basic manners to our children when they are young, hopefully they will remember them when adults. These good manners go a long way to making a kiddush Hashem.

    Also everything that we hear is meant for us to hear…because it all comes from Hashem. So we need to figure out why Hashem is having us hear these derogatory remarks. (The doctor is just Hashem’s messenger.)

  17. that is rude, but many many people feel like that, we need to make sure we aren’t the ones fueling these issues. We need to be respectful and polite to everyone

  18. @Jared stop the victim blaming. It’s an old tactic that is used way too often. I find it hard to believe you are an Orthodox Jew (as you clearly imply with “we”). Your callous “that is rude” tells me you seem to agree with such rhetoric. Stop excusing hate. It’s enablers like you who are responsible for all the terrible anti-Semitism so prevalent in the Jersey Shore area.

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