BREAKING: Lakewood’s Yesodos Bais Yaakov High School announces closure

Yesodos Bais Yaakov High School of Lakewood has announced it will be closing its doors.

In July of 2019, the school announced it was closing for this school year, but in August, Askonim got involved and helped the school reopen.

Today, parents received a letter stating it was closing for the coming year.

“After much deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that due to various factors, unfortunately, Yesodos Bais Yaakov will have to close its door for the coming school year,” the school wrote in the letter.

See the full letter below.

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  1. I can not thank Mrs Schwimmer and rabbi and Mrs Green enough for all they have done for my daughter and for yesodos beis Yaakov. Together with the wonderful staff they created a remarkable educational environment with unparalleled love and dedication. What a crying shame my future children will not have the yesodos experience we are devestated .

  2. I have quite a lot say about this.
    Yesodos has been An amazing place for my daughter. The administration and teachers go o above and beyond for the girls.
    Now it’s time for the Lakewood high schools to bond together. Take in these girls without them having to beg and plead to get into a school. Accept them now for next year so the

    girls can feel good about themselves and not have to wait till September. It’s not a lot of girls. Make them feel wanted. These are good bais yaakov girls from very good famalies. The other high schools will be happy to get these girls. With all the hate and anti Semitisim that is going on in Lakewood and the world around us, here is a time to step up. Show these girls that you will help them. Show all the other Jewish communities around us that we liove our girls. We lioveour community and we are going to help!!
    Our girls deserve to stay in Lakewood. We do not want to send them out of down. They deserve to live with their Famalies. Please please. Who will make the first move?

  3. What an unbelievable environment Mrs. Schwimmer, along with Rabbi & Mrs Green, painstakingly set up for our daughters! The love and dedication and full support for each and every student! The wonderful staff! This can only be described as an absolute catastrophe within our community – it is definitely not just us mothers crying for our daughters! The girls themselves are totally crushed! My only comfort is that H-Shem is crying along with us! We must be one step closer to Moshiach for this to really be happening…we are beyond desperate for him!

  4. We just need the school to stay open for another 2 years so these girls can graduate!!
    Who can step up and help?
    Which high schools will be the first ones to step up an accept these girls so they don’t have to go through all the pain and humiliation.
    Help them.

  5. To Lkwd Mom

    The next one is opening up when people of the community get together and raise money to make sure they can pay salaries and they can build a building.If there was money ,there would be enough new high schools . There is plenty of talent but not enough money to pay them .

  6. Kudos to them for letting everyone know now so they don’t have just 3 days to figure things out like last year.
    This is so disturbing and it’s bothersome that even with the help they received last year they still have to close anyway.
    Maybe there should be some type of yearly “luxury tax/equal opportunity” policy on the other more successful high schools to allow the newer and less financially stable schools to keep running.
    I doubt the older schools are all penny pinching and “just making it”
    Chasideshe Mosdos Dont close down for financial reasons because they all (within each chasidic sect) share a common goal and interest and probably funnel the money to where it’s needed most.
    Perhaps lakewood should implement a system that would match the smaller schools with a bigger one so that they become “sister institutions” so as to ensure that the newer, smaller one can nurse it’s way up until it can stand on its own and perhaps eventually help other when its able to.
    The big donors will obviously need to agree to this, but why wouldn’t they?
    After all, don’t we all share a common goal, to ensure that every girl has a place to go to school.
    There is no need to leave the little ones to fend for themselves.

    Can anyone give me a reason why the askanim would not want to do this or why this wouldn’t work?

  7. My daughter was a part of YBY years ago and found the environment and teaching staff so warm and involved…she was very sad that her class closed and not one school was willing to take her in afterwards. She had to leave Lakewood in order to get her education. This should never have happened. I sincerely hope that the existing institutions do the correct and Torahdik thing by taking these girls under their wing. For if not for the chinuch of our precious daughters we have no future.

  8. When did Lakewood turn into a Socialist commune?
    “Let the rich throw them a few bucks” “Let’s tax the successful schools”
    It’s America. You get what you pay for. You don’t want to pay tuition, public school is free.
    If you want your kids to go to private school, find a way to pay for it. But, don’t demand others pay for your lifestyle choice.

    • BillyW
      Nobody is asking you to pay for anyone else. (Unless you’re a democrat of course)
      We are asking rich Orthodox Jews to step and donate their vast resources for poor Orthodox Jewish schools who can’t afford to keep its doors open. Keep in mind, that every Orthodox Jew is still paying full property taxes to the School District to pay for non-Jews to get a free education. But since some of us cannot also afford to pay full tuition in private school, we are asking the rich Orthodox (who value Jewish religious education) to cover our private tuition.

      Of course we are not asking the government, or the rich non-Jews, to help us.

  9. There is so many wealthy people
    In this town there is no reason for the kids of the next generation to suffer but in the end they will due to the vaad which should be destroyed all together you go to any other city town community in the world this does not happen only in Lakewood because everyone is better then the next person

  10. moshP you are dead wrong about rich he will help out if we put ten askonim each one gives fifty thousand i will go to rich roberts and ask him for a half a million

  11. To really??
    Forget school aTiViTies in TR,
    These girls wont have a school period and may end up needing to go to an out of area Jewish community to resume their education next yr. Extra curricular Activities are not everything!

  12. Dear Yesodos owners,
    Although I commend you for announcing the closure early on instead of last minute, the responsibility of these beautiful girls is yours. You accepted them and nurtured them and you cannot leave them on the street. Negotiations with other High schools must begin immediately to ensure your children have a safe and healthy high school term. Yes, we cannot rely on one random wealthy man or one kindhearted soul to fix this. This situation occurs too often. The owners must negotiate now with other school owners to place every girl. As in Ateres Tziporah nothing was done for the 160 girls, I opened a temporary school which became a permanent one. We must take action!
    You can contact me directly through the Lakewood scoop. No more crying children, we take care of our children

  13. Many of the other schools already have close to or more than 40 students per class with kids almost sitting in the hallways and window sills. Where exactly do you think they can fit in more . Some if the older schools would probably build more and expand, but that takes a lot of money

  14. I only have 1 question why does this school closing down have to be publiziled. Send a letter to the parents to let them know and then the school should try to help the girls get into other schools. Putting a letter out for everyone to see only brings the negative comments and bad feeling to the girls in the school. The only reason to put it out there would be in the owners are looking for someone to start a new school with these girls in mind.

  15. Once again. As soon as there is a post about a lack of high school space, everybody comments about how others gave to do this or that . Well there are no others. Every single individual has the responsibility to help out. Dont push it on others or on people who already are struggling with their own schools .

  16. If all the parents that find it so “important “ to spend $25,000 to send their daughter to a seminary in E”Y, would use that money to pay proper tuition in HS, there would not be this issue. The community doesn’t need the rich to step up to help your daughter- you should get your priorities straight. Don’t cry in HS that you can’t afford the tuition and then spend this exorbitant sum just because “everyone is doing it”.!!

  17. The tuitions are not affordable for 95% of the population ,so basically this whole school situation is not financially viable its time to declare bankruptcy and restructure everything until we come up with a solution

  18. How about the 40k people spend on weddings why are weddings necessary when people cant pay their tuition Bill’s its insane our financial situation,most Lakewood Frum people with large families cant afford the tuitions it’s time for radical change which will never happen.

  19. Who ever can afford $1400 monthly tuition then I would highly recommend a new hugh school that opened up last year by rabbi trenks daughter mrs Kravitz she is most caring and dedicated person in the world just like her father,the schools name is lev rifka rochel and they were very successful this year if ur daughter is the right fit theyn5 she has tremendous potentials as they hired the most caring and dedicated teachers it’s an amazing amazing place.

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