UPDATED: 2 Children Seriously Injured After Being Struck, Pinned Under Car; Tehillim

UPDATED: [VIDEO]: Two children were struck by a vehicle and are said to be trapped under the car. The incident occurred on Route 9 at Cushman Street.

UPDATE: The children, ages 2 1/2 and 8, were run over as they were crossing Cushman Street with their mother at Rt 9 at about 1:40 PM, police tell TLS. The younger one was in a stroller when he was struck.

Police say the driver was making a right turn from Cushman Street onto Route 9 South, and failed to notice the pedestrians crossing when she made the turn.

As the first officer arrived, a man was jacking up the car to free the children, police tell TLS.

Dozens of Police, Hatzolah, EMS and Lakewood First Aid BLS and ALS units responded to the scene, along with Extrication Units.

The children were both transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center in serious condition.

The mother was not injured, an official said.

Lakewood’s Traffic & Safety Division and CIU are investigating the accident.

UPDATE 5:45 PM. Sources tell TLS that the children are both listed in critical but stable condition at this time. The next two hours are very crucial, the sources say.

Their names for Tehillim are Yitzchok Bentzion Ben Roza Bluma and Sarah Bracha Bas Roza Bluma.



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  1. When will officials finally do something about Rt. 9??? How many accidents will it take to finally get these idiots, a/k/a politicians, to do something about thia ever increasing dangerous road??

  2. Nothing will be done about rt 9. It has nothing to do with Lakewood township, rt 9 is a state highway and all decisions go through the state, which is one big huge bureaucracy.

    What Lakewood needs to do is stop building these developments in unsafe areas. You are placing thousands of kids in harm’s way, but you could not care less. You take beautiful neighborhoods, and you build build build without thinking about safety, and then you wonder……

    Seriously, why are there developments all along rt 9? Rt 9 is a highway – a dangerous thoroughfare. Why make women wait 15 minutes to make a left out of these developements? Why have little kids strolling along rt 9? Why are there busses in and out all day long with an accident waiting to happen? It is surreal what is going on in Lakewood.

  3. Route 9 has always been very dangerous the whole stretch of it. Being it is a State Highway the township has to go to the state of NJ to do anything to the roadway including lights. Its a shame so many people get injured on this roadway.

  4. the corner of pine street and mlk desperately needs a traffic light. it sure would be easier for me to cross there being that i’m in that area at least twice a week.

  5. This is exactly what the yetzer horah wants, that you should start blaiming it on traffic lights. Why dont you all make a kabbalah to do something better in a zechus for the two children?!!!

  6. First, let’s pray that both of the children pull through this OK. Second, no matter how many lights that you put on Rt. 9 there will always be a lot of accidents. The problem is that there is simply too many vehicles in a small area. This is a result of poor planning and zoning that to this day is allowing the building of still more housing developms directly on to Rt. 9.

  7. I agree; as I have lived in this area for years. I have been driving for seven and I drive on the side of caution everywhere I go because people here do not always use crosswalks, which is the law. Let’s enforce laws we already have.

  8. Dear He!

    How many people have to suffer from unintelligent comments? There IS a light at Rt. 9 & Pine St.!!!!!!! Besides for that, there is a light even closer too!!! and besides for that, the person was turning, so it wouldn’t have made a difference!!!!!!!

  9. Its time to stop blaming everyone else and start practicing SAFE driving, there are more accidents in Lakewood then in Manhattan!!! Start using blinkers, stop at stop signs, look before pulling out of driveways etc.!!!

  10. In the artscroll Rebbetzin Kanievsky book there is a story how the Rebbetzin took upon herself to be mafrish challah after her son was critically injured in a car accident when crossing the street I will bli neder follow Rebbetzin Kanievsky example and be mafrish challah

  11. to 24. It is supposed to say PIne Boulvard. This accident was probably the result of the driver not looking for pedestrians on his right as he was looking to the left to make the right turn onto the 9. People have to learn defensive driving to always be completely aware of your surroundings.

  12. So so sad, I pray these children make it. Myself and many I know go OUT of their way to stay out of the town of Lakewood these days….it has turned from a nice suburban town to a city…way too many homes being built, too many cars in a small town…terrible driving…you take your life in your hands anytime driving through the town. Prayers to the family of these children and God Bless…

  13. What is with all these comments? Two children are in serious condition at Jersey Shore. My thoughts are only that they recover quickly, and how their parents/family must be feeling today. And to #35 (question says) – can you read? They were walking across the street with their mother (second paragraph). I can’t imagine seeing something like that.

  14. The problem is that people don’t look to their right before making a right turn they just look to their left making sure that no cars are coming without thinking that a pedestrian might be crossing from the right side. Every walker in Lakewood could tell you that they were almost knocked down multiple times I make sure to make eye contact with the driver before I cross, even when I have the right of way and the driver came to a full stop

  15. Listen stop wrong right left whatever it is just say the prayer that you always say there is no brain damage keep reading the palsm usually I see by the 25person ur done and starting again. More important then a light!! argue when they are home about were lights. Should be put up

  16. mem through mem hey inclusive (40-45) may these children have a refuah shelaima. That is the main thing. I feel so terrible for the mother, children, and whomever was driving the car. Accidents are accidents. Let’s focus on saying Tehillim right now.

  17. I don’t know what happened, but I infer that the mother was crossing rt. 9 near Cushman st. There is no traffic light there. I would never cross Rte.9 in that area without a light, especially with a child and a stroller. It is a highway with a legal speed limit of at least 45 mph.
    I hope the children have a quick a full recovery.

  18. talking about the underlying issue does not contradict saying tehillim and there is nothing wrong with expreesing frustrations about traffic issues when something like this happens

  19. there is tehillim chain call going around for these children it must be serious I hope these kids have a a quick recovery. Drivers please be more careful. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  20. @56hysterics, well said, @53My take: they did not cross Rt9. They were walking north on Rt 9, crossing Cushman. The car turned right, from Cushman onto Rt. 9 South. Eye contact is crucial. If they can put up a light on Somerset Walk, they should be able to put up some more lights on Rt. 9

  21. now is not the time to talk about how others drive and about lights altough important dont use others tzaros and pain to advance your agenda there is nothing more painful to them just daven besides in this case it happens to be that the driver was a innocent frum lady who unfortunately did not see them instead of blaming her try to imagine what she must be going thru now people are suffering and we are busy with all our silly solutions to the worlds problems

  22. Of course Hakol Min Hashamayim.., that doesn’t mean that an underlying issue should not be addressed, and we should not make our hishtadlus.

    From the picture it appears that the pedestrians were hit as the driver was making a right turn. in this situation the pedestrian has the right of way.

    There is to much dangerous driving in this town. People cutting others off, not using turn signals, distracted driving. I was recently involved in an accident were a driver ran a stop sign and completely totaled my car B”H I was in a car and there was no passenger in my car as the passenger side was completely destroyed. Had there been a pedestrian in the crosswalk, or even a passenger in my car, there would have been catastrophic results.

    There are many dangers which are addressed as a community, driving should be at or near the top of the list. I witness many near accidents on almost a daily basis, and I am sure that I am not alone

  23. @84 been there: 1. now is the time, 2. I dont have an agenda other than to save lives, 3. i resent your suggestion I am “using” someone’s tsores, 4. i dont need your mussar how to imagine someone else’s pain and 6. don’t call my solutions silly. I am sure you are an ehrlicher yid and I still love you for that.

  24. I hope they have a speedy recovery. Thank you to the LKWD EMS squad for being for us lkwd residents. Thank you also lkwd hatzalah and your excratation unit. Thank you also LPD. Thank you also to the medics.

  25. perhaps it is an eitza when building these developments off rt 9 that there be an exit road in the back of the development that ties into another street back there such as Massachusets or Cross & keep exit traffic away from rt 9.

  26. May all the victims of this and all other accidents have Refuah Sheleima!
    I go to Toronto quite often and I’m always amazed at how polite the Canadian drivers are. They stop at the stop signs! They don’t even start truing if the pedestrian is on the crosswalk. They don’t cut you off. They do speed but only on their immaculate, smooth highways, and how can you not.
    And do you know why? Tough traffic enforcement on city streets and high car insurance premiums!
    If you usually don’t make a full stop at stop signs you will get pulled over and get a ticket and your insurance will go up!
    If you usually cut the pedestrians off on the crosswalk you get pulled over and get a ticket and your insurance will really go up!
    If you usually speed on city streets you will get pulled over and get a ticket and your insurance will go you!
    If you get into a MVA your insurance will go up so high that car rental will be your only option.
    Thankfully in Lakewood traffic enforcement is less tough and insurance premiums are very affordable so people don’t think twice before cutting people off and rolling through the stop signs. Small MVA will cost you $50/year on your car insurance. There is little to worry about until you really hurt someone and then life as you know will be over!
    Any diver in this type of accident will most likely need psychotherapy!
    There will most likely be a major litigation effort in this type of accident and if you don’t have $1,000,000 policy your property can be at stake!
    So let everyone start making a habit of driving carefully before it is too late!
    May there only be good news for everyone involved!

  27. Can we have the Town look into opening up Vermont Avenue? Vermont can become an alternate route from Oak Street all the way down to route 70. If the state approvals are needed for widening route 9, then the town should look into creating alternate routes.

  28. @89 farkhert you obviously do need some mussar because if you would try to imagine yourself being either the driver or the parent of these children you would not be busy with all the problems of the road and your brilliant solutions speak to anyone who has been thru tragedies and you will find out what it feels like when this is what everyone else is busy with

  29. #89 if you would try to imagine yourself in the shoes of the driver or the parents of these children then you would not be busy solving the problems of the road now so obviously you do need some mussar

  30. Boruch Hashem the children are stable from what I understand, but #88 the law actually is, that the pedestrian has the right of way in a marked cross walk, but is not to step into the street if there are cars coming. In other words, don’t stand in the street if there are cars coming. I do not know if the mother and children were standing in the street waiting to cross or were actually crossing. It is a terrible accident and people need to be more careful. Drivers, but also pedestrians please.

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