Cleaning Lady Arrested After Being Caught With Stolen Items

cleaning_lady_suspect_tls_1[PHOTOS] A cleaning lady was arrested today after being caught with stolen items in her bag while working in a home. A resident in the Villas neighborhood tells TLS the Hispanic cleaning woman was suspected of stealing for a while, and recently decided to get the police involved.

Police were called and upon arrival asked the maid to show her bag, where upon they found items inside belonging to to her employer.

cleaning_lady_suspect_tls_1.jpg2She was arrested and taken into custody.

The resident says the woman is accused of stealing multiple household items including crystal dishes, a silver cup and other items. Photos-M1.

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  1. well the story goes you get what you pay for…………and if you hire illegals to work in your home, then you can expect what you get………..
    maybe she was cleaning you out for pesach………

  2. ur right not all spanish people steal or original americans steal .i’m sure that most don’t. u always have a bad apple in the bunch.

    BTW the correct term is latino not hispanic ,
    hispanic is like saying the “N” word for blacks

    or using the word whitey for Caucasian.

  3. I can’t get over the part where you suspected that she was stealing for some time, but then obviously continued to have her back in your home.

  4. How can you say Hispanic is a derogatory word? When they ask you about your ethnic group one of the choices is Hispanic/Latino. Don’t tell me official forms are not politically correct!

    BTW if the employee was illegal, why wasn’t the employer afraid to call the police? Is she not committing a crime by employing someone without permission to work? And of course, she paid Social Security & reported to the IRS….

  5. I also know of a name maricell that emptied out a few houses including cameras etc. I’m not sure if the name is spelled correctly but that’s how its pronounced. Now please lisy all names so we can be alittle protected.

  6. To #11: That can’t be why they covered her face. Look a couple of posts back, there are ladies in the picture, and that is just one example.

    Anyway this is the internet, so no point in ultra chumras.

  7. Here’s an idea. Why dont people clean their own houses. This happens way to often for it to be an isolated incident. Is it really that hard to clean your house?

  8. 22, 4 some ppl it cud b very hard 2 sit there and clean their house by themselves… especially ones w big families… think b4 u speak

  9. to # 22 I agree with you, you don’t have to clean the whole house at once, one room at a time, do all the bathrooms first, break it up, i live in a 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom I have someone come to my house twice a month, but my house still needs to be cleaned, so i do it myself. if i could affored it i would have someone come in more then twice a month. how about asking you children to help that’s an idea, there are ways to do it. and to numbers 22 and 24 think before you speak who cleans your house

  10. to# 18 don’t be so ignorant
    Latino A Latin American,a person of Latin-American or Spanish-speaking descent.Hispanic and Latino Americans who reside in the eastern United States tend to prefer the term Hispanic, whereas those in the west usually prefer Latino.the urban myth is that Richard Nixon was the godfather of Hispanics , but it was actually done during the Ford administration. And literally, it was done in the back room of some government hall where they took a poll. Should we call these people Latinos or Hispanic? So hispanic wont Much like VHS tape format. I don’t like the government telling me what I should call myself.The word Hispanic may have a negative connotation in Los Angeles MUCH LIKE THE “N” WORD.Once upon a time, a generation ago, Latinos were always sort of at loggerheads with each other, and we always looked for any excuse to fight it out – light skin, dark skin, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican, whatever. Happy to report that in the age of this new nativism that seeps through the immigration community and the immigration debate, a lot of that has gone by the wayside and Latinos now are thinking of themselves as a collective, as one group, 49 million people in this country, a larger demographic than African-Americans… I use the word ‘Latino’ because it speaks to the combination of the history and culture of the indigenous people who lived here prior to the Europeans. ‘Latino’ is much more empowering.”

  11. If ur still confuse about it,then i suggest you go up to a puerto rican woman and call her hispanic!’

    see what happens,lol
    don’t blame me !!!!!!!

  12. I can afford to have someone clean my house but we choose to do it ourselves. Its our house. We take pride in it. We clean it ourselves. We cut our own grass and upkeep it. We work full time but we manage to do it. I have no problem with people who hire help to clean their house but stop hiring people off the street, whom you know nothing about, other than a first name. Most are not even legal citizens. There are many cleaning companies that you can hire a cleaning lady from. If something does get stolen, at least you have some sort of recourse, being that the company hires legal citizens and have their name, address, social security number etc….. When you hire some random cleaning lady, you are letting a stranger into your home. You have jewelry, silver and other valuables, ripe for the picking. It gets stolen and then people bemoan their fate. stop getting strangers to clean your home

  13. to #28 – I am happy to hear you clean your own house and do your own yard work, I thought I was the only one who did. My husband refuses to let cleaning help (nisht fun unzerer community) into our house.

  14. to #’s 28 and 29 , I to clean my own home and my son cut’s the grass, you don’t have to clean the whole house let the children help they live there to, let them clean the rooms help with the dusting etc. I taught my children how to do the laundry, by themselves when i felt the were old enough, the are so many ways to clean your own home, why would get a complete stranger off the street to clean my home.

  15. I want to know of those of you without cleaning help – do you have many children under the age of 10 and do you stay home for the whole of Pesach?

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