BREAKING: Over 100 Lakewood Yeshiva Bachurim Home Sick with “Strange” Virus

Over 100 Lakewood Yeshiva Bachurim from various Mesivtas throughout Lakewood are home with what doctors say appears to be a strange virus.

Sources tell TLS multiple Mesivtas have nearly 50 Bachurim each home sick with the virus.

“My son is in one of these Mesivtas and the doctor could not diagnose what type of virus this is,” one parent told TLS. Another parent tells TLS his son had flu-like symptoms, but broke out with a strange rash as well. Parents of multiple students also say some symptoms appeared to be flu-like symptoms, but it is not the flu.

Parents also say the Bachurim tested negative for Covid.

The Bachurim reportedly began feeling ill last Thursday, and remain bedridden today with fever, headaches, weakness and other symptoms.

Interestingly, many Bachurim in Eretz Yisroel have been experiencing similar symptoms, and yesterday, a Psak was issued by Harav Yitzchok Zilberstein that the Yeshivas should serve meals on Asara B’Teves.

בתחילת השבוע נחשף לראשונה ב’המחדש’ כי נגיף מוזר הדומה לשפעת מתפשט בעולם הישיבות וישנם אלפי חולים שחשים בחולשה, חום גבוה ועוד תסמינים בולטים שמאפיינים את כולם.

השיא היה בישיבת ‘תורה בתפארתה’ שם חלו כ-240 תלמידים רובם כבר הבריאו וחזרו לאיתנם הראשון בחסדי שמים המרובים.

הבוקר חושף ‘המחדש’ כי לראשונה בצום עשרה בטבת שחל אתמול הוגשו ארוחות מלאות בישיבות וזאת לאחר פסק של חבר מועצגה”ת הגר”י זילברשטיין שפסק כי כל בחור שחש בצום חולשה יותר מהרגיל בצומות אחרים אף אם אין לו חום ואין לו תסמינים אחרים – שיאכל ישתה ולא יצום.

מהסיבה הזו ובשל הפסק הזה, ולאור העובדה שבישיבות יש הפעם מאות חולים בו זמנית – הוגשו בכמה ישיבות גדולות ארוחות ביום הצום.

“בדרך כלל מי שחולה קונה לעצמו אוכל ואוכל בצנעה, הפעם שרבים רבים חלו המטבח הוציא מנות שנאכלו בחדרי הפנימיה” סיפר אחד התלמידים.

One Lakewood Yeshivah, due to most of the Shiur missing, has been sending out the Shiur via email.

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  1. My son has what seems to be the same thing in elementary school and many boys in his class are also sick
    They should all have a refuah shelaima

  2. My son, who was bedridden and really unwell, tested positive for the flu, as did numerous other bachurim/girls/families in our area. The flu is spreading everywhere like wildfire. Refuah sheleima to all!

  3. The flu is going around many Yeshivos, including BMG. My husband tested positive and has been sick in bed for a few days. When he went to get tested, the urgent care center was packed with people testing for flu and later when I went to a different urgent care, same story.
    Please get your flu shot it you haven’t yet. It’s very much worth taking it and not being so sick.

  4. Could we learn from this, at least for the 6 month and above, that we are playing with Yiddishe kinder’s lives, and quality of life?
    Stop vaccinating children.
    Anyone healthy under 50 has a 99.97% chance of survival with nothing!
    Take Vitamin D3 5,000 and your G- supplied immune system will be even better off!.

      • Thank you for this advise. I totally agree with you and appreciate your intelligent comment unlike others that have no medical knowledge but post ignorance.

      • Use Frum md ‘proven’ treatment to treat common cold, diphtheria, cancer, emphysema, Alzheimers and annoying wives.
        No harm and it will cure them.

        You don’t even have to take the cure. You can just think about taking it and that is enough.

  5. I’m not a doctor but I have heard from an expert in South Africa that the covid tests might not detect the omnicron variant until after 24 hours. So it is possible that some may be testing too early?

  6. It’s the flu! My son is in one of these mesivtos where tons of boys were home sick. My son tested negative to the rapid flu test, but got a positive from the overnight test. It’s extremely catchy this year!

  7. My boys tested negative for flu and negative for covid and no I did not test too early. They were sick for 3 days before I tested. There is def something going around that is not testing positive for flu or covid.

  8. A big part of the symptoms is excessive coughing.
    I believe that it’s from all the inhaling of the “e cig”. No-one knows what kind of garbage is inserted in these pieces of plastic made in China.
    This is a pandemic that MUST be stopped!
    I always tell mu bochurim ” it’s like inhaling the wire of a phone charger while it’s plugged into the wall”

  9. I have a son in Lakewood that was out and another in E”Y out sick. Was wondering if they caught it from each other as neither one was wearing a mask?

  10. My son tested positive for the flu.
    My daughter in E”Y is sick together with her whole seminary. But she cannot get tested for the flu because Israel as a socialist state has a health care system that is incapable of focusing on anything but Covid.

  11. Stop fear mongering. They are all testing positive for flu. Maybe ask a doctor for comment instead of posting ominous sounding rumors to increase clicks.

  12. I myself, an adult, have been sick with flu like symptoms since Sunday. I have tested for strep flu and covid 3 times. All came back negative. Doctor says there’s a virus going around mimicking the flu. Most probably that is what I have.
    Let me let you in on a little secret…’s winter…..people get sick with flu and other viruses. And yes they are usually contagious
    So if you are sick or your children are sick keep them and yourself home!

  13. Masks would prevent this from spreading.
    Masks help against Covid, but really do well to prevent the flu which why during Covid last year when most of the country was wearing masks there was absolutley no flu.

    • Sadly our medical community only can parrot the words of the CDC and think for themselves – either out of naivety or fear of losing license.
      The good news is that our health is in OUR hands and not theirs. It’s really quite simple. A virus ONLY leaves the body when the immune system fights it and wins. So what’s the cure and prevention? BUILD UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM! How? See Dr. Zelenko above! A fearless doctor that actually thinks for himself independant of the CDC.

  14. This happens every single year it’s called the flu it’s just in the new covid era that every time people are not feeling okay it’s made the news……

  15. Replying to Comment By “Yisroel” did you study in medical school for at least 2 years ??? so then stop commenting falsie information you especially if you don’t know what in the Heavens name you talking about!!! Stop spreading fake advice !

    • Why don’t you ask your doctor how many hours did you learn in your four years of medical school about vaccine reactions? How many hours did you learn about how to build your immune system? How many hours did you learn about nutrition and health? How is that most your time was learning on how to prescribe medication and their interactions? I guess it’s called practicing “medicine” for a reason……

  16. Over 800,000 have already left us. Mashiach now! Please Hashem, we are desperate. Heal us and we shall be healed. Thats the only way. Daven with kavana. Comprehend every syllable. Pronounce them carefully and slowly. This is a raging war between good and evil.

  17. And jimmy hoffa killed jfk together with Ted Cruz’s father and lee Harvey Oswald while jeffry Epstein really hired them, also man never landed on the moon, as it was staged to fool Russia and bush caused 9/11……..

  18. Officially the FLU is spreading like wild fire among us here in Israel who doesn’t have a test for the flu. the reason for this out break according to icdc is because everyone’s sick of the word Vaccine so now one bothered taking the flu vaccine which is y its going around and the symptoms are very similar to covid.
    Rephua Shelama to all the sick ones

  19. Each of you has something you must do to send COVID-19. Look at the truth. The real you. What trait do you most need to fix? What person did you treat so poorly that Hashem had no choice but to give you this wake up call? You can fix it all when you fix yourself. Hashem helps those who help themselves.

  20. It’s the flu I just had it

    According to the CDC the mutation spreading around right now is Influenza A (H3N2) which is a pretty nasty version of the flu

    If you take tamiflu right when symptoms start or even as a proflaptic if you were exposed your symptoms should be much milder

  21. Wake up and smell the coffee and taste the donuts. What? You can’t smell or taste? At least you woke up again, IYH ’til 120.

    Modeh Ani Lefanecha. Daven the morning brochos like there’s no tomorrow.

  22. As far as I know, there is no data showing increased hospitalizations. So let’s not panic and just try to stay safe and healthy. Eat well, sleep well, exercise, AND take your flu shot.

    Most importantly – Torah meigin umatzil.

  23. Thank you Estee for suggesting why the flu might be so widespread this year. That makes sense – that noone bothered with the flu vaccine bec the focus was on the covid vaccine. And that the strain that’s going around is particularly bad. It also seems to be particularly contagious.

  24. Can I get a prophylactic for inhaling the wire of a phone charger while it’s plugged into the wall? Please doc? Wondering what it is like to inhale charger?! Being as I’ve never tried an e cig…

  25. It probably has to do with the planes spraying sunblock all over Lakewood. My uncle is a md and he said it will probably cause everything to have a metallic taste. The best protection is to put tin foil on your walls and wear a pot on your head when you are outdoors

  26. Being that they came out that they got this years flu shot wrong that could be a great indicator as to why so many people are getting sick….

  27. There is a strain of fibrosis cyanide found in the red lyma bean (Phasolus lunatus), the main ingredient in cholent mix that has studies which linked it to a rare form of influenza virolis, a particularly dangerous form of the flu. When exposed to certain contrails, most notably venhafoch Hu, it can cause these flu like symptoms in bachurim.
    A Frelilachen Purim.

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