Covid-19 Vaccines Available To All 16 Years And Older [LINK TO REGISTER]

As of Monday, April 19th, all individuals in New Jersey aged 16 and older will be eligible to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. The Lakewood Board of Education, in collaboration with CHEMED, is now offering Covid-19 vaccinations to all individuals age 16 and over immediately upon becoming eligible.

The vaccines will be administered at the tent on the Lakewood High School baseball field on Monday 4/19, Tuesday 4/20, Wednesday 4/21, and Thursday 4/22 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, and on Sunday 4/25 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

To register any individual aged 16 and older for the vaccine, click here. Parents of minors will need to bring photo ID and insurance cards.

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  1. Is it for everyone or just students??? Seems a bit weird that students who are in the lowest/zero risk category would be prioritized..

  2. Anyone who is giving this emergency authorized vaccine to their kids obviously did not do enough research on it. Hashem Yerachaim. As a side point COVID is not even dangerous for the kids…

    • Why on Earth would anyone under 65 even THINK of getting this vaccine?! Virtually no one died even OVER 65 (remember: almost everyone got it!) and it is easily treatable with HCQ-zinc etc.

      • Sure. 562,000 people dies of COVID in the US… almost no one. Easily treatable? We just lost someone here in Lakewood quite recently.

        • According to WHO, CDC and HHS your death stat is fake. Covid has a 99.9+ survival rate. That’s less than 1% chance of dying. The best an FDA Emergency Approved Vaccine can do is between 65% and 97% prevention and that has not been verified over time. Yes, it is easily preventable and treatable with HCQ and Zinc; Quercitin and Ivermectin which are all FDA approved for many years and in the case of HCQ, decades. I am not an anti-vaxxer. You do you and I’ll do me. We all have rights and hopefully brains.

          • -99.9% survival rate? Your head is stuck quite deep. Back up YOUR claims. At best it appears to have a 99.4% recovery rate, which means nearly 1 in 100 succumb (that’s not counting the several percent more who will instead suffer from serious illness).

            Are you legitimately claiming an illness that kills 1 in 100 is ok? General anasthesia has a death rate of less than 1 in 100,000, yet most people opt not to take it when given a choice. Some even bentch Gomel when they wake up. This is a thousand times more deadly.

            – The vaccine referenced here is 95% effective. A vaccine that is 95% effective means that if you’re vaccinated, instead of having a risk of 1 in 100 you’ll now have a risk of 1 in 9,500. If others around you are vaccinated they’ll reduce your risk by 95% as well- meaning you’ll now only have a risk of dying of 1 in 9,025,000. See how math works? I learned how to do that in 6th grade.

            -The vaccines referenced here are 95% effective against symptomatic COVID but 99.9%+ effective against severe disease or death. So your argument is moot anyway.

            -There is zero evidence of HCQ working at all- there’s a reason Trump didn’t bother taking it when he actually got COVID.

          • HCQ and ivermectin work. Most of my community who got covid took HCQ and it worked very well. I know doctors who give IVermectin and see tremendous success. No clue why all this info is severely suppressed. There are other theraputics that also work. Call somech for more info.

    • You’re asking an excellent question,. the answer is it has nothing to do with health (if anything it’s he opposite of health) it has to do with money. thar’s why they made the shutdown – to be able to lie to the public that the vaccine is opening it up. the billionaires of the world are making money off it (they’re not rich enough).

    • Interesting. I assume you did do the research? Funny, I’ll let my doctor know there’s a commenter on Lakewood Scoop who did the research, he’ll call you pronto.

      I’m sure he’s given out more than 3,000 shots in Lakewood on nothing but a whim.

      • @S209: Looks like you got the right MD to to accommodate your thinking. I would tone down on the negativity and spend some time to assimilate more information. Your sarcasm is an indication of anger and stress which kills more people than Covid. Why not ask your Doctor to comment. Free advertising bonus. You can google me and have your say.

    • The entire vaccine – of any manufacturer for any age is misleading It’s totally experimental, never approved by the FDA, and you are a lab rat for Big Pharma and a cash cow for Bilam Gates YMCH”SHM.
      Gates doubled his wealth from $50B to $100B in ten years – from 2005 to 20165 by investing in vaccines. He has been cited as the greatest force in the world for vaccines by pro vaccine people. It’s all money. One million girls sterilized in India or Africa through his testing experimental vaccines on them several years ago. the governments there are fuming at him – they had trusted him.

  3. @emes; I sure did do all my research but I ignored or the lies and unverified info coming either directly or indirectly from anti-vaxers!! Everyone go get vaccinated!

    • Really, Avi. Why? Have you seen any evidence or indication that this vaccine (or any in history) could possibly affect fertility in any way shape or form, or are you inventing fiction and lies to spread fear uncertainty and doubt to the detriment of frum lives and against the very direct and public statement of R’ Chaim Kanievsky, R’ Gershon Edelstein, etc.?

      Remember, there are already millions of documented cases of people worldwide who have been vaccinated

      -conceiving healthy pregnancies
      -bearing healthy pregnancies
      -giving birth to healthy children

      There are no cases of conception to birth yet because it hasn’t been 9 months since the vaccines were approved but it’s coming in a matter of months. What garbage will you spew then?

      And they have done full medical exams on tens of thousands in stage 3 trials and have found zero evidence of any mishaps, including to the reproductive system,

      So, are you going to back up your dangerous and ignorant lies? Or are you content to sit back and be oiver lifnei iver and possibly retzicha because of the doubt you planted in people’s minds?

      • There’s a lot of information suppression even in the frum media and so the true facts are not evident. I know someone in Israel who deals with the fallout of this vaccine and it isnt pretty. They also hears a lot of issue with reproductive organs and related issues. I would wait on the vaccine if someone was thinking of having kids. Sorry people stay away from less experimental medications when pregnancy is involved so this is a infinitely more dangerous because a lot is still really uknown… HCQ and zinc, antibiotics are safe in pregnancy. Keep your vitamin D level up and constantly check oxygen levels when feeling under the weather. Call somech if you get sick. They have a ton of info. I’ve spoke to them.

  4. Why on Earth would anyone under 65 even THINK of getting this vaccine?! Virtually no one died even OVER 65 (remember: almost everyone got it!) and it is easily treatable with HCQ-zinc etc.

  5. healthimpactnews
    The CDC reports a surge in vaccine deaths. Since the Covid shot became available,
    In what is becoming the most censored story probably in the history of the United States, the CDC has reported this week that 2,794 deaths have been reported to VAERS as of April 5, 2021, following injections of the three experimental, non-FDA approved, COVID-19 injections.

    The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines.

    To put this into some perspective, there were a total of 345 deaths recorded in VAERS following vaccines for all of 2020.

    From 2010 through the end of 2020, an entire decade spanning 11 years, there were a total of 2,588 deaths recorded following vaccines.

    So deaths following vaccines during the first three months of 2021 have now exceeded total deaths for the past 11 years.

    How is this not headline news?

    • Yes, there were 2,588 death….. out of 167,000,000 people who received a shot! How many death would you have expected to naturally occur from such a large group??? Sorry, there is no news here unless you are looking to make your own news!

      • Those are “ONLY” the immediate deaths, and “ONLY” those that were actually reported (which we know many more don’t get reported). The long term effects that are being warned about by many educated scientists and doctors are still unknown. Hashem should protect us.

        • Yes emes, and to add to that, studies show that only 10% of adverse reactions get reported to VAERS. so, based on that, there have been close to half a million adverse reactions in the US alone to the Covid “vaccine” (genetic modification of human beings) so far, since they came out in beginning of 2021.

  6. @Eli. I am not an antivaxxer. My family is fully vaccinated. You obviously did not research this vaccine. It is totally different than the other ones. Its experimental with many doctors warning about it’s potential long term affects. I also researched safer options for COVID so no one needs this vaccine. Only time will tell whether it is really effective and really safe. In the meantime, you could look at and check up some of the adverse events reported… these are only the immediate results. The long term ones are unknown and many people are wary about making a shidduch with someone who took it… and THEY DONT EVEN NEED IT

    • When Trump had COVID, he reportedly received an aggressive form of care via various drugs, including dexamethasone and remdesivir, as well as Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody cocktail. HE DID NOT GET A VACCINE.

      • Since you’re clearly not too bright, I’ll break it down for you:

        -When Trump had COVID, there was not yet an approved vaccine on the market. A vaccine is preventative, not a treatment. He therefore received treatment for COVID.

        -In January, before he left office, Donald and Melania Trump both received the vaccine. You can put it in all caps, but that doesn’t make you less wrong. HE WAS VACCINATED.

        • There is still no approved vaccine. EMERGENCY USE ONLY is not the same as APPROVED. Meanwhile they just recalled J&J and Astra Zeneca. May Hashem protect you.

        • There is still no approved vaccine. EMERGENCY USE ONLY is not the same as APPROVED. Meanwhile they just recalled J&J and Astra Zeneca. May Hashem protect you. How dare you call others not too bright.

  7. The covid vaccine does not prevent transmission, only helps the person who gets the shot. They don’t know if immunity from vaccine lasts longer than six months. Why on Earth is this being given to kids who are at zero risk?? Why are frum parents allowing their kids to take it; is it halachically permissible to have a medical procedure done with known risks and side effects which will possibly prevent a virus which is harmless for young people?

    • @wary… so true… and to add they don’t even know if the vaccine helps for variants… so you may need to take endless shots…

    • You undermine the valid point you are making (vaccinating children and allowing some risk to prevent a disease which carries little risk to them) by making obviously false absolute statements like “The COVID vaccine does not prevent transmission” (Fact Check: Totally false) and “Kids who are at zero risk” (Fact Check: There is a child in the ICU from Lakewood right now with COVID).

      • It clearly states on the CDC website under covid-19 FAQ for healthcare professionals that “WE DO NOT KNOW if covid-19 vaccination will have any effect on preventing transmission.” So maybe you know something the CDC doesn’t know?

        Additionally, children could get severe COVID if they have comorbidities so just because a child is in the ICU right now doesn’t prove much. AND yes, parents need to be proactive and give their kids vitamins C, D, zincquercetin, etc when sick. Ivermectin is also a good option.

  8. Moshe, senior citizen Trump either took vaccine for political motives (as he had virus and does not need vaccine), Or fear ( as arrogant doctors claim without any basis that vaccine immunity is stronger than natural immunity.) That has no bearing on medical decisions for my kids.

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