BREAKING: Reb Osher Eisemann found not guilty on most charges, including most severe (AUDIO FROM ATTORNEY – UPDATED)

Rabbi Osher Eisemann, the founder and director of the School for Children with Hidden Intelligence (“SCHI”), was found not guilty at trial today of three out of the five counts, but was found guilty of second-degree charges of money laundering and misconduct by a corporate official.

Eisemann, 62, was found guilty of those two charges by a Middlesex County jury following a four-week trial before Superior Court Judge Benjamin S. Bucca Jr. Second-degree charges carry a sentence of five to 10 years in state prison. The jury acquitted Eisemann of charges of first-degree corruption of public resources, second-degree theft by unlawful taking, and second-degree misapplication of entrusted property.  The school’s fundraising foundation, Services for Hidden Intelligence, LLC, was acquitted of all charges against it. Sentencing for Eisemann is scheduled for April 29.

Deputy Attorneys General Anthony J. Robinson and John Nicodemo tried the case for the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability. They were assisted at trial by Analyst Nathalie Kurzawa.  Eisemann was charged in an April 13, 2018 superseding indictment that was the result of an investigation by the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability (OPIA), assisted by the Division of Criminal Justice Financial & Computer Crimes Bureau.  The investigation began with a referral from the New Jersey Department of Education regarding SCHI’s financial practices.

The guilty charges, on counts 3 and 5, hinge on the other counts the defense explained. However, charge 3, which is money laundering, is not possible without the theft. Money laundering is when there is a crime, and then a concealment of the crime. If there was no crime, there cannot be a charge of money laundering. Charge 5, which is corruption of a public official, is not possible without conviction on another charge.

Here is an audio clip of Friday morning’s session, of Eisemann attorney Lee Vartan telling the judge this very concern, as the judge prepared the “jury charge”, which are the instructions to the jury.

Here’s a statement from Rabbi Eisemann’s attorney Lee Vartan following the verdict.

“I would like to thank the entire community for helping out to this point, both in Ruchniyos and in Gashmiyos,” Rabbi Eisemann said. “I cannot be more thankful to all the people who davened, made kaballos, said brachos, donated, and were nosei ba’ol. May Hashem repay you all.”


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  1. Brilliant move to post this headline before they announced all the counts. He was unfortunately found guilty on a number of more charges. TLS stop with the fake news.

    • Sam, You don’t know the news because you probably read AAP Fake News. He was found Guilty on charges that hinge on the charges he was not guilty of. Since money was not stolen, there is no money laundering (count 3), and if there is no crime, you can not be convicted of corruption (count 5). My info comes from an insider who was at the courtroom

    • he will not get close to 3-5 years as a first time offender and with all the people that will come to testify on his behalf at sentencing. he has more of a chance of getting no jail time then getting 3-5 years

          • The penalty for money laundering over $75,000 is up to 5-10 years. Penalty for misconduct by a corporate official is up to 10 years. Burying your head in the sand and wrongly attacking me for simply providing information (which you’re badly in need of, apparently) isn’t going to change that.

  2. Don’t celebrate yet. There is a lot to sort out, such as what sentencing would be, whether any jail time, amount of fines, whether he will be barred from working at SCHI, etc.

    Of course, he also has the right to appeal the 2 guilty verdicts, which may result in 1 or both being overturned.

    It is still not a great day when a prominent Orthodox Jew is convicted of money laundering and misconduct. You can be sure that sonei Yisroel will still make great hay out of the guilty verdicts.

    This has nothing to do with whether we should be grateful to Hashem for the Not Guilty verdicts. Let’s keep davening, learning and doing gemilas chasodim in Rabbi Eisemann’s zechus that he should yet be cleared of everything and not suffer any more.

  3. @In the know
    Thankfully, you have no idea of what you speak. Plz dont be Poseach Peh. Always better you shouldn’t talk. I would say more, in a sharper tone, but this is a family forum.

    BH R’ Osher was found not guilty on the most severe charges.

  4. I’m crying watching the video of him crying and saying tehillim as they read the verdict and kept refreshing my page. Poor Rabbi E. My heart and tefillos are with you. Wonder what kabalos we can do for his zechus.

  5. please stop posting these stupid stupid comments. Hooray!! what hooray?
    shame on you TLC. the article should have been “unfortanally is was found guilt on 2 counts… and hopefully they can be appealed. at the same time we are grateful to Hashem that wasn’t found guilty on the other ..


    • We are happy because he was found not guilty of any crime. As mentioned in the article (perhaps you posted your comment before the update), charges 3 – money laundering – and 5 – corruption of a public official – really don’t stand on their own. If there was no crime committed then where is the money laundering, i.e. cover up of a crime, or corruption – you can’t charge corruption if there was no crime committed. Those are likely to be overturned on appeal. So as it stands it is very positive and hopeful news indeed!

      • He absolutely was found guilty of 2 crimes. You are simply repeating a defense argument that those two verdicts are inconsistent with acquittals on the other charges. Hopefully, that argument will be successful when the defense brings their motion. Right now, he has two guilty verdicts and there’s no sense pretending otherwise.

          • The feds threw out the case before it went to the state. it is surprising that the state didn’t throw it out. anyone who thinks Rabbi Eiseman is guilty of anything is a victim of AAP fake news indoctrination

          • It sounds like you are hoping the Feds file charges. That’s what I don’t get. Do people want justice, or did they decide he was guilty of everything from the first moment and hope the worst will happen to him?

  6. Let’s calm down all emotional attacking each other… we are all excited for the good in the news and still need to continue Davening for the other charges… everyone is happy and there is no gain attacking each other’s comments (even if you feel someone brought out the point in a way a little different than what you would have written…)

  7. The second audio above is VITALLY IMPORTANT. The lead defense counsel explains the essential point that Rabbi Eisemann has already been vindicated against any claim that he stole money from the school or any government money and explains how the guilty verdicts are fundamentally flawed. I recommend everyone listen carefully to that audio.

  8. So….If anyone wants to get a perfect example of what One sided, biased Fake News is, you MUST see the Asbury Park Press Headline. It says the following: “Lakewood SCHI scool Guilty On Two Counts”. No mention on the front page that he was acquitted on the Serious charges. What terrible, biased journalism! Do you new see why the APP is Fake News?

  9. Reality check this was never about him write people out there who would like to investigate each and every dictation in Lakewood sadly this gives them a lot of satisfaction and confidence to continue their attack . Prosecutors look to public opinion when making decisions whether to investigate or prosecute ,this conviction is a terrible stain on Lakewood’s reputation . A sad day for Lakewood

  10. Reality check this was never about him there are people out there who would like to investigate each and every institution in Lakewood sadly this gives them a lot of satisfaction and confidence to continue their attack . Prosecutors look to public opinion when making decisions whether to investigate or prosecute ,this conviction is a terrible stain on Lakewood’s reputation . A sad day for Lakewood

    • “Community minded says”:

      Thank you for being honest. Yes, he was acquitted on the more serious crimes.

      However, guilty verdicts on money-laundering and corporate misconduct are not to be taken lightly.

      And, despite Lee Vartan’s post-verdict gabble, it is possible that the money-laundering charge could become a Federal jurisdictional case.

  11. A few weeks before the Trial R Osher Eisenman flew to Eretz Yisroel flew to Eretz Yisroel and asked Rav Chaim Kanievsky if he should take a Plea bargain. Rav Chaim said no (It is also possible that Rav Chaim told him he would win the case)

  12. If there’s a non guilty verdict on counts 1,2, & 4, he must be vindicated on count 3 as well. Count 3 which is NJ code section 2c: 21-25 is the only count of which does not pertain to public funds. However in this case there was no violation of this code pertaining to private funds. The prosecutors claim were that they were public funds. Being that the counts 1,2, & 4 were all vindicated, then there’s no basis to maintain it was public funds. Simple as that. Once count 3 is rescinded, there’s no crime that was committed, and count 5 has falls out as well.
    The only argument that can be made, is to maintain it being public funds, and stil explain why count 1,2, & 4 were found not guilty. Pretty weak argument. Go figure. Let’s hope the motion goes thru at this court, without it having to go to an appellate court.

  13. Don’t think the sonei Yisroel are humbled. They are out to get us whichever way they can. We must continue davening for the complete yeshuah. We also need to be careful not to give them an excuse to express their true hatred of us. This tzora has led to renewed achdus amongst us which we should continue to work on.

  14. i am so so so happy – finally there’s justice that we can see. i keep davening for him all the time.
    may this be the beginning of all good news all around for klal yisroel which will finally brin the redemption we are platzing for….

  15. Chasdei HaShem!

    Even though R’Osher was found guilty on 2 of the charges, the guilty verdicts should easily be overturned in the appellate court. SCHI is a wonderful, caring organization that does great work, and with Hashem’s help, Rav Eisemann will be free to keep running SCHI. We must continue to daven!

  16. Just want to point out that it’s easy to sit on website comments sections with commentary on yes guilty, not guilty, yes launder, no crime — but if you have any experience in running a big institution or business (or a medium-sized one!), or in bookkeeping for such an institution or business, you will know that there are hundreds or thousands of i’s to dot and t’s to cross every day or week, and it’s easy for commenters to say “fraud!” and “thief!” and “lie!” but until you’ve sat over complex forms or reports for hours and done them once twice and thrice and the figures don’t match up, and you put it aside and do it again after a break, and you finally get it to work….. you can see where it is so easy to miss something here and mess something there. Despite our best efforts and 21st century technology we’re all not perfect, so no need to sit back and armchair-accuse when in fancy language it all sounds so EVIL but really if you think about it, mistakes can and do happen anywhere, and even when someone is ‘found guilty’ and even if it’s based on accurate info, it can be just one or more mistakes or mishaps which are obviously still not right but definitely not as evil as the peanut gallery tends to think and say! Not involved in this case at all, just sayin’…..

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