BREAKING: Say goodbye to the Dr. Roberts carnivals

The famous Chol Hamoed carnival sponsored by Dr. Roberts, appears to be coming to an end. 

“This was probably the last carnival that we’re doing due to safety concerns raised by Chaverim and the LPD,” Dr. Rich Roberts told TLS.

The bi-annual carnivals were generously sponsored by Dr. Roberts for many years, and provided entertainment for thousands of children.

The carnival – which featured petting zoos, inflatable slides, magicians, shows, candy and much more, started out in Dr. Roberts’ backyard, but quickly outgrew it. It was moved to Pine Park, and the then to the Cheder on Vassar Avenue.

Approximately 10,000 people showed up to each of the events, saving the community hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years.

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  1. Thank you Dr Roberts for all that you do for the Klal!!!!
    We will always be Grateful to you for the all carnivals you so thoughtfully planned and executed. #truehero

  2. Perhaps give out tickets for each day to control the amount of people that come. Or maybe 2 smaller ones in different places. The Lakewood olem needs these. I also think you should give out hazmat suits to the non vaccinated people so they can also come.

  3. What a shame. ;(
    The happiness these carnivals brought to thousands of Lakewood children all these years is inestimable. Parents who can’t afford trips that end up being expensive with large families were so thankful.
    Can’t we come up with some idea that would make it doable-like maybe sukkos for families a-k and pesach l-z….
    Hashem should bentch dr. Roberts and his family with everything good for always being there for the Klal.

  4. That is really sad Dr. Roberts thank so very much what an amazing things to have done for so many years. Even if you never make another carnival again(which we hope somehow the issues will be resolved) we in Lakewood owe you a very big thank you and are indeed indebted to you. May you be blessed threefold for all you have done!!

  5. The appreciation due to Dr. Roberts is beyond words and it makes no difference what the reason is. It is far beyond the money spent for these events, but the personal involvment and dedication to every detail that is nothing short of unbelievable

  6. Dear Dr. Roberts,
    Thank you for the joy that you provided to so many families over the years! The carnivals were a highlight of our children’s lives and will be missed!!

  7. What were the safety issues. Perhaps you can have a limited amount of entry tickets on a 1st come 1st serve basis. Also, only residents of Lakewood should be allowed.

    • Why, should only residents of Lakewood be allowed ??
      Does that sound right to you ?/
      What if all the other towns excluded everyone else and only allowed their residents to attend their town functions ??
      See where I’m going with this ??

  8. Maybe he can give out free tickets to six flags or Hershey Park instead and this could alleviate safety issues. Thanks Dr Roberts for all the past carnivals!

  9. I am sure a solution will be found. There are larger carnaval all over the world. Anyhow Dr Roberts is a real mensch and a genius to boot. Thank you Dr Roberts and may Hashem help you in all your endeavors.

  10. Thank you dr Roberts for all the years that you provided our community with such a wonderful carnival. We definitely will miss it and are disappointed. May hashem repay you tenfold for all the simcha you gave to our families especially the ones which otherwise could not afford to provide chol hamoed trips for the family.

  11. It’s a real shame that we were not told before this Carnival that it would be the last one. My children were begging us to take them there this year but since they are unvaccinated due to a family medical condition we could not take them as per the rules of Dr Roberts.
    Had we known that this was going to be the last one, we would have requested special permission to come with Hazmat gear so that my children would be able to enjoy it. Or the other option would be to give out Hazmat Gear to the vaccinated people since for some reason it seems like we are concerned that the vaccination wouldn’t work.
    But either way it was nice while it lasted.

  12. Thank you so much for all the carnivals you have made. Both my children and I really enjoyed them and it was a huge help financially for our family. It was always something we looked forward to. May you be gebentched!

  13. Unfortunately there’s no way to keep out predators.Dr. Shanik did put out a warning before yomtov. Parent’s need to be more careful allowing their children in public places unsupervised.

  14. To Mr. Roberts thanx so much for all the years you have made these amazing carnivals. with all due repect if PD doesnt want it then thats acceptable. Chaveirim?! safety??? Have they done any any training to make decisions on whats safe and whats not??

  15. Thanks Dr. Roberts for all the prior carnivals! My husband works out of town on chol hamoed (no choice). The carnival, being local, was great because I was able to send my older daughter to watch while I cooked for Yom tov! My kids loved it and always came home happy and excited to share about their day! No one wishes for a good thing to end. We were wondering how the fire Marshal would allow such an enormous amount of people in rooms not approved for. Safety is a huge concern, I get that. Lakewood is only growing so the concern increases each season! May Hashem repay you for the chessed you have done for Lakewood over the years and continue to do!

  16. We feel for you Dr. Roberts you had a great thing going and are forced to close up. Unfortunately this has happened in the history of our people. The first yeshiva ever had to close do to the Polish government. May you continue to have the strength to be there for the klall.

  17. @Dovi your ignorance is appalling, you obviously have done little research if not any on the benefits of vaccination and you chose not to vaccinate how scary! Yes, vaccination does not always work and for the people who it did not work for ARE vulnerable – and by You not getting a vaccination they will be guaranteed to have a higher risk of contacting the disease..So please don’t make a condescending comment like that!

  18. Dr. Roberts,

    Thank you so much for all these years! An incredible amount of time, money and thought was apparent in all of the carnivals and we will be forever grateful! Just know that for every thoughtless comment there are 100s of grateful participants.

    Much Hatzlacha,

    A Lakewood Mom

  19. @askan4trouble

    Did you neglect to read what Dovi said? A family medical issue is the reason his kids are not vaccinated.
    The hazmat comments sound like a joke to me, but hey that’s just me

  20. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Dr Roberts you are a tzadik and a real mentch! We have no words to thank you!
    There are those that do chesed bec they want to help people, but in a way that works for them, and then there are those who go the extra mile to ensure that the chesed they do is done in a way that really maximizes what they are giving to others to ensure their complete enjoyment. That is what Dr Roberts is about, he went the extra mileS to ensure every detail is done in the best way possible, im amazed from him! Just on example, he didnt allow any extras sold at the carnival so noone should come away feeling even one drop upset, that shows real true caring and concern, what a lesson in chessed to us all, Lakewood is blessed with such special people like him.

    If there is anything that can be done on behalf of the tzibur to help it continue please let us know a way to volunteer, etc.

    Thank you again and Hashem will definitely repay him many times over!!

  21. Dr. Rich and Rebetzin Devorah Roberts are wonderful, amazing and righteous people.
    Hashem should repay you a thousand-fold for all the chesed you do.

  22. Wow, what a shock! We enjoyed the carnival immensely and have been attending for years, saving us lots of money, which we didn’t have. We will greatly miss the carnivals and have wonderful memories. Perhaps you can assist by giving discounted coupons or gift cards to other local attractions? Either way, tizke l’mitzvos.

  23. Maybe they can have hours. For first 2 hours only families with last name starting A-Q can come and last 2 hours R-Z can come. Will definitely make the crowd less and there salary should be presigning up and you will only get a ticket if you send in forms that your kids were vaccinated. How does that sound??

  24. Dr. Roberts,
    Whatever the reason, you don’t owe us a thing and have a right to stop at your discretion. “Thank you” doesn’t do service to the hakaras hatov I owe you for the many years my family enjoyed and benefited from your generosity. May you and your family be gebentched with bracha, hatzlacha, nachas and kol tuv always.

  25. We may never find out the real reason,

    However i’m sure this is a painful decision for Dr Roberts.

    May the Roberts family be blessed and continue to do what they do for the community, and beyond, in good health and prosperity.

  26. Rebbetzin says, We have such intense hakoras hatov to Dr Roberts and his choshova family
    So many parents and grandparents must work on chol hamoed and cannot give proper simchas yom tov to their children
    So so many mishpachos cannot pay for extras after all their urgent obligations including tuition and simchas
    You should be so gebenched for bringing such simcha to thousands of yiddisha kinderlach each year
    yirvu rov nachas dekedusha ledoray doros
    We hope there will be many wonderful future events for all the kinder
    with endless haikoras hatov

  27. yes vaccines don’t always work and they are not always safe!! Just as you are afraid that the vaccines you gave your kids don’t work, others are afraid of the dangerous side effects of the vaccines they give to their kids.
    How Scary!! Parents are actually trying to protect their chidren!!

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