Bounty Hunter Opens Fire At Wanted Suspect In Residential Area, Both Taken Into Custody With Loaded Guns

lpd_nightA Bounty Hunter acting out of his legal limits and jurisdiction Thursday night was taken into custody, sources say. The incident occurred approximately 8:00 p.m. when a Bounty Hunter – looking to take a wanted suspect into custody on James Street pulled his gun at the suspect as he began charging at him with his vehicle.

As the suspect drew closer, the Bounty Hunter opened fire at the suspect in the residential area, hitting his vehicle, missing the suspect.

The Bounty Hunter-turned suspect was injured however when the suspect in the vehicle sideswiped the shooter.

Sources tell TLS the injured Bounty Hunter then notified a nearby police officer of his injury and was taken into custody and charged after he told police he had fired at the suspect.

The first suspect, a known drug dealer, was tracked down by police approximately two hours later – with a bullet hole in his vehicle – and after a short scuffle with police, was taken into custody too, with a loaded gun in his waistband.

The CIU responded to the scene and the incident remains under investigation. TLS-CCP/TLS-50/TLS-55/TLS-SR.

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  1. “The Bounty Hunter-now suspect was injured injured however when the suspect in the vehicle sideswiped the shooter.”

    Not only does that sentence have poor grammar, it makes no sense too.

  2. There is more to this story that we dont know.

    The story is missing which state the bounty hunter was registered in, if he had proper carrying & weapon permits(and in from which state), and exactly what was the bounty hunter charged with?

  3. If I had a gun on me and someone was trying to mow me down with his car.. I wouldn’t hesitate a second to open fire on my assailant!!

  4. To all u “welcome to lakewood “” people, remember why you moved here “CHEAP HOUSING” if you wanted a place with no crime, you should have stayed in brooklyn.

    Ah freilichin chanukah!

  5. Whats with this law of no shooting untill the suspect shoots first? Maybe this, and all the other times people that should still be here for their family are dead because the cops couldnt kill the suspect while he had a chance

  6. a chakira!

    were they placed in the same holding cell?
    and if yea does the BH regain custody of his refugee?

    in other words do we say bosar maikora ozlinan, or bosar TFISA ozlinan,

    o dilma ain orach machnis orach?

    ah freilichin chanukah!

  7. funny how i heard that the officer that found the armed suspect is one of the five to be laid off. here is a reward for taking down an armed felon…. pink slip. AND WHY AGAIN ARE WE GOING TO LAY THESE OFFICERS OFF?

  8. If this knucklehead Bounty Hunter called the Police for assistance first, he would have kept himself out of trouble and out of harms way. Awesome job LPD for cleaning up a mess and catching the guy without shooting (and missing). LOL.

  9. Um #23, do you know what it is bounty hunters even do? If he called the police first? If the police knew where this guy was and had the manpower to look for him we wouldn’t HAVE bounty hunters. And if he called the police, and they took him in, the bounty hunter loses his fee. Why don’t you learn what your talking about before spouting off on here. It looks like nobody reads on here, obviously he surprised suspect when he came upon him and the guy tried to kill the bounty hunter by running him over with the car. What does everyone here expect him to do, lay there and get run over? If you had a weapon wouldn’t you take the risk of getting arrested for using it over the risk of getting killed by an armed and dangerous criminal? Armchair Quarterbacks…

  10. There is no P-contest between Police and Bounty Hunters. BH’s are bonded, licensed to carry and bkgd cleared with authorization by a Court Ordered Subpoena. Don’t jump to conclusions. Here is a situation which nobody here knows how it started or how it got out of control to the point that it became a public safety issue. My bet is that once it’s all sorted out, the BH gets his cut, is freed and the bail-jumper with the Saturday Night Special between his waistband and boxers is returned to the custody of the appropriate jurisdiction. I hate to bring this up but remember that guy Diallo, where more than a couple of NYPD’s finest sprayed and prayed the guy holding a cellphone in a doorway with kick-up plastic Glocks that put more holes in the ceiling tiles than that poor innocent guy. If you weren’t there you’ll never know what really happened.

  11. to # 23 n #24
    fyi, he did in fact call for police assistance priorly. however, pd was quoted saying “since when do we back up bail bondsmen?”
    so it does pay to know more details b4 jumping to speculative opinions. and yea knowing the laws does help make better judgment.

    perhaps sometimes if police officers knew the laws better they would have better judgment as well.

  12. He was a licensed bondsman but did not work for the company that had the bond on the suspect so he was therefore not allowed to be carrying a gun at the time he used it. He did ask the pd for help finding the suspect and they said it wasn’t there job and they do not get involved in helping bail bonds.

  13. #27 Police officers are not required to assist with bounty hunters. Secondly, the bounty hunter was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon. The hunter was acting on behalf of one bail agency, however he was only licensed to carry the weapon under a different bail agency. That’s why he was charged. And yes the police do know the laws quite well, hence why he was charged.

  14. sounds like we have a couple beligerent bounty hunters reading the scoop now. bottom line dog the bounty hunter shouldn’t have been carrying while moonlighting… maybe your friend that got locked up should brush up on his knowledge of the law too and if he thought it was that dangerous and didn’t make it personal he wouldn’t have went after the big bad guy on his own. good job LPD for catching him in the end.

  15. LPD cleaning up the mess even know they are shorthanded. I hope they can keep doing the great job they do.
    What is with these politicians that think we need less cops ?
    The police Dept hasn’t replaced any of the retired capt’s, sgt’s, or ofc’s in the past year. Id say they are doing their part. Let’s look at the politicians salaries and benefits
    Or their aides ?…….

  16. it is illegal for a bounty hunter to carry in N.J., even if he were liscensed in another state. N.J. does not have a reciprocity agreement with any other state. so in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey thats 1 for the bad guy and 0 for the law abiding citizen

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