Caught On Video: This Was a Lakewood Family’s Nanny – Until They Watched This Video

Based on a document obtained by TLS, the nanny’s name is Maria Camila Parra Tavera.


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  1. I wish I could place a camera in my babysitters home!!!! Although she’s not my private nanny, I still would love to know what goes on there!

    • If you trust your babysitter then their should not be any need to have a nanny camera.. but if you don’t trust her then why you sending there in the first place?

    • It’s not good character, and I would never do that myself, but to call it abuse, I don’t know. Ask if the child’s 4-5 year-old older sister doesn’t do that all the time! (on the couch, for example). of course the parents will say not to, but there is a limit..

      I think a better way to help children fall asleep is to sing to them.

      Also, the room should be very dark, it’s hard to fall asleep in a bright room.

      • Also, if the camera is transmitting live (as it most likely is) that is very harsh radiation, and might also be abuse. The reason no one cracks down on it is because it helps Big Pharma.

        I know I’m going to get the ususal ‘those anti vaxxer’ yawns as with some of my other comments but if you research what I’m saying, you’ll see these points deserve as much merit as a news post as this.

        • Yea, also Antibiotics. Everyone knows that antibiotics are really made from particles of the core of used nuclear reactors.
          They then mix in some cynide and nerve gas agents to mellow the radioactive taste.
          And finally they bottle it in plastic made out of microscopic pistols that shoot the person from inside once swallowed.

        • 100% agree with you on the radiation thing, I hardly use a baby monitor for this reason. However in this case I think it’s good they were able to catch this and fire the nanny! Poor kid!!

      • sorry buddy you obviously dont knoe about shekn baby syndrome. That IS abuse, harmful, and dangerous.
        If your 4-5 year old is doing that to your 2 year old, youve got a real problem on your hands

  2. Every babysitter should have a nanny cam. What about the kids that sit in their stroller and car seats for hours because of the overwhelming amount of kids in the group? Then you wonder why they need speech, OT and PT. They don’t develop properly at a vital age.

    • You should get people who are in your culture for a nanny….. that way the child could learn what they are teachiing them unless the nanny is only there to cook and clean but Mexican women polish women cannot teach these Jewish kids Jewish ABC please get nanny that are certified certified and say no more… if you want the nanny just for a cleaning then that’s different but get someone in your own department to take care of your kids. We’re just don’t have no kid if you can’t get a babysitter ( forgot can’t stop having kids because they are my money maker!’

    • 100%. It was definitely not a great thing. But please show me one single parent on the planet that hasn’t gotten frustrated and tried to get their child to lay down whilst speaking harshly. I consider myself a fairly good parent and I know that I have been guilty of that a time or two. Of this nanny is warm and caring and lost it for one second, I don’t think we should be taking the opportunity to publicly shame and blame her.

      • um, she threw the kid down!?
        there is a term for that in the sport of wrestling… is that ok for a child?!

        if ones frustration allows them to do things like that, you need help. Not perjoratively, but in dealing with others, in personal care, one MUST know when theyve had too much and get assistance somehow.
        One who doesnt, for WHATEVER reason, is guilty of the severe negligence

    • body slamming a child is abuse.
      in other words,
      physically forcing another human into a position or velocity that their body is ill-equipped to handle is dangerous because it can cause injury (internal or external, though in this case, bec of the mattress, internal), AND IS ABUSE!

  3. There are a couple of babysitting farms factories in Lakewood where mothers aren’t allowed into the place and a boatload of kids are officially under the babysitters care but in actuality watched by a few foreign workers. If there is no access allowed to the parents and no cameras allowed there’s a good chance the same is happening, especially in overcrowded conditions with poor ratios. Caveat emptor.

  4. Of course no one would knowingly have a nanny like that and may not be actual abuse but pretty close. And if there’s a pattern of the nanny being rough and uncaring, what do you think that does for the healthy development of the baby.. Also please realize some of the frum babysitters and playgroups aren’t much better. Don’t be blind. Maybe they all should have cameras

  5. And I wouldn’t leave my child a child care if they have such workers. However this woman wasn’t necessarily abusing the child. She was just being somewhat abrupt.

  6. it’s about time people raise their own children – not speaking about babysitting services during the day – I’m speaking about your nannies/Jamaican aids spending more time with your child than you do
    Let’s do some soul searching here

  7. Mirm,
    Not an overreaction at all.
    Imagine that was your little baby.
    The poor thing was flipped and slammed down.

    Do you do that to your kids? Because if you do, they should be taken away.

    Infants are fragile. This is not a joke.

  8. This is fairly common.
    When my nanny takes my child out I have a drone overhead recording everything as well as a GPS tracker embedded in the stroller so nothing can be hidden.
    Watching from the drone I noticed my toddler at the park interacting with a toddler I had never seen before which set off alarm bells.
    Using facial recognition & as an attorney having access to certain databases (hameyvin yavin) I was able to find out who this toddler’s father is. (I won’t spread lashon hara but his hashkafa comes from a college whose 1st name starts with a Y & 2nd name starts with a U)
    I immediately called my wife who cancelled the rest of the appointments at her Gastroenterology practice & we sped over to the park.
    Alas it was too late. The damage had been done! When we got home we allowed him to choose between a shiny blue & white Magen Dovid candy or a black & white photo of our Rebbe. He chose the Magen Dovid!!!
    We immediately fired the nanny & warned the community about her. We are so distraught about long term ramifications as we belong to a Kehilla that is against secular education of any kind.
    Our Rebbe advised us as a Tikkun & a Kapara we should hire his sister-in-law who is an Almanah & pay her (off the books so she can still collect Social Security) triple what we were paying the nanny.
    The lesson is one can never be too careful who is watching their children.

    • Joking about child abuse is not a good look. Very poor taste. Also, your jokes are regularly just not as funny as you think they are.

    • I agree with you 100%!!
      My first thought when I saw the video – how many children is she responsible for?She seems to be in a rush – as if she has left other children unattended to take care of this one….

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