Bais Yaakov Elementary School Closed Until Further Notice

closedBREAKING NEWS: Bais Yaakov Elementary School, located at 5th and Madison, will be closed until further notice, TLS has learned. The school, which has approximately 70 students from Primary through 8th grade, has been closed since Thursday and as of yet, there is no re-opening day scheduled. TLS spoke with parents in the school who said “We are not getting help from the community”. “Teachers are not being paid, because the school cannot afford to pay them”, one parent told TLS. “Until the school gets help, we’ll have 70 kids on the streets” he said. TLS will bring you all further updates as we recive them.

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  1. why should the community help them? Also which school has 70 kids from primary through 8th grade?? If its such a small school then the parents are the ones who have to make sure the teachers are being paid.

  2. In response to why the community should help them? Because they might end up in your child’s overcrowded classroom! I don”t know where you live but there is a current shortage of placement for the children of this growing community. We cannot afford to have one of our schools close down!

  3. a school is on the brink of disaster and all you people can think of NOT having these girls pushed into YOUR schools!!

    a Jewish man was getting executed and more people showed rachmanus on him than these innocent girls that did nothing to deserve this tzar!! Where’s your compassion now?!

  4. The other schools should take in these kids and the building should go to the Yeshiva to add a much needed Beis Medrash that will help ease the overcrowding in the Beren builging.

  5. I feel that that if there is such a problem, it is because we are not learning enough, and therefore the shefa from shamayim is not coming.The only eitza is to learn more, and if there is not enough time, at least we should be mekabel to learn more intense.
    Let’s deal with our problems with dass torah.
    Has someone spoke with the Roshei Hayeshiva, the einei Haeida?

  6. #13- there is NO board anymore

    #12- they have spoken to the the askanim and whoever else is big here, and NO ONE will help these girls.

    #9- what “truth” are you talking about? The fact is if you do the math, that not even 70 girls brings in enough tuition to cover all expenses. And the very generous men who were helping to fund the school have ran out of money themselves.

  7. Nebach, nebach, nebach. What a wonderful school this is. The perfect blend of caring, non pressurized learning, and Simchas HaChayim. The teachers are PHENOMINAL. As soon as my daughter started attending, she started smiling every day and scoring 100 on her tests and actually started to do homework with “cheshek.”
    What am I going to tell her now, what an i supposed to do with her now?
    If I had the money, I would write a nice check and get the place back into shape.

  8. to#1
    are you a yid? u obviously have ni nishama jewish girls are at risk of beiing on the street and all you care about is that it may inconveince you a little? you expect Hashem to have merrcy on you? shame on you!!!!

  9. The school exist(ed) and cannot grow beyond 70 girls because some of the girls come from what is considered “undesirable” families. New families wont send their kids there and no school will take many of the current girls. Shame on the culture for the elitism and caste-like thinking that caused this.

  10. …and then we complain that there aren’t enough schools to take in our children each year! Help this school with 70 so it can become one of 270! (No, I’m neither a parent or teacher – just an observer to a tragedy.)

  11. There is so much more to this story, I wish I could post it . FYI not even close to 70 kids, more like 30. There are reasons why this school should close and let’s leave it at that . There are also major plans for this school that will truly be a benifit to us all. Oh how I wish I could talk , but TLS would probably delete me

  12. This is a shame. I was excited about sending my 3 year old to this school when she was of age because I was told they would accept her based on her merits and those of her parents, and not disqualify her simply because we have Internet in the house.. what will I do now?

  13. #20- newsguy- you have no clue what you are talking about. FYI there are about 70 girls and they all come from about 40 families that are nice, decent people that don’t trash talk like you. By the way, which school are your kids in, I want to make sure NOT to send there.

  14. Dear “norton the newsguy”

    The number is close to 70. Yes, there is a lot to the story, but apparently by misstating facts, like stating there are only 30 girls, you are showing your ignorance, and I would reexamine my understanding of the story if I were you..

  15. Its sad the school had to close and the teachers were phenomenaland mesiras nefesh mamish : the girls will be placed in local schools assuming that the parents will shtel tzu to the rules that are expected of them . The girls will end up fine and Klal Yisrael will not leave them hanging . . Those who refuse to shtel tzu , can go to one of the more modern Schools in Deal . There is more to this story, just can’t be posted here. But this is not a case of no one caring and allowing a fine mosad to close .

  16. > Norton says:
    >February 21, 2010 at 10:12 am

    >I may have been off by the number: you are right, but why are you >getting so defensive . do u have something to hide?

    Please be direct. If you have something to say then say it.

  17. Norton BLURT IT OUT we have nothing to hide, we will be happy to have a civil discussion its up to you speak your mind, please! And on a side note Rabbonim and Askonim have been very kind to us always giving us their time and heart. Thank You.

  18. #25, what does that mean- if the parents “shtel tzu” to comply with the rules of a new school, if not they can go to Deal?!!!

    Are you implying that Bais Yaakov did not have to follow the same halachos that every other mosad has here in Lakewood? How wrong you are!

    And who are you to say that Deal is any less frum than here.

    I suggest that if you don’t want these fine yiddishe neshomos forced into the overcrowded schools that you put your money where your mouth is and help support the fine teachers who are deserving of their pay, and help keep the school running. Otherwise, no one is to blame but yourselves!

    The parents can only do so much when all the cards are stacked against them. There is no new enrollment for primary, which is so odd considering there are so many without a school.

  19. As a parent of Bais Yaakov I can tell you that my daughter and the rest of her class have good midos and are true bnos yisroel the fact that nobody wanted to send to the school was purely because of the day school name it could never get rid of. The parent body is made up of fine people who found a school in which their daughter liked to attend and were really happy #30 Would you give a donation if I knocked on your door? Thank you for to all the people who kept the school going this long.

  20. What is the meaning of code “shtel tzu’ ? Those of us outside of the Lakewood community who support the schools and institutions have a desire (and a right) to know. Perhaps we might be a bit less forthcoming if we knew what our dollars were supporting.

  21. As a parent of a child inb the school I can talk about what is going on.

    1. there are 70 students in the school.

    2. there is a lot of bagage with the school but this is not the girls fault.

    3. there is NO money in the school.

    4. The teachers have not been paid in a couple of months (and they still come in every day to teach)

    5. Parents Have gone door to door to collect.

    6. The loshon Hara that is being said about the school is not true.

    7. The school is following ALL the rules that every other school has.

    8. WE were the only school that was alowed to open because we never ever sent away any child.

    When it all comes down to it, there is going to be 70 girls that are not going to have a school. They did not choose this like other parents in towm that pulled there kids out of one school to get them into another school.

    We needed help and no one in town right now is willing to help us.

    WHY is this happening. Why ????? These girls did nothing wrong but go to school every day and learn.

    I would like every parent in town to think hard what would happen if this would happen to THERE school.

    Have a Frelich in Purim.

    A proud parent of a BYE girl.

    ps. If you see me collecting on purim please be generous.

  22. att purim rav.

    last year we wanted to keep this school a community school as it was for many generations and the current board (made up mainly of parents) decided to make it a Bais Yaakov and not be a community school excluding many who wanted to be part of this school.

  23. #35:

    Given that nothing wrong has been done by the students or parent body, at the end of the day, it is impossible for 70 $4,000 tutions to cover a primary-8th grade school. If the expense gap cannot be covered annually with external funds, there are only three options: either tuition must go up, more students must enroll, or the school must close down.

    That is WHY it is happening. It does not appear to be due to any ill will on anyone else’s part. The fact that this school stayed open as long as it did is amazing. But with the economy as it is, there must be enough people who MUST pay tuition to keep it going. Have they considered consolidating grades and cutting their salary expenses? Perhaps half as many classes will be more affordable: P, 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8.

  24. #40: you answered my question of why this happened and it is in part the fault of the community for not wanting to send there, therefore not having a larger enrollment. WHY are people afraid to send there. It has not been “Betzalel” for more than 6 years. We had primary-8th grade…we had excellent moros…we had a big building…and yet no one would send even if it was the last place in town. It doesn’t make sense.

  25. I know the parties involved and how much work went into keeping the school running. Why not get the input of several rabbis from the community. Perhaps raisng the base tuition and allowing for scholarships to cover but at least have the conceivable base higher. Those modern Deal schools charge 12,000 before scholarships.
    That is for a second grader. That much money would be circulating through Lakewood instead of Deal.

  26. there is a choshen mishpat dispute between 2 sides as to who is in charge. TLS, if you are not going to post the whole story, you have a responsibility to at least post this one sentance.

  27. Q. Given that nothing wrong has been done by the students or parent body, at the end of the day, it is impossible for 70 $4,000 tutions to cover a primary-8th grade school.

    A. Your 100% correct.

    If the expense gap cannot be covered annually with external funds, there are only three options:

    either tuition must go up — Would you like it or can you afford more tuition than what you are paing now. I think the 7 tutions I am paying now are hard enough.

    more students must enroll, — We were the only school alowed to open a few years ago when the schools were closed. Why because we accepted EVERYONE. If this school was the last school in lakewood i wouldn’t want my daughter to go to it, I over heard someone say. Did this person even bother to speak to someone that goes to the school, or come and visit the school or speak to the teacher………..

    the school must close down. — which is what is happening. Now in the middle of the year we as parents instead of having a SIMCHAS Purim we have to go around and beg to get into other schools. Maybe you can put in a good word for me in your daughters school….

    That is WHY it is happening. It does not appear to be due to any ill will on anyone else’s part. — If you only new how much bad will there is & the Loshom Hara that is being spread around town about the school.

    The fact that this school stayed open as long as it did is amazing. — You are right again 100% it stayed open so that these wonderful children can get an education and because of the wonderfull and dedicated teachers that stuck around, even though they new that they were not going to get paid. (these teachers should be given a brochah that they should never have to worry about money ever again)

    But with the economy as it is, there must be enough people who MUST pay tuition to keep it going. — I could only speak for myself, and that I am up to date with my tutions in all my schools. As hard as it is I some how try to make sure my tution is paid (a little late in the month but it is paid.) Its hard with 7 tution payment but my husband & I get it done.

    Have they considered consolidating grades and cutting their salary expenses? — Duh, No we never thought of that.

    Perhaps half as many classes will be more affordable: — all ready done, but thanks for suggesting this. (sorry for the sarcasim, its a very trying time right now in between calling other schools and begging for them to take my children in.)

    I hope everyone has a wonderful purim and please daven for all the children in klal yisroel.

  28. There should be one big school for all the AT , BR and BY and BB parents that caters to the Balei Battim of this town, why are people embarrased to face the facts that if you havent learnt in lakewood and are a nice yid then you BELONG in a school for people similar to yourself!

  29. there is a choshen mishpat dispute between 2 sides as to who is in charge.


    Thier is no dispute at all as to who is in charge. There is a board of BYE and they are in charge.

  30. To “Someone in the Know”

    The problem is and has been that there have been too many people “in the know” like you that think they know better than our rabbonim.

  31. To Dovy2:

    The rabbonim haven’t approached BYE in regard to disputed control of the school for years. Maybe that is a little clue that there is no dispute???

  32. to TLS fan: What do you think THIS school was?????

    It was an all accepting school if you were in need of a good school.

    To the dovy2 and someone in the know:

    Whether or not there is a choshen mishpat (which BTW there isn’t) is not what caused the school to close. It still stems from the fact that no one wanted to send there to build up the school. If 5 families who didn’t get accepted anywhere decided together to go to BYE, they “wouldn’t have to worry as much about the socializing with the ones who are beneath me” attitudes. But that did not happen so we are where we are today–worrying where are girls are going to go to school tomorrow!!!

  33. To Sababa,

    And how many days are in your “years” may I ask?? And if I may add,the rabbonim were quite involved when the undisputed dispute was raging. Those rabbonim don’t want to hear the name BYE anymore. They have lost enough sleep over it already and have only gotten slanderized…….

  34. To Dovy2:

    My years are defined as in the Torah, have you done any learning lately?

    The dispute is ancient history, baruch hashem. The school ran beautifully in the 5769 school year, when they were able to cover expenses. No interjection by rabbonim taken nor required…. BMG and its rabbonim were very happy to rent the Gym from the school last year – no controversy whatsoever. I think the rabbonim would not do business with a disputed party.

  35. Just curious,why does the parent in the ARTICLE seem to bear a grudge on the community for “not helping” when a voicemail has been left on countless machines implying that a significant portion of parents do not pay tuition?? Tuition is very expensive but if PARENTS IN THE SCHOOL aren’t paying why the grudge on the community who are already struggling to pay their own in this tough economy?? Sounds like the fault lies very much at the doorstep of many parents IN this school. And I HEARD the voicemail myself.

  36. Barry,

    While I agree with you, and as I said above I am up to date with my tuition. Every school has some type of backing from the community. We have not had any, except for two wonderful members of the community, but they can not do it them selves.

  37. Barry- If you heard the voicemail, then you must be a parent in the school too, how else would you have heard a “school list only” message? If you’ve read any of the above comments, you would realize that EVEN IF all the parents were up to date on their tuition, its still not enough to cover expenses and they recently loss their 2 biggest benefactors as well.

  38. I now understand why Moshiach is not here yet! How can so many people write such insensitive remarks! Do you not understand the gravity of the situation? 70 children, 70 pure souls, Do you think they won’t feel your attitude? Why should we help them? Why does g-d help you?!
    May Hashem have mercy on these children!

  39. In reference to #1s comment that all Baalei Batim should send their children to the same school…..what in the world are you talking about?!
    Since when does it make someone better if they learned in Lakewood? Who are any of us to decide where a child should be educated. There is a much bigger problem here and that is the sinas chinam that keeps decent people out of schools in the first place. We are all ONE Klal Yisroel and this hatred has to stop. It should not be something we judge each other about when asking what school a child goes to. Nor should we feel thankful if certain people do not send to “our” schools. NONE of us is better than our neighbor. We should encourage our children to befriend and help other children and inspire them, not put our noses up and turn our backs on anyone. We, the people of this town, are preventing Moshiach’s arrival. Help these kids and welcome them to “YOUR” schools. If each existing wonderful school takes in 3-5 girls, problem solved, and do it with warmth and open arms. thank you!! NO I am not affiliated in any way with this school.

  40. Hey Plane Nuts!

    Maybe if you’d get down from the altitude your at you’d understand! I’ll take it for granted that you have no clue as to what’s been going on with the school at the corner of Madison and 5th for the past few years. I’ll take it for granted that you haven’t heard all the wonderful acts of tzedaka that these wonderful benefactors have performed. Why don’t you come down from up there,maybe pick the phone up and call ANY one of the 4 poskim. You may get educated a bit. Hey,try it. I promise they won’t bite. They only speak the truth.

  41. So who is going to step up to the plate and take them in? This one has no room…that one says you’ll be better off somewhere else… and so on…where to go next?? Maybe everyone would like to see them shipped out of town, then they don’t have to see what happens to precious neshomos- out of sight, out of mind.

  42. After making six phone call to diff. schools and having each one say

    Well I did and they said the samething.

    what would you like for me to tell my daughters why she can’t go to school, sorry dear because all the adults are fighting like children they are closing your school…..

    So this is why I live in Lakewood :-((((((

  43. Lets take all our emotions and negitivity aside:
    Let say g-d forbid your girls school closed. What would you be doing? Banging on school doors begging them to take your child in? Or perhaps “Loosing your mind” not knowing what to do with your child everyday thus foward?
    Let me tell you a little about this Bais Yaakov- Bais Yaakov Elem, the parents, and teachers…
    The parents aren’t just sitting at home crying and wandering what will be?
    They got together called the teachers and moros and asked them to continue teaching. All the Moros and teachers with opened arms took their beloved students under their wings.
    The connection between parent/teacher, teacher/student, student/teacher is beyond love its ‘achdus’ !
    Bais Yaakov Elem is not “a building”.
    Bais Yaakov is 70 ‘haylige neshomos’ combined with the most amazing and loving moros and teachers, and parent who just want the BEST for their children.

    We will continue to do carpool after carpool dropping them off at one morah and then their teachers even if it takes all our time. Because we as parents love our children and our childrens teachers love them too. If the teachers did not give up on their students, please don’t give up on us.
    So I ask The Lakewood Community and sorrounding areas Please help our ‘haylega negumos’ continue to have a ‘yidisha
    enducation. Open up your hearts and help us pay for what is owed to our teachers. Please!

  44. i am a student in bais yaakov and i know whats really going on. for those people who wrote nasty things, keep your comments to yourself. i went through a few elementary schools and i have to say this was the best one yet. the teachers are really trying hard to help the students and are teaching them in thier own homes. hopefully everything will work out well but if you only know the school by name then please dont post anything

  45. Please Moderator bring this topic to the forefront again, we still have no school, and need help getting the word out. Our children are hurting. Please schools, open your hearts and your doors to our children Thank you.

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