Deadline To File For BOE Seats Passes, TLS Speaks With Some Of The Candidates

BOE_building_TLS-MediumTLS EXCLUSIVE: In Lakewood, one person has filed to run for the one-year unexpired term and five people have filed for the three full seats on the school board. Ada I. Gonzalez, 58, is the incumbent running for the unexpired term. Yisroel Friedman, 27, Carl Fink, 60,Yechezkel Seitler, 31, Yitzchok Zlatkin, 30, are all challenging Tracey Tift, 43, for the full terms. TLS had the opportunity to speak with some of the candidates. Some of you may remember Mr. Seitler from his recent efforts on behalf of the Lakewood Cheder/ Bais Faiga Dinner. He is someone who will do whatever he can to help out the Mosdos Hachinuch in our town. Here is his statement: “I have been involved to some degree with the Board of Education of Lakewood for a little over a year. I served on the transportation committee, the superintendent search committee, and on the “almost” formed budget committee. What I have learned is that there is a very limited amount that one can get done from the outside. All your opinions remain just that – opinions – and if we are going to really try and change the way things are run, we will need the votes on the inside. If we can come with a group, I believe we can get things done.  I have been part of a group of 4 that did this in Coventry over the past 3 years. We lowered fees from 150.00 a month to 90.00! (and there is still record surpluses and the ability to go to 75.00). All that is needed is a change in attitude, and that must start at the top, with the Board members themselves. There must be a determined, focused and sustained effort on their part. It is for this reason that I am running together with 2 other well suited candidates”.

“Yitzchok  Zlatkin, an actuarial analyst  who currently attends Fox School of Business at Temple University. With his background in budgets and numbers he will be able to guide the administration on effective cost saving measures.”

“Carl Fink, is a respected member of the senior community as well as the co-chairman of the planning board. He has effectively run a successful sporting goods “sales agency” for 30 years and is well versed in budgeting and cost saving measures. All 3 of us are aware of the needs of our community and will work hard to make sure those needs are met. The three of us, together with one or two same minded current members, will be able to create the environment needed to change the attitude in the Dept. of Education.”

Candidate Carl Fink while currently out of town, did add this to the above statement: “The main goal is to make the Lakewood school district comparable to all other districts in New Jersey while cutting cost’s at the same time. We will not cut costs at a child expense, this we promise the public.”

Another candidate, Mr. Zlatkin, who has been involved with numerous developements around town, and is involved tirelessly on behalf of his daughter’s school, has given us this statement:

“As someone who has managed the Presidential Estates Association for the last few years, I have come to know the dire financial situation of many people. It pains me every time someone walks up to me and says ” I know I have to pay you, I am just overwhelmed with all the expenses, can I just have another two week extension”. The Lakewood Board of Education is going to be facing many challenges in the coming year. With the possible state aid cuts and ever growing budget, many important decisions will need to be made. If elected to Lakewood Board of Education, I intend to work with other members on the Board to come up with ways to reduce the budget while at the same time providing opportunity to all students of the Lakewood district, to excel in their studies.” “I have teamed up with Yechezkel Seitler, who has done a great job of reducing the budget in Coventry Square and Carl Fink who not only sits on the planning board, but is also known around Lakewood as a man of great integrity and problem solver. He brings many years of experience in dealing with budgets, to the Board of Education.”

TLS will continue to bring you the latest on the Board Of Education Elections.

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  1. Transparency, that will be the test. If you guys can keep everyone posted about everything you do, we will all have a say through you. If you just start doing favors for other people, instead of the ones that were getting them until now, we will be in the same boat, different crew.
    You now have the TLS and your Blackberry phones to keep the entire town aware of what is going on behind the closed doors of the BOE.
    Best of luck!

  2. Are you going to scream about todays LDC agenda or did you get bought off by the 1.5 million being spent on downtown. Have you been bought off?
    The 2 critical services for our small businesses, the Micro Loans and the Advertizing money has been already pushed off for these 6.5 million of wastefull spending!

  3. I was not yet informed of any wonderful new wasteful spending. I do not know what goes on behind the closed doors of the LDC since I was not allowed to be on it. I can only know what they tell me. As far as the micro loan program and the advertising co-op idea. I think that those two programs as they were originally presented are a breeding ground for more favoritism and wasteful spening of UEZ funds. As for the spending on the downtown, I would not support it if I did not feel it was going to go to a legitimate use that would benefit everyone. Wherever it is going, I can promise one thing. I have a big mouth and a recharged Blackberry at all times. If I know where the money is being spent, the TLS readers will know as well.
    And as a side note. Just so we don’t go through this each time we have any public discussion. I cannot be bought. My focus on the downtown is purely based on my belief, and knowledge, that an attractive city center is essential to the health and well being of any small city such as ours. It is not because of my store, or any other personal agenda. Any resources dedicated to accomplishing this goal, that do not use property taxpayer money, will be supported by me as long as they are to the benefit of all townspeople. Those that say they do not care about the downtown, need to bring some other projects that will benefit the general public, and fit the criteria of UEZ funding, in order to change my mind on this one point.

  4. Lakewood Board Of Education needs Parents of Public School Children on that Board representing them. All the “Mismanaged” money is not going to them. All of the programs are getting cut. Where is this money going? That Board has an obligation to the PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILDREN first and foremost. It is Bias to have majority on the Board in favor of Private schools. And some on that Board have been there so long, they don’t know who, what, when, and how to vote any more. I think the State should over see what goes on here, so we no long have all these issues.

  5. The lakewood BOE has an obligation both to public and non public school children. As the non public makes up more than 75% of the total student body, that should be reflected on the board as well.
    As for the mismanaged money, in 1990, there were 5,000 public school children. In 2010 there is 5300 children in the public school. In 1990 the budget was 29 million. Today the budget is over 100 million. Between Schi and bussing the non public school children are costing 30 million. so where is the 40 million of mismanaged money going???
    I rest my case.
    Hershel- the UEZ agenda is public record, not hidden at all

  6. intelligence and brinksmanship are the key elements of change for the BoE. come close to the T&E line but dont go over. can the new guys do it? we shall see. MOST of your tax bill is right here so Seitler and crew here is where you make your bones….or bury them once and for all. good luck

  7. Hershil Puleeeze!! -“My focus on the downtown is purely based on my belief, and knowledge, that an attractive city center is essential to the health and well being of any small city such as ours. It is not because of my store, or any other personal agenda.” Why oh why should we believe you?? Your parnasa depends on improving the downtown. Many people cant care less about the downtown. There are plenty of places for us to shop…. let them stay in their neighborhood and we will stay in ours. Try moving in to China town in NYC or little Italy. Leave downtown alone and focus on our children dont use our tax money to improve your store!

  8. Kim arois fun de basement. tee zich un and re-enter the world. you spout declarations like a berobed basement blogger devoid of human contact and bereft of communal knowledge or responsibility. find a target worthy of your (misplaced and misguided) ire. only 107 shopping days till Bastille Day!

  9. Past nished for the scoop to allow such personal and degrading comments even if they are directed at someone who questions hershil…
    TLS is for transparency not toy stores!

  10. you are actually making a few very big mistakes .

    all children are entitled to a public education. it is just that they have a right to “opt out”.
    in the case were the “public” cannot supply them an eduction they can either place them or make deal with them , AS LONG AS THEY PUBLIC IS NOT PAYING FOR A RELIGIOUS EDUCATION. hence you have special ed and disability placements , and busing , and vocational school placements ( in other districts ).

    also this country is based on democracy.
    one of the core principles of democracy is no taxation without representaion . that was the cry for the war of independance,

    In lakewood they we have a bit of a problem , or more accuratly an irregular situation. what happens when 80% of children and maybe 90% of legal voters send there children to private school ??
    the core principles of democracy says that those paying taxes must be allowed to vote , so as long as the children in the district are getting the legal minimum required by law , the people of the district paying the taxes have a right to decide that.
    is it fair?
    yes because thats demcracy . it says tax payers decide how much of their money should be spent. unlike the new liberal twisted agendy that says the gov decides .
    for all those unlucky families who live in such districts , if you dont like how democracy works in one area the beauty of districts is that you are free to move to a different area ( unlike china and russia with central education systems). thats how this democracy works. if you dont like it your free to move to mexico ,russia , africa or china.


    we shuld calculate how much would it cost to send the children out of district to brick / jackson / howel /TR + special ed / disability placements + busing = a number million lower than the current budget
    why ?
    sweatheart deals + non bid contracts ( lakewood style ) + over paid teacher and staff ( or paid to do nothing, thanx to the unions) + “administrative cost” all mixed in one big cholent so you should have trouble seeing whats really going on.
    get rid of these things and we cut our tax bill 20%.

  11. Do any of these new candidates know anything about government programs. Where the money originates from, the flow, etc. This is the key to the strength of the BOE. If they dont know, then they should find out and fast MR. I, is very smart and knows his way around .

  12. KIM, HH does not need the toy store to make a living. It’s a hobby for him. So your whole point is worthless and HH is 100% believed when he says what he did. So go crawl back under that rock you came out of.

  13. The tax and spend in this town is embarrasing. There is so much revenue from all the houses and the industrial park but taxes keep on going up. I hope who ever gets in keeps the spending under control

  14. Dearest kim,
    Nothing personal, because I can’t get personal with an anonymous non gender specific named, blogger.
    The toy store was simply my way of starting the transformation of the downtown. There are a few other fine businesses who have invested their time and money for this effort as well. We all could have opened anywhere, for much less money. We have a feeling of responsibility towards the town we have lived in for many years. If I imagined others thought like you, I would have given up years ago. From the reactions I receive from all those I meet, I am led to believe that they are in agreement with me.
    If you would like to call me with your concerns you can call my store, and ask for my cell number. I can explain to you in detail the plans I have. Where I will personally benefit. Where the downtown merchants will benefit. Where you can benefit along with everyone else.
    I am not asking for your vote, but I cannot take unsubstantiated criticism seriously from an unknown source.
    Wishing you the best in your future blogging endeavors.

  15. To #7, It is your choice to have your children in a Private School just the same way the Parents of the Catholic School children have had to deal with for years. I would have loved for my child to attend a Private Religious School, but my finances didn’t allow for that. I’ve had to deal with it and you can deal with your choices. Stop complaining! Private is just that. “Private” Not public. Each town in this State is required to educate their Public School children. You are responsible for paying private school costs just like the Parents of Catholic School etc. In this country we have separation of Church and State.

  16. Lets have a commitment from every one for full Transparancy
    Remember the old saying if it looks like it and smells like ……………

  17. Im not a be-robed basement blogger and generally speaking I dont care about politics or the downtown one way or the other. Although i wish HH much hatzlacha brocha and kol tuv in his personal life I am critical of his actions from the beginning. The ICE sign (and the whole campaign in general) in my opinion was a irresponsible action that is NOT the mahalach of a yid in golus. Although a quite campaign to improve our town has merits, it must be done al pe daas torah and not in a wild threatening way. (I actually fear for our safety… ) Therefore I continue to criticize and oppose most things hershil.. Kol tuv

  18. You are mistaken . Seperation of church and state means that your tax dollars cannot support religious studies . It does NOT mean that you cannot fund secular studies in a private school . This has been decided by the Supreme court and many states IN FACT have legal vouchers for private school students . It is the public school teachers union that keeps spouting this nonsense to try and protect their overpaid jobs and pensions . Every child is legally entitled to a free secular education regardless of whether he attends publoc or private school . It is up to the legislature and taxpayers to decide about funding and vouchers etc . Since we are the vast majority of the tazpayers in Lakewood we certainly have a right to whatever funding is legally allowable . So please get your facts straight and dont buy all the nonsense being spouted by the public school teachers union with only their self interest in mind . Belive me if we had a true voucher system in place ,the quality of the education in our state would be much higher than it is and the competition with the public schools would lower the costs by at least 30 %

  19. you have alot of nerve our public school children have to finish school.Get a job and pay taxes.They just cannot go to school there whole life like most private school students in lakewood do.

  20. What does gping to school a whole life have to do with anything . The gist of his comment was in support of private school funding for SECULAR studies ONLY up until grade 12 ,just like the public school students and not more . There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and is allowed under the constitution and practiced in many states .

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