CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Police Bust Illegal Party, 12 Arrested, 30 Children Sent Back To School

pd bust albertTLS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO & PHOTOS12 were arrested and 30 children were sent back to school this afternoon, after Police busted an illegal party, TLS has learned. At approximately 12: 15 p.m. this afternoon, a School Resource Officer was alerted about a party taking place on Albert Drive, off of Pine Street. When the Officer arrived,

backup was immediately requested after children and adults were found illegally consuming alcohol and possibly involving other illegal activities. Over a dozen Officers and Detectives responded to the home. Upon seeing the Police, several attempted to conceal themselves in the attic-which Police realized when one of them fell through the ceiling. 10 of the 12 adults arrested are ages 18-20 and are being charged with illegal consumption. The other 2 arrested, ages 25, are being charged with endangering the welfare of minors, Detective Lt. William Addison told TLS. Those arrested can be seen being patted down and placed in a waiting Police vehicle.

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  1. Did the cops perform a thorough search of the house – basement to attic – to find the illegal drugs/weapons the delinquents quickly stashed away???

  2. Oh – so those people who are upset at the board of ed are for not giving enoughto the students at the public school are going to say put more resources into the school system and all will be fixed? Resources like having when the parents leave to work an employee of the school should supervise the student that they arrive at school mybe walk with them….

    They shouls stop blaming the board and look at the bigger picture.

  3. Exactly what gave the police the right to enter the property, you cant just go into someones home because there was a party or suspicion of illegal activity, they would have had to know before they went in that there was criminal activity beyond a reasonable doubt which it doesn’t sound like

  4. I live across the street and saw illegal activity taking place and immediately contacted the police — just like any good citizen would do!!

  5. they missed patting down one person as the video proves….imagine if he had a gun we would be blaming ……….landlords who rent to illegals …….

  6. I’m very upset by the comments from the people on this site. The parents who are complaining about the BOE are not the parents of these children. The reason for our complaints are that our children do not have books to learn from. The books they have are over 7yrs old, and they don’t have enough to take home for homework. None of our Middle school and High school kids have books to take home for homework. The teachers are telling us they are doing homework in class due to this issue.

    The children that graduated at the top of their class last year are struggling to make it through college due receiving a partial education, they’re even dropping out. They are entering into college realizing they did not get half of what the other college students received in there high school. The education our children are receiving is not up to the States or even the Country’s standard. And security is a huge issue. My child has a RIGHT to a safe environment to learn in. Those of us GOOD PARENTS have every Right to complain. We want our children to make a place in this world, whether you like it or not. This district WILL do right by these children! Whether you like it or not. NOT every child is bad, just because they are not like you!!!!

    As far as the immigrants, your community brought them in so you may use them for your own agenda and now you treat them as animals. You are something else!!

    And talk about complainers…is that all you do? Don’t you have children to raise or a job to go to?

  7. This is a real shame the kids should have been in school but you see that some of the township money that is used to educated them is being wasted They dont want to learn so lets stop spending money on students, that dont want to learn and these students help in keeping lakewood schools scores down as a school.

  8. He strong lady – Not sure what your gripe is. My kids have books that are over 10 years old and they are educated beautifully. They take the books home from school for homework as I did when I was in school.

    Sounds like there is a lot going on at the public school and taxpayers money will NOT fix it. You can throw all the money in the world at that place and nothing would change. When police presence in not needed at dismissal and an environment conducive to learning is accomplished then students will be educated. I see dismissal and I always wonder where are the books for homework? Why don’t they have any? It would keep them off the street if students were accountable for HW. Good place to teach a HS student some accountability.

    Many private schools have books that are over 20 years old, in overcrowded classrooms and student teacher ratio is 1:27 and students bring home the books needed for HW and they are educated beautifully. (Public school ratio is more like 1:12) Money is not the answer – Accountability is necessary. and yes that might start at home (I am not painting everyone there with one big brush you do sound concerned and we need more like you but don’t blame it all on “needed resources”)

  9. Listen here: Lakewood township spends a heck of a lot of money on educating these children about 16, 000 per child . Something is clearly out of wack . majority of our tax payer money goes for the public school system . I would like to see these children getting a proper education and becoming productive members of society. Why not give all the tax paying legal citizens a voucher so that they could choose the private school of their choice? majority of the money that goes to the schools, goes to bloated salaries , benefits packages and mostly pure waste. What a shame that the money doesnt trickle down to actually educating the children. SIDE BAR; this party has really nothing to do with the education that is given and couldve happened in any school and any community, if i was 16 I wouldve probably went to that party,

  10. Oh yeah cause expelling them from school is just the right thing to do! Lets look at it further, we expel them from school they don’t gradute and finish getting some type of an education so therefore they go to live on the street cause they can’t get a job. Then they decide to take up residency within Tent City so that way my hard work can support them for the rest of their lives, by having my tax dollars pay for homeless studies, medical, food, etc…. Oh yeah, I forgot now these individuals go around and break into our businesses, schools, homes, cars, etc.. in search of things that they can steal or even sell to make some type of living.
    So how much are we going to save by expelling them from school. We need to come up with stricter punishment then depriving them from an education.
    I know Lakewood could benefit from alot of community service, look around, this town is dirty, trash is laying around all over the place. Have these kids clean up the town that they trash and disrespect.

  11. to # 17

    Where did you get your information?; because as a graduate of Lakewood Public Schools i can tell you unless they’re in elective classes like art or Architecture (which they had when I was there) the student/teacher ratio is more like 1:32. I can also attest to the fact that there where not enough books to go around when I attended. Now it may be true that many schools use books that are 15-20 years old however this is often in subjects that concepts have changed little or not at all; and thats ok. However, when I took modern world history and the book was copyrighted 1986 and it was 2003 I think that was a problem, according to our textbook we where still at war with communist Russia! I think this is the point that strong_lady i trying to make and its only the tip of the iceberg really. Lakewood’s Public Schools are grossly underfunded by comparison to other townships and if you really want to lower crime and poverty rates then these kids need a better education or the cycle won’t end. Not everyone has the drive or natural curiosity to learn like I did. As a college graduate with a good job I know that we have to get through to them and give them the tools and attention they need if we ever want to improve everyone’s quality of life. I know we have very different views on how we go about or lives. For most of the scoops readers it is a nonsecular viewpoint, for many others like myself it is a secular one but i think we can all agree that education whether it be secular or nonsecular is important and it can solve many of the problems Lakewood faces. While their may come a day when Lakewood is exclusively Frum, that day is not today and we need to share and work together in the meantime if we want to have a reasonable quality of life free from fear of the increasing norm of violence and drugs.

  12. # 21,

    Well then.. maybe the school social worker should explain to these delinquents that they’re costing us a HALF-MILLION BUCKS and they better appreciate it because I don’t know anyone in Lakewood that is interested in funding the system and get alcohol drinking parties in return!!

    Seems to me the only happy folks here are the liquor stores and local drug dealers…

  13. Btw, Maybe we could find enough money to keep the EMS if we get rid of these juvenile delinquents from our school rolls.. It’s an idea worth debating..

  14. If all the parents would be like the two posts I do not think we would have a problem I fully agree IF the facts are that there are not enough books. BUT I am sure at the beginning of the year all students did receive all books. Good chance lots of students “LOST” the books and now there isn’t enough books for them.

    I wish we could know exactly what is going on in the public school system. I am for every student geting a good education, everyone in this town is for the public school receiving a good education BUT throwing GOOD money after BAD money is not the answer.

  15. u guys are all irrelveant
    i was in this party and all u guys are saying is
    we should be expleled for what?
    u guys shouldnt be blaming the skool for nothing
    it was our decision
    the school had nothing to do with this
    and expeling us wouldnt do any good it would get us in to more trouble
    and my parents do care, yes i made a mistake
    but people can change too
    and nobody had guns

  16. tHe partii was great just people had to snitch like always…thats what there good at and you say we dont deserve the money !!!1wat money the schools are broke we dont even have enough money ……i guess every 1 is a critic

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