BOMBSHELL: Likely The Most Shocking 3-second Audio Clip In Jackson Government History | G. Sonnenfeld

For months, TLS has dug into the rot of anti-Semitism that permeates the highest levels of government and political organization in Jackson. We have uncovered and reported on numerous offensive actions, comments and statements made by those holding some of the highest positions in the Township, with the exposed parties often providing no valid explanation for their comments and actions.

Over the course of our reporting on these issues, multiple officials were forced to resign their positions in disgrace, after their twisted comments were brought to light.

Robert Nixon, the former Jackson Council President and a defendant in an ongoing lawsuit against Jackson, resigned.

Sheldon Hofstein, Rich Egan, and Joe Sullivan were forced to resign their positions on Jackson’s planning and zoning boards after TLS exposed their attendance and participation at a CUPON meeting held to to oppose the proposed Jackson Trails development.

Jeffery Riker, a planning board member, was forced to recuse himself from the Jackson Trails application hearing after evidence of alleged improper email communications regarding the application emerged.

Now, Clara Glory, the Jackson GOP chairwoman, and Todd Porter, the Republican Club president, are under fire for hateful and bigoted comments they made online. Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel released a statement condemning anti-Semitism in Jackson after Dr. Rich Roberts made her aware of the Facebook posts made by Glory and Porter.

All that leads us to our greatest bombshell to date, one so shocking and blatantly anti-Semitic that we went to great lengths to confirm its authenticity. After rigorous examination, we have decided to release the following audio, which is likely to sink any chance Jackson had in court with regards to the lawsuits they are currently facing.

In the short audio clip, taken at a meeting in which Jackson Mayor Mike Reina is heard talking to former Ocean County GOP boss George Gilmore regarding the ongoing tensions between the Jewish community in Jackson and Township officals, Reina is asked point-blank by Gilmore regarding shuls and schools, “If these were churches, would we be fighting them?” Reina responds immediately, “Absolutely not.”

The audio tells you all you need to know about the state of affairs in Jackson Township. The anti-Semitic rot exists at the highest levels of Jackson government. As you can hear for yourself, the Mayor himself said he is only opposed to building synagogues, but not churches. If that isn’t blatant discrimination, then nothing is.

Mr. Reina, your comments are despicable and shameful. An individual who is opposed to only one religion in the Township where he serves as mayor should not be mayor any longer.

Mayor Reina, it’s time to resign.

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  1. Thank you TLS. As Jackson resident I’m sick to my stomach hearing this recording, how do I tuck my children in at night now knowing we have a sick twisted corrupt Mayor who has our worst interest in mind?

    • you should not have a problem tucking your children in at night. you have a father in heaven taking care of you and loves you very much. He watches over you 24/7 way better than any mayor can.

    • Perhaps.
      Or perhaps less so.
      Many things when taken out of context are not what they appear.
      es hatzadikim v’es ha’reshaim yashmid???
      Almost the whole pasuk but entirely different meaning out of context.
      Not saying it’s not what it is being presented as, but it may not be.

  2. This is a disgrace. Shameful. I don’t live in Jackson and if I would, I’d be even more horrified. This is not about anti-Semitism – this is about undermining everything the United States stands for.

  3. I support Reina. He doesn’t want a synagogue on every corner like Lakewood!! And churches don’t build in houses or on every corner so a church would never be an issue!!

    • Give me a break!!! Reina does not create the law and what he wants is irrelevant. If building a shul on every corner or in every house is legal and not a violation of any zoning laws then his wishes and wants can jump in the lake. Even if his fear is justified, does that mean ALL applications should be denied??? No one is advocating for breaking the law, we just want no discrimination.

  4. Why would you not release the entire clip? It seems fishy to me that you have a clip that has no contacts to it. If he is really saying what you say, then the entire contacts would be more damning. It doesn’t make sense that you skipped it. Please explain your rationale for cutting the clip Up.

  5. why are you releasing a 3 second clip? what happened to the rest of the clip? what is the date and time of this meeting? this is truly a bombshell but in order to be taken seriously more details have to be released

  6. You know good and well that Christians don’t have to walk by foot to church. So they don’t need a church on the corner. You could have one Central Church with a thousand people if you really wanted. Or you could have little churches dispersed throughout the town. But you don’t need one in your housing development if you don’t want it. Yes we need a synagogue in walking distance, but our synagogues don’t bother anyone. They’re not ostentatious. We don’t make noise. We go, we pray, and we go home. And we can’t drive there on Saturday. And you know that.

  7. Great job bringing this to light. We have a right to have honest and open minded politicians. Everyone has equal rights and anyone in public office who denies those rights or engages in discrimination of any sort, should face the heavy hand of the law, the public and be dealt with accordingly

  8. who is it bothering to have a synagogue on every corner??? I can think of a lot worse things that are going on on corners that do not have synagogues. sounds like “I support Reina” has a similar agenda to Reina himself. Tls please sensor these comments a little better

  9. His honor will not allow him to resign yet. When the court cases get loud and heated up and public you will see him step down to spend “more time with his family”

  10. I would not want Reina ‘s job for anything. He is tying to keep Jackson from looking like Lakewood. The traffic the amount of building going on. These roads are not build for this amount of people. He should always be careful what he says. Any one in office needs not offend anyone of any race or religion. We all need to show respect. But lets be fair, traffic is already increased in Jackson. Its upsetting. There is new stores going up,,A ten minute ride is now 30. We should have respect for each other but be fair. Not everyone wants their town to turn into a city,with bumper to bumper traffic. Reina must respect all and do everything the right way.

  11. lakewood’s congestion issues are due to a failure to plan for correct infrastructure upgrades. in simple language, until you have realistic road and parking planning to support the building, don’t allow building. If Jackson knows what’s coming then plan accordingly. As far as lakewood goes, only people who moved from new york think things are ok because they are used to it. , no one else approves of the congestion or lack of parking

  12. YOU ARE IN GOLUS!GET IT? OR STILL NOT?! REALIZE THIS IS NOT OUR PLACE! מפני חטאינו גלינו מארצינו ונתרחקנו מעל אדמתנו,Maybe getting together doing teshuvha is best option?maybe ?
    yes one must do hishtadlus based on Das Torah, but dont miss the עיקר ,Get the messages one after next being sent from above!
    thank you

  13. @ Janet Adele Wood

    Just trying to figure out what you’re saying here

    Only Jews create traffic?

    No new houses were built… there should be the same amount of cars on the road. When there were non-Jews in Jackson there was no traffic… when there’s Jews there’s traffic?

    Seemingly, you take issue with Jews on the road.

  14. The Lakewood haters make this about congestion when in reality this is just pure anti semitism as we orthodox jews are just like our non jewish sisters and brothers we want a town that is not over populated and congested,the only ones that are happy with the Lakewood overdevelpment are the developers. To claim that we orthodox jews are filthy and want to live in congested overcrowded places is rooted in anti semitism.

  15. a 3 second audio clip could very easily be misconstrued to suit a specific agenda. Where is the rest of the audio so we can hear it in it’s entirety? Where can we go to listen to the entire thing?

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