BREAKING – FIRST REPORT: Lakewood’s Ateres Tzipora announces it’s closing down (LETTER)

Ateres Tzipora has announced it is closing down.

The letter arrived to parents today.

The school first announced its closure last year, but it was saved when Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz stepped in to help.

This is the second Lakewood school to announce its closure in just one week – due to financial issues.

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  1. What a disaster for the children. I have three grandchildren in the school and they are heartbroken after hearing the news.

    Let’s see what this Va’ad is going to do now, especially now that they have absorbed so many kids who have moved into town from Brooklyn. My grandchildren have been in this school since its inception, and one was entering eighth grade. What a blow to the children. Over 200. And all the teachers who lost their jobs. The children received the finest education here. What a loss.

  2. Terrible! Esp for the kids who just moved into A.T. bc their school closed last yr. What is lkwd going to do, another school is needed! The girls elementary school classes already have 29-30 kids per class, not the ideal size! Let’s go lkwd, who will man up and deal with this?

  3. The kindhearted principal has accepted many families that couldn’t afford tuition. The demise of the school is purely financial. Lakewood certainly has the need for a more ‘tolerant ‘ school now it is up to the town to take care of (fund) the deficit.

  4. time to get funded by the state with vouchers or like charter schools.
    we can not keep on being “double taxed” and pay private tuition with so many expenses… it just doesnt add up…
    make our own public school district. LIKE KJ. there has to be a solution.

  5. Its interesting to read some of the comments . Everybody is demanding of others to solve the problem . People seem to think that they can sit back and snap their fingers and some mysterious others will fund and create new schools. I guess it’s easier to sit back and post comments than actually opening your checkbook and doing something .

  6. Hi Friends
    First of all as all issues till they become “back against wall” they are not dealt with ,watch both schools all sudden reopen have no fear!!Threats work!
    2)Anyone with any brains should realize that when you have a town growing faster then its capabilities your gone run into serious issues.As We already suffer from infrastructure ,traffic,schools,Drs and so forth.But keep building and building.
    3)There is enough money and more then enough in Lakewood, just look around at houses going up here, you’d wonder how long people plan to live for,Is mashiach coming?!etc, THE MAIN ISSUE NO ONE IS ADDRESSING IS TUITION BY TO MANY IS LAST ON THEIR PRIORITY LIST! ppl are building houses that i have no words for,pool houses,vacation trips,thousands and thousand dollars weddings, WHAT DO OUT RABAYIM/TEACHERS GET PAID??!!
    4)Ppl what “yena” to open a school do all the dirty work involved and then be told who he has to accept to his own school?!!
    5)Ppl want others to have midos be accepting and considerate of them yet they(women) can dress publicly in frum places as they wish and don’t have to be considerate to others ,all sudden then its “mind your own business” but when their “shafelha” needs a school ,the whole Lakewood becomes at fault
    6)You cant be like KJ when your not a untied kehillha with a accepted leader.If we become that we can solve a lot of money for all.
    7)As a long time, decades Lakewood resident, i pray the coffee be smelled,systems get cleaned up once in for all, before it all caves in c”v

  7. We really think that at this point that we see Lakewood needs more schools, the BMG should jump in to this and take over the school….(so it won’t be like Bais Faiga, but the kids will get the Chinuch to grow up to appreciate and admire a Torah family and be true ehrliche Yiddish kids)!!!

    • Why is it the responsibility of the Yeshiva to open a girls’ school? It is the achrayus of the realtors, the landlords and developers who have drummed up Lakewood as a great place to live, using the schools as a selling point. If you bring people here to live, it is your job to provide the infrastructure. Don’t sell Lakewood’s maalos to others – you don’t own those maalos! If you invest in schools,shuls and community mosdos in your new neighbourhoods, then you fully have the right to use those as selling points. But it’s outrageous to think that you are bringing in newcomers, and creating a burden on the community that has lived here as Bnei Torah, with the Yeshiva as their central, uniting koach/.

  8. Putting up this posting is being mevayish every girl in the school. Better to do this quietly with the parents and work with the new schools so that the new classes they enter will be welcoming and friendly to the new comers. On a different note as stated by one of the commenters above why not go on go fund me page. Tell am yisrael about the beauty of the school and the tremendous hardship to run a unique accepting school like this one and I’m sure the response will be overwhelming.

  9. My heart breaks for all of Ateres Tzipora Students. My girl’s are devastated. We switched from another school a few years back, & was blown away by the AT Chinuch style! You feel the warmth & love as soon as you step in side the school. The teachers cared so much about every girl! The school was run so professionally by Mrs. Insel. She made my daughter’s feel that they are her only & most special student! I was so impressed by all their events.. the Science Fairs, Bas Mitzvah Programs, Melava Malka’s. My daugher’s are obsessed with the CD Mrs. Insel put out at the end of every year. The words are so meaningful but yet so current for today. They don’t stop playing it. I wish I had the financial means to keep the school open. I’m so torn, & lost on what to do. I hate the thought of having my girl’s get thrown in to another school. Should we start a gofund me, or is it too late?

  10. assumptions at this point aren’t helpful.

    If you want to help encourage your own childs school to accept a family or more. Daven that they all find schools that are appropriate quickly

    Mr Bernikier and other parents tried very hard this past year to keep it going. Kudos to them for their efforts. May Hashem give them mazel and brocha

  11. I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that TUITION is the problem. Especially in a school where parents are working. Most Lakewood schools are meticulous about collecting tuition. Unless there is a special situation, tuition is paid. Posting comments insinuating that tuitiin is not being paid is putting most of the parents who probably DO pay tuition in a negative light.

  12. I used to go in as a therapist for one of the children in the school. There was a very warm ambiance. The children looked so content and secure. Every tip and advice that is recommended for our children now a days can be found there. Everybody was loved and appreciated.

  13. I am in the know. It IS about money. There are many families that just cant afford tuition. Food shelter and clothing come first. They were accepted to the school graciously with the hope things would work out. Unfortunately it didn’t. If the school had enough to backpay its teachers and staff and stay current with all expenses it would open. Omg, even the landlord was gracious and let them stay without paying rent for extended periods of time.

  14. So sad – especially when this the 2nd Tzibur School to close down.

    I know that Yesodos Bais Yaakov Highschool still needs approx. 192K to stay opened and put it on 2 feet etc. as shown in their chesed fund campaign.

    Does anyone know how much Ateres Tziporah needs in order stay to open?

    Tzibur Schools need the Tzibur to fund them until they are on thier own feet and viable just like any other organization in town.

  15. Truth is when most of families are in chinch , etc and everyone expects a discount on tuition . So you expect a miracle that the bills will be paid by more dinners, RECHNITZ riding to the rescue, go fund me shchnorring etc instead of going to work like everyone before you to pay your own bills. This is just a normal consequence. And out will. happen more till we face the simple reality of how H set up his world.

    • Zev, this is not a school where most of the families are in chinuch; hence, the lack of local support. Maybe the difficulty getting their children into a financially stable school will deter a few folks from moving to Lakewood.

      The many schools for families in chinuch generally remain open since they are the types of schools the original Lakewooders want in their midst.

  16. The parent body in this school is not in chinuch. The tuition is hard when one has many children. My husband and I never got a discount and always paid full tuition. Unfortunately, Lakewood is not ready and willing to help support schools that are. “Out of the box.” I find this to be very sad, because Lakewood is no longer a yeshivish only community. These children in schools like Ateres Tziporah and Yesodos also need schools to attend. Something needs to be done with this crisis because these girls will if not already, be “at risk,” for being rejected and turned away, if they will not be accepted into another Lakewood establishment. The fact is, most out of town schools do not take girls that are coming from Lakewood. What is the community at large going to do about this??!!

  17. Bla bla bla
    Evry yr another school closes theb reopens, evry yr ppl.complain about in school.and.evryone always does
    So till schools dont reopen and there are actually lids roaming streets bec they cant get nothing will be done

  18. Ben are you nuts?? There are hundreds of kids roaming the streets!!

    Even if they do get in to school they are scarred for life!!

    A characteristic of yidden is rachamim!!!

  19. Ben you obviously have no idea what is going on. Instead of saying “blah blah blah,” why dont you get the facts first. There are kids not in school and plenty are roaming the streets. What are you going to do about it?!

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