BARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: Murdered Body Of Leiby Kletzky Found

candle mediumBARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: [LEVAYA INFO & DIRECTIONS TO CEMETERY] It is with much pain that we regret to inform you of the Petira of 9-year-old Leiby Kletzky A”H, whose body was found in a Brooklyn dumpster a couple miles from where he was last seen. Police received information of the child’s whereabouts stemming from an early morning arrest, and immediately swarmed the area of a Park Slope Auto Center on Fourth Avenue where the body of little Leiby was found in an open gray trash container.

leiby sceneMisaskim is on scene and is working closely with the NYPD and NYC Medical Examiner to ensure that the proper Kavod is given to the Niftar.

An arrest was made this morning in connection with his disappearance and police are reportedly questioning a 35 year old man believe to have acted alone.

Thousands searched for over 24 hours in the scorching heat in hopes of finding the little boy alive.

May the family have a Nechama and may the Tfillos and Chessed on his behalf be a Zchus for him and Klal Yisroel to merit the bringing of Moshiach speedily in our times.

UPDATE 2:20 PM. The Levaya will tentatively be taking place at 8:30 PM this evening at 17th Avenue and 56th Street, at Bais Medrash Heichal Hatfillah. 

Kevurah will be taking place Deans, NJ, Chelkas Chasam Sofer at approximately 10:30 PM. Misaskim is asking that all who attend please follow traffic directions from Misaskim and local Law Enforcement.

For the Levaya, women are asked to come in from 57th Street, and men from 56th Street.


From 1700 Madison Ave Lakewood, NJ 08701.

1. Head north on US-9 N/Madison Ave toward Louisburg Square Continue to follow US-9 N 9.7 mi.

2. Turn right onto NJ-79 N/South St. 0.2 mi

3. Merge onto NJ-33 W via the ramp to Trenton 12.3 mi

4. Take the New Jersey 133 W ramp to Princeton 0.1 mi

5. Merge onto NJ-133 W 1.7 mi

6. Exit onto US-130 N toward New Brunswick 8.7 mi

7. Turn right onto Co Rd 610/Deans Rhode Hall Rd

Destination will be on the left 0.4 mi

159 Deans Rhode Hall RdMonmouth Junction, NJ 08852

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  1. Bde
    This neshuma has a big zechos for being able to bring so many yidden together as one. Unfortunately the ending is not the one we were davenning for. Should we never have to hear any stories like this ever again

  2. rabbosai this unfortunate case of leiby has made a tremendous kiddush hashem
    the achdus shown was extraondinary
    lets keep up the achdus
    we should all be zoceh to the geula shelaima bekorev omen

  3. Yes, let us continue to keep in our hearts the ahavas chinam that was generated in the past two days. Let us show Hashem we can do this even without tragic events.
    As a side note, it seems to me that the picture of Leiby resembles somewhat the picture of Gilad Shalit. Let us keep in mind in our davening all the missing Israeli soldiers who have not been found yet.

  4. why i think we ask?we all need grief counselling. hopefully our leAders and mental health professionals will guide us [and our curious children] through this terrible time. bdh.

  5. this is a horrible tragedy, the arrested one man, who they are not sure if leaibi new him, and what he did to this young child is, well it’s just horrilbe, i will say tehillim for the family and for Leaibi.

  6. As a mother I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that family must feel my heart goes out to the family and the community.

  7. *******************************************************************************

    i wonder if this is him?

  8. Such a terrible loss. Prayers for the family and child.
    # 3 I don’t think that the first thought should be about the politics or religion of the person responsible, he was simply evil.

  9. there was 2 reports of a sedan in lakewood at least 2 times in the past few months. Could this be the same guy.

    if not – we still must tell our children to stay away from strangers and even one that you think you may trust because they look Jewish or similar to your background. DONT TRUST ANYONE

  10. park slope is known to have many deviant individuals residing. plenty of them have already benefitted from the new toeva laws!
    Hashem should relieve the family of all their suffering and his neshama should have an aliyah

  11. I am so sorry for the family and friends of this little boy. they will all be in my families thoughts and prayers, the (moderated) dirt man will hopefully pay dearly for the death of this child.

  12. I unfortunately read about this on a national news website and gasped. We live in a sick, evil, fallen world :'( My heart and prayers go out to the family, the community, and the volunteers. May the Lord give you the strength to deal with this tragedy and that one day you may find peace.

  13. It is wrong and painful to “piggyback” a horrific tragedy into anything more then it already is.

    For the family, for the friends, for the community, and all those selfless individuals who gave so much of themselves to try to help the situation, this is a bitterly excruciating period. The grief and senselessness of what transpired is beyond comprehension, and no words will ever adequately communicate the thoughts and feelings of this situation.

    This being said, those who have an agenda, to point fingers at various other scenarios that are publicized and say- “ooh maybe it was this, or maybe that, or if we,…” or so on and so forth, is at the very least petty and ridiculous, and mitigates the severity of the crime.

    Nothing, no matter how well reported, has ever come close to this crime that transpired. Is there what to be learned from this. Surely! Those who futilely profess there opinions of comparison and try to contrast and even link it to their imaginations are adding pain and hurt.

    May Hashem comfort those in pain, and may He send those with intelligent reason and wisdom to help us rationalize this tragedy.

  14. This story is so sick I feel like throwing up. Please, let there be no protracted court cases etc. just strangle this pervert and let every family member cut off a finger or toe.

    Does anyone have his full name for Mishnayos?

  15. my heart aches for the family going through this terrible tragedy 🙁
    PARENTS OF LAKEWOOD WAKE UP AND LET THIS BE A LESSON! stop letting your children walk the streets alone! stop letting your 7year old be responsible for your 5year old! everyday i see children, as young as three, get off their buses and walk unattended down the streets to their houses- WAKE UP BEFORE IT HAPPENS AGAIN!

  16. What a sad sad day for all of us. Fiends who prey on innocent little children are the lowest of the low and the sickest of the sickest. I hope he gets what he deserves. HY”D
    My heart goes out to Leiby’s A”H parents and siblings. Hamakom y’nachem eschem besoch she’ar aveilei Tzion v’Yerushalayim. May they know no more tzaar and may klal Yisrael be zoche to the geula sheleima bimhaira b’yameinu.

  17. enough with the mussar. i think everyone can read the message on their own. no need to keep pointing out to everyone to keep a watch out for their kids. think of how the parents are feeling now. what if they were reading these comments???? just daven that your kids are always safe and that mashiach comes speedily so all the tzaros are a thing of the past!!!!!!

  18. A sad day in Brklyn. Prayers for the family, and that the OU families and Police will stop young boys when hitchhiking in town. It presents a real danger for drivers and pedestrians. Each precious child should be safe and protected from potential deviants. The ‘designated pick up zones’ encourage unsafe habits!

  19. i lived in lakewood almost all of my life and a mother of 6 myself and see all the time 9yr olds walking to shoprite alone with a baby in the stroller and maybe a 5 and 3 yr old on the side or yesterday for the matter a 2 and 3yr old walking down rt 9 by 7th alone. My prayers are with the boy’s family today. (moderated)

  20. just saw the news, they have the man who did this unthinkable act, he is 38 yrs old, this poor chiold got lost and asked this man for directions and this horrible act happend, Assemblyman Dov Hikind says that they will find out why this happend, he will be buried tonight. my heart goes out to the parents and siblings, and to the community of boro park. may we pray that nothing like this happens again. may hashem comfort all

  21. my mom told me the story when i got home a short moment ago. absolutely devastating. all this young boy wanted to do was to get home and this person had to go and do something really nasty to the family. an innocent boy who just wanted to see his family after a day in camp. i hope the family gets justice.

  22. G-D help the poor mother, this didnt happen in park slope , if you dont know brooklyn dont say anything, stop your childern from hitch hikeing, this well happen in lakewood there are sickos all around , teach them about the out side world, they dont know what is out there please

  23. FYI- Rabbi Shimon Schwab in his masterpiece on teffilla says:
    In the Yehi Ratzon that comes after davening we say “Umisatan Hamashchis” The Tur (Orach Chaim 46) remarks that one is free at this point to add any of his own personal fears and concerns for his safety. He offers such as “miganav, v’gazlan, v’alam, v’achzar etc. etc. These extra requests can even be said in one owns vernacular, if one cannot do so in lashon hakodesh. However with the proper kavannah these additional potential sources of danger are really included in “pega ra” and “satan hamashchis.”

  24. #38 Kelly, Just so you know that both you and Chris is still on our minds and in our hearts each and every day. I know I speak for so many when I say that we will never forget Chris and what he meant to all of us and we pray that you have the strength to continue each day. May your many years ahead have nothing but sweet and happy moments.

  25. we have all been
    …this morning

    we have all been
    …bereft of our innocence

    …taken off familiar streets
    into dark and frightening places
    …knowing that we would never go back

    we have all been given
    a glimpse…into the eyes
    pure evil
    …and we recoil in horror

    incomprehensible god
    please take that little boy
    into your arms
    …and make him
    forget the things
    he’s seen and felt
    ……over the past 48 hours

  26. I know who the man is. He is an older man who was divorced. His mother is a step mom and his father is his real father. In this family i believe there are 3 children. 2 of them arent frum. My cousin was friends with 1 of them i dont believe this one. Please dont put any fingers at the parents because this man was living on his own and had a job. He obviously was disturb about s/t. The parents had nothing to do with this. Please Please dont blame the parents!!!!

  27. To kelly317, so thoughtful of you to think about this horrible act, of course you know what horrible people are capable of doing, may you always have comfort from the community that loved chris, and thank you for your comfort for this family.

  28. A sad day for klal yisroel and the nation. It is time to wake up and learn from our lax punishments for molesters and pedophiles. A molester belongs behind bars. Enough already with midas rachmin a molestor will be punished with midas hadin

  29. #22
    Go back there & see how some dude calling himself Chaim was paskening dinei nefoshos from the Chofetz Chaim. He was mixed up himself i n what the Chofetz Chaim said.
    Let him come back now, & say even if if he will possibly murder a kid blah blah blah.
    BTW any abused kid is mutulated it just keeps repeating over & over emotionally for his whole life.
    To all those who know something about someone that endagers kids please go to the police, if you are scared of the police go to askinim. Get them off the strret or at least moniter them.

  30. Correction-

    FYI- Rabbi Shimon Schwab in his masterpiece on teffilla says:
    In the Yehi Ratzon that comes after brachos in shachris, we say “Umisatan Hamashchis” The Tur (Orach Chaim 46) remarks that one is free at this point to add any of his own personal fears and concerns for his safety. He offers such as “miganav, v’gazlan, v’alam, v’achzar etc. etc. These extra requests can even be said in one owns vernacular, if one cannot do so in lashon hakodesh. However with the proper kavannah these additional potential sources of danger are really included in “pega ra” and “satan hamashchis.”

  31. # 50 Moshe

    Do you have information that this murderer was a molester or pedophile, and that the child was a victim of such atrocity? The child was BUTCHERED!

    After exerting effort trying to find this child you pain me with your insensitive words. And I did not know the victim or his family.

    How do you have the audacity to say the child was molested by a pedophile? What gives you the right to paint this child a far worse victim then he was, and make all of us feel even worse? Where is your kovod for the Mais? Where is your Kovod Habriyos for the family and friends?

  32. #56
    Moishe is actually #52
    BTW he is right. What was the perv murderer doing with the kid in his house?
    You got any seichel?
    He then paniked & killed him. The police cannot divulge the obvious. Moshe is unfortunatly correct.

  33. Hashem doesn’t sent such stories only that we should learn to watch our children better. We need to do teshuvah. I am not minimizing the great need to protect our children , but let’s not forget that Leiby suffered because of our actions.

  34. The Chofetz Chaim clearly addresses a situation of rumors of molestation in Shmiras Haloshon: Klal 6, Halacha 11, BM”C 30. based on rumors you cannot do a thing. It is Assur.

    There are those who do not live by faith and beliefs of the Torah. Such people kill. As we have so clearly seen.

    There are those who refuse to live by a specific standard set by the Torah in regard to rumors, and they blatantly advocate for Torah transgression- even if in this one specific area- as their puny mind dictates personal rational.

    The Torah sets the rational, not puny minds or rampart emotions. Torah and Halacha set the only standard, no matter the circumstance, no matter how difficult, no matter how painful. Torah and Halacha only. For this we have sacrificed our lives for thousands of years.

    People who transgress the Torah are bad people. In whatever category. Whether they kill, or actively advocate for transgression of even a single Halacha- because they think or feel that that is the way it should be.

    Bad people ruin society- including the rumor mongers. Not those that rumors are spoken about. People who actively advocate for transgression of Halacha take Law into their own hands. Such people may very well end up killing as well. Be wary and do not get tangled in their web

  35. Ok no need for statements like this at a time when there is such great sadness quote”There are those who do not live by faith and beliefs of the Torah. Such people kill. As we have so clearly seen.”
    There are clearly bad people of every faith not just those who do not believ in torah statements like this only inflame the situation
    why would anyone write this at a time when ANY Human being with a an ounce of decency would find this horific crime deplorable not just those who believe in the torah ?

  36. Chaim,
    Please ,had someone known this murderer was lose are you telling me the Chofetz Chaim would say you can not give him to the police?
    Lets say he escapes & comes to Lakewood collecting money without an Ishur.
    According to you the Chofetz Chaim says you can not call the police on him,,there are no aidim to what he did,nor did we see it, we only know from the news & blogs.
    If you are telling me that. Then I am telling you to go & see a doctor you are seriously ill, & if anyone G-d forbid heeds your advice you may have blood on your hands.
    I would have sugested you asking your Rav, but isee that you pasken yourself from how you understand the amount of Chofetz Chaim you know.
    I am also afraid the way you try to sneakedly equate me with this horrific murderer that you may have something about yourself to hide, I guess you won’t be turning yourself in to the police, because it is Loshon Horah, but what iIsuspect you may be doing in your mind is just your yetzer hora, & no one can call the police on you, because the chofetz chaim said.
    Loi Zocoh nasis loi sam hamoves.

  37. To the individual calling himself Mr. Loshon Horah,

    This is not personal. It is Halacha and Torah. Some areas you enjoy and look forward to keeping, like Purim. Others are more difficult.

    But that is our standard. Keep it we must. See the Chofetz Chaim: Klal 6, Halacha 11, Be’er Mayim Chayim 30. The Chofetz Chaim clearly delineates instructions regarding rumors of molestation.

    As for no aydim. you would be correct. That is the way Hashem wants it, because that is the way the Torah mandates it, because that is the way Hashem wants it. So what you are recommending a doctor and calling ill, is the Torah way.

    This is no way at all an attempt at any personal affront, no towards you, nor towards anybody.

  38. My heart aches for this child and his family. Why are any of you arguing about the Torah? I am a Christian and I will pray for this child regardless of his religious background because that is what we should all be doing in our own way. May his family find peace one day…

  39. to #64 thank you for your truth, i agree it does not matter, this was a young child with his whole life ahead of him. we should pray for his family , his siblings, the community, this could have been anyone’s child,

  40. The following was in today’s daily email from POWERFUL AND WORTH PASSING ON


    That’s all I can muster.

    I’m looking for words; the right words.

    They aren’t forming cohesively, but too many people are seeking direction after this unspeakable tragedy for me to remain silent.

    We have no Bais Hamikdash; yet we have Korbanos.

    The latest Korban’s name was Leiby Keletzky Hy”D

    A young, innocent, sweet boy on this earth for less than a decade.

    His life violated by a monster , then snuffed out in an act of unimaginable barbarism.

    His body treated in unthinkable ways; a true Korban for Klal Yisroel.

    What message lies therein?

    If Hashem has allowed this to happen, it is unquestionably a message for us.

    How many more messages do we need until we all wake up?

    How can we be so numb and insensitive to what’s going on around us?

    We hear of this Korban, who serves to atone for OUR sins, yet we carry on with life as usual.

    Yes, we say the expected things such as “what a tragedy!”, “Hashem Yerachem” and such.

    We put on a sad face and sigh for a minute or two; we may even shed a tear or two.

    Then it’s back to “business as usual”.

    We continue our vacations.

    We continue our lunch dates.

    We continue peppering our speech with vulgarities.

    We continue watching forbidden television and movies.

    We continue making disparaging remarks to our family and friends.

    We continue worrying more about dressing in style than dressing B’Tzniyus.

    We continue catering to our bodies at the expense of our Neshamos.

    We totally miss the many messages that Hashem is sending us.

    Are we so numb and blind?

    How many more Korbonos do we need?

    Do we need it right between the eyes R”L for us to finally take them seriously?

    This boy was the son, brother and Korban of EVERY single Jew on the planet.

    The amazing and heroic efforts of Acheinu Bnei Yisroel of all stripes and colors who united in the search for this boy, is surely part of the message.

    He may not have been found as we all hoped, but his passing should leave us with the clarity to hold on to the Achdus that was engendered.

    The outpouring of Tefilos that were said and tears that were shed for this boy and his family may not have produced the results that we hoped for, but they were not in vain.

    Not one single tear, not one single prayer was for naught.

    It is in times of pain and tragedy that Klal Yisroel gets their priorities straight, and focuses on the right things instead of the mundane.

    We need to hold on to this focus and not need more messages to keep us anchored in Achdus and Tefilah.

    Yes, there may be some evil people amongst us, but as a whole, Klal Yisroel is a great nation

    Let’s all be greater than we think we have the capacity to be.

    Let’s all start taking life a little more seriously.

    Let’s add more Torah to our lives, more Tzedakah, more Mitzvos, more Ahavas Yisroel….

    Let’s rid our lives of Lashon Hara, Machlokes, Sinas Chinam, Pritzus…

    Let’s show Hashem that we got the message!

    May the Korban be accepted by Hashem and may our thoughts and actions not invalidate its powerful effect.

    May we be zoche to a rebuilt Bais Hamikdash, where we can bring the kinds of Korbonos that we can offer with joy.

    Perhaps if we did some real soul searching and internalized the many messages Hashem has been sending lately…

    …We will be able to celebrate the 9th of Av this year instead of spending the day crying again.

  41. He should be hung on a lamp post on 13th Ave. for July and Augest, and rot in the sun “Kol Dem’ei Acicha Tzoakim Ale’i min Hadama” REVENGE!

  42. #7 what do you mean by “thats muslim country?” As a muslim it saddens me to hear such hatred towards a people especially under the circumstances. A child lost his life, a mother lost her son, and I lost a brother. The Qur’an says “whosoever kills a man is as if he has killed all of mankind.” My faith does not permit the killing of any innocent person regardless of his or her religion. The life of all human beings is sacrosanct according to the teachings of the Qur’an. We all are G_d’s children and I am heartbroken over the lose of this child. I to shall say a d’ua for this poor family and for you.

  43. The neighborhood of where he was found happens to be right near a prominently Muslim neighborhood. at the time this was originally posted, no details other than the location was available. It was not known that the murderer was Jewish (called himself Jewish – acted like the worst of the Nazis). Unfortunately, there are Muslims other than yourself who think it IS fine to kill Jews, even meritorious to do so, according to their interpretation of the Qur’an. As a matter of fact, there have a number of radical mosques in Brooklyn under investigation. So it’s not far-fetched to think that a Jewish victim in a Muslim neighborhood may have been murdered by a Muslim.

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