BYE Girls Still Out Of School Get Bracha From Mashgiach

matisyahu_solomonSeven girls from the former Bais Yaakov Elementary school found themselves at the home of the Mashgiach, Reb Matisyahu Solomon today, to receive a Bracha. Those girls – primary through 7th grade – have been out of school since the school closed down last year due to financial and other difficulties, and were unable to get into a school since.

“These kids are suffering and it’s our fault that we allow this to happen”, a parent – unrelated to the children – who has been involved with these seven girls for the last few months, tells TLS.

This parent, a mother, has hired a teacher for five of the older children once a week for two hours to give the girls somewhat of an education and social life, after which she takes them out for lunch.

“Sometimes when I come to pick them up at 11 a.m., some of them just don’t want to get out of bed”, she says. “They have gone into depression”.

Today, the parent took the children to the Mashgiach for a Bracha and for Divrei Chizuk.

The Mashgiach warmly welcomed the girls and gave them each a Bracha, saying that he will try and help the girls by finding them a local school to go to.

Other local Askonim are working to place the children as well.

Most of the approximately 70 girls found schools in the weeks following the school’s closing. Five of the families – with eight students in the school – moved away from Lakewood after the closing.

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  1. Sickening.

    Perhaps the parents understand that Lakewood school leadership are (moderated). However, this is incomprehensible to a young girl. Can we even begin to imagine their overwhelming shame?

    It can bring tears.

  2. the problem in lkwd is that the acceptance into schools is used as a sort of way to keep the masses in “compliance” with what society expects from all . a lot of people fit the mold but for those that are not exactly ……

  3. I don’t understand this. Doesn’t Bais Faiga, which is a “community” school, have room for SEVEN girls?
    Are there not at least seven schools in the entire Lakewood which can each accept ONE girl?!

  4. It is so sad and heartbreaking that these good girls may end up to be like who knows what because of the tzar this community has done to them. They are wonderful girls! One is a close friend of my daughter. She always has a smile on her face, no matter what. She keeps faithfully in touch with her former classmates. It was very sad that the school had to close and separate friends. Can you imagine for a minute what it must feel like to be in their shoes? These are young, impressionable children who have feelings. It is still so sad.

  5. Many schools took in kids even though they did not fit into the landscape of the school. Obviously, there is a reason that these last kids did not get accepted. Usually has to do with the idea that the parents are not ready to “shtel tzu” and live by the schools rules!!!!

  6. TO #9.
    Wasnt Bais Faiga n the Cheder created for the lkwd community?? Would u still be the proud bais faiga parent if they were to play the picking game with u???????

  7. TO #10
    So ur solution is to keep these kids on the street? For arguments sake, some pple are nt fortunate enough to have normal parents, Should these children suffer?? Are you Gd that judges these children if they belong in a schl or not? Are you guaranteed how ur children will turn out with “normal parents”?

  8. no parent should ever experience the pain we went through when our child was rejected by parent should ever have to hear their child ask “what’s wrong with me?”…as our rav said..this is all being recorded where its most important, as he looked up to shamayim!

  9. There is no such thing as a community school anymore. Every school has its own litany of requirements and rules so if your child does not fit the mold exactly, you are out. I dont wear a black hat, and I wear jeans, so there is not a single school in town that will take my child. This is despite the fact that I run a true torah home…. there is something very wrong with that picture.

  10. The next time a Rabbi tells the Lakewood community the reason for bad things is the lack of Tznius, this little article should be shown to him.

    The way children are treated in Lakewood is shameful.

    The tears of these children reach Shomayim. Shomayim takes action.

  11. #16 put on a hat and take off your jeans so you can get your kid into school. It’s not that complicated. It’s the least YOU can do for your kids. Stop making everyone bend to your life style.

  12. Instead of giving them brochos we should be begging them for mechila.
    This is why when any school in town comes to me for a donation I tell them to get lost.

  13. There r many reasons why a child might not b accepted into a school besides 4 parents not conforming. 4 example, a child has a ‘focus issue'(which btw is whopping number of kids here in town) or a hyperactive child. These kids can b gr8 kids with loads of potential but will not even b looked at by most schools because schools don’t want 2 deal with any problems or issues. Also its a status thing 4 some schools to only accept elite students. there r also loads of politics involved between schools where the attitude is why should I b stuck 2 take in this child let the other school take this kid in. The school system here in town is spiraling out of control especially when nobody cares 2 listen 2 the MASGIACH of lakewood who is such a holy man.

  14. The cheder and bais faiga used to be the community school back in the day when there weren’t too many options. now that there are so many schools they stopped taking responsibility and raised their admission standards.

  15. Get them a school. Why are we beating around the bush. Shame shame on all the mosdos. 18000 kids in our school system and they can’t find a spot for another seven. What a embarrasing story for our community.

  16. lakewood was a community that had certain standards…the schools want to keep to them and keep the community a yeshiva town….when people move here and cant live up to the standards . yup they wil have a hard time gettin kids into schools. yup the schools should be taking them but nope it should not be easy. and unless the people want to confine to the standards they should NOT be accepted

  17. do you really think you can sit there on a self righteous platform and takl down to simple and holy jews about your standards? what happened to kol yisrael areivim? i didnt see a rashi that says “kol yisrael areivim if they have the same standards as you who are the shining paragon of virtue.” (who obviously has no skeletons in the closet, o please.)

    its seven girls. seven neshamos. even if your brilliant argument about standards is a good one, why not take them and RAISE their standards? a little kiruv kerovim goes a long way. it wont get an article in the mishpacha (now THATS an idea for getting these kids into school quick, isnt it?) but its just as important as bringing college kids into BMG to learn or “acheinu – the kiruv movement to create bnei torah”.

    there are backroom offers in place for schools to get decent sized donations ON TOP OF full tuition just to take a girl. one girl. rishus is when you cut off your nose to spite your face. its funny how all mosdos cry poverty but will turn down close to $15000 and the chance to give a girl a chance to learn and become a real bas Yisroel.

    oh and #20, who hides behind anonymity, i think YOU are the one forcing people to bend to your life style.

    i wonder how far people think their learning is going to get them in olam haba when they have no regard for haShem’s people. an as many of the posters here said, those girls tears are noticed by the One Above. i personally hope He pays back everyone involved in this keifel kiflayim – if you are helping them, may your reward be so, and if you are not…

    im not hiding behind anything, and i will be glad to stand up for what i am saying. email me at (moderated) if youd like.

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