BREAKING: Lakewood school gives parents ultimatum: Have your vaccination forms in, or kids are being kept out

In response to the Measles outbreak in Lakewood, at least one Lakewood school is taking it seriously and cracking down in a big way.

A school administrator from one of Lakewood’s largest schools tells TLS they began calling parents, warning them they’re kids will not be accepted into class if they do not have their vaccination forms by Monday morning.

“We are not playing games,” the administrator told TLS. “The children sit here all day and not at home – we cannot have them infect other children.”

Other schools may be following suit.


According to Health Department regulations, should a parent fail to keep their unimmunized child home from school after a case was confirmed in the school, the Health Department will shut the school down for 21 days.

Four Measles cases have already been confirmed in Lakewood.



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  1. If your kid is exposed to measels, don’t send him to school even if he had MMR! If your kid is not sick and was not exposed, he/she won’t infect anyone even if he did not have MMR! Stop the histeria, turn to HKB”H instead! Don’t just rely on vaccines, they are not foolproof!!!

    • Can anyone say with 100% certainty that he was NOT exposed to the measles? If it is in our community, it is very possible that he has been exposed to it. It could have been a passing exposure, but that may be enough. Therefore, any child that has not been vaccinated has to consider that he has been exposed and may be carrying the virus without being aware of it. THAT is why unvaccinated children must be kept home from school.

  2. Unfortunately “this school” is only sending home the kids who are not up to date with shots. They are allowing children with religious exemptions to remain in school WITHOUT vaccinations which IMO is just dumb.

  3. @Why not? That’s not accurate information. even a fully up to date vaccinated child still only has 94% immunization coverage because the mmr vaccine is not 100 percent prevantitive. So a child who is exposed to mmr and was vaccinated still can get the measles. A child who is not vaccinated at all can get the measles and spread it. The measles can be spread airborne so anyone in a building with someone exposed them gets exposed. Herd vaccination is the only practical solution of preventing a full blown epidemic. Feel free to fact check with your doctor and cdc.

    • that is not mathematically correct. According to you, anyone who was not vaccinated has a 100% chance of catching the measles if exposed. That is just not true.

  4. My daughter works at a Drs. Office. They gave over 100 shots one day this week. So the message is getting across, which good.
    Lets keep vaxxing our kids, ppl – keep every one safe.

    • Most of those are not the anti-vaxers. What’s happening is, Dr’s are having their patients in between MMR vaccine shots rush in to get their next shots even though they aren’t scheduled yet. This happened to my almost 2 and 3.5 year olds (all though the Dr. called this evening and canceled our appointments tomorrow as they temporarily ran out of the vaccine).

      That’s the 100 shots given at your daughters Dr’s office. Unfortunately I still don’t think people are getting the message 🙁

  5. What part of the Jewish religion doesn’t allow vaccinations? I understand if someone is not able to due to LEGITIMATE health concerns, but to bring religion into this is a pure abuse of Yiddishkeit. Sounds more like a cult than anything else.

  6. Everyone is in danger of getting measels when exposed, vaccinated or not. So it’s all about %. If Lakewood has population of 120k and 4 confirmed and 2 suspected, that is 1 in 20k after at least a week or two of the first infected person coming to town. So far the chance of becoming infected is 1/20,000 over all. I don’t know if any or all 4-6 infected people are not vaccinated. But being unvaccinated increases your chances of getting it by 5 times. So it is somewhere between 1/20,000 to 1/4,000 for unvaccinated.

    • misquote! CDC says nothing of the sort. it says that 3 in 100 people who are vaccinated get measles when exposed to the virus, vs 90 people in 100 who are NOT vaccinated who would get the virus. it says the virus is spread by unvaccinated people visiting countries where unvaccinated people have the disease. they bring in back to the USA where it can spread quickly among the unvaccinated.

  7. Long over due about time these parents should be referred to the authorities for criminal prosecution for allowing other children to be affected and possibly die

  8. I think it should be made very clearthat a child had already passed away from not being vaccinated in this town.

    If you choose to expose other people’s children you belong in jail.

    • Strong words but I agree. I wonder what Avigdor Miller ZTL would have said. I would go with that. I actually think, may he forgive me if I’m wrong, pretty much the same thing.

  9. I believe everyone should get vaccinated, but that still isn’t a guarantee. Apparently the originator of the desease who brought it from abroad had 2 MMRs. So did another. It give you a better chance against the disease, but not a guarantee, as we see with some of these new cases.

  10. The CDC will never encourage an open-minded study, like comparing 1000 random unvaccinated people vs 1000 RANDOM vaccinated, and publicizing the findings, like prevalence of ASD in each group. No one is denying the benefits of being immune to diseases. The question is, at what risk? WE DON’T KNOW, and anyone in the field of medicine who has any bias can not be trusted. And to try to put those who aren’t interested in exposing their children to POSSIBLE risks under such pressure by creating this public mob-like anti-anti movement, is maybe the real way of deserving the ttle of RODEIF.

  11. Way back when, every kid got a measles vaccine. Measles is a serious and potentially deadly illness. The vaccine has been safe for decades. There may be other vaccines today that may or may not be problematic. I don’t know. I see conflicting info on those including wacky conspiracy theories.

  12. i am not an anti vaxxer but some of my kids are behind. i am trying to get them to the dr for an mmr and i cant get a receptionist on the phone! i even called another practice planning to switch over and the same story! i walke din without an appt and they sent me home!! does anyone have any suggestions? cuz its very nice that the dr yells and screams and me that i need to vaccinate my kids but they are the ones not agreeing to see me! (for the record, i had this experience even before the outbreak. evry time i want to make a well visit appt i get a royal run around and then a major tongue lashing)

  13. The Vaad that issues the meshulachim the issurs to collect in our shuls need to demand proof of vaccination before they enter their offices. Hundreds of collectors come from overseas into our shuls and are possibly infecting others without anyone knowing before its too late. VAAD TZEDAKA TAKE ACTION NOW!

  14. This is such a horrible situation. My 1 year old did not get her 2nd dose yet. Im scared to bring her to the doctor because I dont know if she will be exposed.

  15. What does HKB”H what from us?
    Is this Measels outbrake due to people not vaccinating and is here to punish them for their “aveira” and us as a tzibur for not forcing them to confirm? Or is it bacause we got too full of ourselves in golus, and trust in our koch ve otzem yodi more then we should? Did 24,000 talmidei R’ Akiva die because there was no vaccines?

  16. To all those nervous about their kids being exposed to unvaccinated people in school…hope ur all making sure that ur cleaning ladies are vaccinated…

  17. In the days of Rabbi Akiva there were no vaccines available. You can not compare.
    During the time when vaccines were not available, many people died from all kinds of illnesses.
    A lot of Rabbis prayed a lot, they were fasting, they were crying and they were asking the Almighty to please quickly send to all of us to all human beings, please send us some type of cure for these diseases.
    Thanks to the Almighty, we have many vaccines available today.

  18. I think we have to try to keep ourselves and our children healthy by making sure we are optimally healthy, by taking nutritional supplements to boost our immune systems and eating the right foods, not all those sugar laden cereals for breakfast for example and all those junk food snacks. If someone has a strong immune system if he does get sick chas vesholom he should get over it quickly without incident. I had the measles as a child (many many years ago) and I don’t recall it being a big deal.

  19. Point is there are many ppl who can’t control the state of their health! And little babies! And pregnant women!! Not eating sugar cereals won’t help them!!

    And yes of course I made sure my cleaning help is vaccinated. Who wouldn’t?

    • and your mailman? and the bagger at the grocery? The checkout clerk? Your shaitelmacher? The school bus driver? Your Rabbi? Your children’s grandparents? Your playgroup teachers? Yur doctors???? The nurses who actually jab your kid? Which vaccines do you think they have? Did they all get vaccinated against hepatitis b? Howabout hiv? How about rotavirus? What about shigella?

      • took my kids out for dinner tonight & got totally freaked out. All those people touching our food… (I usually try not to look but now I just couldn’t help it)

        I’m done till the outbreak is over!

  20. Right but this disease hasn’t been spreading until now!! And if they get it, it came from being exposed from OUR community because that’s where the breakout is!!!!! How are you not getting that? Yes it’s scary because it can be in any public places now because there’s no more herd immunity in our towns!

  21. Warning them that their kids!!! Not they’re kids. they’re means they are
    I know it’s not the point but hey it bugs me to see it written like that!

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