BREAKING – FIRST REPORT: Health officials investigating suspected case of Measles, and confirmed cases of Pertussis and Varicella in Lakewood (PHOTO)

Local and County health officials are investigating a suspected case of Measles, as well as confirmed cases of Pertussis and Varicella in Lakewood, TLS has learned.

The suspected Measles patient, 27, told TLS he fell ill several days ago, and noticed a large rash break out on his body (pictured). He had himself checked out by doctors, who conducted testing. The patient says he returned from overseas about a week prior.

Today, the patient told TLS he was asked to return to a health facility for further testing.

The Ocean County Health Department told TLS they are investigating the suspected Measles case, and working closely with health providers, as well as with local and State health officials.

This afternoon, CHEMED confirmed to TLS they are assisting the health agencies with the investigation.

“CHEMED would like to make the community aware of a suspected case of measles in Ocean County and confirmed cases of Pertussis and Varicella,” CHEMED said. “Symptoms of measles include fever, coughing and a rash that usually starts on the face.”

The health facility added, “There is a very real danger for those who are not immunized, such as infants, and those who are immuno-compromised, who may come in contact with an infected person. A non-immunized pregnant women could result in exposure to the fetus.

CHEMED would like to remind everyone of the vital importance of being up to date with immunizations to protect you and our community.”




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  1. Build a big wall around (moderated) and send all the rest of the anti vaxxers there to join the community behind this outbreak. These rotzchim will need to give a real din vcheshbon for every single person that contracted these illnesses. Hopefully not leaving long term effects with anyone.

    • Now you sound like an anti-vaxxer. your pediatrician would laud you for suggesting that. and big pharma would do whatever they could to prevent just that from happening because you might find out the truth that they have been hiding from you. You might actually see with your own eyes that the unvaccinated children with clean water and nutrition would do a lot better than the kids on the outside that have all been vaccinated.

      The kids might get measles but they will get it between the ages of 2-15 when it is not very dangerous for them. the girls will pass this immunity on to their children so there will be no need to worry about the unborn or breastfeeding babies just the way hashem created the system to work.

      • In response to waiting for that study:

        Hashem also gave people the knowledge to create vaccines. Could it be that He gave us this knowledge as a way to protect ourselves?

        If all that has caused the decrease in measles is clean water and nutrition, why is it that over 65% of people contracting measles have not been immunized?

        Will you be there for the parent of a child that succumbs to encephalitis or develops SSPE a decade later? What will you tell the pregnant mother who contracts measles while babysitting your child? Even if she was immunized, her immunity may have waned or she may have never developed a sufficient response to provide life long protection.

        I hope everybody who contracts the measles only has mild symptoms. We should never know the pain of losing a child from something we could have prevented.

  2. what are you all so worried about?if you are vaccinated you are fine!! why donwe need to go to extremes and put a wall uo for all anti vaxxers.if rhey choose not to vaccinate then its their problem not yours.

    • BH, you don’t have to worry. Be thankful! In my family, where we are all vaccinated, I am worried about my baby who has an extremely weak immune system. The one who catches a cold as soon as he is in the same room as someone else with a cold. It’s scary! And the anti-vaxxers are only thinking about themselves. What about all the people in this town with low immunity? There is a concept of communal responsibility where you have to think about others as well.

    • An outbreak can occur if less than 95% of a community is vaccinated. Once there is an outbreak even people that are vaccinated can still get these illnesses

    • People who were vaccinated but now are immunocompromised are at risk. Not everybody who received a vaccine developed a full immunity to the virus. These people are relying on the klal to protect them.

  3. even vaccinated people can catch illness once there is an outbreak. all those that really cant be vaccinated due to health reasons are at real risk for their lives because of some people that think they know better then the rest of the world. those people can DIRECTLY be responsible for bringing back some epidemics that have virtually been wiped off most of the civilized map.

    • @Rose


      Why can’t CHEMED warn you about an illness that doesn’t come from their patient? They are a health clinic

      Am I missing something?

  4. Did anyone stop to think about why these outbreaks are happening in our insular communities and not anywhere else???? It’s because we are the ones who have a group of people who don’t vaccinate! That group is putting everyone else at risk, again in OUR communities! There’s a reason these outbreaks are happening in mainly frum places!

  5. our community suffers from a real sickness called אויבער חכמים
    ודאי להיבחן
    This causes us problems in many different areas
    Just read the headlines and u get my gist
    Being this is a public forum which anyone can access I’ll leave out the details
    If we wouldn’t suffer from the above we would alleviate many problems and tzoros
    And most importantly the massive חילול השם it causes

  6. People who are immuno compromised can contract these diseases even if they had been previously vaccinated such as those undergoing chemo therapy and various immune compromised diseases including those who have undergone transplants who are taking anti rejection medications to suppress immune response, therefore these thoughtless selfish one celled amoebas should be walled off and not allowed to come into contact with the rest of civilized society.

  7. How sad when a once proud intelligent people are reduced to foolish fools following the
    misinformed.The far reaching effects of this foolishness is incalculable. And I don’t mean the illnesses that they bring into the community, rather,the loose of respect of its leaders that this all engenders.

  8. It really is said that people are so selfish and won’t vaccinate, there is no reason why every shul and yeshiva should not have a clear policy that those who don’t vaccinate are not allowed as it is putting others in danger.
    The truth is that it’s really all our faults as we don’t do a better job educating people and providing the proper pr to once and for all show everyone what kind of a hoax the anti vaccine argument is.

  9. Mark Z. Please forward to us all of the personal research you have done to bring you to your conclusion that one must vax. Share with us your PR to once and for all show us all the hoax that the anti vax group are. You seem like you are so clear on this and so far nobody has been able to produce any concrete evidence. Of course spewing opinions everyone has mastered but how about some real evidence.

    • oy vey, for those of us of who vacinate there is no research or data we need to show,the facts speak for themselves. it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that in the pre vacine days tens of thousand of people would die from these addition,
      pretty much every trained doctor and medical expert is for vaccinating.
      rather, the onus is on those who are peddling this massive “conspiracy theory” that somehow the Doctors are in cahoots with the drug companies and these men and woman who’m we trust with all our other medical decisions are some how completely crooked when it comes to this particular really sounds crazy when you think about it,and it’s putting this entire community in danger.

  10. I deal with children and I see many kids (and some adults) coughing without covering their mouths, please teach your kids proper derech eretz and hygiene! which includes covering their mouths when coughing, not sniffing aloud etc..

  11. Why do we all have to suffer???
    Can all those who are not vaccinated put their name in a list so that we can know to avoid them? Since they are anyway proud of their stupidity then why not identify themselves?

  12. I would like to relate a story that happened with me.

    This happened about 9 years ago.

    I had a son and we thought that there was something wrong with him, so I was told to go to the top Dr in NYU.

    I come inside, and the Dr must have been at least 80 years old.

    The first question he asked me, is my son getting his vaccine shots, I said yes.

    But I asked the Dr, why is that the first question that you are asking me, that’s not what I came for.

    His response.

    When I grew up as a child, you can’t imagine the death and destruction that I saw because there was no vaccines.

    Now that there is vaccines, I want to make sure that everyone makes good use out of it.

    So for those who say that it doesn’t help.

    Take this story from an old Dr that lived through it.

    BH there was nothing wrong with my son

  13. To all the anti vaccination believers. You may be 100% right regarding your concerns. But you live amongst a community that disagrees with you and believes that vaccines are vital. So if you move in middle of some vacant forest somewhere noone will care. But you can’t be Frum on everyones cheshbon, because then you are 100% wrong

  14. Just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you’re Immuned.
    After years the vaccination wears off that’s where you have to check your titers and you might have to get them revaccinated

  15. So my child had an adverse reaction to a vaccine and now I decided to hold off off on giving her anymore until she reaches a certain age. Yes vaccines are important BUT when your child has an adverse reaction from a vaccine your mindset changes. Knocking people who do not want to vaccinate their children is wrong I’m sorry. Also even those who are vaccinated can still contract the illness. The MMR vaccine can cause a multitude of adverse reactions it states that very clearly in the vaccine insert that anyone can look up on the CDC website. It’s sad that everyone wants to blame the unvaccinated yet even a person who receives a vaccine actually sheds the virus for weeks, again all information that can be found on CDC website…..

    • Just saying says,

      You held off because your child had an adverse reaction (and rightly so). So now your child is in danger of exposure by those that choose not to vaccinate , for very different reasons than you have !!

  16. Can we have some sort of playgroup listing for morahs who will only allow vaccinated children? Often the morahs don’t ask if the children are vaccinated and it is uncomfortable and a hassle for a parent to call every mother in the playgroup to find out.
    Same goes for babysitters, especially since most babysitters take care of children who are too young to be vaccinated.

  17. To all those pro vaxxers , did you really do you research what vaccines side effects are or you following the crowd and if someone does different you can’t fargin ? My family member died ( stroke then heart attack ) after taking simple flu shot which triggered it and top dr in hospital told me that this !!! I met people in Chop with kids treating for cancer and parents said coincidentally condition developed right after took vaccines , that their own dr who advised them to take shots told them that he saw reaction and thinks desease was in body anyhow but shot triggered and activated it .. what about people who see their newborn developing severe excema all over body at 2 month after MMR shot , or parents who see the child not acting himself all these people should ignore what they see and follow crowd who never even bothered to get to even read what vaccines made out of and what are the side effects ?
    There are many gedolim & poiskim who don’t vaccinate and that’s the real reason schools don’t act on it as there is another side to the story .
    Bottom line what I am trying to get is that anti vaxxer looks at it as it’s a danger to take vaccines and yes it’s also danger not to take them and catch something but who says you must put yourself or your children in danger now to take a shot vs maybe possibility of catching something later . Also was just talking about measles to the older person and he says in his days they made a measle party and if someone in area got measles everyone brought their kids to that home to catch it . In today’s generation averything is a big deal , MEASLES OUTBREAK , 1 case reported , FAKE NEWS
    Use your own brains , do your research & respect that people allowed to make they own educated choices .

  18. Can someone explain why all those that are vaccinated are so concerned about contacting the Illness? Doesn’t vaccinated make you immune to the disease?

    • Yes, I can explain to wondering and to everyone else who can’t seem to understand.
      Vaccines are not 100% effective, just like anything else in life! They are usually 95-97% effective in preventing the person who is vaccinated from catching the disease if exposed. If everyone is vaccinated, there is a minimal risk of being exposed to the disease in the first place! When people are not vaccinated, they contract the virus and spread it to others before they know they have it.
      If the not vaccinated person has the measles and is in a room with 100 vaccinated people, it is likely that 3 people who are vaccinated will catch it. This is versus the same scenario with 100 unvaccinated people. Then it is likely that 95 people will catch it.

      The other very valid reason is those people who cannot get the vaccine and are relying on herd immunity. Before you decide that your child should not get the vaccine, know that some of these people who are relying on you can be your closest family and friends! Some examples of immunosuppressed people:
      people receiving chemo
      people who have received a transplant, including kidneys
      people with autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s who are taking certain medications
      people who are malnourished
      pregnant women
      elderly people
      people who live in a facility

  19. For those trying to reason with the anti vaxx crowd. If they reached their decision without logic, you can’t use logic to get them out.

    Perhaps pick up a stone, show them it’s “all natural”, and hit them over the head. Maybe it’ll work.

  20. We know its a worldwide thing to be anti vax. But here is why its a Himel Geshrei particularly at frum people, There is a huge diference. They only have a hint un a kind . One dog and one child, while we have houses full of kids and many more pregnant people. They have less kids per a square mile that is infected with Cancer because they have less people in each household . They have less pregnant women per square mile thus less blind and deaf newborns as a result of measles. If they have an outbreak on lets say zip code 10036, 10 years later there will be cholila only 5 cases of encefalitis. While cholila vchas zip code 11211 which has many more kids per square mile, while cholilab vchas have 15 or 20 encefalitis. And they are not even required to be Areivim ze laze and veohavto lereacho. Plus we are considered the smart people Am Hasefer. We are excpected to make more smartbl decisions. 1) read the new hudson.coalition.booklet 2) every adult should ask for a very simple blood.test . Itsbcalled titers. 3) make every choson and kalla teacher explain.improtancebofba titer testb before wedding . Due to the outbreak a woman had to take MMR shot and frum doctor had to tell her she must delay pregnancy!

  21. Your child that got a realreaction is the only exception. And the Dr tells not to give, not just delay, unless im missinformed. So if you delay because of reaction… maybe its not a reaction that makes you exempt. I hope you made a decision with your Dr, not alone. If all people will vaccinate on time with exception of your child and the CA pts,and newborns, will benefit a lot. Because there will be real herd immunity.

  22. Sinas chinam is a lot more damaging than unvaccinated kids! Measles is rarely dangerous but vaccines can be. Recently vaccinated kids are actually spreading the disease by shedding the virus NOT unvaccinated kids. It’s totally wrong to force somebody to sacrifice his health (by vaccinating) for “the good of his community”. Vaccines are obviously not that effective if vaccinated kids are also getting it. Did you check if your cleaning lady is vaccinated? How about your grocery cashier? Ups driver? Mailman? Why blame the unvaccinated kids? Most adults are not immune anymore how many adults are up to date? Yeah let’s blame some kids what an easy scapegoat!! Measles is part of the nature of the world sorry but u can’t fight God’s creation!

    • Have you done any research measles is a painful and can be a life altering illness. For some weird reason when everyone was getting vaccinated there were less than 50 measles cases per year in the us. But now when we have all these anti-vaxers there are outbreaks please explain that

    • If I scream at someone for driving down my street at 100 MPH and they say they don’t care if they kill a few kids, is it sinas chinam as well?

  23. @just wondering, people who are vaccinated are immune but are still concerned because we have babies who are too young to receive the vaccine and they are therefore at risk because of the animals that don’t vaccinate

  24. To @just saying. Did your child really have an adverse reaction to vaccines? Or did something develope and you decided to blame vaccines even though there is not a drop of scientific rational?

    • the vaccine inserts list a bunch of adverse reactions to vaccines. What makes you think that there is not a drop of scientific ratoinal? Ask the vaccine manufacturers themselves. Do you think they are just making up the possible side effects of the vaccine they manufacture? How do you know better than the parent who has the child with the adverse reactionh, and how do you know better than the manufacturers and the cdc themselves?

  25. Even if there is some truth to what some anti vaxxers say, which I don’t personally believe, when you see what a bracha from Hashem the vaccines are, you see that THE BENEFITS OUTWEIGH BY FAR ANY IMAGINED HARM! That is why we should get vaccinations & thank Hashem for them instead of throwing this bracha back in Hashem’s face.How did our intelligent nation become so primitive & uneducated, believing in so many obscure, ignorant alternative ideas?!

  26. To truthseeker, please keep seeking as you haven’t found the truth yet. Measles is G-D’s creation & then G-d also sent us the vaccine to fight it. The vaccine worked &almost eradicated the disease until some ignorant people came up with their ignorant theories. I am in my 60’s & I was hospitalized as an infant when I got the measles. It is a dangerous disease for many. That’s why a vaccination was developed. Do we have to wait for hospitalizations or deaths to make people truly see the truth?!

  27. What about the children that can’t have certain vaccination because of severe allergies? Should they be thrown out of society? I have 1 such child out of many. All the rest of my children are vaccinated, so must they suffer for one?

  28. Me myself & I you didn’t answer the question truth seeker was asking .
    Do you have a cleaning lady , is she vaccinated ? Why blame it on the kids , when it comes to cleaning your home you already forgot about danger and hospitalization and deaths you just mentioned ?
    Don’t you think anti vaxxer fear of side effect especially with the experience they had in past is just as valid as your selfishness to have a cleaning help ?

  29. To hmmm, why do you assume I have cleaning help? & I would hope that our community would be better informed & educated than people from 3rd world countries! Unfortunately that isn’t the case sometimes!

  30. Just check up the facts.
    In Syria that has been in war for the past few years resulted in lack of vaccinations for kids. Polio disease is back in Syria !!! Most of us don’t even know what it is or seen a victim to Polio disease. Look it up , it paralyzes the victim (lo oleinu) from the waist down. All those Anti-vaxxers should just stop with those nonsense arguments. And yes, unless there is a TRUE medical reason(and there are very few and far in between reasons) why the child cannot get vaccinated don’t allow them in schools, let them start their own school.

  31. please read book by Dr Robert Sears to clarify what parents should do if concerned whether or not to vax…BTW, he is a pro-vaxxer and check out his site for any updates

  32. so according to your logic, I must vaccinate my other children, and wait until they have a bad reaction, maybe I will decide to wait to vaccinate my other children as well.

  33. @David

    Yes my child had an adverse reaction! Her pediatrician is the one who said it!!! So that specific shot she is no longer allowed to get! As far as delaying her other shots that decision was made by my husband ( who is a trained medical professional!) Her pediatrician (A DOCTOR!)
    And myself ( her very concerned mother!)
    Also on every vaccine insert it states there are side effects, so what are you talking about there is no proof! And on a side note there is this thing called Vaccine court try looking it up and you will see More proof. Again I stated very clearly that vaccines are important but when MY CHILD was lethargic not drinking running a fever just to mention a few things that took place I’ll spare you the rest of my nightmare! That is why we all said let’s wait until she is a little older to do the other vaccines.
    Adverse reactions are more common then you think. I personally am allergic to the DPT shot it almost killed me as child it was recorded by my pediatrician and the hospital physician at that time and I’m going back almost 36 years ago. So don’t sit there and question me on my child. You should thank god you and your children never had an issue.

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