BREAKING: Police Investigating Apparent Home Invasion Homicide in Lakewood (VIDEO)

lpd crime scene.JPG 2 tlsA person has been found dead in his Lakewood home this evening, in what appears to be the result of a home invasion, TLS has learned.

Police say family members didn’t hear from the man in several days and went to check on him – that’s when they made the gruesome discovery.

It appears the home invader forced his way into the Raintree area home through a rear window, and then killed the resident, police tell TLS, though details are still unfolding.

homicide scene tlsCSI and Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes units are assisting Lakewood in the investigation.



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  1. Why don’t you provide the location or neighborhood. More details so that we might assess the relevance of the happening. From this report we sadly know nothing but enough to be frightened.

    Thank you

  2. First burglaries and now as the criminals get bolder we have home invasions, armed holdups and now an apparent murder. I’m sorry as much as I respect our law enforcement officers; clearly not enough is being done here. The silence of our elected officials on this crime spree is absolutely deafening as well.

  3. Several days ?! It took them several days to realize this ?! That’s terrible. Folks – check on ur friends, relatives that are living alone early and often. And TLS can’t provide location and details till those are cleared by LPD, OCPD & CIU.

  4. This is sickening already. The crime just seems to be getting worse and worse and apparently not enough is being done to stop it. Burglaries, “home invasions”, armed holdups…… But make sure you don’t park your car 24 feet from an intersection, they’ll surely get you there. I never knock the police but why has no progress been made on this??

    I’m afraid this town’s leadership is focused on the wrong things- building more houses, raising property taxes and most importantly; eliminating courtesy bussing, the evil of all evils.

    If you can’t solve the crimes, it’s time to bring the state police in. It’s a war zone here in Lakewood.

  5. The hect with “every Jew a 22”, I’m happy I bought a 45 . If people start understanding that if they break into our homes more often than not they will come face to face with steel than lakewood will get very quiet very soon

  6. Yes , several days some people aren’t home and leave town .so, this is a terrible situation prayers to the Family I can’t believe they are going through this . P.S The location clearly tells you Raintree

  7. Can tls please add the location as an update so that every article doesn’t have to have comments of “the location clearly tells you Raintree”. Don’t include it in the original text. It should be separate and notated that it was updated.

  8. Guns guns and more guns!!!!!!!!!
    Arm the people and the criminals will flee

    Its a fact that in areas were gun laws are lax crime rates drop

    The criminals are getting guns regardless its time to level the playing field……..

  9. in one out of town community the police hired someone from the in the “hood” and were able to lower these types of crimes significantly bec. most times they could figure out who it was!! just an idea

  10. TO those that want more police in here are missing the point..there are tons of police out both day and night..they can not be everywhere all at the same time, and blaming them is not going to help with anything. They need your help too..if you see something SAY something.dont wait till you get home or 12 hrs it when you see it..12 hrs later maybe 12 hrs too late. Please help the LPD Help you

  11. JoeMoe, what does building houses, raising property taxes and eliminating courtesy busing have anything to do with Police work in this town??? And guess what just because it isn’t a major crime, parking too close to a stop sign or an intersection is STILL ILLEGAL, so they are doing their job, maybe if you obeyed the law and parked where you were supposed to you wouldn’t be complaining about it!

  12. To #17

    Guess what- I do not EVER park in such spots and attempt to obey every traffic law. I have not received a traffic violation in approx. 8 years so there you go. Stop mouthing off just because I made a point and referenced traffic enforcement. All I was trying to say is that I believe focus is on the wrong areas in too great a way. It is intolerable that town residents cannot go to sleep at night feeling SOMEWHAT secure. It is a few months already and , at least on the surface, there doesn’t seem to be any progress in stopping the burglaries and “home invasions”, it only seems to be getting worse. Hence the frustration.

    It has a lot to do with it. A municipality has many functions to it, but it seems the focus is on the things I mentioned. Just like busing costs money, so does good police work. As I said earlier; I never knock the police but it almost seems like this is becoming the new Lakewood and the new realities. When there is a situation like what we see recently, where crime is not only rampant but is getting more dangerous and crooks getting bolder and bolder, I would think that EVERY SINGLE resource be used to solve the problem. My point was, and is, that town leadership only seems to go up in arms over “important” subjects and this may not be so important.

  13. Joe moe,

    Well said in a very fair and respectful way. You are voicing what needs to be changed and I agree with everything u say.

    The police is amazing and we appreciate all the work they do. But it just like we hear in the current presidential elections, all we want right now is SAFTEY FIRST. While being on top of the parking situation is important, it and everything else, comes 2nd on the list.

  14. Little do you know much is being done to find people comitting the crimes. But if youve been breaking the law for years and are now getting ticketed. Are you really in the right? No. LPD works hard regardless of what people think. Keep up the great work

  15. The “New” Lakewood lol, you must not originally be from Lakewood, Lakewood has ALWAYS had violence and murders, it used to be one of the most dangerous towns in the state, I have lived here my entire life over 35 years and even though the dangerous crimes have gotten a lot better the parking and building has gotten out of control. Maybe if the police didn’t have to worry so much about the illegal parking and all the other petty things in town then they would be able to put all their resources on just major crime but unfortunately that will NEVER happen. Even though the parking issues may seem petty it can cause a very serious situation. And guess what i’ll “mouth off” all I want, you voiced your opinion now I’m voicing mine and if you don’t like that too bad.

  16. To #21 “To JoeMoe”

    No I am not originally from Lakewood but I am here 15 years and I don’t recall armed home invasions and such a high rate of burglaries like today. It used to be (at least what I know) that burglaries were mostly confined to people who foolishly left doors or windows unlocked. I know Lakewood used to be very dangerous but that was many many years ago. You and I know the true reason why Lakewood changed in that respect- because WE, the Orthodox Jewish community, for the most part, don’t use drugs and are not involved in violence. This is not just me talking. I was once in the Home Depot in Neptune the day after a kid was shot and murdered in high school. I commented to the man assisting me how retarded it is for such a thing to happen. Realizing I wasn’t from around there, he asked where I live. I said Lakewood, he said oh, you people turned that town around. He mentioned that you couldn’t safely drive down certain streets, the violence was so rampant.

    So, as you yell about parking and building- just realize it is the very same people who bring about such a decrease in violent crime, which even you acknowledge. I too think the building in this town is insane, I too think the driving in this town is insane, but we are a peaceful community at the end of the day.

    I stand by my earlier comment that I don’t see our town leadership standing up and saying THIS MUST STOP NOW! The only thing I would change, is that perhaps my criticism came across on the police dept itself. I would say I didn’t mean it that way. I highly respect our police dept, I really do. I am not saying it because you’re challenging me. They do a superb job in a diverse town like ours, we all it firsthand constantly. But I think if they are lacking the resources, manpower or other means to solve these crimes, then state police, or other appropriate resources need to be brought in. It is intolerable to live like this. I don’t see the town leadership making this as important as it should be.

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