BREAKING: New Girls High School Opening in Lakewood

A new girls high school will be opening in Lakewood, TLS has learned.

The school, Bnos Basya, will be led by Mrs. Rochel Zoberman of Lakewood, a veteran mechaneches who previously taught at the Bais Yaakov of Toronto.

The advisory board is being led by Harav Yaakov Bender, Harav Elya Brudny, and Harav Uri Deutsch.

“Bnos Basya High School of Lakewood was founded with the firm belief that every bas Yisroel is a precious diamond, a singular bas melech possessed with limitless potential,” the school’s mission statement obtained by TLS reads. “Bnos Basya is committed to polishing each facet of every talmidah in its charge, honing her academic skills and middos tovos while broadening her horizons in both limudei kodesh and limudei chol. Above all, Bnos Basya will endeavor to imbue each talmidah with the timeless values of the Bais Yaakov movement—as personified by its founder, Sarah Schenirer, and her distinguished disciple Rebbetzin Baysa Bender, aleihem hashalom. With Siyata DiShmaya and under the loving guidance of top-flight mechanchos who are devoted b’lev v’nefesh to the success of each individual in their charge, every talmidah will be provided with a stellar education while developing a deep appreciation of her unique role in the chain of Mesorah as she lays the groundwork for her life as a wife, mother, and productive member of Klal Yisroel.”

The new much-needed school is expected to open in the next couple of days.

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  1. However, this will NOT solve the ‘out-of-school’ girls whos parents only want ABC school and wont let their daughters go elsewhere. And there quite a few of these in our holy town…..

  2. This is fantastic news.
    I myself had trouble getting my daughter into high school this year but there were over 50 girls without a school – until today.
    Hatzlocha Rabbah to the Rosh HaMisaad, and Mrs Zoberman is, takeh, a legend !!

  3. Fantastic news! B”H!!!

    (and to anon, and all the other negative agents of the S”M who manage to insert negative “buts” and “Howevers” into everything positive, we are not interested in your pessimism)


  4. Great news! Mrs. Zoberman was my teacher in Toronto about 20 years ago! Her warmth, combined with her professionalism and wisdom, makes her takeh a veteran mechaneches. Whoever ends up in this new school is very lucky. Hatzlacha to the new hanhala and talmidos!

  5. Now this talks to me!! Mrs Zoberman is not just another person opening a school. She is a veteran Mechaneches with an amazing track record. The vaad hachinuch as well, each one of the Rabbanim come with Experience and track records of hatzlocha in chinuch Bonim and Banos and they have an understanding of today’s youth and all that comes with growing up in these most challenging times.
    Hashem should Bentch them with amazing hatzlocha in their quest to educate and help our Bnos yisroel reach their great potential.

  6. Annon, I never get this. This is not about holy and holier. Each family represents a particular set of standards. Each family chooses their standards. Why can’t a parent want his of her child to be schooled with children of similar standards? If as a parent I choose to influence my child in my set of standards why is it belittling to someone that chooses to live by different standards that I prefer to maintain my beliefs and raise my children as such?

  7. To anon. That’s the parent’s problem. A school just opened up, Baruch Hashem. If the parents don’t like that school, let the girls stay home & have their mother’s instruct them. That might be the best solution for them. A gbentched 5782 to anon & all of Klal Yisrael.

  8. Great news.

    Although as an outsider looking in I am a little puzzled. I was told that there are a number of schools in Lakewood that had room and were willing to make more classes.Some even went down in classes from last year .If parents are willing to go to a new untested school ,why weren’t they willing to go to those existing schools ?

  9. To Moshe. They’re not willing to be flexible. If the shoe don’t fit, you must acquit. I still think it’s best for these unwilling parents to teach their daughters in the heim. Moshe, have a blessed 5782.

  10. To Outsider Looking In:
    Your name says it all. When your an outsider looking in and have no clue about what goes on inside, it’s best if you don’t comment.

  11. Moshe,
    As a mom of one of the girls still not accepted there is no room and the schools aren’t taking these 50 or so girls. There’s simply not enough room and I would be proud to send my daughter to this school. Anything with rabbi Yaakov benders name on it must be amazing.

  12. I am very well aware of the awesome amount of work, dedication and devotion it takes to open and run a school. This article does not mention who deserves the credit. Kudus to whoever is doing this behind the scenes. Is much needed in our town and I want to wish them an enormous amounts of Hatzlacha.

  13. Mrs. Zoberman – I wish you you loads of hatzlocha and brocha with Bnos Basya. I hope these girls appreciate how lucky they are!! Best wishes for a kesiva vechasima tova!!
    Sara Kanner – Toronto

  14. I wish this would have opened up when i was a young teen i think i would probably be in a better situation then im in now, and im not that old!!

  15. Seems to be a machlokes of commentators if one is entitled to send their princess to the school of their ‘frummer then thou’ choice and not to any other school even at the cost of staying home.
    It really should depend on how ‘you choose’ to live spiritually. However, your choice of entitlement is not and should not be the public’s problem.
    Just come forward and state your issue
    For those parents who are more realistic and realize that the princess must be in a good school the Vaad and others have already done and accomplished their wonderful mission.

  16. Wow! I was at the meeting tonight. It was a true kiddush Hashem! R Deutsch spoke for all of us, when he said “your pain is our pain”. This school is being opened, and run by people who don’t need it for any other reason than to help other people in pain. The care and pain was evident on their faces tonight.
    To all those going through it..
    We are with you!
    May Hashem bench the organizers with only hatzlocha, brocha and siyata d’shamaya in all of their amazing work!!

  17. My granddaughter is a regular good swet Yiddishe neshama and she is still not accepted to any high school. Really the situation is absurd! No school want to take any extra girls! They are all full to the rim. 35-to 45 girls in a class! I really hope this school will be matzliach! P.S. still not accepted here or anywhere!

  18. To a Babba

    I am confused. I thought the purpose of this school was to accept those girls who were still not accepted. How can it be that your grandaughter is still not accepted in this new great school ?

  19. When the Jews left Egypt and were chased by the Egyptian army the Jews found themselves trapped between a massive army and the Red Sea. The Midrash explains that at that time there several groups of people with different opinions of what to do. Some said let’s surrender, go back and suffer the consequences of running away and likely die, other said we need new leaders because the Askonim (Moshe and Aaron) don’t know and never knew or cared what they did, everything they did was for personal benefits.
    Yet there was a Nachshon Ben Aminadav that was there that saw and felt all the pain and confusion and declared that if Hashem put us in this situation then Hashem knows best and instead of bemoaning the situation he was a forward thinking visionary and seized the opportunity to jump in and demonstrate against the common thinking what was right. From there he is inscribed into the history of our nation as the cause of the biggest miracle in our history. He realized at the moment when it looked like they were neglected and forgotten that it was a opportunity to jump in and make the amazing event ever that changed history.
    Is there a better comparison to what is going on here this year in Lakewood? We are at our Krias Yom Sof moment! We are all pained, girls, parents, Rabbonim and Askonim, we all are looking for direction and hope. Some feel we should run back home to almost certain death, others feel betrayed by our system. We have the choice to make which side of history we will all be on. Will we run or hide in defeat or be the Nachshon to jump in to send our daughter, encourage other to send and support this historic Krais Yom Sof moment. Let us gather ourselves together united as one nation and write history together.

  20. we need more elementary schools to open up feeder schools. To those that say parents should just end to nay school. Bare in mind, thats a fair statement for primary girls. Once a girl is in 9th grade there are feelings and emotions. Her best friend is in school X and she wants to go there too. Why is she forced to go the nebby school Y not with her friends. I hope this school really works out but the long term solution is for the askanim to put pressure in elementary schools to open HS . Like this our girls are not farshamed.

  21. To Neighbors comment from Outsider. Respectfully. What did I say to offend you? Have a blessed 5782. I think you need a chill pill.

  22. To Neighbors comment from Outsider. Respectfully. What did I say to offend you? Have a blessed 5782. I think you need a chill pill. I think it’s best that you don’t tell me what to do.

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