BARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: Body of Rabbi Bauman Z”L found [UPDATED]

The body of the missing Rebbe, Rabbi Bauman Z”L, has been found.

The body was located approximately five miles from where he went missing.

Levaya details will be published when available.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

The Norfolk Levaya will take place at 10:30 AM at Bnai Israel Congregation, 420 Spotswood Ave., Norfolk, VA. The Aron will then proceed directly to the airport for the Levaya in Clifton, NJ.

A live audio hookup of the Levaya can be heard by calling 712-770-4160, PIN 271789.

Shiva will take place at 183 McNamara Road, New Hempstead, NY, 10977 beginning Tuesday morning. Shachris 8:00. Mincha and Maariv at 8:10.

UPDATE: Hespedim and Kevura will take place 3:00 PM Monday afternoon at King Solomon Cemetery, 550 Dwasline Rd., Clifton, NJ 07012.

(Here’s the link set up to help the family.)

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  1. How is this story and episode going to change jewish people?Nothing happens for no reason!WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW BESIDE SAYING OY NEBECH ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? perhaps beside a “oy nebech” minimize personal enjoyment and feel with others pain as a family mourns such a tragic horrific incident .WAKE UP AND SHORTEN SHETEILS.BRING BACK KLAL YISROEL PROTECTION CALLED TZNIUS.THANK YOU

    • Get a life. It is people like you that sow more division and pirud in klal yisroel. It is always the women’s fault when tragedy strikes, right? the men are so perfect! Your judging of others, your spreading hate in klal yisroel, your lack of self esteem, your lack of kavod habriyos, your holier than thou attitude is more of a cause of tragedies than my shaitel. Yes, the bais hamikdash was NOT destroyed due to gilui arayos (which even according to your warped logic, you can agree is worse than my shaitel length) yet it WAS destroyed due to sinas chinam, which the meforshim say was jews like YOU who put down and belittled other Jews who were less frum than then in their eyes. Leave the judging to Hashem and go fix your own self and your own home before mouthing off publicly against others in klal Yisroel and before pontificting as to why things happen. You know nothing. W have no neviim today and YOU are definitely not worthy of passing judgment on all of Klal Yisroel. YOU are the problem, not my shaitel. And yes, I showed this comment to my rav before posting it, and he agreed with me 10000000% Enough is enough with these comments every time there is a tragedy. YOU are the tragedy.

      • If you read exactly what i wrote I dont recall writing the reason for the tragedy.i dont recall spreading hate. i dont recall belittleting and judging people.i dont recall hating or spreading sinas chinum. i apologize if you took it that way.good luck

  2. someone posted elsewhere that Rabbi Reuven Bauman A”H, wrote a book not long ago called Yanky’s Amazing Discovery by Menucha publishers, abt Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetzky. It is meant to teach Middos in a practical way, on a children’s level. Can anyone confirm that this is his book?

  3. Change, perhaps to you the length of a sheitel is important, but for others it isn’t the key lesson from this tragedy. Many frum circles and Rabbonim vary on a woman’s hair covering type and/or length. It shouldn’t be an infatuation from you. You could have mentioned watching Loshon Hora, nivel peh, increase tzedaka or learning, keep extra time on shabbos. All are valid and important. I appreciate your understanding to stay away from controversial suggestions.

  4. If i may kindly,respectfully and politely point out- Please don’t post pics/videos with women in them in respect to the many orthodox jewish men who come here.Thank you for your understanding.

    • politely asking, you really must be in the shmutz on the computer. I’m not finding any pictures of women for this article, and I’m not finding any inappropriate pictures of women (or men) on this website. I’d suggest you 1. Be honest and transparent with your wife regarding your hardships. 2. Speak with a Rav. 3. With your Rav’s guidance, find a personal or marriage therapist. There is no negative judgement towards you.

  5. How many people know to float, swim parallel to the shore, than diagonal to the shore for rip tide. I’m not a life guard, etc but as trips etc get more exciting and dangerous camps, schools, etc must train staff and the children accordingly. This is a tragedy but we should prepare ourselves to prevent future tragedies of all kinds.

  6. there is no reason to publish this story how many of us still remember and talk about the chabad of poway shooting or the stabbing in har nof or the attack of Bombay when we here a tragic story we just receive it as a piece of hock and by next week we will all forget about this story.
    succh a sad world we live in.

  7. I doubt Rabbi Bauman would want us fighting.
    Especially on a public forum.
    Let’s honor his death with an ounce of tolerance & shalom.

  8. Thank you for confirming.
    I will BeH buy it and hopefully my kids will learn some great lessons from it in his zechus!
    Let’s change ourselves, and be examples, before we preach to others about what they should do. Let’s teach our children Middos Tovos and Derech Eretz and stop pointing fingers at others!
    As one of my greatest teachers taught us:
    “Change yourself and you have changed the world” TC

  9. Seriously “politely asking” – a Tznius dressed woman in background of one pic?? Honestly, that’s what there is to comment on here????

  10. Sorry for my earlier comment.Its seemingly was totally misunderstood. I learnt my lesson with comments.I was wrong. Im sorry.
    Besros toves.

  11. Who needs enemies, when at the height of horrific tragedy – there are comments that do not address the anguish but rather peoples persona agendas.

    My thought, prayers and hugs are with the Baumans and Norfolk community.

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