Dash-Cam Guy: Yet Another Terrifying Incident

caught on camera picVIDEO: Our Dash-cam guy is at it again, catching all types of serious violations on camera, helping out the community by bringing these occurrences to the attention of motorists. This video was submitted to TLS with the following description: “Yet another terrifying incident occurred this past Friday. While driving down Central Avenue towards Route 9, a BMW passed my car on the shoulder at a high rate of speed. The driver then nearly hits a young pedestrian on the left shoulder, while passing the vehicle in front of mine on the left side into oncoming traffic, and almost caused a head on mva.

“This has got to be one of the most outrageous, irresponsible behaviors I have seen in a long time. Did the driver think they were on a go kart course? Does this driver feel that the safety and well-being of everyone else’s life is worthless?”

“P.S. My vehicle was going the exact speed limit of 40 MPH. While watching the video, one can only imagine how fast this person was driving”.

This video and other similar ‘Caught on Camera’ videos are posted on TLS for all to see as an awareness to use more caution on the roads, and perhaps prevent serious accidents by exercising more courteous driving habits. By Hoblitt.

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  1. the car was angry at the fact that the minivan in front of him was going way too slow(40mph is way too slow, u dont have to follow all the rules and if i was behind u and u were going the speed limit, i would pass u too) p.s. the driver didnt even come close to hitting that person
    so get your head on straight, i dont see anything wrong here

  2. the other three posters have a very good point. the car that passed you and the mini van did not even come close to the person on the OTHER side of the road. He just jumped from from fright, and 40 on central, you must be the only one(and the mini van) who does that. It was illegal to pass in the shoulder yes. Maybe you should concider speeding up a bit, then people wouldnt have to pass you, I would have done it too. Plus you dont know if there was an emergancy situation in the car or at home the person had to get to. Unless all facts are known these things really shouldnt be posted. Also, TLS you should blurr out any LP’s, its and invasion of privacy.

  3. Three comments so far and they are all idiots!! You don’t see anything wrong?!?! You 3 must be some of the crazy drivers in this town !!

  4. #2, #3, #4, & #5 are the reason i hate driving in lakewood! you are the reason i put my life on the line when i exit my truck and repair potholes. which is also a reason that we block traffic with 2 trucks so we dont get killed repairing potholes.lakewood drivers are fhe worst! oh and 4&5 the car has a dealer name plate on it, not a liscense plate. look in the rear window and see the temp. tag!

  5. Any things goes in the old wild west side of Lakewood The lights, lines and stop signs are just decorations. I just hope one of the those poles dont decide to “Jump” out and catch your car.

    Its all fun and games until some one gets killed

  6. I am not sure what is more shocking. This video, or all of the rationalization that I am seeing here. ITS OKAY TO SPEED? He didnt come close to hitting the girl?? Dont you realize that because he was on the OTHER side of the road, the oncoming car, was nearly forced onto the shoulder and HE would have hit the girl. Passing on the right shoulder at 65 mph is okay? I am SHUDDERING at the thought that there are people like you who are legally allowed to drive a car. You should turn your license into the police department and start walking everywhere. Drivers like you CAUSE ACCIDENTS and KILL PEOPLE. Simple as that.

    Speeding – ILLEGAL
    Passing on shoulder ILLEGAL
    Crossing over double yellow lines – ILLEGAL
    Improper Passing – ILLEGAL
    Reckless DRIVING – Illegal.

    If a cop saw this behavior, there would be enough points for an immediate license suspension and maybe even an arrest.

    By the way, its not an invasion of privacy to show a license plate on the internet. Step out into the street and you can see any license plate you want! There is nothing private or hidden about it.


  7. no “see clearly”. you are clearly wrong. everyone should go the speed limit, and it’s your problem if you don’t like it. there is something very wrong with this. laws are laws and we must all obey them. and you if don’t like it that someone goes the speed limit, then you might need to go back to driving school. we have these laws for a reason and a good one at that.

  8. 1. Speeding, (25 points) 2. Passing on the right, (20 points) 3. Crossing a double yellow line, (15 points) 4. He gets to the red light before you (0 poinrs). 60 points in the Lakewood “500”. Bonus 10 points for having his backup lights on. but -10 for both brake lights working.

  9. what dash-cam guy doesn’t show you is the flashing light on the dashboard of the “passing” car which is why the person in front moved to the side. look in your rear view mirror once in a while instead of watcing everyone everbody else. it might be someone on an emergency call trying to pass you.

  10. I can’t believe the comment’s I’m reading “The speed limit is too slow, you don’t have to follow all the rule’s, passing on the right is okay” you should have your license’s revoked (if you even have them). You are taught in drivers education that if someone tailgates you to maintain speed or slow down to increase following distance (this give’s you time to react to hazard’s and not be rear ended), not to speed up. That driver was a maniac, I don’t care if they had a family emergency or were a volunteer EMT going to a call that is dangerous driving and there’s no excuse.

  11. The driver passed on the right illeagle and crossed double yellow lines also illeagle if 40 is the speed limit than that’s not too slow… The funny thing is he got stuck at the red light anyway dummy

  12. That was an emergency vehicle passing. The car was on the way to an emergency with lights flashing, and everyone else moved out of the way, EXCEPT FOT THE DASH-CAM GUY!!!!

    In fact, DASH-CAM refuses to show the rest of the video, where the car STOPS at the red light to wait for everyone else to stop, and then proceeds to go through the red light. That would, of course, give it all away.

    DASH-CAM, why didn’t you move out of the way when you knew that there was an emergency. Someone’s life could have been on the line. Why did you insist on driving your regular 40 mph on Central Ave, and not pull over to the right to allow the Emergency Vehicle to pass? Why did you force the emergency vehicle to dangerously maneuver around you on his way to save a personn’s life? Even the next car moved over, but YOU couldn’t WHY?

    Because you knew you would have a great video and story.

    But guess what? Many of our Emergency Vehicles also have Dash-Cams, and just wait until we release our video of you!

  13. There seems to be a split on this board about whether this kind of driving is legal,safe and okay. SO can we have a police officer watch this clip and weigh in, from a legal perspective? if you saw this driving, would you tip your hat to this guy and wish him a merry day?

  14. i must be blind because i dont see any flashing lights..oh, the van moved to the side because he saw a lunatic approaching at a high rate of speed

  15. Even if the maniac driver had a red (illegal) or blue (fireman) or green (EMT) flashing light he MUST obey all traffic laws while driving a private (unmarked) vehicle even if responding to an incident.

  16. either way, I am not moved. Need more video. Didn’t even get to pop one handful of popcorn before it was over. I didn’t see anything outrageous other than the passing on the right, which is highly illegal and dangerous. But, nu nu, all’s well that ends well.
    Dash Cam guy, next time please get me at least a minute’s worth. It will justify the whole drinks and snacks prep. 🙂

  17. I find it absolutely appalling how easy it is for some drivers to rationalize which laws they will and will not uphold. If you were in the presence of a police officer, would you act the same way? These laws are not “optional.” They exist to prevent accidents and protect the lives of everyone on the road, including you.

    Speeding isn’t an issue? When driving 40 MPH and the driver must stop to avoid hitting a pedestrian or another vehicle, it will take a minimum of 148 feet to come to a full stop. If you were to drive 60 MPH it will take a minimum of 366 feet to make a sudden stop. These 218 feet can literally be the difference between life and death. (The stopping distances are cited directly from the official NJ MVC website.)

    As for the driver in this video, he/she has amassed enough points to get their license suspended, hefty fines, and possible jail time:

    (39:4-85) Improper passing on right or off roadway – 5 POINTS

    (39:4-126) Failure to give proper signal – 2 POINTS

    (39:4-86) Improper passing in a no passing zone – 4 POINTS

    (39:4-84) Failure to pass right of vehicle proceeding in opposite direction – 5 POINTS

    (39:4-98) Exceeding maximum speed 1-14 mph over the limit – 2 POINTS

    (39:4-96) Reckless driving – 5 POINTS

    Moving violation total: 22 POINTS

    “Your driving privileges will be suspend if you have 12 or more points on your license.”

    (N.J.S.A. 39:4-96) Reckless driving: Driving recklessly in a manner that willfully endangers the rights, property or safety of others is punishable by imprisonment of up to 60 days, or by a fine of not less than $50 or more than $200, or both for a first offense.

    (N.J.S.A. 17:29A-35) Motorists who accumulate six or more points within three years are subject to a surcharge of $150 for six points and $25 for each additional point. Surcharges are levied in addition to any court-imposed fines and penalties.

    Fines: $600 – Not including court costs, higher insurance rates, other fines, and surcharges.

    Of course none of this includes other violations the driver may have committed

    (39:4-89) Tailgating – 5 POINTS

    (39:4-99) Exceeding maximum speed 15-29 mph over the limit – 4 POINTS

    Now, is this still not a big deal and does the driver still appear harmless?

  18. Perhaps police should call “Kine” motors in Lakewood and ask who recently bought a used bmw in the last month. The license plate on the car says its from there and there is a temp plate in the rear window. If they can verify the identity of this person, perhaps they can reprimand this driver or at the very least find out if there was actually an emergency call. Even if there was an emergency call, you still have to obey traffic laws.

  19. I am a retired police officer (not from lakewood, but a town down south) – and I can tell you that the attitude from some of these posters is the reason why lakewood has such a bad name and reputation for drivers. If I witnessed this type of erratic behavior, I would have issued multiple summonses to the driver, and no excuse (emergency call, emergency at home) would have allowed this driver to get off with just a warning.

  20. For all you impatient drivers out there, there is a reason that the speed limit on Central Ave is only 40 MPH, it is not a suggestion. This is a residential neighborhood and just because there aren’t more traffic lights that doesn’t make it a highway. People sometimes have to cross the streets there. So slow down you fast freaks.

  21. Hey if he has a BMW then he is a good, safe and aggressive driver that’s all. I don’t see any problem besides passing on double yellow.

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