Caught On Video: Police Tackle And Arrest Two After Fight Erupts At MVA

pd tackle and arrest 2CAUGHT ON VIDEO: What started as a regular MVA, ended with two men being tackled and arrested at the scene. Over a dozen emergency personnel – including Police, LFD, EMS and Lakewood First Aid responded to a three car MVA at the intersection of County Line Road and
Lexington Avenue at about 8:00 p.m., and extricated the patients out of one of the vehicles.

What happened next is unclear, but the driver of one of the vehicles – who sources say may have been intoxicated – began disobeying orders and acting disorderly to the officers, and when a friend of the driver arrived, a fight erupted.

The driver – along with others – began shouting profanity at the cops and the fight soon turned physical.

Things quickly spiraled out of control, and ended with several officers tackling two parties on the street, and were immediately placed under arrest.

Officers responsible for the arrest, were P. Kearns, K. Martin, J. Peterson, and J. Shimanovich.

Also assisting with the arrests, were an EMS and Hatzolah member.

Two patients were transported to KMC with minor injuries.


(Video was muted at some points).

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  1. Lpd u rock !! Thank you thank you let realizes that pd put there lives on the line for town keep up the good work and “throw the book at them” they should sit !

  2. Wow Great Job LPD!!! You guys are the BEST!!!! To Officer Pederson, I loved your stealthy reach around of the subject and they way you walked so cool and casually over to the problem and then go in for the take down!!! That was textbook!

  3. why cant ppl work in unity? especially when they have the same objective?
    when it comes to safety learn to put all egos aside. you dont have to be a licensed life saver or good Samaritan to do the right thing.
    so if it bothers you that outsiders help another agency then thats an indication that you suffer from egomania.
    Good job hatzola and those who assisted the great PD that we have.
    nice to see you all work under one umbrella in unity.

  4. 7th line (after the video) 7th word “shouting” there is 1 “t” and the “u” is before…..sorry for always correcting you….thanks for keeping us updated!

  5. Who is that LFD guy who waved his hand in front of the camera?? What nerve!! Has he heard of term “freedom of press”?? And besides, since when is it his business to shove a camera away?? Stick to putting out fires (moderated)!!

  6. Chutzpah!!! says:
    NOVEMBER 11, 2010 AT 4:15 AM
    That LFD Firefighter was protecting the cameraman as well as what was going on. He was just serving his purpose to assist in the situation. He was not there to prevent “free press” but to move the “press” back from the scene where things were happening. Relax. You want to bash everyone..SAFETY first…Respect the badge, Respect the person, Respect the job!!

  7. To me it looked like one officer used excessive force when what appears to be a lack of patience upon coming on seen and seeing the other officers dealing with the perp. He suddenly grabs the perp from behind like a hog tying contest and shoves him into the ground of the hard asphalt. It appears as if this officer lost his cool.

  8. I appreciate the unity in this film, but EMT’s have no business assisting cops in tackling and subduing a suspect. They are not trained for that and thats how people get hurt, or killed. Leave the law enforcement to the police officers and stick to your own trained profession.

  9. You should not talk about how things might seem on video! Unless you were their in a fight, with a person that you do not know, and do not know what weapons they might have concealed. It is so easy to judge from behind a computer desk be proud of yourself!!!

  10. Its funny to see the blatant anti semitisim in the comments
    Two people mentioned that hatzolah guys should not assist in an arrest yet standing right next to the same hatzolah guy and officer is a lakewood ems emt yet not one word
    It seems that some of your readers just love to bash the jewish hatzolah guy and don’t even see there own follies
    Shame on us that anti semitisim is live and well in lakewood

  11. critic, may you never experience true anti-semitism and continue to complain about narishkeit. It has been thousands of years since we had places like this to live. Perfect it is not, but that’s life.

  12. Hahah. That was amazing. We need more officers like Pederson out there keeping us safe. Bunch of animals are running a muck in this town. Take ’em down.

  13. WEll!
    How do you know that in Lakewood boiler room, they didn’t make a deal with Hatzolah which cost taxpayers nothing, that they would fill the void of the 17 axed police officers?
    Now that is why Hatzolah is doing arrests, be careful,if you commit a crime & call Hatzolah, you may get arrested.

  14. Hmm
    What did you want them to do the other officers where busy with the first perp and it left just one officer to take down a very out of control second perp I hope that if you are ever in a situation where a police officer is in distress and needs help that you would be quick to help and not try to figure out what your profession is
    I guess that leaves us wondering hmmm what’s your agenda ?

  15. oh please
    so we should just sit by and let it fester and not say a word
    pull your head out of the sand and take a stand agains it and then it wont grow to be the anti-semitism of yester year

  16. The first responders all have to support eachother. I’m sure the officers appreciated the help and would do the same if the situation was reversed.

    Way to go LPD!!

  17. to wow
    ems is usually there before the police and besides as soon as the better trained ems staff get on location pd should back off and not be jumping in or on cars bec they think they can help

  18. Anyone can try to assist in a medical emergency as a good Samaritan, police officers included. However, only a trained professional (police officer) should be assisting in taking down emotionally disturbed people like that. Police officers can claim they have proper training and took this person down properly but the EMT’s from Hatzolah, LEMS, and LFAS are not trained in this and open themselves and their organisations up to lawsuits especially if he was injured as a result. I don’t know if the officer asked them to help, they may have and being asked to help may absolve them of liabilty but if they just jumped in……problems could come from this.

  19. This has nothing to do with Hatzolah the guy was just doing what any other good samaritan would do if somebody needed help.if. His jacket said President would they say Obama aids in arrest

  20. Yes but chances are that someone who regularly gives selflessly of himself to others will step up to the plate to help an officer faster than someone else might. In fact, I highly doubt Obama would jump in to help a cop in trouble unless there was something in it for him.

  21. First of all, I’m wondering why this video was so cut up. Would love to see it in it’s entirety. It does appear the officer lost his temper, and that’s unacceptable. I’m sure that is why the LPD wants to view the whole video for training.

    I also have to say to Critic Says; who seems to enjoy throwing around the antisemitism. Are you in need of attention? You are promoting hatred. No one here has mentioned anything about Jews and you are trying very hard to put this idea in everyone’s thoughts. All of you that write such hatefulness should be ashamed of yourselves! You are not happy unless you are stiring something up. Add a little more prayer to your day! Sounds like you could use it.

  22. If you look at the video carefully you will see the person place their hands on the police officer and push them back, Pederson then has the right use the force he uses. If you notice Pederson grabs and throws the person who is resisting arrest to the ground . End of Story.

  23. but the real news is look brian from tiltons and heim rom all the way done a great job cleaning the street and geting the mva out of the way…… props to tiltons and all the way working ” AS A TEAM “

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