BREAKING NEWS: (VIDEO) Jahmell Crockam Found Guilty Of Murdering Police Officer Chris Matlosz

BREAKING NEWS: FIRST REPORT: [VIDEO – UPDATED 2:55 PM] [ALSO ON VIMEO] Just over two weeks into the trial of the State of New Jersey Vs Jahmell Crockam – the man accused of killing Police Officer Chris Matlosz – the jury has come up with a unanimous verdict. GUILTY!

Crockam was found guilty of gunning down Matlosz in his patrol car, at point-blank range on the afternoon of January 14, 2011.

Crockam was also found guilty on all weapons charges.

The verdict was announced moments ago.

Although a weapon was never recovered, the jury found the overwhelming evidence against Crockam to be enough to find him guilty of the murder of the first degree.

Crockam could have been eligible for the death penalty, but that was abolished by former Governor John Corzine.

Multiple Lakewood Police Officers were on hand as the ruling was read by Judge Daniels, and emotions were running high.

As soon as the verdict was read, social media pages were already flooded with comments of relief by thousands expressing their bittersweet joy as justice was finally met for the man who killed their brother, fiancee co-worker and friend.

“RIP 317” and “Now you can rest peacefully Chris”, “Thank G-D our prayers were answered”, were the expressions of many as the verdict was read.

Crockam, now 20, will be spending the rest of his life behind bars and will not be eligible for parole. TLS.

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  1. Thank you God for hearing our prayers. Rest in Peace Chris. God bought vengence for you and now he will never walk the streets again or hurt anyone else…

  2. Now he can rot in jail…..just wish he could get the death penalty. We should not have to pay for someone who killed a Police Office in the Line Of Duty!!! RIP 317

  3. i feel as though all yall dats sayin he need to rot in jail should rot where ur standing for saying that bcuz everyone makes mistakes not everyones perfect everyone messes up once in there life deep dwn inside crockam is a good boy i grew up wit him nd i kno the real him nd not the person u guys are making him seem to be i love him to death nd im here by his side as a friend reguardless the fact if he did it or not they say he is guilty but there is still no proof so im on his side nd he is not a animal he is a human being just like everybody else u guyz make me sick i love u jahmell crockam imma write u today keep ur head up baby boy

  4. ms block your an (moderated) and you have no idea how to spell to bad there is no death penalty now the tax payers have to pay for him to rot hope he gets killed in jail

  5. Ms Block,
    You are in denial- He took a public servants life!!! Only an ANIMAL would do that! He has no value for human life and in a fair world he should be euthanised!
    RIP 317

  6. MS.BLOCK : you are the exact reason why kids grow up these days with the mentality of killers. You have zero ability to tell the difference between a mistake & cold blodded murder. a mistake is stealing a candy bar. a mistake is not paying a ticket and getting arrested. a mistake is getting into a scuffle and getting into trouble.

    JAHMELL SHOT & KILLED HIS FRIEND AFTER A BOTCHED ROBBERY. HE THEN KNEW HE HAD A WARRANT FOR THAT. HE CARRIED A STOLEN GUN FOR THE INTENT TO KILL A COP. HE THEN SHOT A COP. these are not mistakes. this is the perfect example of the worst form of human life possible.

    I hope to god you never had or have kids. you dont even have the common sense to understand who jahmell is. he killed two people, officers matlosz being one of them. jahmell as well as his uncle are in a gang- DID YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? HIM & HIS (moderated) ARE IN A GANG!! his younger brother threatened to shoot up a school, and too was caught with an illegal gun. HOW CAN YOU STILL HAVE RESPECT FOR THAT FAMILY?
    STARTING FROM THE (moderated), DOWN TO JAHMELL, AND FINISHING WITH THE YOUNGER BROTHER = THEY ARE ALL (moderated)! and to hear you sitting here and still having respect for these people…. tells me you have no more brains than a (moderated).

  7. #12. I honestly don’t get you calling this convicted murderer “baby boy”. People make choices in life. If he chose to walk around with a piece and end the life of a man who was doing his job protecting the public, he is no baby boy. He is a low down heartless person who has no rights as a human being. I hope all his friends learn from him to clean up their lives and just live life the way it’s meant to be, to it’s fullest. Throw away the guns and ammo, love your fellow human being, and if you have beef, work it out like a human being, not like a cowardly animal. A civilian walking around with a gun or other weapon makes him a coward.

  8. Ms. Block – or Blockhead…

    Firstly, you should be tried in a court of law for your spelling and grammar.

    Secondly, it is precisely Mr. Conservative hit the nail on the head – again! No more need be said.

    R.I.P. Office Matlosz! G-d Bless Kelly and your family! Burn in Hades CROTCHAM or Crockham…whatever your name is. Glad you are off our streets. Enjoy prison; I heard they like curly haired-dudes.

  9. Ms. Block first of all did you finish the third grade?? You did not spell one word correctly! If you would like to be taken seriously you should start with either going back to school or at the least use auto correct. Also how would you feel if your best buddy killed someone very close to you would you be saying he’s a good boy and he made a mistake by pulling the trigger of a gun 3 times, I doubt that but maybe your homeboy means more to you then your own family. I hope for your sake the people you are surrounded with will never hurt someone you love. Chris does not have a second chance why should your friend the decisions we make stay with you forever you can not take back what happened he will just have to pay for what he has done. Your little BABY BOY will now have to be a big boy he will not have a gun to hide behind where he is going..
    R.I.P. Chris

  10. Everyone makes mistakes? How many does he get to make? So the other homicide he was charged in was a “mistake” too? Or the other weapons charges awaiting trial, unrelated to this matter are they a “mistake” too. People learn from mistakes, Crockham has learned nothing. He does not have the rest of his life to sit and think about the mistakes he’s made, because in order for some one to think , they need to had a conscious. And Crockham has none. He has devastated so many lives, including that of his young , newborn, child, who he has now deprived of his father. He is a selfish coward.

  11. ms block is messing with all of us. Just to start changing the greatet verdict ever!!!! It seems that it was mispelled for this reason. Also ms block is also spelled wrong. Start saying the letters of the alphabet to ms block. It is wrong and should be pulled.

  12. It would cost us all less money if we could just put this convicted animal to death.

    How many hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) did he cost us already with all the law enforcement efforts leading to his capture and the legal/court (free lawyer, security, etc..) fees the taxpayers are funding?

    I’m not sure how many more YEARS of an expensive lifespan we will now have to pay for on this murderer’s behalf – but I sure hope it won’t be long!!

    (The way I see it Mr. Corzine’s first billion dollar theft of funds wasn’t from MF Global – It was from the people of the State of NJ when he infamously repealed the death penalty and forced his hands into our hard-earned wallets to pay for food, shelter, medical, etc.. for the lowest pieces of human filth which commit the most evil and heinous crimes against mankind)

  13. Justice has finally been served and another low life off the street lakewood still needs some major cleaning up unfortunately people like ms block and their mentality is what is wrong with the town it’s so sad that it was once a beautiful place and now it’s housing cop killers.

  14. Since James is your baby boy, if someone killed HIM, would you be okay with that, since people make mistakes? I DONT THINK SO. Something tells me if someone killed your sweet yummy baby boy James, you would demand justice right? Well guess what, JUSTICE HAS BEEN SERVED!!!!

    So sorry you will not be able to spend more alone time with your sweet baby boy, but I am sure there are other drug using murderes out there who would love for the opportunity for you to love them, until they decide they are bored with you and drop you like a hot plate.

  15. Jahmell, this is yo boy Jayair,

    irregardless of what those folk sitting up in that jury box think, all of us know where you was when the cop died you was minding you own business then you got scarred so you gone to another town

    i knows that we have not spoken thw whole times you in prison in tr but i feel for you maybe i aint a good friend cause i didnt call you but i cared for you tell you lawyer to appeal the case and prove that you wasnt the shooter and if the lakewood police want they can try to find where the real shooter decided the go to since the killing happened last year instead of blaming you and not trying to find out which person it was that really pulled the trigger on tht fateful afternoon

    if they move you to state prison (moderated)

  16. you are wrong again and all racists. he did a very bad thing but he can repent and why do you want him to rot? if he repents and accepts goodnesin his heart he is just as good as you

  17. To #7 How many people are still on death row and have been for years and will be forever before Corizine stopped the death penalty? I am happy that theu found guilty.

  18. Sorry. Make that JUNGLE. I mean to Ms. Block, don’t make much of a difference any way ah spell it. She don’t undertan wha we peepl all jumpin on da poo boy. He grew up an went 2 church. He prayd for peece in da worl. wat can we do, he mad a mistak.

    Guess Officer Matlosz made a mistake too by doing his job that day.

  19. Firstly RIP 317. Secondly are u all that dense? Ms. Block is surely not real and just some lame person looking to be funny. Chill out, ignore them and look at the real situation here. Stop giving them attention they want.

  20. Enough with letting out your frustrations on public forums where some viewers are not from our community. Enough with picking on everyones spelling, and then making spelling mistakes yourself(#15). Please understand where Ms. Block is coming from. If something like this Chas Veshalom happened to a member of our community, and other groups made the same comments I see posted here, our reaction would be just like hers, if not greater. So he shot a cop and was found guilty. That’s the justice system of this great country, the “Goldene Medinah”, where everyone is accepted no matter to who he prays or the color of his skin. The death penalty was abolished, why cry about it, what can you do about it. If you want to “celebrate” the verdict, please do so in a private matter, and not bring problems to Klal Yisroel. Gut Shabbos and B’suros Tovos. RIP 317.

  21. To “You are a racists”:

    Alert! Alert! If it was a piece of white trash that took Officer Matlosz’s life, we would say the same! Rot and rot some more!
    White, yellow, black or red;
    You killed a cop, an innocent man, YOU should be dead!

  22. Jamaica has the right idea when it comes to prison. You’re housed in the same jail cell, in the same police precinct where you are arrested and processed for your crime. You are not let out for one minute from the time of arrest until the judge releases you or your sentence is up, and, if your family or friends do not come every day with food, you starve. you’re crammed in with as many other men as have committed crimes, in one large cage, and there is no protective custody, no single jail cells, and, no walls, only bars. When it rains, you get wet. When the sun shines, you cook. I went on vacation to Jamaica, and asked the local PD in Kingston if they would be kind enough to give me a tour. It was shocking and enlightening at the same time. They definitely have the right idea. Their cell block had only about 20 men in two cages. That was all the prisoners they had in all of Jamaica, with the exception of a few men in a state prison just outside the Capitol for those areas that didnt have a police department.

    This country has gone soft on crime. Punishments need to be something to be feared, not laughed at. There should be no way to “beat the system”. And there definitely needs to be a limit on some of the luxuries offered to criminals. Why the [beep] should my tax dollars pay for them to watch cable and live in air-conditioning? I can’t afford my cable and air-conditioning bill, I sure as [beep] don’t want to pay their bill too.

  23. to all u ppl that think im a joke or just messing wit u guys im really not like i said thats my friend and always will b how do u really kno he did it u dont he is being accused of it so u all wanna say he is bad ppl lie nd fake snitch to get there self out of trouble look at all the ppl that been arrested for murders nd other chargers and been away for yrs and trs nd it comes to the lite that it really wasnt them so hw do u really kno it was him u dnt ur just judging him cuz he been to jail before and it aint right he is a good boy with a good heart he is my (moderated) nd my friend till the day i die nd noone can do or say anything to change that even if they do find a weapon it still wont change i love u crockam things will come to the lite soon

  24. The Lakewood Scoop continues to outshine all the other websites, especially the (moderated). The Lakewood Scoop does not let anyone make any racist comments, whether it be against blacks or Hispanics or Jews or anyone else. The other websites are sewers, they allow all kinds of dirt and racism and anti-semitism and prejudice, especially the (moderated).

    We are all sick of this filthy murderer, and are happy that he is off the streets and will spend the rest of his days away from civilized humanity. However, this has nothing to do with his race, his ethnicity, or his religion.

    As usual, The Lakewood Scoop continues to shine and be a beacon of light in today’s hate-filled world.

    I hope that Chris’ finance will find true comfort and happiness, and that this will help her move on in life. Nobody should have to go through what she went through.

  25. you are crazey man. you know what will happen if he is in lakewoods jail and they dot even have a jail .And they will kill him for shure and HEY THERES NO DEATH PENLATY

    So you want him to be outside in the winter your crazey for shure

  26. to #39 you to should go back to school with #12 where did you learn how to speak and spell, Jahmell was found guilty from 12 jurors , may he enjoy the rest of his life behind bars, along with his brother.
    Rest in peace Officer Chris Matlosz and may the LPD find comfort in the verdict.

  27. If you are legitimate, please tell us the color of his grandmother’s vehicle? All I’m asking is a color of the vehicle. If you can’t provide this tiny bit of information, you are lying. I’m not even going to ask you for the make, model, or what ‘kind’ of vehicle it is. The ball is in your court. Here’s your chance to prove you are who you say you are, and not just a punk having fun at everyone’s expense. Yes, I know his family too! He’s guilty, and deserves to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison.

  28. ms block obviously they didnt just decide to make him go to jail i think they know what there doing and they investigated the situation…… i guess u dont know ur baby boy that well

  29. The thing that gets me is nobody is disputing his prior murder rap which stuck. Do people actually think that the LPD would just pin on a cop killer sticker on Crockham, call it a day and let the “real” cop killer roam around? Don’t think so. I’m not so surprised at the comments. In some communities being a cop killer is a real badge of honor. Even the Justice Dep’t has refused to prosecute The Panthers for the same. The cops are facing a cultural squeeze from both ends. It’s bad news. You can’t do your job when every minute you’re walking a tightrope which everyone will try to hang you with. When I was growing up in Brooklyn it was a tough place but a cop killer was the lowest of the low in the joint, right down there with the child molester.
    G-d bless you Chris. You always made me laugh. At least now you have the last laugh. RIP and blessings to your fiancee and family and all the tightrope walkers may the Lord have your back.

  30. Al Todin Es Chavercha Ad Shetagia Lemkomo. Yes, it’s important that justice be served, to provide closure to the victim and those close to him. But the ranting posters on the earlier posts were never exposed to any of the experiences that turned him into who became. Who knows where you would be if you had his parents, friends, etc.

  31. Our hearts go out to Kelly to Chris Matlosz’s family and to the entire Lakewood police department . While justice was served and there is a measure of comfort nonetheless there is nothing that can bring back Chris and so the pain of the loss of someone so special to so many is immeasurable.

  32. Justice has been served and may you rest in peace now chris! As far as jahmell my daughter went to school with him and she describes him as a very quiet, polite young man that always made everyone laugh. she said he was never violent in school and even walked away from a fight one time in 9th grade. she also said he was a relgious boy that went to church every week. well ok maybe at one point all what she said was true and he was a good person but then he grew up and decided to join a gang and became a different person and he killed a police officer with a stolen gun and has to face the consequences which is he is guilty and will be going to state prison untill his dying day which could be 80yrs or so! we not only was judge by the jurors and judge he will be judged when he passes by g-d and that is his ultimate judgement day and will burn in hell!!!! yes mrs. block we do all make mistakes or bad choices but to take a life is #1 on the ten commandments and im not g-d but i don’t believe he will be forgiven for this!!! Rip Chris

  33. I am glad that he was found guilty, the jury was absolutely correct. Being a brother in blue with Chris there will never be enough justice for me. Chris was a good man, friend, and fellow officer killed for doing his job. Crockam will get to live out the rest of his days in jail while we still have to pay his debt. Sorry but I don’t see the justice Chris is dead he lives and we pay for it as he gets worshiped for doing what he did by the other turds in prison.

  34. Law and order doesn’t come cheap. Here is the sad news what it is costing us taxpayers:
    If you think the cost of an Ivy League education is high — Princeton University’s tuition is $37,000 — consider what New Jersey taxpayers shell out on average to keep one inmate locked up at the N.J. State Prison in Trenton for one year. The figure is 21 percent more than a year’s tuition at Old Nassau — $44,734.

    One year’s in-state tuition, fees and room and board at Rutgers — $23,466 — seems a bargain alongside the cost per inmate per year at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center, where offenders are incarcerated at $54,427 per.

    I would gladly donate the bullets needed for all firing squads in NJ.

  35. @ #1,2,3,5,9,11,17,27,66 well said!!! @ # 26 you are so very right in saying “everyone makes mistakes” because we do but killing a person in the ways he killed those 2 men was a tragidy caused by a coward and not a mistake. @ #41 yes he can repent but that means telling the truth, the Lord will not help him until he repents his sins, simply said he needed to tell the truth about killing Chris and begin telling the truth about killing Justin until then we can all humbly sit back and watch a natural demise of a bad man and anyone else that knows he is guilty and still wants to go along with his lies. If he appeals, dont worry the Lord has carried Chris and Justins loved ones this far for a reason—–he hasnt told the truth!!!!!

  36. Bad News Travels Fast Even in The State of North Carolina Where I Reside at Now so ill Make This Short & Sweet Ms Block Your a Loser Like Crockam is Going to Burn For What he Did so do All of us a Faver Join Your Baby Boy in Hell!!!!!!!!!!

  37. and thats a nother thing yeah i feel sorry for cris and the the way he died but is he also going to pay for his other murder for that guy justin noone heard that he has 2 bodys not just the cop but i guess everyone makes a murder mistake 2 TIMES!!!!!!!!

  38. my other posted got deleted cause of some of my comments which is understandable HOWEREVER this is adressed to this web site theres a point where u need to throw the rule book out and let people speak there minds on a matter as sick as this one we should all have the right to say what we like no matter how bad it might seem he was a animal for doing what he did so let us be animals as well at least when were doing it where not killing anyone theres no words on this page could even exspress how we truly feel about smub like him and you pepole that keeps saying he needs life or he needs a death sent i highly disagree i feel those would be wayyyy to easy for him he need to be live life in pain everyday should be beat up stole from and all and all be treated like (moderated) in jail for the rest of his life i dont want him repenting i dont want people like his self in my heaven so dont repent u know what u did and u need to suffer in hell theres no room for animals like u in heaven its times like this that i would love to do something wrong just to put myself in jail so i can serve REAL justis for justin and cris and there familys sorry for my typos guys just typing fast out of anger not that i dont know how to spell so so burn and hell crockam u and ur brother

  39. and another this ms block u say it was a mistake 1st pulling a trigger on someone isnt a mistake doing it coldblooded like he did was deff not a mistake and to kill 2 people is far from a mistake HOWEVER! i guess his brother threating to shoot up lakewood high if his brother is convited im guess thats a mistake to huh ben ladin hes relealy a nice guy and all he kill thousands forgive him it was a mistake guys when u are coldblooded there no mistake ur just a waste of human life just think if he was such a upstand great guy this wouldnt ever even happend if he was i dont know maybe working or i dont know home with his family cause i work everyday and take care of mine thats why i have no room nore time to go kill people not to mention ms block i know the crockams as well and i know him and his brother is part of the bloods but there nice bloods i guess they where the only 2 bloods that when to work and helped older people and helped the poor and when to work at a 9-5 everyday anyone thats in these gang are cowards that cant defend themself so they need guns to fight for them im in a gang to its a 1 man gang thats all i need i dont n eed my boys no gun nothing to fight my fights so im not just talking about the corkam brothers this goes to any coward thats in a gang GROW UP GET A JOB HELP UR COMM OUT INSTEAD OF DESROYING IT GROW UPPPPPP

  40. RIP Officer Matlosz,My condolences to your family and Lakewood Police Department First of all I never liked Mr Corzine he was a crude person to begin with second that idiot who shot Officer Matlosz deserves the death penalty. Not only he shot a Police Officer, but he shot another person, thank God that baboon will never get out

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