Child Found Unconscious In Vehicle; Official: Child Saved In The Nick Of Time

child in carJUST IN: 12:25 p.m.Hatzolah Paramedics have just transported an unconscious child to KMC after being found in a vehicle in a parking lot. Police were flagged down by a Hatzolah member at the scene, and are currently investigating. The child is Baruch Hashem breathing at this time. We urge all parents to be extra careful in this extreme weather, which can Chas Veshalom (G-d forbid) have fatal results. Update 1:10 p.m. TLS spoke with an Official who said the infant, 9 months old, was ‘Caught in the nick of time”. “You can’t scream this enough times” the Official, who wishes to remain anonymous, told TLS.

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  1. if child is locked in car call chaverim right away

    If you see a child locked in a hot car, please smash the window immediately and get the kid out as soon as possible. DO NOT WAIT FOR CHAVEIRIM TO SHOW UP. It can be the difference between life and death.

  2. A code (moderated) on Chaveirim is a child locked in a car, its an emergency Chaveirim call, members drop what they are doing and run to the call.

  3. Maybe all the schools should have a new takanah (besides for the interenet), that all parents should be required to have the gadget that reminds the driver of a child in the back. This is happening way to often!

  4. I think its a great reminder to anyone that may forget a child in a car. – YOU WILL HAVE YOUR WINDOW SMASHED and you will pay for any and all damages that arise from that.

  5. I am a parent of three children. How do you forget that your kids are in the car? What is so much more important than you kids? I dont get this if you put the child in a car safety seat how do you not remember to take them out? I hope all is well with the child.

  6. I agree with #12, Smashing windows is very easy to do. If I ever see a unattended child in a locked vehicle, I will smash the window out and the price will on you to repair. LETS PAY ATTENTION PARENTS, LOOK IN THE BACK OF YOUR VEHICLES BEFORE YOU PARK FOR THE DAY..

  7. i always keep my pocketbook in the back so i see whats going on before i leave the car . This is NO JOKE !!!!!!! in this heat – it doesnt take much time and its a PAINFUL DEATH – you dont want this to happen to YOUR child!!

  8. It is common sense if you put a child in the car that you need to take the child back out. The is absolutely no reason on Earth that a child should ever be left in a car. I agree whole heartedly that anyone who sees this should smash windows to get the child to saftey then the police should be called.

  9. -get a reminder like the product advertized on tls last year and if chas vishalom you see a kid in the car call lpd that second tell the operater its life and death situation and dont wait for chaverim tow truck or shomrim bec them will be to late

  10. CSO radio has a very good gadget, that makes sure you don’t forget your kid in the car. Their number is 732 942 1101, this can save a life.

  11. to #19 and #23

    I have a friend who lost a child this way. When an adom gadol came to me menachem avel (I did not get permission to quote him, so I will not write his name) told them that it could be that if they looked in the back seat they would not have seen their child because Hashem decided that that child had completed their tafkid in this world and it was time to go.

    To everyone: Please be careful what you post – many time family members read these blogs

  12. Why all the sinah and nasty comments about smashing all the windows? Do you think the parents are happy that they made such a horrible mistake? There about 40 deaths a year from children accidentally being leeft in cars! The great majority are from normal and stable homes.

    If you want to make a difference, then make sure to puplicize the many products that are on the market to help avoid these horrible tragedies. Smashing someone’s windows for no reason (unless to actually save a life) will not make a difference.

  13. #29, I can only speak for myself, but I only advocated smashing the window to actually get a child out of a locked car in the heat.

  14. In a case like this YOU SHOULD NOT call chaveirim, YOU SHOULD CALL 732 363 0200 and dial 0 and you will get the quickest response…and you should try and break a window (not a window near the child obviously) with a rock or anything handy and get the child out while you are waiting for the cops to show up…Police NEVER sent and NEVER will send chaveirim to a child locked in a vehicle in 90 degree weather (this is considered a real EMERGENCY)…they dispatch chaveirim to non emergency lockouts etc….and no, chaveirim do not need lights and sirens for calls like this…that is what the POLICE and EMS are here for.

  15. PSA to all people preparing their rocks, aluminum bats and other window breaking devices: Before you commence window smashing, please ascertain that the car doors are actually locked.

  16. Chaverein is called when you lock your keys in the car NOT when a child is locked in a car, R’L. Call Hatzolah IMMEDIATELY ! Also a small child locked in a bathroom is an emergency as well.

  17. today when i entered my [closed] car,i was aware how terribly hot it was inside. the thought crossed my mind how horrific it would feel to be trapped inside. everyone should be aware of what this reality feels like.we all need to slow down and realign our priorities. tardiness is excusable. negligence isn’t always.

  18. All u people are missing the point don’t discuss who u should call when it happens,this has happens before we should just learn from this story and come up with ways that this should never ever happen again

  19. We make our lives so stressed out that we sometimes just don’t know where we are, and then forget about our kids. Our lives are too hectic.

    Everyone should try to slow down.

  20. to #32 the police department does dipatch chaveirim to their baby locked in cars fyi. its not as simple to smash a wicow with a child in the car.

  21. the last time i checked chaveirim are the ones who know how to open car doors bathroom doors etc. safely and and quickly and professionally NOT EMS AND NOT PD the same way Hatzalah Ems PD etc have their emergencies so does chaveirim

  22. it seems like there are alot of other responders on this site who can’t “Fargin” and appreciate what chaveirim does

  23. a baby was left in a car, in intensive care and fighting for his life and all you can think about is what kind of calls chaveirim goes on? unbelievable!!! seriously? why dont you say a perek of tehillim or make sure you dont do this yourself!!!! whats more important here???????????

  24. even if you cannot get the child out, breaking the window will release some of the hot air in the car. Again, this is only before the child is unconscious r”’l, afterwords do what it takes.

  25. Chaverim of lakewood responds to 2-3 CALLS A DAY FOR BABIES locked in cars/ bathrooms !! dont you think they know what they are doing and yes if a child is non responsive of course call ems ( by the way there are 15-20 EMTs on chaveirim) so i think they are well aware as what to do — regarding the child hope he has a refua shelama!!!

  26. as much as you want to teach the parents a lesson breaking their windows when it isnt necessary will not do the job…it is also absolutely assur and you are liable for damages (of course to save the kid is different)…people get distracted, it doesnt mean that whatever theyre thinking about is more important to them than their kids (this happens almost every day in almost every home on a much smaller scale (ever interrupt your kid to get an unimportant phone call?)…everyone thinks it couldnt happen to them…hopefully it never will

  27. God blessed you with three kids. HE is in charge. With an attitude like yours, I pray that such a thing will never happen to you. Don’t think you are above god. Humans forget, its part of the way we were created. I am a mother too, and every day I send up a little prayer that this doesn’t happen to me. I am by no means irresponsible and never lose things, but in case you didn’t yet know, there is only so much that is in our hands. life and death is not one of those things and neither is our “complete forgetting.” the fact that you think you are above that and can control every situation, seems like you think you have the same power as god.

  28. It’s a joke to bother Chaveirim to open a locked bathroom door, unless you have some fancy lock. Most standard bathrooms doorknobs come with a key. If you don’t keep these keys around (which you should if you have little kids) then just take a skinny flat head screwdriver, stick it in the hole and turn. It takes 1 second.

  29. when ppl call pd for child locked in car they usually dispatch chaverim as well cuz only a couple of lkwds finest carry a slim jim as well as pd opens car doors once in a while chaverim does it a lot of times every day so after calling chaverim call hatzolah

  30. i once saw a kid locked in a car on a very hot day i smashed all windows popped all tires and totaled the car U SHOULD DO THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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