Coventry Residents Want Neighbors To Keep The Noise Down

coventry square entrance signCoventry area residents are quite frustrated with the noise level of the music played by neighbors and say police aren’t doing much about it. “I find it extremely hard to live there when Hispanic neighbors are blasting music all day and all night long on the weekends”, one resident tells TLS. “I understand that they are entitled to celebrate the weekend, but my objection is to them blasting music during the night”.

Police were called to the neighborhood multiple times, the residents say, but say police have yet to resolve the problem.

Police say though that in many cases they will tell the residents to quiet down, but when they leave, the noise returns.

“If we return again, we do issue summonses”, an officer said, though not particularly referring to Coventry.

Neighbors realize it’s not an easy issue to resolve and are asking the landlords of those homes to see to it that the noise ordinance is enforced.

“I appeal to the landlords of Coventry to try and force their tenants to keep the music low or off after 8:00PM”, a longtime Coventry resident says.

In Lakewood, there is a noise ordinance between the hours of 11pm-7am, which is not limited to sirens, yelling, whistling and other noise makers. The noise ordinance also makes it illegal to cause noise which can be heard more than 50 feet away. TLS.

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  2. I AGREE!! just last week I called the cops for loud music here, and this past shabbos was UNBEARABLE!! there was a spanish birthday party going on on coventry lane – that had my head bursting!! you dont just hear the music – you FEEL it! all day the drumbeat. Isnt there a rule about how loud the music can be during the day as well!!

  3. Thank you TLS for bringing this up. I’m sure this issue is not just in coventry, but being that I live in coventry, I know this to be true here. I am not complaining about the blasting music on t’isha b’av with my head cracking, or shabbos afternoon’s. Thats in middle of the day and it is a free world. But we pay membership dues, can something, anything be done to quite down the music and constant loud singing/screaming that starts every weekend when the weather warms up and goes straight day and night until the weather turns cold? I dread the weekends and legal holidays when the day-laborers are not sleeping off a hard days work!

  4. They were there first. All you people that are complaining chose to move to these neighborhoods. What did you expect? Tea and krumpets?

  5. Guys I feel your pain as I lived there for about 9 years until I said enough is enough and packed out of there. I miss my friends and neighbors(Chaim) but I’m happy I dont have to hear and see all thats so undesirable. Where I lived in Coventry we saw and heard it all, gunshots, fights and drug busts just to mention a few. Maybe the board members could find a way to resolve this issue.

  6. they bark and bark and the owner could care less, the coventry by law actually state that you cant own a dog that habitually barks, any legal advice?

  7. i assume that by “board members” you refer to coventry having a home owners assoc. if so request an UP TO DATE copy of the bylaws and the rules and regulations of the assoc. review them and if there are regs pertaining to loud music disturbing homeowners your next step is to meet with your board members and find out why the rules arent being enforced. your best bet is to get a petition and as many homeowners to sign it. then assemble a small group of owners together and go before the board. you pay maint fees each month. you are HOME OWNERS! your board needs to enforce the rules.

  8. I think frum landlords need to stop renting to some of these people. It’s horrible her. They steal my recycling can for beer bottles. Pass out on my front yard. They are home all hours of the day consuming beer! Make horrible comments to women. The music start early when the children may nap. It seems the same song over and over! Please stop renting and put a frum family in the unit. I don’t know why we can have such a beautiful community if it were drum only!

  9. We should call the immagration office!! That’s the only way to get rid of them, & I hope they fine the land(slum)lords this is unacceptable.

  10. Are there any laws agains roosters??? My neighbor raises them & he prob has them for cock fighting which is illegal. Time to clean up this place.

  11. i have hispanic pple living next door to me. they don’t play music like they used to but sometimes i can hear them talking loudly when i’m tryin to sleep and it’s so frustrating that sometimes i just wanna scream. why can’t they talk inside? or talk in a lower volume? anytime i would hear them talk they’d also laugh in their conversations and it’s so annoying. i could call the their landlord but he wouldn’t do anything about it. even if he did try, i doubt they’d stop. i hate that these pple are living next to me. i wish this landlord would deal with jewish pple instead of pple who are just rude sometimes at night.

  12. #12 You got it, look who owns the property and who they rent to!! You will have to solve this problem yourself, if I say something I am an anti semitic, buy the way the landlord is most likely getting HUD money for the rent, I doubt he will give that up for your quiet.

  13. I live on Stratford Place in Coventry Square and b”h we have no issues with noise from neighbors so i guess i am the lucky one in Coventry.

  14. This problem got a lot better since the banks started taking away these homes from the landlords. What I can’t figure out is if the lakewood scoop is pro or against renting to these people???


    people will put safety, peace & quiet, township aesthetics, ALL over money. these “slum-lords” could be your friends, or co-workers. Its time to shun these slum-lords. They receive a lot of money from the state to rent to section8, or to cash paying illegals. Find out the name of the land-lord and file a complaint, sue, or harass them until they clean up their act. even if you have to get a lawyer involved- DO IT. its time to take back the town, and stop these slum-lords from inviting illegals, criminals, and hoodlums into lakewood(just so they can earn some money doing nothing)

  16. I am so glad this issue has finally come to this site! I wanted to bring it to TLS’s attention myself- I am going out of my mind here. During the day- the loud music is INSANE and the extremely loud crows don’t help matters. At night- these ppl have no problem making SUCH a ruckus- sometimes coming home drunk at 3 am and just screaming to each other in the street. These animals are just that- and Coventry office is extremely unhelpful. If we all pay membership dues, they should be allowed to give tickets to the residents that neighbors are constantly complaining about (it’s usually just a select crowd per block). By the time police show up, sometimes the noise has stopped. Any ideas?

  17. I’m sure the landlord is a reasonable man who can be made to understand the misery he is causing. If no, then maybe he can be encouraged to sell you the property (for a small profit of course—we are not communists). Make him an offer he can’t refuse. If still no, ask if he owns a horse.

  18. I have no noise issues from neighbors b”h but when they allow the clubhouse to be used for huge parties we have music past midnight, all of our parking spaces are taken & we have screaming & yelling on the way out at 1 AM.

  19. you can thank those who run this town for these problems , thats what happens when you have landlords who rent to anyone who has cash in hand !

  20. In our neighborhood some neighbors keep a close watch on available homes. If we see them being shown to lowlifes, we have made the landlord’s lives unbearable. So far we have stopped having homes in the neighborhood from going to pot as these same landlords have done in areas close by. Keep vigilant! Consult your Rov. Stop the landlords from putting in neighbors that they would never want to have near themselves.
    On the other hand, though, when we looked at homes in Coventry about 30 years ago, my husband drove out of the place so fast and thought I was crazy for even considering it. Seems like it hasn’t changed much since then and you knew what you were getting in to.

  21. all the “so called” investors do is rent to anyone willing to pay. my hood is full of music all week long, sometimes till 4am. cocks crowing at 4am till dawn. vans picking up day laborers from 4:30 am till 6 am and then returning any where from 6 pm till 8 pm. what about my quality of life?

  22. Perhaps a polite request to these people could be made – They don’t actually know all the laws, they work really hard all day, and this is their relaxation at night – i think that if you discuss your problems with them they may undertstand and try to keep it down on their own.

  23. It’s so funny to read some of these comments about renting to only frum families and getting rid of the Hispanic families. If the shoe were on the other foot you would be screaming Anti- Semite.

  24. 3 families in 3 bedrooms is defintley hezek scheceinim and a sheilah of pikuach nefesh. you should definltey sue in court doean anyone know o f a good attorney for these issues ??

  25. there has to be a noise ordinance in this town? The has to be, some one should check into this, cause if there is one i’m sure you can issue a ticket or something to that effect.

  26. Shame on all of you that are blaming the landlords. Do you think if a jew would rent the property he from him he would say no? Of course not you guys are crazy! no jews want to rent those houses. so what should he do leave them empty? He would loose tons of $ and wont be able to put food on the table is that better? So when you know what its like then talk dont just post comments when you do not know what its like.

  27. We don’t make these complaints on holaween either. Once a year is no big deal and very understandable. I guess u didn’t read the article, uit says that this happens ON A DAILY BASIS.

  28. next time people shouldn’t be buying houses in a bad neighborhood we should force the developers to come down dramatically with the prices if they want us to buy in these bad neighborhoods

  29. To #37 – So, so, well said. And to #42 – Volley ball’s been an American game forever. How could you possible have a problem with that. Mabey we should stop baseball too to suit YOUR needs.

  30. Just saying that the noise level is terrible at NIGHT- I’m talking about 11-4 am. I’m talking basic decency regardless of race and religion. We all agree that a minimal amount of noise is acceptable during the daytime. What do we do about the nightly noise of cars, music, and drunk parties? That’s the question. Calling the cops can only do so much, besides, lots of times it happens on a Friday night.

  31. To Mr. Conservative:

    I dont know who you are, but you certainly have my (as well as #26 & #33) vote if you ever decide to run for mayor. I have read, not always fully agree but for the most part I do on many of your comments on here, and I think its time Lakewood see’s the ‘tough-love’ attitude that you carry. Lakewood has had enough of these soft-handed people in charge, and the result brought over crowded streets/neighborhoods/thru-ways.
    I just wanted to take the time to tell you and anyone else reading this, our town will not go anywhere good- if we continue to be ‘flexible’. Our town can not grow, if we allow 3rd world people to pollute our neighborhoods. Our town can not grow if we invite in criminals. Our town can not grow if we place; income over peace & tranquility.


  32. I live on Tudor Court and %95 percent of the time its nice and quiet. There r bylaws in Coventry and its up to the office and the manager of the property to enforce these by laws. If u live on Coventry or governors drive then u get what u pay for

  33. It is very alarming to read some of the posts written by community citizens about God’s children. Every person has a right to dwell in their communities without cultural ridicule or complaints about their conversation, drinking, or way of life. There are things that all citizen’s do that may not e pleasing to their neighbors. The noise ordinance is is a mandate that should be adhered to by all community members, not just those that are mentioned in these various posts. In response to the immigrant status, please remember, you were once an immigrant also who needed the assistance of those in systemic power and authority at the time. Furthermore, many of the people that are described in some posts, work for these same individuals. There is a God that sits High and Looks low at the things that man has purposed in his heart. The earth belongs to the Lord and to HIM alone.

  34. Its just unbeleivable how TLS doesn’t post critical comments, racist and anti semitic comments I can here but this site is so biased ,they moderate names, don’t post comments, its crazy. Do u know any non jewish sites that don’t post comments that their readers post? I dont

  35. You cant generalize. As a frum person I can say that some hispanics or non frum neighbers are very good neighbers. It really depends more on the landlord. If they are trying to run a hotel in a private house next to you there is going to be a problem.

  36. To #51. that’s because they live in a make believe world that doesn’t exist; and they try very hard to hide the truth. You probably won’t see this either. I guess some of us don’t have an opinion. That’s too bad. Open conversation, even if you disagree, may heal some of the wounds (I can only wish). You need to see both sides to make a better world.

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