BREAKING NEWS: Bachur Arrested

Updated BREAKING NEWS FIRST REPORT: (PHOTOS) A Bachur has just been arrested in front of BMG, near Bais Eliyahu-apparently for no registration on his vehicle. Eyewitnesses told TLS, that the Bachur was driving his vehicle in the BMG parking lot when he was told by PD to drive to the road-where he was pulled over. We are told that the vehicle did not have proper plates. The car is now being impounded and the Bachur was led away in cuffs. We urge our readers to always make sure registration and insurance are up to date as the police have recently cracked down on the mentioned violations.
U/D 6:26 p.m. We were just notified, that the Bachur had unpaid tickets on his license and a warrant was therefore issued for his arrest.
U/D 6:41p.m. With the help of Askanim, the Bachur has been released and a court date has been set for his summonses.


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  1. Its terrible when these things happen. Unfortunately, I was at Lakewood courthouse fighting a ticket (for which I was guilty of), and there was a newly wed yungerman who had 11 points on his license, and a warrent for his arrest in 2 states for unpaid parking tickets. He had a big fat layer at his side and a huge grin on his smug face. BH daddy had enough $$ to bail him out.

  2. I know and hope you're joking. Maybe just pay your tickets. Oh btw an arrest warrant is not just issued for not paying a ticket. Obviously he did not show up to court either. I feel bad for him to have to be embarassed in such a manner though.

  3. this is a big problem of amira laakum. i spoke at length about this with our dear police chief Rob Lawson he was of the opinion that if its said before shabbos then there is no problem i would however direct your readers to the first rashi in parshas voeira and these things may have not happened in the first place

  4. i wonder who the anti semite here is . Is it the cop or the bachur who makes us be hated even more by bnai eisav and yishmael

  5. must have been an anti-semitic cop or he would have just let him go with the warrent so he could go harass the non jewish population

  6. Maybe Chaveirim and LCSW should check everyones license, registration and insurance during the safety inspection next week. They could also provide driving tips as well, such as coming to a COMPLETE STOP at stop signs and intersections when legally required to do so, explain the proper use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle within New Jersey.

  7. the cop did the right thing hes not an anti-semit the bochur is wrong for playin games and not taking care of his tickets thinking its a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha lol

  8. i think theres a mistake here the buchur who was arrested was arrested for a totally different thing not a motor vehicle issue halivai it would be

  9. Anonymous (8:30),
    Don't be ridiculous. Check your own license and registration! Should Chaveirim check if your shoes need new laces, too? There are some things that everyone should know and be responsible for BY THEMSELVES.

  10. Why was he released? If it was some Mexican arrested you would be applauding the cops!!
    It's time to take the consequences for your actions!!
    Pay the tickets, have proper registration, and OBEY the traffic laws!!

  11. I agree it was wrong for the bochur to drive with unpaid tickets on his license but it was definitely wrong for the police officer to coerce the bochur to pull in to the road so he can arrest him …he should be reprimanded for that

  12. To anon at 10:14
    The officer has a DUTY to arrest this young gentleman. If for whatever reason he cannot do so when he's in the BMG parking lot why does he not have the right to get him to drive onto the public road? Nowhere in the article does it mention that the officer "coerced" him into pulling into the street. That is a definition you concocted just now and I don't believe it's an appropriate title for the officers actions. We are all human and sometimes will get tickets but pay them! And at the very least show yourself in court in which case he wouldn't have gotten arrested to begin with.

  13. Thank you Lakewood Police for following THE LAW and doing what you have to do and keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. And why is ok for all the westgate residents to park on both sides of the streets when its clearly markes that parking is NOT OK . Its impossible for an ambulance and fire truck to get through . Even school busses have issues with getting through . I think the cops should take care of this issue once and for all because all the other askonim arent doing diddly squat about this issue!!

  15. This site is full of a bunch of babies. People complain about things that have nothing to do with them. They get people like Muller and Miller involved in things that are a legal matter and have nothing what so ever to do with them. Get off your highhorse, no one is persecuting you, in fact many times it is the other way around. You move into neighborhoods then complain about the black and mexican neighbors when they walk past your house. Why don't you just try being a good neighbor for once instead of sticking your nose in the air and treating them like garbage. You want to know where anti-semitism comes from, look at yourself and see how much hatred you create through your actions.

  16. we do not need chaveirim and lcsw to check our licenses and regisrations. if you are old enough to drive and have a car, you are old enough to be responsible for your own license and registration. take care of you tickets and dont think its more important to sit in the coffe room picking your nose than to go to court on your court date assigned. this is a big chillul hashem…
    they should have let him sit in jail so it will teach him a lesson.

  17. To anon at 9:23 A.M.
    You don't sound Jewish to me so don't try to make believe you are. In fact you sound like one of those rabid Anti-Semites that cannot stand that the Jewish community has grown by leaps and bounds and has moved into your neighborhood. FYI noone complains about blacks or Mexicans walking past their house,they do complain when they walk INTO their house. They do complain when people whether Mexican or Jewish get mugged and usually beaten half to death just for good measure by who do you think,that's right some black hoodlum that never learned what it means to earn an honest living. I have Mexican,Polish and black neighbors(middle class) and I get along very well with them. In fact one neighbor that was renting across from me emotionally commented that I was the ONLY ONE in the neighborhood that welcomed him to the neighborhood(and he said this to me about a year after he moved in)Now how's that for being on our high horse?!! A Puerto Rican neighbor of mine had an alcohol issue and it was affecting his marriage to the point of divorce he came to me for help. These are the law abiding citizens of Lakewood. As for the rest of the bunch,yes go ahead and get out of Lakewood. We don't need the "Bloods" or the "Crips" in our town.We don't hold our heads high we actually gotta keep turning them to make sure noones jumping us from behind.

  18. How did the cops "run" the plates if the car had none on??!!
    That's what caught the attention of the cops. Maybe the bochur borrowed the car from the cleaning lady's boyfriend.

  19. Hes probably not generelizing specifically, he means to say about the ignorant ones amongst us, and yes, you can get anooyed and i mean very annoyed by some of us but it doesnt mean were all like that, its just that those who make us look bad are real d-bags and it aint the way we want to be viewd

  20. no one will deny that there are those in lakewood who dont know the meaning of manners and many flaws they have, we don't like those ppl either cuz that's not what our religion expects from us. but its not all Jews who are that way…….

  21. To Lakewood Resident @11:14am

    Your neighbors are lucky to have you. Your actions are m'kadesh shem Shomayim. Ashrecha.

    Unfortunately, leyder, some of our landsman give a pischon peh to the antisemitin.

    (Not that I am giving those antisemites a pass.)

    They say over in the name of Reb Yankev Ztz"l that when he went outside with his frock and hat he said how he tzitters about every move that he makes because as an observant jew he is the spokesman for Yiddishkeit and if he c'v does something it shouldn't reflect bad on klal yisrael.

    Mah nomar mah nedaber.
    What should we say?

    Some people forget the awesome responsibility it is to be an ehrlicher yid.

    Maybe we should all daven that this year tisha b'av should be a yom tov.


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