CRC: Pina Colada Slurpee Not Certified Kosher, All Icebreakers Are Dairy

icebreakers 711NOTICE: [PHOTOS] An email was sent to Rabbi Fishbane of the CRC (Chicago Rabbinical Council) inquiring about the Kashrus status of the Pina Colada Slurpees at 7/11, as well as if the Icebreakers are Pareve. Rabbi Fishbane responded saying that Pina Colada is not certified Kosher, and all Icebreakers are dairy (Cholov Stam).

Additionally, the CRC updated its site last week with the following list of Slurpees listed as Not Certified Kosher:

Horchata Ole`
Orange Bang Smoothie
Strawberry Twizzler
Monster Black
Pina Colada
Tropicana Grape Wild Strawberry

The site also issues the following notice:  

This list only primarily applies to 7Eleven stores in the United States. Some flavors are also listed for Canada. Other countries may be using other flavors that are not necessarily recommended.

However, a sign hanging at the store contradicts the above information, saying all Slurpees at the River Avenue location are Kosher and Pareve.

Please contact your Rav for a P’sak. TLS.

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  1. its interesting to note that the 7-11 store is not certified by the KCL rather by Rabbi Yosef Tessler who is a talmid muvhak of R Yizchok Abadi Shlita. Does anyone know why this is?

  2. pina colada is TREIF as anyone who lives “out of town” can tell you. (moderated) people seeing a sign with alef beis on the wall run and eat with out knowing what theyre eating… for shame

  3. I have been drinking the new sugar free cherry apple for the last week or so after I had supper. I also had this flavor on my fleshik table. what am I supposed to do now???

  4. What you are supposed to do is check the CRC website and print the list BEFORE you drink the slurpees!!

    Their list is constantly updated. I live out-of-town and always carry an updated CRC list with me whenever I go to 7-11.

    Pina Colada has been listed as TREIF for as long as I can remember!!

  5. To #3, klap al cheit & fast for a day as teshuva, & take a kabbalah upon yourself to always double-check the kashrus of anything sold in a goyish store that isn’t double-wrapped.

  6. Because CRC and Rabbi Fishbein are undisputed experts in the field of kashrus. They are not extreme fanatics. They are quite trustworthy and they know their field.

  7. do you think gatorade is changed anything now that its kosher? NO!!! its the exact same gatorade but now OU gets paid to have their stamp of approval. So no, the stamp isnt what makes something kosher rather its the ingredients.

  8. there are so many people that dont know i was just there and people are buying the non kosher slurpee how could we get this letter out of that store that says all of them are kosher?????

  9. What we need to do is explain to the owner of this 7/11 franchise that his hashgocho is not widely accepted by the Frum Lakewood community. He would probably be better off just hanging up the CRC list next to the machine and not have such a hashgocho. I will B”N not enter this 7/11 until he removes this. Any joiners?

  10. Get the sign out of the store?????? But why????? Its not Not Kosher, Its not Certified Kosher By CRC It IS certified kosher by LKO. Why would you want to remove the sign. ?

  11. I just stopped at a convenience store and got a Gatorade drink thinking they all bear a OU…Unfortunately this one grape favor doesn’t…Lesson: Always check the Hechsher, even if product is “usually” kosher!

  12. R’Tessler is a wonderful & honest person. He is Mishamesh Maran Posek Hair Harav Yitzchok Abadi Shlit’a Talmud Muvhak of Rashkabahag Rabeynu Aron Kotler Zatzal. If R’ Tessler holds its Kosher, Its definately the Psak of his Rebbe and you have what to rely on.After 120 you can feel comfortable that you made the right decision. Enjoy.

  13. The cRc does not say it isn’t kosher, only that it isn’t certified. The Star K says the same thing.

    The ingredients listed on the website are: High fructose corn syrup, water, citric acid, artificial flavor, yucca extract, quillaia extract, sodium benzoate (to protect taste). For what it’s worth, there is nothing not kosher listed.

    For whatever reason there are kashrus organizations that do not certify it. Why that should prevent a fully qualified rav hamachshir from making an educated decision do respectfully disagree and issue his hechsher, boggles my mind.

    Last but not least, if you don’t trust a rav then you shouldn’t rely on him, no matter what. And if you ever find yourself deceived because you relied on him anyway, don’t blame anyone but yourself. On the other hand, if you trust a rav, and he argues on another rav, and you know nothing about the circumstances of their disagreement, what right do you have to say that he is wrong???!!! You all agree with what I just said – my point is, this whole discussion is a big joke. Nobody really cares about whether Rabbi Tessler is correct or not, this is just about making light of his ability to make the appropriate halachic decision. Too bad that ליצנות אחת דוחה מאה תוחכות. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  14. There used to be a small sign in the Route 9 location saying Pina Colada wasn’t kosher.
    What happened to the sign? Or are people just not noticing it?

  15. Why doesn’t someone ask him – either he will say the hechsher is not on this product or he will say he made a mistake or he will say he holds it is kosher. Does anyone have his number – I will call

  16. There is a certain standard in the U.S. which most kashrus organizations follow. They are all members of AKO and they attempt to keep things in line. Actually, Rabbi Fishbein of the CRC heads this organization, while most major kashrus organizations are members.

    Only people who are involved with kashrus 24/7 truly understand what goes on in factories and the sources of ingredients. You do not.

    I also am not an expert in the field of kashrus. I do know, however, that citric acid can very well be milchigs.

    I also know that whenevr I speak to kashrus experts, including Rabbi Fishbein, I am very impressed with their vast knowledge on how companies work around the worl and how ingredients are made. This is an extremely complicated field.

    We are no longer in the 1940’s where they thought you can read labels and eat the food!!

  17. #27

    Don’t presume to know what my level of expertise is. You have absolutely no idea who I am.

    Then again, you seem to be the kind who makes assumptions when there isn’t a good reason to. Citric acid is milchigs? Seriously? Do you admit at least that it’s a ספק? Do you know if it is נותן טעם חלב?

    But you missed my point anyway. Behind that false facade of reasonable arguments all you really want is to bash the person behind the hechsher. Because if you held of him, the first thing you would do would be to trust him, and the second thing, if you are capable, would be to understand his reason. Seriously, if this was someone you believed to know the halacha and the facts very well, would you be so dismissive?!

  18. For for you all,

    if, lets say 7/11 has meal mart hot dogs and gelbstiens rolls & gefen mustard and saurkraut and he make these items in his store will you eat them. tha nswers is NO.

    Just because all the ing. are kosher does not make the fianal product kosher. In my years in the food business (over 25 yrs) I have had many products that ALL THE ING. were kosher but the final products had no hechsher at all. I dont think anyone would bring these products into there house.

    I saw the sign by the pina colada it says all ing. were kosher, it does not say the product itself is kosher. Also the sugar free cherry apple on the crc & star k list say this product it DAIRY CHOLOV STAM. Rabbis tesser im sure is a great man, but I have NEVER seen his hechsher before. Whom would you trust the CRC or someone you have never heard of.

  19. After buying a Pina Colada and checking on the Star K website to find it not certified kosher, I called Rabbi Tessler to ask about it a few weeks ago. He said he is aware that it isn’t certified and there should be a small sign on that machine stating that it isnt certifed kosher. He said he would go back to the store to check that it’s still up. i havent been there since to check if it’s up or not.

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