BREAKING – FIRST REPORT: District Students Win: The Lakewood School District will receive $36,000,000; Schools to reopen (VIDEO)

See letter below. Developing.


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  1. This is not aid, this is a loan, which we can’t afford to repay.
    When will the state stop playing games and start doing the right thing?
    They play this game every time.
    We don’t need loans, we need grants, because are extremely underfunded…

  2. While we don’t mean to be ungrateful for a this loan this does not solve a long term problem … this will only repeat itself next year

  3. Why are we ok with another loan?!
    Are we not already over burdened with taxes and we are NOT getting our fair share for the education of our children!

    • No. The statutory authority for the LSTA expired Sunday at midnight. The authority for an extension was line-item vetoed by the Governor after the Legislature removed the related nonpublic transportation funding. Who will be responsible for the estimated $4 million deficit has yet to be decided.

      • I believe you are mistaken. Although the statutory authority expired, the funding is for the busing, and it was approved. A new arrangement would have to be made, though, or the LSTA would have to be reauthorized.

        • The LSTA extension was predicated on the additional nonpublic transportation aid that was part of the $30 million cut by the Legislature.
          ($9 million special education, $6 million nonpublic transportation and $15 million provisional stabilization aid)

  4. This is not aid. This is a yet to be approved loan that Lakewood will have to start repaying in September 2020. And, those payments will not be a direct payment from the town to the state, but will be in the form of $3 million deductions automatically taken from any subsequent aid or loan payments made by the state to Lakewood every year for ten years.

  5. This reminds me of what a a monarch who was completely disconnected with her constituents once said
    “Let them eat cake”

    Wall a loan will help us get schools open tomorrow which is very important it’s merely kicking the can down the road and exasperating the problem.

  6. Who cares if it’s a loan. When we win the court case, the loan will be forgiven. Trust me, the township has no plans to pay the loan….

  7. The district’s accumulated loan debt incurred for general operating expenditures is now $82 million with an annual required repayment of $8.2 million. It is a generally recognized financial principle not to borrow for current operating expenses. The State must forgive these loans and provide adequate state aid for public education, out-of-district special education tuition and nonpublic busing.

  8. @Chaim It is highly unlikely that the LBOE will win in any suit against the state. Also, burning bridges at this point will result in disasterous results in the coming years — especially given how the neighboring towns have been defunded to the point of laying off if teachers.

    • You apparently don’t know much about the case, and it is not the BOE who is suing. The plaintiff has a very strong chance of winning, It should actually be a slam dunk, but there are no guarantees in court.Additionally, the NJ DOE in providing the loan, actually sited the language of the plaintiff and the NJ Constitution in it reasoning.

  9. Democrats don’t care about education. All they care about hurting the economy…All they do is lie… Don’t forget to vote for Trump 2020, not Democrats they have become more dangerous than ever before….

  10. Audit the Lakewood school district, kick out the entire board and the useless parasite lawyer. Fix the busing so that boys AND girls take the same bus – step out of the dark ages!

    • The buses are full they are not half MT, like many people think. The boys start school 1\2-1full hour before the girls how can they go on the same bus at the same time? Please explain I would like to know

    • Audit the Lakewood school district? Already in progress. There is a permanent State Monitor that has access to every record and the authority to override every decision.

      Kick out the entire board? Feel free to submit an application for the job. At each of the last few openings, only Orthodox Jews applied for the job. You can’t hire someone who doesn’t apply for the position.

      [Kick out] the useless parasite lawyer? I’m quiet certain that he is the one that secured the funding, as the neighboring districts couldn’t pull it off. Why fire a lawyer that covers his paycheck many times over. He charges a lot because he is good, and if there is anything that Lakewood needs now, it’s a very good lawyer.

      Fix the busing so that boys AND girls take the same bus? A study last year showed the the “gender-segregated” LSTA buses were far fuller than their public school counterparts. In addition, this would not be up to the Lakewood School District, as it is bound by the ruling of Ozbourne Vs. Lakewood Board of Education.

      Step out of the dark ages? I’m not sure how to prove this… but for some reason I tend to believe that making unsubstantiated criticism based on no hard information is more representative of what took place in the dark ages than what is happening in Lakewood. I may be wrong. I never lived in the dark ages. But at least I don’t claim to have.

      • Let’s give the proper credit where it is due, the funding was secured in large part, sue to the lawsuit by Arthur Lang. It was also the right thing to do when you compare the current funding levels relative to the number of school aged children.

  11. But was this is the second loan Lakewood got from when I was a student in Lakewood Middle School back in 2013. What are we doing to keep getting loans

  12. I love the scoop, but how are you not embarrassed to write in the headline that the Lakewood school district WINS?

    How can you call it a win, when 2 weeks ago we were getting a $30 million grant,and 2 weeks later it’s a mere loan?

  13. @BL I suggest that you with all your ignorant medieval hate step out of the dark ages. Let go of some your Jew hatred and embrace modernity. Learn the facts of what is going on before you open your vile Jew hating mouth

  14. we have to unite & all register for ps

    thats the only way the state will ever understand that we are paying the taxes & are not getting back the proportionate services!!!

  15. nice to see them be able to keep the public schools open…..sadly its the burden put on them by your community that is a major contributor to these monetary shortfalls…… if the public school system isn’t good enough for your child the public shouldn’t be forced to pay for anything related to their education

  16. hmmmmmm i wonder why lakewood has such shortfalls in the budget while surrounding towns don’t?

    what differences are there?

    what burden does lakewood face that others do not?

    at least toms river was smart and just gives $1,000 stipen for those who chose to sent their kids to private schools

  17. @Damien 1st of all Lakewood isn’t only town experiencing significant budget issues. There are plenty of others that are not coping either. The reason Lakewood has this issue is because by state law the district is MANDATED to provide busing for ALL students, public and private, that live a certain distance from school. The problem is that the state only gives funding based on the amount of public students enrolled and totally disregards the 30k + private school students in Lakewood. This formula for awarding districts with funding, may work in a town in which the vast majority attend public school and a small minority attend private school, but actually works against Lakewood and is causing all these issues. I understand that there are many that would just like to blame Jews for this problem and refuse to actually listen to what the problem is, but if approached from a logical unbiased position this is undeniably what’s going on. Private school parents in lakewood are saving the state BILLIONS every year, yet they are being blamed somehow for the states upside down funding formula in regards to Lakewood.

  18. How is leaving an 82 million dollar loan debt a favor to the student’s?
    The children who are being raised in Lakewood will not be able to afford to stay and raise their own families.
    Money is not a win. Responsibility and looking out for the future of our children would be the win.

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