BREAKING: Dozens of anti-vaxxer children in Lakewood get vaccinated to return to school; Some remain home

The announcement from Lakewood teachers and threats from schools to not allow unvaccinated children in school, appears to have worked – at least for the most part.

Administrators from two schools in Lakewood tell TLS most of the anti-vaxxer children in fact went last night to get vaccinated, while some chose to stand their ground.

One school said the parents of only about eight children stood their ground and refused to vaccinate. They were not allowed to return to school.

The schools took a harsher stance on the exclusion after the guidelines allowing for the exclusion were updated by the Ocean County Health Department.

According to attorneys too, the schools have full right to exlcuse unvaccinated children from school.

TLS has learned that there are at least two law firms who are may be offering pro bono work on behalf of the schools being threatened by the anti-vaxxers.

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  1. At a time like this, it’s a no-brainer to give the MMR vaccine, even if they don’t/didn’t give them all initially. If the kids don’t have specific medical reasons that preempt them from getting vaccinated, the dangers of a single vaccination to a school-age kid have got to be nil, or very close to it. Hashem should keep us all safe and healthy!

    • just wondering: dont kids who start cshool in primary have to bring their vac list from their dr as a part of registration so how on earth did all the parents who didnt have their kids up to date with their shots get thier kids in school to begin with something to think about right?

  2. If may please inquire, what is the potential danger in vaccinating with an MMR? Why do some people choose not to? Please reply if you’ve studied the opposing research. Thank you

    • Studies have shown that the MMR vaccine is directly linked to autism. Specifically with this particular vaccine, there are endless personal tales of beautiful, healthy children who received the vaccine and immediately afterwards showed alarming symptoms, and are now unfortunately autistic and unable to lead normal, healthy lives. Multiple individuals have been personally affected, and have unfortunately seen these studies proven correct. There is an endless amount of research on this subject for someone who is legitimately interested in hearing the opposing side’s view.

      • Wakefield is the researcher that drew that link. He has since been disbarred from all medical practice for falsifying his data. He also took money from different sources that created a conflict of interest for the study. He was required to retract the study from publication, as well.

        • Jim

          As heard on the David Lichtenstein show from proffessor Hooker’

          “Wakefield spoke about the link from PARENTAL reporting”. he was not disbarred because of his qualitative studies.

    • Go straight to the manufacturer’s product info. It can be found online by searching for “MMR prescibing information”

      You can look at these parts of the info sheet:

      Indication and Usage (who should get the vaccine and at what age)

      Contraindication (who should not get the vaccine, ie. those allergic to the ingredients)

      Adverse reactions (mild to serious side effects)

    • If I may offer my humble thoughts. I myself am vaccinated, but have come across a few people who do not vaccinate. I will admit that alot of them do not have cold hard facts relating to their decisions, but instead base it often on experiences they or their friends have experienced.

      Fast forward to today, I was researching why the MMR has two doses while others have one, and came across “Holly’s Law” in NJ which says that after one dose, one may check their level of immunity via blood test and if immune, skip the second dose. I was curious who Holly was so I researched it. I cannot post the link here but just look for the story on the hopefromholly website.

      This particular example was so blatantly connected to a vaccine injury that they named a LAW after this girl in NJ.

      Now OF COURSE this is a one off, PLEASE PLEASE do not make vaccination decisions based on this one story. It is indeed “anecdotal evidence”. IY”H you and your family will be fine whatever you decide. But DO understand that if a parent is concerned about vaccines and then comes across a story like that (and unfortunately there are others), how could they NOT be hesitant. Once that seed of doubt of planted, it is extremely difficult to get past – ESPECIALLY when it comes to a child’s health.

      Labeling them murderers and banishing them from the community is absolutely NOT the way to deal with it. The people I have met who are concerned are all doing it because in their mind it is what’s best for their children. Please let’s all try and hear the other side, regardless of what side you are on.

  3. Rabbi Gottesman, I heard you on Dovid Lichtenstein’s show. I have one question for you that should’ve been asked on the show. Im going to assume you are right that your children are healthier now without vaccines than they were before and holistic medicine is healthier. However, Since there is an outbreak, don’t you think you have an obligation to vaccinate your children now in a situation of potentially harming many other people? As far as the 9/11 conspiracy, please tell me why it doesn’t make sense that terrorists hikacked a few planes as has been done many times before. Why should I have any reason to not beleive that, unless I have an agenda to just be “different” than everyone else and sound smart like I know something that everyone else doesn’t know which is the impression that I got from hearing your opinion. Please explain yourself.

  4. Researched, you have no idea what you are talking about. You have done absolutely no research. Had you honestly done your research, you wouldn’t have written what you wrote. So please, don’t make a fool out of yourself.

  5. I heard that there was a issue with girls getting into schools this year

    Why don’t we just tell the anti vaxxers that if they don’t vaccinate we will switch their slots with the unfortunate girls who don’t have a school :>

  6. The supposed link between autism and the MMR vaccine has been debunked by multiple studies. The original scare concerning it was based on faulty evidence and the researcher has since been discredited and lost his license. The issue has now been well studied and no link has been shown. Many ideas are related to mercury in the vaccines which has since been removed due to public voting (not based on real evidence). It was removed and autism has continued on an upward trend that has been unaffected by the number of people getting vaccines. Why is it that less and less people are getting vaccines and rates of autism are steadily increasing? Why aren’t you seeing less cases of autism in California where less people get their kids vaccinated? You’re just not seeing that. If you look at the data, the idea that vaccines cause autism just isn’t supported by any sound evidence. I know parents just want to do anything to understand what’s going on with their kid but the fact is this isn’t the answer. What we do see is rising epidemics of measles, mumps, and other diseases in places that don’t vaccinate, which is causing kids to die.

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