Floor At New Chavrei Hakollel Building Caves In, Building Evacuated

floor caves in at kollelPHOTOS  & VIDEO [Video updated 5:50 p.m.] Police have just evacuated the entire Chavrei Hakollel Building after the floor caved in during the Hachnosas Sefer Torah dancing. Hundreds were dancing in the main Bais Medrash when the floor suddenly gave, crunching the beams beneath. Nobody was injured, and the inspections department has been dispatched to the scene.

The dancing continued outdoors.


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  1. according to the building code we architects design buildings with anticipated load so a dancing floor the anticipated load is increased they dodnt anticipate that u will be dancing in a shull

  2. I once had a long conversation with local architect baruch framovitz from bf design and he explained to me that although the code requires a certain amount of beams for a shul he would do his own cheshbonos and add more support because of the nature of the use of a shul, seems like he is right. seems like the “goieshe” architect and builder dont seem to really understand the needs of our community

  3. It was only thru the huge z’chusim of R’ Yeshi, R’ Nachman, Chai, Binu, Rob et al that noone was injured. An obvious, open Mofeis. You guys rule !! Dudi B.

  4. Muti, Maven:
    I hope you guys are not architects because based on your spelling and communication skills you seem to be the types that would build floors that crack.

  5. ” collapsing the beams underneath”

    I am not an architect, but there is not a beam in sight, which could explain why the floor collapsed. That is just a light aluminum frame to hang wallboard, there is no load bearing capacity in sight…

  6. Those cheap metal beams will not support a load until they are sheathed to prevent them from twisting. The building should not have been issued a certificate of occupancy until the beams were sheathed.

  7. Especially not after shaboss ppl ate by 3-4 kedishim chulant and all the rest plus 2/3 delicious meals over shaboss at home -the floors can’t handle the extra weight what do ye’ think ?

  8. this should never have happened. anyone hired to build a shul has to go above and beyond the bilding code for the safety of those who daven there. shuls need to be stronger. especially these days with people looking to cut corners (not meant in a negative way) because times are toughter….. there needs to be oversight on this.

  9. Floors failing during dancing have nothing to do with weight, it has to do with resonance. Reinforcing the floor will have little effect in preventing this type of failure, dampening the vibrations is what needs to done.

  10. Just to set the record straight
    A beam runs horizontally ie: floor beams or ceiling beams that run from wall to wall there is no such thing as a circular beam
    Columns run vertically from floor to ceiling (sometimes called lolly columns )to hold up beams the circular column that you see has shifted side ways allowing for the floor beams to bow slightly that caused a non load bearing wall (the metal one that you see )to buckle under the weight off the floor beams

  11. wow i just dontaed money looks like im gonna have to give some more so some more beams can go up. what a sad day. at least every one got out safely.

  12. to muti
    how can it be that someone took out a bearing wall why didnt it fall down before this
    I dont think there is anything holding up your story

  13. Business and Computers prograh at the Chavrei Hakollel are taught by R’ Meir Pfeffer of Chai Lifeline, he give his heart and soul to the program and to the Bachruim

  14. Business and Computers program at the Chavrei Hakollel are taught by R’ Meir Pfeffer of Chai Lifeline, he give his heart and soul to the program and to the Bachruim

  15. It was only thru the huge z’chusim of R’ Yeshi, R’ Nachman, Chai, Binu, Rob et al that noone was injured. An obvious, open Mofeis. You guys rule !! Dudi B.

    But their huge zchusim weren’t enough to keep the floor from collapsing?

  16. its hard to tell from the picture but it seems like either steel i beams or steel trusses supported by heavy gauge reinforced steel 6×6 or 8×8 posts the light gauge steel is not cheaper then wood even if it is 20 gauge it is generally used for fire rating and can be used depending on the gauge for support purposes. The live load on a shul should be about 200 lbs. I dont believe it will be to complicated to repair being that it is a carpeted floor u probably have to cut the concrete in basement and put in new footings and a supporting wall on top of that

  17. Hey muti get your facts straight!!!! Your maken it up I was very involved with the building and NOBODY took away any bearing walls so pls stop making things up

  18. to Muti # 34:
    I spoke to a very VERY big HUGE builder in town. Actually, he’s so BIG that he’s bigger & better than your big builder.

    He’s also stronger than your builder….

    PS My daddy is stronger than your daddy……

  19. To #27: Once again you prove that a little knowledge to dangerous. The natural frequency of the floor is obviously orders of magnitude greater than the dancing frequency. Therefor your “suggestion” about “vibration damping” is simply silly. It IS all about structural strength – to withstand the weight of the bochorim with some dynamic effect due to the dancing. Since it is not practical to expect all these bochurim to go on a strict diet the solution is to increase the structural stength of the floor – which someone apparently screwed up.

  20. Would the oilam please stop these “Hashem” comments already!!?? Yes, it was clearly a nes that noone was hurt. However, several people have told me that the floor was extremely shakey yesterday during dancing and even a month ago on Simchas Torah. People even commented how the floor wasnt going to withstand the pressure. Putting the tzibur in a matzav of sakanah is plain reckless behavior!

  21. Number 57, sorry to say it, but you’re incorrect. Every mitzvah, or ch”v aveirah that a Yid does impacts EVERY OTHER YID – and the whole of Creation in general. Chasdei Hashem no one (two words) was hurt, and yes, builders need to be very careful.

  22. @58: Well, in that case, it wasn’t these guys’ zechusim in particular that saved everyone, it was mine and yours. But you’re saying it was also our aveiros that caused the floor to plotz. So confusing!

  23. I actually saw some theives removing pillars very late at night while all of u were sleeping. He told me that hashem sent him there to remove them so that he can make this beautiful open miracle. He was right. Let’s all take this opportunity to thank the ribbon shel olam. BTW these angels should be returning these beams shortly, we have nothing to be worried about, the floor will be stronger than ever to support this great establishment of the chavrei hakollel.

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