BREAKING NEWS: School Bus Overturns, Young Girl Pinned Under Bus, Kallah Extricated From Vehicle

BREAKING NEWS: [UPDATED] [PHOTOS & VIDEO] [UPDATED Tues. 8:25 AM] A school bus driving in the area of County Line and Monmouth has overturned in an MVA. The bus which was not transporting children at the time, collided with a Honda Car, and then fell on its side.

A bicyclist riding on the sidewalk, a young girl, was pinned under the bus when it fell on its side.

The bus had just finished its run, dropping off the last child on the bus moments earlier.

In the Honda, a Chosson and Kallah just engaged, were pinned inside and were extricated from the vehicle.

The young girl and the Kallah were flown by helicopter to Jersey Shore Medical Center in serious condition.  

The Chosson was transported to KMC with non life-threatening injuries, and the bus driver managed to escape through the bus roof.

CIU, Prosecutor’s Office and Traffic & Safety are investigating the incident.

See also video here of the bus being turned back over.

UPDATE: Please take a moment to be Mispallel for Chaya Sara Bas Chava Breindel.

UPDATE 8:25 AM: Sources tell TLS the Kallah remains in serious but stable condition at this time. The condition of the young girl who was pinned underneath the bus, is unknown.

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  1. I was just watching channel 7 news and saw pictures of the bus and the car unbelieveable. I hope everyone is o.k. their wereno children on the bus, and i hope the people in the car are o.k pray for everyone

  2. it looked like an STA bus. and from what i understand from the news report there were no children on the bus a the time of the accident. pray that everyone is o.k

  3. Yes this is horriable , Sure hope and pray everyone involved is going to be ok . Just let my last stop off there a minute before it, it could have been any one of us !!!! No matter how long or how experinenced you are it happens so fast and it Dont have to be your Fault. Another words THIS IS WHY WE TRY TO TEACH THE CHILDREN THE IMPORTANCE OF SITTING DOWN AND TO LISTEN TO YOUR DRIVER !!!!!

  4. i was there the driver of the car a choson with his kallah in the car drove (moderated), the bus was b”h empty after making the last stop on Harvard st swerved and flipped over, hitting a Latin girl riding a bike, the driver of the bus made it out b”h unhurt, the driver of the car the chosson is a little cut the Kallah needs Rachmai Shamaim. thanks to hatzolah and the Gelblachs brothers and the rest of the guys who cut the car open they took her out alive,



  5. I always try to tell my kids to sit in the car or on the school bus, saftey first, I hope everyone is ok.

  6. Relax everybody Lakewood, NJ have horrible drivers and it unnecessary
    To know which Bus Company it is. Just we need pray for those who got hurt. That all please don’t worry who they were or what happen that Police Problemand your Job is to relax and pray for the injured one.

  7. Yes it is bad, and i pray that all involved are ok. Lakewood community please watch as we have to watch. We can only do are part. You have to do yours. It takes both of us to work together to get ur kids to and from school safely

  8. I am sorry not everyone is bad driver and thing do happen by accident but we should”t worry who are the people the Lakewood sccop doesn’t want to embrass the people or company. So please don’t worry

  9. WHY DOES IT MATTER WHAT COMPANY?? are you trying to spread lashon hara??? It will happen to whoever Hashem has planned it for.

  10. hold on a second. mr bus driver what do u mean when you say the importance of sitting down and listening to your driver? i know what it means, but there were no children on the bus. so what does that have to do with anything?

  11. What difference does it make which bus company it was? All that matters is that the injured people should have a refuah sheleima.

  12. Don’t try to drive in such a hurry and cut in front of a bus or any other vehicle in front of you. Take your time and chill. Don’t be in a hurry to get into an accident, it’s better to be late than sorry.

  13. The bus driver is my son’s driver and is the most responsible driver any of my kids ever had. He is the kindest and most careful driver and I am sorry for any grief he now has to endure.

  14. I hope that those who were involved in the accident have a speeedy recovery.

    Must be thankful that there were no children on the bus. Which brings me to this topic, I see TOO MANY CHILDREN Standing up, i ask anyone who in the future that sees this, to call the bus co, and the bus no. report this immediately, these are your children.

  15. Altho we r all unsure & unclear bout the exact happenin… Read what ‘shocked’ wrote.. ‘Shocked’ was there at the scene… According to the comment- it wasn’t neccesarily the buss’s fault! Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t want to point any negative on anyone! But the fact is- wen hashem feels we r sorta 4getting him… He kinda getz us bak by sendin us a reminder.. This is quite harsh! We need to pray & take sumthin upon ourselves! OPEN UP UR EYES!!!!! This didn’t just happen cuz of dangerous driving! May mashiach come in our times.

  16. The following was taken from‘s daily email. Perhaps we can all work on this as a zechus for ALL the Tzaros that we are seeing lately to finally stop:

    EVERY single Jew stood at Har Sinai 3,323 years ago.

    EVERY single Jew.

    Hashem gave the holy Torah to EVERY single Jew.

    Hashem proclaimed His love for EVERY single Jew.

    Every Jew is a child of Hashem

    “בנים אתם לד’ אלקיכם”


    In just a few weeks we will celebrate the anniversary of that great and awesome day in history.

    Between now and Shavuos, Let’s show Hashem that we will emulate Him and start loving EVERY single Jew.

    Yes, even the ones that don’t dress as we do.

    Yes, even the ones that don’t think as we do.

    Yes, even the ones that are not yet as close to Hashem as we think they should be.

    Yes, even the ones that don’t love us in return.

    EVERY Jew is a child of Hashem.

    EVERY single one.

    Like One Man, with One Heart.

    כאיש אחד בלב אחד

    Perhaps if we all demonstrate our love for each other, we will finally merit seeing the glory of Hashem in a way that will make the revelation of 3,323 years ago pale in comparison.


  17. Why does everyone always have to jump to judge others? There is no reason to publicize exactly what happened-there’s no toeles in it, instead go say tehillim, and daven that the kallah should be okay. We can’t control what happened, but we could impact what the final result may be. Daven, and beseech Hakadosh Baruch Hu for Rachamei Shamayim! May she have a speedy and complete recovery!

  18. The only good reason to discuss the details is to remind others that speeding, overtaking unsafely, etc can really have horrible results. Discussing the details can in that way be an encouragement to safer driving habits. very advanced biblical scholars remember this from rashi’s comments at the beginning of pasrhas Acharei Mos.

  19. Does anyone have any updates on the kallah and the little girl cyclist pinned under the bus how’s their condition…please keep us updated..besuros tovos!

  20. Maybe we can find that this was a simple accident that created such a domino effect.

    Let’s say the driver was originally trying to make a left turn and therefore was in the median, for some reason he realized he was turning wrong as he was unfamiliar with the area. He therefore proceeded to get back into the lane continuing forward and did not realize the bus was literally there ( in his blind spot). All of a sudden the bus impacts the passenger side of the car entrapping both occupants. From impact the bus loses balance and tips over on the person riding the bike.

    This is very possibile and tragic. Its an accident and unfortunately people are seriously injured. I doubt and hope that no one is actualy guilty. Drugs and alcohol are not part of the picture.

    Lets hope lpd and oc sherriff don’t start pressing charges……
    This was am unfortunate set of events within seconds.

  21. Reporting from the scene

    The car tried to make a left turn onto County Line ahead of the bus (or maybe he missed the stop sign – difficult stop sign for a non Lakewood driver). subsequently crashing onto the left side on an angle, where some of the hood of the car went under the bus, the moving bus drove onto the hood and flipped over onto its side. The passenger’s side was closest to the wheels and the side wall of the bus of the bus.

  22. We all do stupid things behind the wheel every once in awhile, perhaps now is the time to thank H’ that he protected us from ourselves shoin ain mol, and we besiege H’ to continue to protect us and watch over us. May the injured have a
    Speedy recovery and complete refua shlaima. And may we all be extra careful moving forward.

  23. I know this bus driver personally, Im shocked…. hes the most careful and safe bus driver ever, I feel bad he of all drivers was put in such a horrible situation.

  24. To #28 relax all I was saying is I know there were no kids onn the bus,thank god for that or whom ever you choose to believe in,because had there been children on that bus we would have had some severe injurys. You show me one bus that drives in lakewood with the children all sitting down and I. Will show you a hundred drivers who get tired of hearing themselves every two seconds to tell the kids to sit down., just trying to get your children to and from school safely . So parents please help us and your children so we can pay attention to our driving instead of watching the zoo on the buses 🙂

  25. This is my sons driver he is the most careing trustworthy careful bus driver i have yet seen (for all those commenting on how lakewooders drive- hes an out of towner new to this town) hope he doesnt lose faith in driving we NEED such bus drivers for our precious children.

  26. special thanks to the LFA squad (all the guys in those puffy suits and rubber boots) who did the extrication. They are always there when in need and help out with a smile.

  27. Anyone else think it’s about time for monmouth and Lexington to have lights by countyline road???I had a serious accident at both of those corners.I avoid them at all costs, and when I land up there I daven and spend extra time being superrr careful.yes,out of towners miss loads of our stop signs.I don’t blame them. (Of course SoMe out of towners are a bit neurotic and stop at every corner on lexington which could cause accidents too…) Anyways I’d love to see some traffic lights installed at those two dangerous corners.soon.before more and more people needa suffer. May Hashem send the injured people refuah shelaima!

  28. TO #50: Perhaps it would be a better idea to beseech Hashem, rather than besiege Hashem. A little humility can go a long way-with Hashem and with people.

  29. This driver transports my children to and from cheder every day. he is very patient and responsible. My children always tell me how makpid he is that everyone should sit. We hope and daven that all injured have a refuah shelaima bimheira.

  30. This happens all the time becuase people are always in a rush. We all need to slow down and be aware of the outcome. Plain and simple

  31. The hispanic woman on a bike is in a Coma. She is not a ‘girl’ as previously reported and was not wearing a helmet (not placing blame, just making a point). She also suffered severe leg injuries



  33. Although we do not know why specifically different tzaros come upon us we must be honest and open to what gedolim have been telling us unendingly. Tzenius and torah are what protect Am Yisroel. The Shechina gets pushed out from our midsts when there is a lack of these. Who knows why such a special girl was hurt so critically right after she got engaged. ( i know her personally) But we can do little things to ward off these tzaros.Tha satmar rebba zy’a used to cry bitter tears and say ‘How many of the tzaros we have today we could have avoided with being better yidden’. Please. Every little action is a gevaldigeh zahc in shamayim…besuros tovos.

  34. Judging from the pictures and videos, neither explanation of the accident supplied in previous comments appears to be correct, since the major damage to the vehicle is on the right passenger side. My guess would be that the driver of the passenger car found himself in a left-turn only lane and attempted to return to a central or right lane in front of the bus. Readers should be aware that changing lanes under any circumstances significantly increases your chances of a crash (by approximately 300%, according to statistics I have read), and that if you must, you are safest slowing down (using your brakes so that brake lights are visible to cars behind you) and changing lanes when there is plenty of room. Whether or not it was the cause of the crash, speeding up to change lanes is extremely risky. Rather than an additional traffic light, signs warning of restricted lanes placed farther back from the intersection would reduce the incidence of that type of accident.

    Derech agav, does anyone know anything about an accident late last night on New Hampshire Ave. just north of the Toms River line?

  35. Lakewood EMS did a wonderful job. These professionals worked very well with the Volunteer First Aid Squad and Hatzolah. Keep up the good work everyone.

  36. #62. Wow even though you say you don’t know specifically why this happened you still have some ideas. Like Tznas Ect. Let me tell you NO ONE knows why this happened and to even suggest that it is because of Tznis can border being a Navi sheker. We should all better ourselves as a sechus for a repuah shlama for Chaya Sarah Bas Chava Breindel

  37. Whether or not the description of the accident in #49 is correct, I see too often motorists who barely stop @ a stop signs.
    As a reminder: COME TO A FULL STOP. COUNT ONE, TWO, THREE. Go when it’s safe.

  38. This is a serious accident and a reminder to all of us to do teshuva and daven hard for the Choleh and for all those involved to get over it emotionally. My son was on this bus a few moments before and this is the most responsible driver ever!! (I take this as a self reminder to improve my deeds.) I hope he gets the courage to continue his special work of bringing and taking our children home from their day of learning.

  39. School Teacher, you are absolutely right, a little humility does go along way. Too often people forget that GOD is greater than everyone and everything. It dosen’t matter how the accident happened or what the name of the bus company is, what matters is that someone was critically hurt and needs all the prayers they can get. Praying for her speedy recovery!!!!

  40. crazy aint it? follow @lakewoodscoop on twitter so u can ALL o down 2 the action and u wont have the problems of geting the story wrong once again follow @lakewoodscoop

  41. Wow that is crazy I really pray 4 everyone who was envoled & for the young girl who’s condittion still remains anonamouse

  42. She is not a ‘girl’ as previously reported and was not wearing a helmet

    Uh huh, a bike helmet could certainly prove helpful when a bus falls on your head.

    Anyone else think it’s about time for monmouth and Lexington to have lights by countyline road???I had a serious accident at both of those corners.

    No, I don’t think we need more lights on County Line. There are quite enough already, thank you. Try driving a bit more carefully.

  43. She is still in a Coma. She needs our tefilos, not our endless speculation about cause of accident,name of bus, lack of lights, color of road, deciphering of status of girl on the bike or any other useless chatter. pray people, pray.

  44. the choftz chaim in a famous maymer says that one of the reasons for our tzaros is because of lack of tznius. this has nothing to do with love your fellow jew we must all adhere to the torah. when one does not all of klal yisrael is endanger and the torah comunity of lakewood we should make sure everone understands this. by the way the chofetz chaim had ruach hakodesh and came from daas torah and there are plenty if more sources on the importance of tznius. everyone can change this horrible situation in town and we must to zoche to have the shichna amongst us and be worthy of hashems protection may they have a refuah shlaima

  45. The bus fell on her feet – not on her head. Had she been wearing a helmet, it could’ve possibly helped the impact to her head on the fall to the ground.

  46. we have to be makpid not to talk shutsim when a person is in a eis tzuro. a kapital thelim is the best venue.

  47. The bus fell on her feet – not on her head. Had she been wearing a helmet, it could’ve possibly helped the impact to her head on the fall to the ground.

    You’re right. People should wear helmets in case busses fall on their feet. Good thinking!

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