Bill In N.J. Sentate Committee Proposes Lower Fines For Driving Without Proper Paperwork

lpd writing summonsA bill in the Senate Transportation Committee today would give NJ drivers a break. The measure would lower the maximum fine by $50 for motorists caught driving without their license, registration or insurance card. The fine would be knocked down to $100, with $25 going to an uninsured driver’s fund.

Drivers must be able to show they had a valid license, registration and insurance on the date of the stop.

The judge also has the option of dismissing the charges.

The bill is sponsored by Republican Sen. Kip Bateman. AP

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  1. The cops can find out immediately if you have a license, registration, and insurance. All they have to do is look it up on that $6000 computer they have in their cars.

  2. It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure their car is in working order and they have their proper paperwork and identification when they get behind the wheel. Yes, the police can look it up but how about some personal responsibility?

  3. Very considerate to go extra mile on behalf of all of our illegal alien friends.
    On the other hand my good friend was run down by an illegal alien with no drivers license who crossed over median and struck him. They let illegal alien go with a slap on the wrist and a fine for driving unlicensed and my injured friend still managed to get a ticket because his car “was parked to far from curb”
    They should jail and deport any alien driving without a DL especially if they are involved in a crime.

  4. This Govt has gone too far. You police always defend the laws. But the laws are currupt and just a mask for higher taxes under the Corzine administration. why do we have to pay for registration at all? What are we getting? a two cent paper card? You make hundreds of millions and blame the motorist for not obeying the laws? We the people have had it. You create a situation where its almost impossible to have all your docs in order. We are unnecessarily paying all these high fees, court costs(isnt the court paid from our taxes already?) and what’s up with surcharges? What’s up with that. This is all to pay for the bloated demands of the union workers and we’re FED up already. If you the police can look up the license and trust yourself to belive the info there, why any fees at all THIS IS ALL A TAX AND YOU PEOPLE ALL KNOW THAT ITS TRUE. DMV is just a facade with most of its fake rules and regulations to terrorize its citizens and force them to feel like criminals and pay high fees to satisfy an overly bloated budget. Does anyone agree with me?

  5. Why would you be driving without your license or documents? are they not supposed to be in the vehicle and your license on your person? WTH?? I say if you don’t have them on you, the ticket is warranted..and you HAVE to pay the fine

  6. Next step “we have to close DMV offices for lack of funds” because they lowered the fines they depend on to operate the officers. Here we go again!

  7. Does the punishment fit the crime. Nowadys the cops can pull up the full drivers license pic and all on their fancy smnacy machines. What’s so special about having a plastic card? Its all a Tax if ya ask me. They can even check if a cars insured and registered with the zap of a button . THE PUNISHMENTS DO NOT FIT THE CRIME!!!!! leave us alone already and stop terrorizing the citizens. Go get the gangs and murderers.

  8. #8- why is it excessive? The fine helps deter people from being lazy and giving the police more work to do- police that some think are a waste of tax money. Well, keep adding things to their list of responsibilities- more work for them on your dime. Besides the police- if you crash into my car I want to see your info!

    How about everyone just follows the law and no one will have to complain about excessive fines?

  9. Actually, they can’t check with the zap of a button if your car is insured. You have to give them your ins co’s info and they’d have to call and speak to someone.

  10. to #5 i totally agree with u there is alot of money wasted on unions and administration costs every time u pay a ticket they have to hire a cop to write the ticket a clerk to send a notice a judge etc… there is no reason they cant check if car is stolen the whole re registering cars every year is a scam to get more money. why cant u resgister car once and if it gets stolen it will b reported scam scam scam

  11. Finally a bill that will actually help people. No one should have to pay a exorbitant amount of money for not having their documents at hand while doing a everyday chore.

  12. to #13—-how does this help people?It only encourages people to pass their vresponsibility on to others.Shoud they bring a note fro their mothers saying they have the proper papers???

  13. to #9
    If they would ship all the aliens back to where they belong.Then we wont have the problem of the aliens running over pedestrians…..

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